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Hello /an/ I have recently become a cat owner by chance and

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Hello /an/
I have recently become a cat owner by chance and have been trying to take this seriously as I can.
I found about how bad kibble is for cats on this site http://catinfo.org/
And now I wanna try my hand at making my own cat food, and I would like to hear any past experiences people of /an/ had gone through during this ordeal(catfood making for the first time).

PD: I have easy access to cheap chicken liver, heart, gizzard and thighs, which I plan to use to make my cat's food, but I fear that if on top of that I add taurine powder,I might be adding way too much taurine.

[spoiler]Is there a cat general normally on this board?[/spoiler]

Don't do it without a veterinary nutritionist alongside you, your formula will be deficient in something and you will be killing your cat through malnutrition.

If you are absolutely determined, seek out a nutritionalist.
where can I find guidelines of appropriate cat macros/micro ratios & nutrition?

because I hail from /fit/ and have no problem doing this kind of thing.
How ever as you said I do not know how cat nutrition works, but at the same time I know that what what ever is sold canned will never come close to a real prep meal.
And almost every info source i have found says that kibble is worse than Hitler for your cat because of the lack of water and heavy carb content.
>worse then Hitler
Preposterous, Hitler loved animals.

You find yourself a nutrionalist. Honestly, these people spend 5 years in vet school and then 2+ years to undertake a nutritionalist specialism. Find yourself one and get yourself a consultation.

I'm a vet student, and despite being in my last year I'd still want to refer to ensure an adequate nutritional plane for your cats particular life stage.

Also, take any source you've read with a pinch of salt unless it is peer reviewed. Yes, a lack of water can lead to CKD, but it is a multifactorial disease and you may find that your cat actually drinks enough to cover the low water content.

Carbs are also not completely the devil as you'd make them out to be, whilst yes cats need a good quality protein source- they can still be easily digested and are a good source of energy.

You may see "real prep meals" as the 'best', but all you're doing is looking at it in terms of an emotional bond. Your cat cares very little if you give it a chicken breast with a certain macro-nutrient profile, or if you give it a powder with the same macro-nutrient profile.

Have you thought about wet food in the meantime whilst you contact a nutritionist?
I have started giving him wet food already and what I am worried about is malnutrition, I also consume my nutritional needs in powdered for some times, but I doubt the cat would actually would just gobble down on a pile of powder or drink a whole dish of nutritional shake.

In the end I am not adverse to the idea of visiting a nutritionist, however I doubt there are any in my area that specialize on cats, it's already hard to find good vets here.
This is mostly the reason why I am trying to find a good info source about cat nutrition.

And to be honest I would be lying if I wasn't interested in the savings that come with self made meals, as I said chicken thighs and chicken guts are incredibly cheap here, so meal prepping would be the best option health and economy wise (If i had the nutrition completely down of course).

If you buy a wet food that is advertised as AAFCO "complete" it is legally required to be complete nutrition wise.

UC Davis veterinary school offers online nutritional consultations that might be worth a look into if you can't find a vet in your area. What rough area are you in, some googling might be able to help.
Wet food is fucking expensive and most "quality" dry brands are still more expensive than just buying chicken carcasses, bulk taurine, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, liver. Calcium can be derived from egg shells for the cost of eggs.

Cats don't require carbs at any stage in their life and it's nothing more than a source of cheap bulking energy for the major pet food brands to widen their margins on. I find it sickening you defend such a practice.

> Chicken carcasses
> Liver

Right, come back to me when your cat has hypervitaminosis A, calcium problems due to incorrect C:P ratio, CKD from the excess protein and dilated cardiomyopathy because I highly doubt you know what ratios that taurine needs to be in. Lets not even go into your trace elements, or your fat %'s.

Whilst I do agree that cats are obligate carnivores and do not "need" carbs, you cannot argue that it is a good energy source. So whilst I agree that it is often used to control costs, it is also used to provide a better nutritional profile for the food. You are aware cats produce hexakinase right?

It is often not a "bulking agent", it is often used to control the amount of fat and protein a food has in it whilst still providing calories, take a look at renal diets for examples. Are you aware of the effects of excess protein on CKD? Do you know what % your protein should be it?

Pet food is not as simple as you make it out to be, people train for years to formulate diets.
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