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Heir to the Throne

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Vince has died and named your heir, what five changes to you immediately make?
1. billy herrington signed
2. brand split
3. call up joe
4. heyman runs smackdown
5. roman heel
Why Smackdown? Everybody says this, because he worked on it in the past probably, but if he's so great, why not have him run the main show?
>Raw is made to be 2 hours
>Roman is sent back to developmental until he can deliver a promo that doesn't feel uncomfortable
>less scripted Raws
>The 'evil authority figure' trope is fed feet first into a rock crusher.
>instate a rule that if you're above the age of 50 and/or can't pass the performance test you don't get to even show up on tv
buy LU and all their talent
buy TNA and all their talent
buy ROH and all their talent
buy NJPW and all their talent
fire all of them except shibata, okada, tana, pentagon jr, cage, kyle o'reilly, adam page and dalton castle, they all can go to NXT
>implying wwe can buy up all the popular indies
wwe has money, but it doesn't have that kind of money
Cause Mauro calls smackdown and I want best product with best commentator and I didn't wanna waste a wish bringing mauro to raw

also nostalgia
2hour RAW

Less PPVs

Do more themed house shows almost like a PPV(network Japan special was dope)

More character freedom for promos and in-ring

Paid time off for talent. It allows them to write them off TV and it lowers over saturation.
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> 1 Make Dean Ambrose champ
> 2 Cut Raw down to 2 hours
> 3 Make WWE 18+
> 4 Make all women """""""wrestlers""""" fight naked
> 5 Fire any male wrestler under 6'
wasn't NJPW up for sale for like 5 million at one point a few years ago?
Sinclair doesn't give a fuck about ROH
TNA would probably be the hardest since Dixie and Jarrett hate Vince
and LU talent are all owned by AAA so I imagine you'd have to make a deal with their wrestlers who are desperate to get out of the promotion due to making way more money in America
>> 3 Make WWE 18+
>"muh manlet"
you'd literally kill wwe over night. merch sales targetted to kids makes lot of their revenue.

also you'd probably not thin out the roster as much as you think you would with your "no manlets!" policy
It'd be for the greater good.
Alright, to make things interesting, you also inherit 3 Billion US dollars from an anonymous source asking you to "Make Wrestling Great Again" What do you do with it?
>literally kill the wwe overnight by shifting it away from it's primary demographic and then firing a portion of the roster
>greater good

literally communism
rebuild the silverdome
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you just proved you have no way to refute the argument, I win. have a good evening.
>fire whoever the fuck is in charge of the cameras and replace them with nips

That's it. Japs know camera angles.
don't know about njpw
who ever owns ROH cares eough that there was rumor they were gonna buy TNA
TNA isn't a blip on WWE's Radar
Also if i were a luchador in AAA I don't think I'd ever leave since in mexico if you're a luchadore you're pretty much a celebrity given how wrestling is revered in Mexico
TNA's tape archive would be worth it.

>"For $9.99 you can watch every episode and PPV of TNA!"
John Cena, WWEWHC Champion
Juan Cena, IC Champion
King Cena, aka The King Of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect
The Prototype, US Champion
The Doctor of Thuganomics and a returning B2, Tag Champions
Oh gosh they should promote the worst ones every couple months too.

and now you can do it on dailymotion for free
maybe, I haven't watched that many tna matches so I don't know how many *5 star matches" they got. I know wwe would have a field day making fun of the King of the mountain match
Fire Kevin Dunn
Cut Raw to 2 1/2 hours. Cutting to 2 immediately will lose too much money.
No more free Network trials. Or at least not around the times of the Big 4
Roman turns heel
Mauro on Raw

Sorry for making a non-shitpost answer
1. roman jobbing on main event/superstars until he quits
2. brand split to help the durability of the talent
3. add relevance to the other titles, add some other titles
4. blood
5. cross the line with other promotions to help them build credit for future cross-promotion with their talent
1. Scripts would be almost non existent
2. I would make it TV-14, attitude era is gone, being edgy like that is cringey not cool these days, but PG is also really lame and this would be the best of both worlds situation.
3. Take Roman out of the face position and demote him to mid card till he worked on his character some more, probably turn him heel.
4. Would push people the fans actually like such as KO, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.
5. Make Raw less of a chore to watch. Make matches less repetitive, and make it so that you want to watch every week instead of just after every PPV. Obviously would make it 2 hours.
>non existent scripts
First you would have to teach guys how to talk
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1. Buy TNA. Not their talent, I only want the archives. Let the talent come by their own choice. Invasion angle would be terrible since all their best stars are already in WWE. And WWE Network would get a boost in sales.

2. Fire the director and get someone from Japan.

3. Brand split. Want to keep the talent healthy and not overworked.

4. Add sets to the big 4 PPV's. Wrestlemania seems like the only PPV that gets a unique and cool looking set design. Rumble, Summerslam and Survivor Series should get similar treatments.

5. The only change in creative I would meddle in is bring back the hardcore title. Not using weapons and shit, but the 24/7 rule. Viral that shit up with instagram/twitter/facebook vids of wrestlers defending their title at airports, restaurants, markets, parks, you fucking name it.
>You and a bunch of /asp/ies will never pool your money together and create a wresting promotion
Feels bad man
it'd end up being WCW but more autistic
I doubt it could be worse than WWE at this point
oh I agree, I'd watch the hell out of /asp/ ran rasslin
1. Rehire Sandow
2. Turn Roman
3. Turn Rollins
4. Switch Mauro and Michael Cole's roles
5. Call up Finn
1. Fire All Creative Staff, Let Wrestlers write their own material and pair up to write their own programs, belt holders are determined through democratic vote in the promotion.

2. Raw to 2 Hours. Limit to Main Event programs and Grudge Match type feuds, Including the U.S. Open Challenge where the champion must defend the belt every Monday Night or forfeit the title as a stipulation.

3. SmackDown! will be more worker related and feature Wrestling predominately and feature the I.C. Title exclusively on its brand as well as a new cruiserweight/lightweight hybrid belt for manlets.

3. Get rid of Main Event and Superstars, etc tapings before Raw and SmackDown. Bring back Shotgun Saturday night as a more edgy TV-14 product with wrestlers who don't get used much as a next step from NXT for developmental and feature guys like Samoa Joe. Have it set in a single market like Philadelphia in a smaller arena similar to NXT, maybe a bit larger.

4. Eliminate house shows to keep the wear and tear off the talent. Run live shows in the same city as Raw and Smackdown Tapings. Cut down on travel costs and expenses this way.

5. Let talent rotate on and off so that they aren't burned out all the time and the crowd isn't burned out from seeing them and being over saturated with them.
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re-hire Russo
>belt holders are determined through democratic vote in the promotion.
So the most popular rather than best performer becomes champion?
Merch sales determining the top card should be considered. Having a group of writers and asskissers determining who gets to be THE guy has fucked this company up so much.
Sell it to Jeff Jarrett for gold
1. Push myself
2. Give myself a stable
3. Give myself a main event angle going into mania
4. Book myself to win the Rumble
5. Book myself to lose at mania.
Idealistically the wrestlers would vote the hottest talents as champions or best workers as champions.

Its not like the best performer is the champion right now. This method at least ensures they have a chance at becoming champion rather than leaving it up to one person's view of who their favorite is.
Looks like BMJ is going to be champ forever then
That's not how it works. Most merchandise is atrocious and booking wrestlers correctly is how you increase sales, not just crossing your fingers.
But you're just going to bring politics back into wrestling.
>My clique won't vote for anyone not in our group.
>I won't work an angle with you unless you vote for my guy.
>We will no sell your shit and make you look terrible if you don't job for our guy.

the rest of the suggestions are fine but you can't run a company like that.
>everyone votes for themselves
Politics have always been in wrestling. And I do realize this could create as many new problems as it addresses, but under the hope that everybody could be a team player to elevate the product in an ideal world, this would work pretty well.

Business might go under though, its a risk with any business.
Make a rule where you can't vote for yourself. I would say keep track of every wrestlers voting record, but that would encourage more politicing. Use honor system.

Maybe I'm too much of an idealist. As owner, fire all the shit heads who don't want to work as a team for the better cause, but then I run the risk of turning into a dictator.
Rock, paper, scissors is more of a fair system than voting.
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>tfw they hate the champ so much they cheer for you even though you're the bad guy
>1. Give Smackdown to Heyman, let him do whatever he wants with it
>2. Cut Raw down to 2 hours, start off with US open title
>3. Turn Reigns heel until his contract expires, then fire him
>4. Buy as much talent from TNA, NJPW, ROH and LU until they wither away and I can purchase them
>5. Have Kurt Angle be entrant number 30 of the next RR
if that's how it was now, we wouldn't have that seanigger roman with the belt, so i don't know what the fuck you're on about
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>roman jobbing on main event/superstars until he quits
Please have sex and go back to /pol/

1.) It's TV-14 now
2.) RAW is 2 hours
3.) Smack!Down is its own separate show with separate roster (brand split) and half of the non-Big 4 PPVs are Smack!Down PPVs
4.) Replace the twenty-something "writers" that currently makes up Creative with a chosen few creative minds that have experience with booking wrestling angles
5.) Fire the RAW commentary team, replace them with Corey Graves on play by play and Miz on color


Vote for a third party just to piss the "anonymous" source off.

Then I'd use the money he already gave me to buy a significant majority of WWE shares so I don't have to deal with that bullshit. Considering that couldn't possibly cost more than $1 billion, I'd save the rest to put into the company as capital if losses are incurred in the short term because I focused more on making the show good than I did in making the current sponsors happy.
1. Make it TV-MA
2. 2 hour Raw
3. Hire Vince Russo back
4. Make the mid card titles mean something again
5. turn Cena heel
1. Heyman in charge of Creative, let him restructure.
2. Completely revamp announce teams, Cole, JBL, Saxton and Lawler either gone or shuffled to new positions.
3. Move to Pg13, I don't want the attitude era 2.0 but to be able to make storylines with impact.
4. Reinstate Cruiserweight title, have it defendable across promotions (with creative control with WWE) basically turning WWE in to a modern NWA. acknowledgment of NJPW and the like can't hurt the brand.
5. No title being defended on anything less than ppv. Only but on talents that are going to be instruments in the tiers
>Not making WWE G-rated

I wouldn't hire any of you.

But seriously, what are you expecting with 14/MA? The moves aren't going to change. The feuds aren't going to be any different. Certainly won't become more "Mature" in dialogue or story.

What will be so different?

>1. Brand split. Heyman is head of creative. All writers are fired and replaced with Kevin Sullivan, Scott Hall and whoever Heyman wants. Triple H runs RAW. Road Dogg runs Smackdown, Gabe Spolisky runs NXT. Each brand's wrestlers only meet at Wrestlemania with an overall world champion who can appear on both brands but only wrestles on PPV or extremely rare circumstances on TV. Mauro is RAW commentator, Ross is Smackdown commentator. Rotating color commentators.

>2. Install Triple H as the President. Have him as head of talent relations and the day to day boss. Install Jim Ross as head of scouting. Regal is head of development.

>3. Lean towards a more serious product where win and loss records are recorded and matter.

>4, Put a house show a week on the Network. Throw in surprise minor title wins on these shows once in awhile to boost house show business.

>5. Rotate talent much more. Most talent would take at least two or three months off a year. International stars and legends would get quick three to six month runs.
1. Put Heyman in charge of create, pay him however much it requires
2. Bring back the cruiserweight, but first have a network exclusive 32 bracket tournament for it (need to get those subs)
3. Fire Reigns, make Rollins the face of the company
4. Fire the old guys who can't work any more. Guys like Beeg and Kane are making millions when they just shit up the product, thought they can still have a backstage role.
5. Raw is 2 hours, start with a match and the main event should be the US open challenge
>Nobody fires HHH
Need more talent. Rather than have Regal scout for people, he should be head of scouting with 5-10 working under him, travelling around the world looking for stars
Make it a private company again
> firing the only voice of reason against Vince & Steph insanity
>Steph insanity
I know Vince is a loon but I haven't heard much about Steph. I figured her stuff was just Kayfabe.
Steph is literally Vince Jr.

Except dumber and with a pseudo-feminist bent.
>Vince has died and named your heir
So you'd fire your established head of talent relations because...?
Well I got that. But what are some events reflecting this?
Well the huge nosedive in quality & popularity once Steph began taking over creative would be a good indicator...

There was also that time she compared her father being on trial for steroid distribution to 9/11.
>Heyman in charge of Smackdown: They beat raw
>Steph takes over: Ratings have been consistently declining ever since
1)Partner with New Japan.
2)Talent swaps with AAA.
3)PG brand continues.
4)Adult-targeted Attitude Era-style brand on Network featuring it's own roster and storylines, safe in a place where the kiddies can't see it.
5)Open up the gates a crack more to indie shows like they have been doing with PROGRESS, for example. It shows you're still #1, but you're willing to give back.
Good marketing stunt for >muh attitude era fags
>Give Heyman complete control of Smackdown
>Stop stupid shit like Total Divas, bring back ECW but as a network exclusive once a month special, also have the Cruiserweight championship dedicated to these specials (so smarks get their crazy flippy shit and have a reason to buy)
>Cut raw down to two hours, have the US open challenge be a mainstay (funny how Cena had such a good effect on the belt but people still hate him)
>Steal talent from LU, TNA, NJPW and ROH, but bring them to the main rooster first
>Replace Reigns with Rollins
1: fire creative and put heyman as the head, bring in Russo, Jarret, and some from either TNA or lucha.
2. Buy mass companies. Roh, TNA, and NJPW. Contract all the stars. And make them their own brand effectively making it a megabrand split. NJPW Saturdays, TNA Thursdays replacing superstars, roh on tuesdays.
3. Make 1 ppv a 4 hour megabrand split free ppv after wrestlemania on raw for one night and smackdown has the same thing. Have them draft any guy to any promotion. If John cena gets drafted to new Japan then he is in Japan until the next draft
4. Tv-14 across the board, MA on ppvs. Being back blood, all match types not used anymore. Blading for the ones who want to do it or blood capsules. Chair shots to the head legally doable now but chairs are not metal just hard plastic or some shit. All moves unbanned but only let certain ones trained to use them use them.
5. Fire all commentators. Besides Rolando,ross, and taz. Move taz and ro
2 to raw and Ross and Mike tnay to njpw. Rest are free gain. And make 5 faces of the company so it's not roman or nothing. Each promotion HaS a face. You're the champ, your the face.
6 because fuck u

Let wrestlers help make their storylines but not let them do hhh type shit
>(funny how Cena had such a good effect on the belt but people still hate him)

Funny how you got worked by thinking Cena had anything to do with it

They literally just made the US Title into a TV Title

Give the same focus to any decent workhorse and the same result will be achieved.
Russo doesn't have it any more man, everything Cornette says about his is true, if he had it his way there would be 2 minute matches and 3 hours of melodrama
1. remove samoa
2. rehire JR and pair him with Mauro
3. end house shows
4. WWE Turns to 14+
5. rehire cornette and russo just to see them kill eachother
>3. end house shows

Why don't you just skip the middleman and set fire to a pile of money?
>implying they're necessary these days
Focus should be 100% network
Book myself to win every championship at once
>2 Hour RAW
>USO's, Michael Hayes future endeavoured
>Roman back to Performance Center
>Heyman as Comissioner
>Current RAW announce team drafted to Smackdown
>JR re-hired for RAW and partnered with King & Mauro
>Samoa Joe on main roster
I have literally never seen a post stupider than this in over a decade of being in the IWC.
I'd put myself over BMJ in an I Quit match
>go back to TV-14
>let talent write their own promos
>Heyman books Smackdown
>JR and Shane book RAW
>Steph and Vince banned from creative
>Mauro, Saxton and Graves RAW announce team
>Heyman, Tazz and Matt Striker on Smackdown commentary
>fire Cole
>2/2 and a half hour RAW
>1 womens match per RAW/Smackdown
>Release Usos and Miz
>no ad breaks during RAW main event
>PPV's only take place in smark cities, Corpus Christy blacklisted
>turn Cena heel and lead his own NwO type stable with Dean and Big Cass
>scrap the gimmick PPV's like HIAC and TLC- now these matches can be used properly in feuds instead of shitty meme PPVs where they force it
>scrap the C-tier PPVs like Battleground, Payback
>haven an off season from after Survivor Series to the 7th of January
>allow piledrivers/neck moves again
>host a Wrestlemania in London
>push Owens, Cesaro, Bray
>bring back European and cruiserweight titles
>bring back hardcore title with 24/7 rule
>move Smackdown back to LIVE, not this taped crap
>proper sets on PPVs
>scrap all the charity bollocks like Conors cure, warrior award, make-a-wish and other assorted faggotry
They don't make the best performer champion, what are you on about?

If that's how it was than that fucking island nigger wouldn't be near the title.
1. Get rid of PG raw is now war again.
2. First PPV Roman has the absolute dogshit beat out of him by Lesnar. Ramen sent to Nxt. Champ will be decided at Mania or Rumble.
3. Call up Joe, Balor, Bailey, Nakamura
4. We will be doing storylines for every single match regardless of importance. No one is fighting for for no reason anymore.
5. Everyone in creative fired Trips, Steph, Shane all have 0 say in on going affairs.
>Giving JR the book

there's a reason Bill Watts became irrelevant
> polluting NXT with Reigns

Uh, can we not?
>Raw is 2 hours
>Brand split as well as splitting the world title
>No authority, ever again
>Fire the entire creative team and start from the ground up
>Give Roman's spot as le guy to Seth or Dean, then send Roman back to NXT until he learns to cut a promo and finds some charisma
shotgun saturday in the ECW arena when?
>no titles defended on anything but ppv's

You gotta give the fans a reason to watch raw, sometimes you have to give away money matches. Heyman knows this well, look at Heyman smackdown. That lesnar angle ironman match could have main evented a ppv, but he gave it away for free. If you give people great matches every now and then, it drums up way more interest in the product.
>end house shows

You do realize you're flushing money down the toilet right? Why not just have an off season instead?
They do that by having everyone injured from overworking
What do you think would cost more money:

A) injuries rendering some talents unavailable for awhile
B) cancelling literally hundreds of paid shows
1.) Brand Split
2.) Make divisions and make more titles for the overflow of talent in the roster.(TV champiosnhip that has to be contested on Raw or smackdown every night, bring back lightweight/cruiser weight championship and create cruiser weight division bring hardcore wrestlers to wrestler for the hardcore championship belt without the 24/7 rule, every Raw will have atleast one hardcore rule match consisting of hardcore division wrestlers, split up tag titles and give smackdown their own and Raw their own tag titles. Bring back spinner WWE championship and Big Gold WHC )
3.)make it TV-14
4.) give Raw and SmackDown their own new unique sets. (big giant fist for smackdown)
5.) Lean towards younger unproven talent then indie darlings.
I wouldnt cancel them all but he is right house shows are not worth it for your top talent. Let Nxt do that more push them and people like Kane and Beeg. Do not put your top dogs out every fucking night.
1. Make raw a 2 hour show
2. Make Paige the anti-diva again, have her run trough all the women from the diva era (or that can be lumped in with that crowd) on ppvs and raw, make her way to Charlotte win the belt and then keep the women's division elevated afterwards.
3. Make more Cesaro merchant. That guy is $$$.
4. Give Reigns more attitude and a bit more edge with some freedom on the mic, allow him to become a tweener.
5. Ask Sandow to come back and give him that we'll deserved push.
Cesaro merch, not merchant. Fucking auto correct.
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>Cena wins lol
It's like you want Cena to have a career as long as Ric Flair's.
Fire everyone
Sell all wwe gear/euipment/sets
Live life with 2 billion dollars in my bank.
Go online and see all the nerds crying about how wrestling is now officially dead and wanting me to die for making it so.


Hire handsome ripped dudes and sexy model women to bury all indy talents. Roman will be champ for the next 10 years, tv14, dean will be buried by a 7foot ripped nigger. Enjoy the praise of normal people and reading the autism of the dying smarks.
> Reigns
> ripped

top lel
I'm just keeping him champ for 10 years to anger the fat nerds, never said he was ripped.
> implying the company wouldn't go arse-up long before that title run hit 10 years
don't act like i'm not right, cucks
is heyman the best wrestling mind of our time?
nah that would be deanetty if he held it longer than a few seconds.
TNA's gonna be dead in a year once they can't afford to pay their wrestlers minimum wage anymore.
1. Cut Raw to two and a half hours.
2. Make Raw TV-14.
3. Keep Smackdown TV-PG to please the kiddies.
4. Give wrestlers more creative control.
5. Make Shane Raw's general manager.
File: 1463045005137.jpg (2MB, 3300x5097px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3300x5097px
Not him, but I think it would work as a TV14 show instead, where you can take more liberties about everything.
>Believing children wouldn't love it
>Thinking kids don't swear a lot anyways on school

It'd be perfect for them.
That's what NXT allegedly teaches anyway, and most of the problems on the promos do come from being scripted word for word.
1. TV-14
2. Fire all the Hollywood writers and replace them with wrestling minds
3. Replace US Title with "Light Heavyweight Title"
4. Fire Kevin Dunn and replace the heavy edited, "zoom in-zoom out" style of camera work with something more stable
5. Make closed fist strikes illegal
>Eliminate house shows
You would kill the company with the much lower influx of money, no.
>Revive SSN as TV-14
It'd be better to push NXT to that spot, actually.

Everything but Russo. Heyman, not Russo.

Tits and blood.
How can I respect the /asp/ wrestling community when half of them are so bad at running the company?
>TV-14 but hard limits on the cursing and bleeding. It can be violent as a wrestling promotion ought to be, but not to excess.
>Hire Sandow back onto the roster, kick Reigns and Ambrose, put Cena in the mid-card to carry the IC and USC belts intermittently.
>Put Chris Benoit in the HoF and go on air to explain that the mistakes of my predecessor are NOT going to tarnish my authority. Wrestlers who gave their bodies and got shit on for their suffering will be recognized for their numerous contributions.
>Hire actual fucking doctors and not that retard who has a basic first-aid permit
>Bring back the Heavyweight belt, introduce a welterweight title for guys like Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, etc. Split the brand and make it so title feuds could cross the brands, which in turn could cause multiple invasion angles in the future.
>They are bad at running the company because I said so
At least explain why are they wrong and day what would you do.
That comment about misogyny at Payback from Steph was weird. She's heel so it might mean that the writers are playing at today's kneejerk muh anti-SJW sentiment among teenagers and the like-minded to give her more heat.
Or it's because she's a delusional twit with a victim complex?
>Hardcore title back
>have naked rasslin' with the divas exclusive on the WWE network
>bra and panties a thing again
>bayley turns into heel and squashes everyone
>hire New Jack
>bring back the old Smackdown and Raw sets
>roid everyone up
>make Jeridad work out a little
>roman turns heel, calls the fans little know-it-all, dry-dick failures that will never be as successful as him, the chosen one
>he goes over by defeating cena clean
>heyman is kayfabe chairman
>michael cole has a cuck gimmick, completely emasculated until he fades out and released
>obligatory rehire JR
>hire cornette as an announcer
>JBL can stay I guess
>NXT is phased out, any of the guys worth a damn there like Samoa Joe and Nakawhatever can join the main roster
>rehire hogan and make him do whatever
>haitch is a wrestler again and stripped of corporate power
>so is steph
>get naitch drunk and give him a live mic for lulz
>be as edgy and attitude era as possible without getting kicked off TV
>cena gets his wigger gimmick again
>roid up everyone
You'd have a Benoit every year or so.

1. TV-MA
2. Hire fitness models as divas and referees with a contract that they strip and are willing to do sex scenes.
3. Book myself with the divas, regularly fuck them in the ring.
4. JR and Stephanie as commentators.
5. Send Phil free tickets for the shows I fuck AJ.
This is probably how Vince runs things in his dreams, besides JR as commentator.
File: 72547254724243224.jpg (78KB, 864x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 864x455px

>his is probably how Vince runs things, besides JR as commentator.

1. Raise rating to PG13 to allow stronger language without getting edgy and to allow only some high-profile matches to feature blood.

2. Try to run more mini-feuds, especially amongst the lower card but also allowing lower card guys to interact with those higher up. Not every feud needs to feature on a PPV, these will be the stories that garner interest in Raw/Smackdown.

3. Bring Roman down the card just a little to rebuild - let him be more himself as he shows far more personality outside of the ring than with his scripted cookie cutter promos. Heel turn might be necessary depending on how it goes, base it off reception.

4. Encourage more interaction between the main roster and NXT, so those who don't watch NXT can at least get some idea of who the call-ups are before they rock up on the main roster.

5. Bring Heyman in as a creative consultant, throw Steph into more of a marketing/spokesperson role and hope it doesn't annoy HHH enough that he stays on to head NXT creative and work with Regal to draft new talent.
1. Demote Haitch and Stephanie
2. Fire creative, Dunn, Michael Cole, Byron and JBL
3. Make Heyman head of creative and pair him up with Cornette, Dutch Mantell and Lawler who act as creative advisors. The latter three will also teach promo class and other basics
4. Cut Raw back to two hours
5. Make an rotating roster i.e. don't have guys work all year and give them time off to heal and spend time with their families while in the meantime promote and build up other talent
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>hire New Jack
I like this a lot.
>Certainly won't become more "Mature" in dialogue or story.

It would though, that would be the point. And swearing improves promos. Imagine if Roman could call Bray Wyatt a redneck faggot- he'd be over instantly.
File: 1432055059028.jpg (131KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Only one change. Drop a truckload of money at punk's doorstep. And offer him main event status
>not also getting AJ back
>get Punk in some story line where he's beat up and put in a real cage
>shoot fuck AJ right in front of him
>firing him
Why are you fucking lying?
>Let wrestlers write their own material
Have we learned nothing from WCW?
>Have we learned nothing from WCW?
I haven't. Because I'm just starting to watch Nitro's run.

Who fucked up what and when? What do I have to look forward to? Who thought YEHTEH was a good idea?
>make raw 2 Hours
>change the stage designs
>have a brand split
>Take Cihna Jr and triple Haitch off tv
>He doesn't remember the failure of WCW when they let wrestlers write their own material
>Brand split: Heyman gets Raw, Steph (and Shane or Hunter or whoever the fuck is her sidekick going forward) gets Smack!Down, Raw down to two and a half hours. Smackdown gets four PPVs, Raw gets four PPVs.
>Buy Ricochet from LU, throw as much money as possible to get him on WWE this year.
>Push Bray.
>Hire a lot of people way smarter than me to do booking and shit.
>Hang out with Hunter, see how many times I can play TIME TO PLAY THE GAME from my phone whenever he enters a room before he gets annoyed.
Doesn't Shane have his own shit to do? I was under the impression he's only here for a little while.
This is why you have Taker as the locker room sheriff.
Max Landis, head of creative.
Shane does have his own shit going on currently, but Vince is getting old, and Shane is easily the most respected member of the McMahon family. Once Shane finishes his own work he should start securing his role in his father's company by doing more work on Raw.
>resurrect macho man randy savage
>have him elbow drop steph
>sell WWE to chinese investors
that girls has no ass whatsoever...
Because there's an unjustifiable amount of wear and tear on the workers due to house show. Better health=better wrestlers who are more loyal.

Vince has no right to require so much from his workers. The money is a non issue as the company will survive and continue to be a multi-million dollar entity
Your idea for the TV championship lessens its importance
1. Make Roman Reigns a heel champion, lose the vest, run his own character of choosing
2.Bump Owens to top heel too
3.Dean Ambrose as top baby face
4.Get Stephanie off TV
5.Rehire Damien Sandow
sell to the highest bidder and live rest of my like like a king
1. Do a brand split and a championship split
2. Fire half(or more) of the writing staff
3. Make King of the ring take the place of night of champions - winner of KoTR gets a championship shot for either brand.
4. Make MITB only one briefcase for the brand split
5. Make roman a heel
6. Make Raw 2 hours again.
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1. swap JBL and Maggle to SD and put Maruo and King on Raw

2. cut down Raw's run time back to 2hrs

3. give Zack Ryder the U.S. Title for 3 months and lose to Kevin Owens as the Int. champ.

4. turn Roman heel

5. bump Samoa Joe to the main roster

6. bring back classic PPV's like No Mercy, Bad Blood and Backlash

7. make Dean WWE Champ

8. Maruo on PPV's

9. give jobbers a mid-card status

10. have WM's in other countries

11. no racial gimmicks

12. less wrestlers burials

13. no cartoon-ish gimmicks
>6. bring back classic PPV's like No Mercy, Bad Blood and Backlash
I always assumed that they changed them because they had so many shitty ones in a row they had to stop people associating them with shit
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1. My stock in WWE is sold to NBC/Universal
2. I walk away with a fat stack of cash
1. sell the piece of shit
2. buy ferraris
3. fuck bitches
4. vacuum up coke
5. rock the party
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