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>Why are WWE booking Roman like a heel? >He made his return

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>Why are WWE booking Roman like a heel?
>He made his return last night to attack HHH AFTER he fought Ziggler and was half falling over.
>I thought he was gonna show up to save Ziggler, because that's what babyfaces do
>I'm honestly starting to think Vince is just throwing conventional wisdom out the door to fuck with us
>First he WALKS out of the rumble only to return at the end when all the heavy hitters are eleminated, now this?
>What the actual fuck?
why are you green texting?
He got revenge, doing the exact same shit Trips did to him. Nothing heel about that.
I guess Austin was a Heel then? He did this exact same run for years and was white hot with it

>Appear on Raw/ Smackdown and fuck over Vince in some way
>Even if Vince had done nothing that particular week
>Didn't give a shit about saving anyone else along the way the vast majority of the time
>Probably the most over wrestler of all time

Austin was more "anti-hero", but the point is that being a face doesn't mean you have to be fucking perfect.

I'm no mark for Roman, but him wrecking HHH was the most interesting thing he's done since he went solo from the Shield.
it's the exact same thing Haitch did to him two weeks ago. Though I would've preferred he help Ziggler win so Ziggler could get a WM match of his own design. No point even putting that stipulation on the line with no risk if Dolph isn't even going to win.
Because Roman has no charisma and WWE is just trying to emulate another stars on him
>They tried to push the underdog story just like Dbry
It failed
>The whole last year was booked and acted like Cena
Failed again
Now they are trying to emulate Stone Cold
Actually, he seems to be emulating a fairly recent graduate from NXT who was over as fuck when he was in a stable wherein he was the heavy and did aided powerbombs to everyone.

austin was cool because that shit had never been done before. it was fresh. this shit is stale and boring

people don't need anti-heroes nowadays; the world is chuck full of them. they just want to watch well written, nicely told stories and good wrestling, both of which roman seems to be incapable of taking part in.

as a comparison, take a look at how well written and nicely built up the whole golden truth thing is. both are convincing actors and selling the story really well, and the segments are over with the crowd with more than just a few screaming bitches.

do you even remember why this whole feud started? it was all because roman refused to shake haitch's hand. that's it. that's the whole fucking feud of the main event of the biggest wrestlemania of all time. it's fucking shameful.

the most interesting he's done since his split from the shield was his feud with bray, but then they just used the whole thing to steal some cheers from jeans in the end so it was a bit of waste.
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Millennials like sincere, humble babyfaces like Cena, Bryan, Zayn and Bayley.

They tried to book Roman like that but he can't play that character so it failed. Now they're trying to book him like Austin, and its failing because the only audience segment that wants that are nostalgic Gen X attitude babbys and they will always cheer for Triple H over Roman anyways.

>the exact same thing Roman did to Haitch in December
>"interesting "
The difference was that Vince always made a much larger point of being a cunt that deserved it.
Haitch had just got done with a match.
Also, Austin was more likable, charismatic, the list goes on. The differences between the two cases couldn't be more outlined. You're just grasping at straws that aren't there.
>can't play a good white meat underdog
>can't play a good attitude era badass
what can he be
>Vince always made a much larger point of being a cunt that deserved it.

In kayfabe Triple H DID deserve it. He "broke" Romans nose, and has been fucking with him for months.

>Austin was more likable, charismatic
He was great on the mic too, and fantastic in the ring, even after Owen Hart fucked his neck over. Anyway, i won't disagree with your point. Austin was multitudes better in every area, and then some.

I wasn't trying to sell it as anything AMAZING, just more interesting than Reigns usual boring bullshit. Anything where he doesn't talk is a marked improvement.
The point was to get legit smark heat on HHH for denying Dolph a Wrestlemania match.


that's the problem it didn't achieve that or anything

Dolph looks like a geek and that's the end of anything
desu I'm willing to nod my head to whatever just because you give Austin his props in-ring
Way too many people under-rate his post-injury work. He was a technician, so it's not like he was flipping around like ReyRey before he got his neck killed, anyway, so it didn't massively fuck his tool-kit.

This shows how out of touch they are. Dolph isn't over anymore.
according to wwe, an underdog with a superman strength
>Y-you guys love Dolph, r-right?
Dolph will always be over with me
Dolph looked at least as good as ambrose. It was basically the same match minus false finish.
Yeah, and Stephanie is such a stupid bitch. she killed Dolph mid promo and made him look like even more of a fucking idiot.

>pandering, how very Cena like of you dolph

Really bitch? Do you not know you are supposed to be building Dolph up right now so people care when he loses and HHH gets heat.

You fucking murk him like that and he just looks like an idiot and hurts the angle, you stupid bitch.

Who cares, Ziggler sucks. He's a third-rate HBK impersonator with jizz in his hair. Future endeavour that fucker.
i dont get this 'ziggler sucks' meme, two years ago every autist in here was creaming over him...now when hes changed his character and put on better matches he 'sucks' cos youve all realised he will never win big because of people like roman
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