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My cat died. This picture isn't my cat but looks like my

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My cat died. This picture isn't my cat but looks like my cat. The vet put her down. This is the first cat I lost. She was only two.

Do my other cats know? Can you talk to me about your cats?

Her name was Freya.

You didn't even have a picture of your own cat? Wow, guess you never really loved her.
Not OP, but I don't have pictures of my mother, father, brother. I love them dearly. That's why I spend time with them as opposed to obsessing with my phone's camera.
It's fine to be a hobbyist photographer, but most people just take pictures without any thought. What's the point?
I live in a flat with a big courtyard under It, lot of space. Two years ago some cats started appearing around and my neighbour started taking them in his house, that internally has another courtyard. So last year some guys started killing cats (even the most lovable ones and little puppies) and It goes on by now. We are going to put on some cameras to stop this thing.
>cat lover
Imagine my pain. Hopefully now the cats won't die anymore.
You'll regret it when your mom dies unexpectedly and despite hearing it near daily for the past 20 years you start to forget her voice or at least have doubts on your memory but you have no video recordings or voicemails so you'll never know.
I'll deal somehow. Live in the moment bruh.
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I had to put my cat down two days ago. She had been suffering from heart cancer for the past year. Heart tumors are very rare in cats, there was little to be done for treatment and she was only four or five when she passed (I never knew her exact age because I adopted her off the street).

People from before photography dealt with it just fine. Not everything needs an instagram filter.
I'm sorry for your loss, why did she have to be put down at such a young age?

It's painful. I had to put my cat down, ten days before christmas because he had a tumor growing within the bone of his jaw. Causing him discomfort and tunable to eat or drink he became skin and bones. He was 14 years old and a big part of my life.

Fuck cancer. My thoughts go out to you and your cat, anon.
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Had to put down my kitty today at the age of 18, I had her since I was five years old. She has seen me though primary school, secondary school, college and my first job.
But she was suffering, could not walk and was soiling herself, it was the right thing to do but I am still verysad.

Wish I had a decent photo, I have tons but none of them are great due to quality of camera and she was a fucking hard cat to photograph.
I had a good one but I lost it when my laptop died, I use to post her in elderly pet threads but I do not know how to use the archive.
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Just the thread I was looking for.
Sorry for all of you guys' losses, I know your pain.

Had to put down my cat as well today, at age 15 he developed cancer and his body was unable to hold his sugar levels. In only 3 days his condition got extremely bad, and the vet told us he's gonna die very very soon and he would only suffer slowly if we don't help him and just put him down.
He was maybe the best cat ever, beautiful, nice and never aggressive, extremely calm and always liked to jump on my lap and cuddle, in winter he'd force me to lift my blanket so he could squeeze inside and snuggle with me.
I'm heartbroken and what scares me is that I haven't completely accepted his death yet, although I already feel like complete shit.

Pic is from a while ago, he was starting to lose a significant amount of weight in the past 2 months, until he was rarely even pooping anymore and became very very skinny.
What a stupid post. I love my pets and love having pictures and videos of the ones that are gone to look at when I'm feeling nostalgic or just want to see them again. It doesn't mean I spend literally all my time photographing them, its not hard to shoot a couple of pictures of your cat real quick while it's napping.
Mine just died on the way to the vet. He spit up, convulsed, groaned and then died not even a quarter mile from my house.

He was the best fucking cat. He was independent but didn't mind a cuddle every now and then. He was always playful. He never threw up. He didn't destroy things or make needless noise. He used to come see me at the door when I got home. He was absolutely perfect.

I don't have a picture of him and I can't find one that looks just like him, but he was a fluffy sandy tabby with a round face and round eyes. Very soft and fluffy.

I had to put down my dog a few months ago. I didn't go with her and the guilt has eaten away at me. I decided I was gonna be there for the next one and now this happens.
I'm sorry you had to watch your cat die such a graphic death. Sounds like he was one in a million.
I appreciate that anon. He really was.

Despite the way he died I'm finding it easier to deal with than I did my dog despite having him a full year longer. I think the reason for that is that I was there with him when he died. I held his body. With my dog, the techs just led her out of the room and the next time I saw her she was a bag of ash in a box.
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