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WWF after WCW died

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What went wrong?
Rock left
Austin turned heel
Invasion angle was a failure
Then the roster split and Smackdown was better
You forgot to add BIKER TAKER and KANE where the top faces in the good company for a good few months.
The beginning of millennialization, which after a decade and a half of pain and suffering, is at an all-time high point of darkness.

It's that simple.

And then Jericho and Benoit, which was pretty hype but neither had held a world title at that point.
Internet era also helped further the ratings decline.

I rarely watch Raw nowadays and just catch clips on Youtube.
A long period of over-booking burned out the audience. There are millions of people who believe that wrestling is nothing but blood and sleaze and either won't touch it because of that or pine for the days of crazy booking.

WWE's response to this problem has compounded the situation. Although they had the minimal sense to cut back on the sensationalism, the company keeps trying to compensate for a declining fanbase by saturating the market and raiding their competitors. The first of these helps their bottom line, but stops the audience from recovering. The second keeps WWE's privileged market position, but means that there's nowhere for major stars to freshen up their act and hardly anywhere for lesser lights to develop.

>tl;dr Short-term thinking on the part of WWE brass is killing wrestling.
It was all caused by Seth Rollins
It stopped being cool
No one watches TV anymore but old people and they get bored
loving this meme desu
trips killed raw, then cena made a small bump which fizzled out pretty fast, jeff hardy was a drug addict, edge was a midcarder 4 life(that was a world champion for some reason) and the rest of the roster was a bunch of "first name-last name" jobbers with no charisma.
>edge was a midcarder 4 life(that was a world champion for some reason)

Probably because he grew into a main eventer as his career progressed
Lack of competition made Vince go soft.
It's more like no competition meant Vince could book whatever shit he wanted instead of what the audience wanted
The roster for too big and pointless with all the WCW people. I stopped caring around that time.
They weaved us off of what teenagers and early twenties males wanted to see. Lost their pop culture influence by just being another tv show. Sorry, I'm not gonna say we should have the Attitude Era back like a fat cringe piece of shit, but sex sells, violence sells, controversy sells, wrestling doesnt. Especially this new shit tier spotwrestling.
Meme Cold vs McMahon was the only thing really driving the ratings at the end of the day. That got old and they had nothing else except The Rock for a year or so.

No casual fans gave a shit about fucking Chris Benoit or Eddie Guerrero.
You forget that Austin was injured half the time he was on top.

The attitude era had a ridiculous amount of talent coming through, and while Austin most certainly headlined that era, he most certainly was not the only draw.

Kurt Angle
Mick Foley
Undertaker reaching his peak
Triple H had his best run in an amazing feud with Mick Foley
Shawn Michaels
Chyna being pretty the only female who wasn't pure titillation at the time
Chris Jericho
Kanes initial push and run as a freakish monster

And all this before i get into the fantastic tag division
The Hardys
Edge & Christian
The Dudley Boys

This is why i get annoyed when i see people claim that the attitude era was just one long gimmick. It's not that saying it was gimmicky as hell is wrong, but leaving it at just that totally misses the point. It had more than enough talent to make that gimmick actually work
That's nice and all, but you're delusional if you think the TV ratings weren't almost 1:1 correlated with the Austin vs McMahon storyline.
Honestly the problem is how bad current booking is, and how bad current writing is and how many shit they waste money on that no one cares about.
If they booked wrestlers people liked better and put them in better story lines that would be a huge start. I mean look at some of this year's storylines and booking
>Rusev/Ziggler/Lana/Summer ray love square
>Stardust and Wade Barret vs Neville and Steven Amell because Neville has a move called the Red Arrow and Green Arrow is popular and shit
>Stardust and Ascension which went nowhere along with the feud(?) with Cesaro
>Big Strongman Debuting and being a big meat wall for Roman to knock down
>Ryback losing a Feud to Bray Wyatt, and then next PPV won the IC title
>Miz vs Ryback vs Big Show
>The Diva's revolution which amounts to 'Bitches be Crazy' and Paige trying to get heat for the lukewarm feud with Charlotte
>Tyler Breeze moving up from NXT
>New Day becoming Unicorns
>That part of the Seth/Kane feud with the Human Resources chick which was straight out of a shitty sitcom
>League of Jobbers
>The Social Outcasts
It's no wonder Ratings are low when this kind of shit goes on
It helped enormously, no one is denying that, but WWF would have always went over WCW in the end, even without Austin. That's all i'm saying.
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The death of kayfabe, and the advent of widespread internet usage.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 2

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