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Last pics and stories

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Slim Jim, died at four from a poisonous toad
Went out a badass, murder fucking three before the poison got to him, three months before his birthday. Seizured and foamed and all, hadn't seen him in a few months. Still miss him.
He died in complete, terrified and confused agony.
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Leto Atreides here, 2013-2015. Cryptosporidiosis got him. I was very lucky to contain the outbreak with him as it very easily could have spread to my other geckos.

Anyway, he was good gecko. Very inquisitive and goofy. Losing him hurt pretty bad.
My dog died the morning of December 4, 2014. He'd been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer a few months prior, so I'd been giving him pain-killers. He was "fine" until the evening of the 3rd when he suddenly deteriorated. There was nowhere to take him to have him euthanized, so I had to wait until morning. He slept in my bed with me.

When morning came, he could no longer walk or even stand, just wobble. I scheduled an appointment at the vet and then I took him out front to go to the bathroom, which he thought meant we were going for a walk. He insisted we walk across the street to take our normal route. He was so excited, I couldn't tell him no, even though he shook with every step and fell down on every third. Once he'd peed, I carried him to the car, toured our little down, went to see our old house, got him some fried chicken, and took him in to be put down.

I was with him when it happened. First they inject animals to make them unconscious, then to stop their hearts. I crouched in front of him, loved on him, told him he's a good boy and that I love him. He had to have two rounds on the first injection, because he'd stayed awake. I really think he fought it, because he'd start to doze and then jerk his head back up, perk his ears, and make eye contact with me. I was too heartbroken to not want to spend all the time I had left with him, even thought I realize it prolonged the experience. Eventually, he went to sleep, and that's when the vet gave him the killing shot. I held him in my arms and felt his heart stop.

It was fucking traumatic and I half-regret being so close to this day.

I miss him a lot.
If you were not with him you would have regretted it even more.

He would have look for you, terrified why he's alone there with those peoplr and why aren't you with him.

I'm sorry for your pain, but do not regret being with him. Trust me.
Not gonna read this obnoxiously long blog.

Delete your post.
you suck so much cock it's not even funny
fucking summer
Don't be upset
I'm sure plenty of people will give your post notes and reblogs
The thread title is Last pics and stories, not last pics and 140 character tweets. I know you're trolling but come on
Toby. Miniature dachshund bigger than both his parents. My lil mutant pal. Wish I had a photo of him on my computer. We drove in the rain his last morning, day of euthanasia. We listened to Sun Kil Moon. I buried him in a hole I dug deep in the rain, wrapped in his favorite blanket. I loved him so much and I will never forgive myself for letting his pain go on, it was selfish of me to drag his pain out.
>He thinks a novel is 3 paragraphs long.
Holy shit how do you tie your shoelaces together without hanging yourself?
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Stormy, ~15.
Passed away tonight. Poor guy had been picking out feathers and had a cyst on his wing that was inoperable. Was actually storming outside when he passed. Gave me quite a few scars with that beak but he was a good bird. He's the one on the left. His pal always played with him, don't know what we're going to do about that.

Gonna bury him under a rose bush tomorrow.
>fried chicken
>car ride to his favorite places
>stayed with him until the end
I'm sure it was hard, but you did the right things Anon. He was probably very happy in the end.
I hope the other birb gets a long okay. Give him extra playtime
this brought me to tears, anon. sounds like your dog led a very happy life, though. he was lucky to have you.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 3

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