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Wrestling vs BJJ

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You have to train one, and you cant train any other Combat, what do you choose?
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Why the fuck are there even BJJ threads on here. Wrestling is by far the most important martial art. Even cuck Joe Rogan said this.
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Both, its silly to do style vs style, specially with grappling. I'm wrestling coach and a judo black belt, but man i respect the hell out of what BJJ provides.

You need submissions in BJJ which aren't found in wrestling and i am assuming you mean the big 3 (folk, greco, freestyle) you need shots, throw bys, tilts and get ups which aren't really found in BJJ. There's ton of cross over and it becomes what is more viable for you and your location and school choices
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Style vs style is fucking stupid

t. shitty wrestler
For most part of the world, there are skills that you learn only in bjj or cacc.
Wrestling can be substitued with judo or sambo if you already do some grappling art.
Bjj can't be substitued.
They're both each others kryptonite desu either one has little to no knowledge of what to do in the other's environment while having the other practitioner be an expert at it. And both are very well suited to MMA

there's tons of instances where a jiu jitsu guy takes advantage of a double leg to guillotine some top tier wrestler or turns a would be ground and pound against them into a neck crank. and just as many instances where a jiu jitsu guy can't use his jiu jitsu because he can't take a good wrestler to the ground.


As for the ground there's no other martial art that takes advantage of the leverage potential of a ground fight more than jiu jitsu, and that also focuses on submissions as an end goal. And freestyle allows you to touch any part of the body, gives points for takedowns, and has no gi, which leads to a huge array of techniques.

They're both very well suited for MMA where you can touch any part of the body, takedowns give you points, dominant position on the ground gives you points, submissions can get you a win, and there is no gi.

What Joe said is that it's better to be a good wrestler because you have the bigger say in where the fight will take place.

freestyle borrows from all of those desu. Picking sambo or judo for stand up grappling is like going to judo or catch to learn the ground game, it just doesn't cover as much.

please have sex
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>actually grapple
>try to explain that the rule set makes the bjj and freestyle mostly incomparable
>get called a virgin
thanks for the bump
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Thanks for the trips
So what does everyone train and how long have you been training?
Trained BJJ for a year but too poor
Wrestled for 2
Judo for 1
Wresting guys murder bjj guys for breakfast. Brazilian jujutsu spends far too much time on the ground and can't react to a good wrestlers takedown. Plus the wrestler will have built up enough to take the bjj guy down.
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