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/Roman Empire Bunker Thread/

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Get in here Roman Bro's.

>How will he ever recover from this?

>What will he do next?

>Is heel turn the only option now?

>How long will Vince have Roman sitting in the doghouse?
he won't

probably get jobbed out to rusev

yes, but vince won't do it

until he's future endeavored two years from now
if Smackdown and Raw are truly meant to compete, then Ramen can't be the face of the company, nor a babyface at all because Raw would get destroyed in the ratings
Don't worry family, he'll get a redemption storyline soon and you can believe that.
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record (RECORD) low ratings
>pinned Jeridad
>lost to the NXT champion

If he won against a debuting Balor he would lose to Rollins again and they don't want that.
Roman will bounce back. He's just paying for his mistake. It's not over bros.
>played a chicken shit heel, booked shitty
>Still over as fuck
>sells tons of merch
>Literally got a few non wrestling fans into wrestling because of his body

As much as I think the Shield was overrated, He's the only good thing.
>jobbed to a fucking midget
>ate pin from wacky mid carder
he's dead jim
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Just when i get brainwashed into liking RR, he becomes a jobber.
>tiny penis
I don't I have it in me to hate him anymore, I don't think I'll become a fan but I think he's a good wrestler. I also think the right guy won tonight hopefully in the future Roman will stop getting booed so he can resume his push.
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Why do you care about him?

What does he have to offer?
>Why do you care about him?
He's the Big Dog
>What does he have to offer?
He provides that big fight feel to the big fight.

seriously though, I don't care abut him really I just realised I enjoy watching him wrestle. He's not the best wrestler but for a guy his size he wrestles an entertaining style. It also really helps that he's a great foil for smaller wrestlers that are simply faster than him.

Being that foil to over smaller wrestlers that helps them reach main event scene level status is a great role for Roman imo
You find slow-paced SAWFT lookin' strikes and wimpy excuses for power moves entertaining?

pls watch more, better wrestling
>SAWFT lookin' strikes
>wimpy excuses for power moves
I can't complain about these since the wrestlers that take these moves sell like they're being struck by god himself, that's the entertaining part
>Reigns still relies on others to make him look good
I hope my based BROman turns heel and wins the WHC again.
He has improved a lot.
Ramen Rings is the new Randy Orton.

>Shitty promos
>can't stop taking drugs
>Ratings tank whenever he's top dog
>Going to have the wellness rules changed to keep him around indefinitely

Who's going to be the next Cena level star that people actually give a fuck about?
My genuine call is either Dean or Rollins. I'd say Sami, and he could, but they don't book him properly.
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New Cena you say?

Simultaneously managing to try too hard and not enough. Impressive.
it's a two man dance my man. When Roman actually loses he makes the opponent look fucking greater than before, like Seth Rollins and Finn Balor.
Because he'd literally never fucking lost prior to those.
yea that was the problem before but now he's able to have great matches and get people over, which is why I like him more now.
>getting worked by carryjobs and self-fulfilling prophecies

Is this a rare super-mark?
>tfw Big-E was Vince's first pick
>he got talked out of it by Haitch who wanted Ramen

We could have had someone people actually liked...
did getting suspended and not taking his meds really let his samoan genes take over? he got fattee in the face with out gis meds. i thought goung off tour you ate better and got to work out
Big E was Vince's pick as much as Skip Sheffield or Snitsky were.

I.E. a 2-week long infatuation before Vince got bored

Roman's push is exactly like how Vince pushed HIS "Guys" in the mid-90s
Name them
Luger got buried soon as Bret's fans btfo him at the rumble, who else is there?
Hey man what can I say, these matches he's having are popping me big. I've been marking out for close calls more often lately
Ok you win
It's actually eerie how similar Michaels & Reigns have been as failed babyface characters, if you go back and watch the end of HBK's first reign.
Based roman reigns paying his dues, putting talent over, getting heat taken off him. When his redemption arc is over he will get massive pops, believe that.
Yeah paying his dues,,, imagine just ten more years of Roman! And he's only been champ three
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I want him to be heel just so he can have some fun with the crowds. Right now I just feel bad for him.
This tbqh senpai.
I would legit start marking out if Roman just went nuts and starts beating the shit outta everyone. I love Balor, but I would've loved for Roman, after the match, to shove the interviewer to the ground, rush back in the ring and beat the holy fuck outta Balor. Roman death stare is intimidating. He looks like a fucking autismo when he smiles
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Thread images: 6

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