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Any chili growers here? I've set up a growlight in a green

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Any chili growers here?

I've set up a growlight in a green house to overwinter my crop this year. Is a 450W full spec LED growlight going to produce enough heat to keep the chili's happy or do I need temperature control?

Im also looking for any interesting chilis I can grow. 'Peter 's Pickled Pepper' is a top seller for me. Recommend me some strange peppers.
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Ive picked up a few seeds already.
I've got some Thai peppers and some bullet habaneros that I'm working on. Thai peppers are already in, and the habanero plant is starting to grow buds.
those chilis look like prolapsed anuses
Has anyone imported plants from overseas/across interstate?

I understand they send them dryroot in a bag, does the plant survive this ordeal easily? I want some rare cacti and they're impossible to find in oz
Coincidence? I think not.
>quote post so that I can ridicule the person who wrote this
>look at pic in question
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The only thing I could get to come up this year was a pepperoncini, which I'm excited about because it was pickled and boiled before I got it. It's getting to growing now but it's over 90 days old so it's been slow.

Got lucky and had no slugs where I dug this area up, already lost every green pepper I had outback, 9 of them.
Better order a couple boxes of gloves too because you're going to get the shit burnt out of you working with those in Australia.

The more sun and dry soil, the hotter. I would grow indoors however peppers fucking hate being potted. When the root hits the bottom, growth starts, so try to use seed trays.

Do you guys have slugs? I would pick them off the bell peppers and throw them on the hot peppers and see if they want to keep eating them.
Been growing habaneros for years.

Chili plants grow much slower than other vegetable yielders like tomatoes, they don't take the heat that well either. I've found that giving them around 5 hours of sunlight followed by shade works best. Then again I live in Mexico and a full day of Sun exposure can kill you.

Also don't water them unless they need it or the chili's will lose its hotness.
You're not wrong, Ive been greenhouse growing all of these for a few years using sunlight and just going in there during fruiting season makes my eyes burn.

I'm pretty particular about my fertilizer and I keep a good pH going which seems to have the largest impact on heat and yield, but ill soon find out if the grow lights change that. I wouldnt say they hate potting but you're absolutely right it controls their growth and make having a crop for the first time a bit confusing if you're impatient. I germinate all the seed on heat mats in the greenhouse (now under the grow lights). Repotting as young plants into terracotta with a 2:1 hydroponic mix with soil + blood and bone, I veg them out over winter for 6 months for 16 hours a day, they hit the bottom of the terracotta pots half way and get bush as fuck in time for fruiting. I keep the pots moist with misting a few times a day and a proper water in the morning. Going full hydro mode with exposed roots was a fuckload of effort the one time i tried it, and i got no increase in yield and a bunch of break downs, leaks and other problems with having circulating water with nutrients in a warm environment.
I veg for 16 hours a day during winter and use natural light during the summer for flowering and the lights on the next generation of seedlings for 12. How do you go for watering? Im watering once a day and going for moist soil and max aeration during the day and leaving them dry during the night.
Not the other dude but I really only water my peppers once every 5 days. I live somewhere super hot and dry also.

They like to dry out in my mind.
Definitely for adult chilis in the ground, they'll find moist soil and water deeper down. In this case I think they're in pots so watering once or even twice a day (morning and noon) in full sun will promote growth as long as; the chili rests in warm, lightly moist or dry soil at night, the plant gets some well decomposed compost every month or so, and the soil is loose enough that it stay well aerated. Ive been using 2:1 mix with perlite and vermiculite with soil.

Im really interested in this rumor that you get hotter chilis by repeatedly drying out the plant and keeping it skimming on the minimum water mark. Ive got a new crop so im interested to work out the formula for optimum heat. Do you start dehydrating the plant only during fruiting season or during vegetation as well>
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 5

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