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Saltwater General

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For serious saltwater discussion. Testing.

Discuss anything saltwater related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.

Google is your friend.
Feel free to ask questions but know that there are a lot of resources out there that could answer your question a lot faster and accurately than /an/.

Make sure to include these things in your post before asking because we can't help you if we don't have the full picture:
-tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
-parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
-any and all inhabitants + how long you've had them

Tank Cycling:
Care Guides:
Corals and Animals for sale:

Growling corals:
Discord for even more discussion: >https://discord.gg/FNw9BMw
whats a good beginner salt tank? ive considered it for a while but seems like a ton of work
My first salt tank was my old betta tank (5 gallons). I kept a clown fish pair and a hermit crab in it for two years before moving them into a bigger tank.
It's not so bad. For me easy corals and clownfish was very easy. Didn't take much work. RO water is a must though. I'm eventually moving onto a FOWLR tank.
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In a board with people so poor they complain about having to buy a $25 water test kit, I don't think this thread is going to go too far. :(
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Does brackish count as saltwater?
No. Completely different.
There's been plenty of people here with saltwater tanks. They get spooked away from posting.
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I don't think anyone gets spooked.
There's a few likely reasons they run off:
Nobody is impressed with their tank.
Nobody really understands what they've done.
Nobody wants their advice.
You can only post your tank so many times before people are bored with it.
They get very little discussion from other marine aquarists aside from, "hey, cool Darth Maul Wizard Lips Technicolor Jelly Button Polyps!"

and probably the biggest reason of them all-
Most of the people that post marine tanks here are newbs and it's very likely that the tank crashed killing everything in it about 10 minutes after they took the picture.

Post your tank, faggot. Let's see some saltwater in your saltwater thread.
You first
>You first
and that's why these threads never work.
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I'm a newbie, but I'm still in the cycling process so I haven't killed anything yet. What do you guys think of this aquascape for my 20g nano?
Realistically I like the height and the jumble but something about it just reminds me of a tree stump. Which makes me think freshwater planted tank.

I like tonga branch, but I'm not super stoked on that there. More important than the looks though, we're looking at fake live rock which has no filtration capacity so I'd be concerned about that.

cycling with livebearers is funny.

>It's shit
Refugiums are neat.
I don't think it's shit.
I just honestly worry that the fake "live rock" isn't porous enough to provide a suitable substrate for nitrifying bacteria. Plus it's so dense the "pounds per gallon" rule doesn't work. Live rock should be light and almost spongy, the bacteria live inside it. The fake crap is pretty and purple and stuff, but is worthless for filtration.

the FW fish did honestly make me chuckle. They probably cost more than a blue devil or some green chromis though.
Mollies can be easily converted to SW. Some people even keep them in their frag tanks because they supposedly eat hair algae like this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egPwm6UQdFk

Those mollies cost like $2 each while a damsel would cost about $5 but be a pain in the ass to catch and have a possibility of introducing parasites( FW white spot dies in SW). As for the rock it's basically real dry rock cut up and cemented together to look like branches. It has a lot of holes and feels pretty porous but not as porous as phosphate-leaking pukani.
>have a possibility of introducing parasites
that's going to happen when you get SW fish anyways. Unless you QT and most people don't.

also you gotta figure out what to do with those guys, most marine aquarists didn't get into saltwater to keep mollies.
>phosphate-leaking pukani
if it's real rock it's full of dead stuff that will leach phosphate and nitrate. That purple paint might keep it in, but if it does it'll also keep bacteria out.

either way you'll want to seed the dead rock with a bit of real live rock because worms and pods are necessary.
I'll just give the mollies back to lfs lol, I wasn't planing to keep them forever. I am planning to buy pods either from a lfs or online but I'm still looking for a dragon's breath macro first. I'll see how the rock does in a couple months, I had it empty for a week and saw no spikes in anything until I added the fish. I hope I can make this work, I know nanos are tougher to keep, but I'm only thinking of getting a couple small easy fish and easy soft corals until I get the hang of everything. I'll graduate to lps one day
lps rock.

the pods I've bought on ebay don't seem to work perfectly, I had to buy several batches of different types before some finally caught on and survived.

I wish I had just started off with some good live rock, it would've been cheaper. Your macro may come with some pods and worms though.

You'll do fine, you're taking it slow and that's what matters.
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10 gallon. 3 1/2 years old
I've had success it many freshwater tanks but has anyone kept seahorses?

I've always wanted at least a pair. Not sure what species I should go for but I'd like to get at least a pair of colorful ones. Should I try setting up a saltwater tank without them and use other fish that have similar enough requirements before I sink money into expensive seahorses or try with the cheapest ones I can get? If I got fish I'd obviously move them to a different tank if they aren't compatible. I'm not sure what size tank to start with since I don't know what species I'm specifically interested in, am hoping for some suggestions.
Sorry but the economy is trash and the only way to make good money is to work in a few key industries IMO.

I've only done freshwater. I moved out of my moms house and now have space and money for a larger tank but I'm apprehensive about getting back into this hobby.

I want my tank somewhere where I spend a significant amount of time. Right now that's my office. I'm hesitant about setting up a tank in here for a couple of reasons: the carpet and controlling humidity with a larger tank.

If I do it I'ma do it big with like a 100+gal but I'm not really comfortable with the logistics of it yet and I still have a lot of other expenses to address first.
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Buy the biggest tank you can afford, this is important in saltwater.

I would personally recommend starting off with some easy fish to get the hang of saltwater equipment and maintenance. If you're particularly clever you could start off with seahorses though. No, seahorses aren't compatible with most other fish because they aren't fast enough to compete for food.

I have a 60+40g in my home office on carpet. It's not a big deal.

Speaking of my 60+40 FOWLR, it's finally growing some coralline on the glass after 3 FUCKING YEARS! Pic submitted for /an/'s approval or amusement.
OK but how do I control humidity. My 20G in my bedroom was enough to noticeably change the climate of the room so a 100G of tankage sounds like evap will make the air moist as fuck.
personally I put a lid on the tank, but it's up to you. I guess my tank evaporates about a gallon a day, which has almost no affect on the humidity in my house.

I have a fairly large house in a dry climate though. I did get some mold from a basement tank that evaporated about 2 gallons/day, but the basement also has a Jacuzzi bathtub, double showers, and the laundry room which all add more moisture to the air than a tank does.

overall I don't think it's any worse for your house than taking a hot shower is.
why are you intentionally disrupting the /aq/ threads that always contained fresh and salt water users?

are you some kind of faggot?
how old is that shrimp
generals are cancer

cancer spreads
almost like your whole thread is cancer...

really makes u think...
It's not my thread.

there are 2 points of view-
moot maintained that generals are cancer turning 4chan into rebbit II.

rebbitfags maintain that 4chan should be more like rebbit with topics neatly arranged and discussions lasting days or months.

Like most of 4chan I think if you want rebbit style discussion you should fuck off back to rebbit. That's what it's for. And also like most of 4chan I'd like you to inhale a penis and die.

sadly I don't always get my way, but the day isn't over yet.
Shut up nigger
i've had it for 1 1/2 years. But was already full grown
no, you are trev.
>using infantile faggot talk
kys nigger
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>newfag so new he doesn't know you can't type that word on 4chan
I ain't know that and I've been here for like 10+ years

Really as an oldfag I feel more out of the loop on this shit than newfags probably do
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One year old tank, 5 gallons. Im adding in a G. Viridis soon(The recently deceased G. Viridis was the reason I set up the tank in the first place)
I want one really badly, they look so cool but I never had a saltwater tank before, they only grow 4 inches so could I sit one in a 30g by itself?
>maximum size: 1'
>minimum tank size: 180g
LiveAquaria is usually about right

You could probably keep a small one in a 30g though. Since it's your first tank the animal will very likely die in less than a year.
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Thread images: 10

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