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I picked up a really young pupper from the streets and I need advice

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Guys, I need advice: I picked this pup yesterday from the streets, and I don't know anything about taking care about newborn dogs, I think that he might not be even a month old, his teeth are just starting to grow. He is not adventurous and he can barely walk. I've been giving him warm milk from a feeding bottle every time that he cries since yesterday and he is sleeping in a tiny box with clothes inside of it to keep him warm (will post pic)

I'd go to the vet but since we are on weekends no vet is open right now.

What exactly do I have to do to keep him alive?
Bring him to an animal shelter. Unlike kittens, someone would probably take in a newborn puppy and care for it.
In my country animal shelters don't exist, and I want to take care of him; that's why I need advice :/
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Edit: just saw a red insect ( I assume that it's some kind of lice or something like that) crawling on his face, tried to catch it, I couldn't.

And he has those black dots on his hair all around his eyes and down his jaw, could those be eggs?
Find someone whose dog just had puppies and hand it to them.

If you don't find that or a shelter, this puppy's either going to die or grow up to become a neurotic dog incapable of socializing properly and you'll have to put it down before it's grown up because it'll bite someone.
Google would give you better answers faster than an anonymous shoelace tying bondage forum.

Don't give it cow's milk it needs puppy formula. Cow milk can kill it. Heat up a water bottle and cover it with towel that he can snuggle up to but make sure he has room to not be next to the bottle if it's too hot. They can't keep themselves warm yet so blankets alone won't help. He needs to be warm before drinking milk and the milk also needs to be warm (body temp, drop the milk on your hand and if you can feel it's hot/cold, then it's too hot/cold). If either are cold, his body will not break it down and it can get him very sick; it would take too much energy for his tiny body to heat himself or the milk enough to digest it and will eventually kill him. Make sure he eats on his belly and don't force feed to avoid getting milk down his lungs.Pinch his skin lightly to see if it snaps back. If it doesn't he is dehydrated and should be rehydrated before being fed milk, idk how to rehydrate a dehydrated pup. I also don't know how often they should be fed, and how much they should be eating for each feeding. You do need to stimulate their genitals to get them to pee and poop, they should poop at least once a day if possible and pee after every meal. >>2410574
Could be flea dirt or acne. He should probably go to the vet for puppy flea treatment (DO NOT just go out and buy the shit at the store for a puppy this young, it could actually kill a dog this young). It should be done pretty fast, the fleas are probably having a field day with a dog too young to scratch them off, and he is so small he doesn't have much blood to give them before he kicks the bucket. Do not give him a bath, he can't regulate his temp especially if he is anemic and the cold after could easily kill him. Try to just comb off what you see.

There's a 99% chance he is going to die so don't get too upset if he does. Just do what you can. But >>2410587 has the right idea, find a bitch with pups if possible
Keep us updated OP
hope the puppy holds out
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