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Deceased Pet Remembrance Thread

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Post those little guys that you still think of from time to time <3
rip sqwhirl

rot in shit ugly toxobeast
My boy was too gentle of a beast to the sqwhirl. He simply played.
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I miss my cat. Her name is Pichi and she is the coolest cat ive ever had. She always followed me when I went outside, she was afraid of nothing ,she was realy smart and tough and the best hunter (she managed to kill rabbits,moles and other diffucult prey). I miss her so much
My German Shepherd was my best friend for a lot of my life

He died like 9 months ago and I'm still sad
My cat is still alive but I'm starting to think about how I'll react when he dies. He's 9 so he's got plenty of time left but I know I'm gonna be devastated when the day comes. He my best buddy. Sorry to everyone itt, I don't know what it feels like to lose a pet but I imagine it's horrible.
You gotta spend everyday playing with him and cuddling so when he dies you won't feel like you took him for granted.
Know this feel

I stuck around with the docs when my cat was put to sleep, I'm so glad I did. I know that on her final moments she knew that I was there looking out for her and she felt no pain, she just focused on me. Love you Catto
I'll always love you, tiny baby bir-bird. Maybe one day I'll see you again.
I wanted a ferret all my life, and this little guy pretty much fell into my lap by complete luck. He was my best friend for the few years we had together, but he eventually succumbed to cancer in May. I miss him every day. He was the calmest and most loving ferret I've ever seen. He loved everybody. I really miss him.
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Sapphire. The sweetest, most loving creature I have ever met. He would always come running when you called for him, he loved getting hugged and snuggled and petted (and petted, and petted, and petted, and petted). He'd meow back if you talked to him, always. Used to come trotting down the driveway to greet me every day when I got off the school bus, and then we'd race back home. My best friend of fifteen years.

He passed away last Spring due to a stroke, and I was out of state. My family had to bring him to the vet and have him put to sleep to end his pain, and I wasn't there for him in his final moments. I cried like a bitch for the week after. I know there was no way I could have possibly made it back in time, but I still feel guilty, even over a year later.
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>had vet come to house to euthanize 18 year old cat
>grew up with her, best bros, basically her sibling
>stayed near her head petting and talking to her
>cat very sick and dehydrated
>vet can't get the vein, has to dig with needle
>cat cries out, struggles against restraint
>looks directly into my eyes, not understanding what's happening or why I'm not helping her
>pet to distract her, tell her it's okay and she's a good girl
>vet finds the vein
>eyes still asking me "why?" as they glaze over

It still haunts me four and a half years later.

You had a bad vet by the way
This is top tier advice. Everyday I think I could have spent more time with my doggo if I really tried and she loved me so much
It's not like they're human who cares.
I'm sorry for the loss of your squirrel OP.
That's messed up, sorry anon
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This is my Tinker, even though we were close in age she was my baby.
She born to our original barn cat when I was five year old and remained feral for ten years due to the mother hiding her for months.
My father ended up taming her and she turned into a sweet cat who loved attention.

I out her down about three months ago, she was eighteen years old.
One day I went to feed her and she was not moving too well, I brought her into the house and put her in a cat bed beside the fire.
She lay there all night which is strange because she hated being inside in that cat bed, she had not eaten and had soiled herself during the night so I brought her to the vet.
The bet said she was dying due to old age and slowing shutting down so I had her put to sleep.

I brought her home and buried her in her favourite spot. She was a tough girl who survived being hit by a car and getting her leg amputated at age 16.
Pic related was one of her favourite spots and during a heavy rain shower she refuse to moved, I would move her and she would return so I set up an umbrella for her.

She seen me through Primary school, Secondary school, college and my first job.
I miss her everyday.
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My only regret is not taking more photos, all the ones I have are terrible. I have about 30 of them are they are all bad, she was not a photogenic cat.
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rip Rex i sometimes hear leaves in the backyard and think its you
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She was my baby until 2 days ago. it's been a hard time. She went in lap and my arms at the vet and was comfortable thankfully. She got sleepy from the anesthesia and i held her and she set her head down to rest on me and i looked her in the face and told her how good she was. This is a younger picture but she was 14.
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>Still have dreams where I pet my golden lab after coming home from work
that looks just like my kitty
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Oh gosh
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>going through some old pictures on a camera from 10 years ago
>find this picture
>remember they've both been dead for years
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>had Nutters since I was 15 years old
>I remember holding him when he was a kitten smaller than the palm of my hand
>remember the times him and my other cat Lang playing around the house
>he comforted Lang when he suffered from a deadly blood clot
>12 years later, today he passed away at the animal hospital
I have no cat buddy now and feel hollow.
my cat was 16
she started having breathing problems last night so I rusher her to the vet
they told me she might not make it
as they carried her out after some shots she stroked out in my arms and died in the office

she was fine 3 days ago

I don't know what happened. she just poof.. gone.. she was my black cat. she was old but just like that.. gone. in my arms.. I'm still sick from it all. she was interned today under a tree in my back yard. it still hurts
I miss my monkey pet Jimmy. Rest in peace you peanut butter loving fuck.
first rats i've ever had
Cute ratos
I miss my cat, Parker. She was originally a gift for my younger sister on her birthday, but she ended up liking me more considering I was the only one to regularly feed her and clap her. I had a mild allergy to cats, and wasn't allowed to let you sleep on my bed because I would wake up with a blocked nose, but I would always let you because of how much I loved you. Then you got old, started shitting everywhere, started to scratch into your head and leave blood and scaps all over the walls. We couldn't figure out what was wrong, and so we couldn't help you. So we put you down. And I'm so fucking sorry that we did. It never felt right. I'm so fucking sorry Parker.
I just wanna say that reading your posts really was something. Studying to be a vet and I just get so frustrated sometimes with exams and whatnot, but the thought that I could someday help someone's loved kitty or doggo in the future, now that really made me happy. Bless you all anons.
She died uesterday, leaving behind 5 kittens, just 12 days old. Luckily there was a network for these kind of situations in my city and all 5 off the kittens have been adopted by other nursing mama cats. had to split them offcourse but im so happy they have love and shelter with their new mums.
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this was about 3 days before she died
How old was her? Do you know what happened?
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she was almost a year old. She was quite small and especially near the end of her pregnancy she didnt have much reserves, but after birth she was eating like a grown man, getting active and looking healthy, giving good milk because the kittens where growing nicely aswell... we think it might just have been a heart disease, she didnt show any special behaviour just about 8 hours before she aproximately died.

picture of her with her kittens, this was shortly after her giving birth.

We where also doing our best to get as much strength as possible, always made sure food was available and we got special food for nursing cats... she was also eating just fine before she died.. it went so suddenly and its so quite now. sorry if im rambling btw..
What's that cat doing outside?
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This is my pupper. Sure, she was a little bulky, but a sweetheart. One day she got dizzy and slow. She started coughing blood on the way to the animal hospital and died shortly thereafter. I had to skip work for two days. Miss that clown nose and paint brush tail.

This was one of my great fears. My cat was terrified by the vet, to the point that she would wet herself and lick the fur off her belly. I had to fight to let her die at home, but I think it was for the best.
Cry a lot.
>marijuana leaf

Really though, sorry for your loss. She was quite beautiful. It's clear from the way you buried her that you loved her, with all those different plants collected and placed just so. Touching desu.
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F, respects.

She was gorgeous, a true Halloween cat. May she be a witch's spoiled familiar in the next of her nine lives.
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She was really nice and lovable, still think about her sometimes.
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Bestest buddy I could hope for.
Had my dog put down recently, it was objectively the right thing to do. He was going blind, didn't respond to auditory stimulation, had hip problems and dementia. One thing I can't get over is when the vet put the injection in he started crying and was trying to stand up. It took him about 2 minutes to lay down and about 10 to die. Does anyone know why? I thought it was meant to be over quickly. I'm mortified and still shook up
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This guy. My buddy Knuckles for 10 years until it was discovered he had some sort of toxic blood cell thing going on that's hereditary, but usually dormant until something triggers it. I still blame my stingy ex who refused to turn the warmth up more, and then she got some shit idea that he was lonely and needed a friend. She then went out and brought the most mite-ridden iguana ever, and suddenly they're both infested, and then he has poison blood.
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Thread images: 25

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