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>purchases purebred puppy that obviously cost at least 800

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>purchases purebred puppy that obviously cost at least 800 dollars
>"Neuter her? I can't afford that!"
>"He doesn't need all those vaccines. They're too expensive."
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>pretty much any stupid fucking regular person gets any dog at all, regardless of price
>"Neuter her? I can't afford that!"
>"He doesn't need all those vaccines. They're too expensive."

Bonus points if

>"all of these dog foods are so expensive! I'll just feed it the absolute cheapest sawdust and dirt formula store brand food I can find!"
>"he's too hyper so we just have to keep him outside so he doesn't ruin the house"
Small dogs edition:
>>>>>>>>...indoor "pee pads"
Had a dog that used to be abused. We believe she was a terrier-"fluffy" dog mix lived with us in a flat(apartment). She used to live with my sister after she saved pebbles(the dog) from her abusive tenants. She only pooped when we took her out like twice a day(she flat/apartment). When she did make "accidents" in the house the poor thing would hide until we removed her "sin". I was a child and my parents decided to go with my wishes. I'd never bother now putting an animal through the unconventional blah blah. Though the dog was always no problem.
I'm just wondering because like every person with a backyard has dogs and they don't seem to have any of these meme problems. Is america just retarded? I'm guessing your nationality
I can beat everyone. Ex-boss's on/off wife got rid of two Siamese cats because they didn't match their new furniture. Her old furniture was 'asian styled' and her new ones were 'french styled'.

Between the both of them, in a span of four years they got and got rid of
>Two cats
>Their old, sweet pitbull that was the husband's. Husband went on a heroin binge somewhere, wife took the kids and two of their three dogs. Wife left the dog with no food or water for three days until she told us she left the dog there because 'it want her responsibility'. When husband came back they made hell about getting their 'precious dog' back but the people(it was either a shelter or their friends I forgot) refused.
>Mini poodle(also very sweet and behaved but he growled ONCE at her then 9 year old who was swinging him around and said he had to go)
>Some shit tzu mix who was the sweetest thing(she gave him to the lady who she gave the poodle too and even she said "I don't know why I did that. I just said 'oh you can have this one too')
>Four baby red eared sliders they got from a guy selling them on the street(her 10 year old got salmonella. I rehomed her turtles to someone else with a 300 gal turtle tank and when I saw their current tank it was 5 gallons , no filter, no land, no heater and the turtle shells were rotting)
>Puppy store 'goldendoodle' which she returned before she even left the parking lot because 'his penis was hanging out, infected and smelled horrible'.
>Traded it for a German Shepherd puppy who lived in a 4x4ft yard then 'ran away' two years later after it attacked too many people
>A rabbit
>Two guinea pigs
>Burmese python
>Pitbull/maybe pitbull mix was repossessed by the rescue they adopted from after they found out about the first pitbull
>Scarlet macaw (I hadn't seen her brought to work in awhile and no one had been mentioning her, so I asked. He said she was fine at home and a friend of his had been next to us said "I thought you got rid of him?"
Yeah I'm an American, and while I'll admit that I don't have much experience with other developed cultures (shitholes where people regularly treat animals like crap, such as Mexico and China don'the count), I'd say that Americans are horrible with pets on a regular basis. Too many people just want an animal for the novelty, give it one or two extra care precautions so that they can brag about how involved they are in its wellbeing, and then half-ass everything else and the animal ends up being more of a burden once the coolness aspect wears off.

And here, I've noticed that pride>pet care. Nobody ever does their research on anything because they think they know it all from shit they've just heard, and then get all angry if you present opposition because it's true in their own head.

Keep in mind this not only applies to dogs and cats, but other pets like reptiles and fish as well.
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I wish I had something to say to that but I don't. Some people just don't deserve to be anywhere near any type of animal.
>Just found out my cousin hasn't taken her dog to the vet since in 5+ years. Too busy partying to take care of her kid, let alone dog.
Last I heard from them the youngest son was out of the picture(maybe went to his real father) and they adopted a young boy and his teenaged brother. This was about five years ago so I can't imagine how many other pets they went through.
They're addicts with a ton of money. Husband would sucker saps into starting businesses with him, bailed when they failed. If any success with it he always cut them out. Wife at the time had a high chair in some housing company and was the epitome of the 'wine and xanax white moms' and had some shady connections with police. I watched their kids sometimes and I felt for them. 13 year old wasn't allowed to go four houses down without being escorted because she was convinced someone would take her kids because they were 'better than other kids'. They were good kids, just bored, lonely because she wouldn't let them see their friends and starved for attention.

I'd be afraid to know what other pets they got and what they've done to them.
That's disturbing. I don't know how people could be so cruel...

My brother in-laws mother was like that. Would absolutely torture the poor kids. The most tragic was when she gave away their childhood dog, and basically told them the same day without any notice. She's crazy...she's like that with men too. I think she's emotionally unstable...
What I found bizarre is that they treated everything so casually. Especially the whole 'cats don't match the furniture'. Getting rid of the cats was just off handedly mentioned and just gushed about the furniture. She gave me a bit of a look when I asked if they had been possible or scratching the furniture and got really defensive about how its 'her household' and what she says goes.
I had also offered to take the mini poodle and should tzu off of hands a month before she got rid of them since she mentioned something about getting rid of them. Forgot what exactly but I remember her exact response was 'oh I could never. I love x'.

I guess it's be one thing if they wanted a better home for them, wanted someone who had more time with them or some shit.
Poor dog. I assume she just gave it away 'just because' since that's the kinda people we are talking about.
>be at a new friend's house about 13 years ago, I was 14
>I ask where her cats and dog are
>her brother explains how she "released them in the country side, isn't that much more natural than leaving them at some shelter to be put down"
>Me: WTF those cats were perfectly able to be rehomed, I would have done it for free, plus the dog
>wait until the mom is driving me home and bring it up
>she of course denies it but I know she's full of shit
>start describing how her pets slowly starved to death
>"Oh, I wonder how long they cried for you, wondering why you abandoned them, starvation takes weeks, you know"
>"Hopefully they were just torn apart by coyotes, that's at least quicker"
>she starts tearing up
>I'm not normally a vengeful person, but I am enjoying this
>"Seriously, just give them to me next time so I can blow their brains out with our family shotgun, quick and painless, unlike what you did"
>stops the car about a mile from my house, tells me to get out, she doesn't need some bitchy kid judging her
>"Oh, what am I now, a beloved member of your family?"
>drives off
About a decade passes and I learn she's in a federal prison for manufacturing meth. Her own daughter ratted her out for a lighter sentence.

>paid $850 for purebred Great Pyrenees
>spend over $6,000 at the vet in the first year including 1 emergency surgery to remove a foreign object from intestines and 2 other visits for other problems (hurt shoulder, anomaly in front legs).
>$2500 on food/heartworm/flea&tick/harnesses/and toys
>$400 on training

People really under-estimate the financial commitment involved with dogs. Even if there's no problems at all, that first year will cost a ton of money when done correctly. If you can't spare $2000 (aside from the cost of the dog) in the next year, and can't pull $1000 out of your ass at the drop of a hat for emergencies, then you should probably get a gerbil.
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monet kimono.jpg
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That doesn't even make sense from a design standpoint because french shit goes great with asian shit considering all those time periods when "orientalism" would go in and out of fashion among the french.
If you think the US is bad, go look at Japan. They are the epitome of trends, including with their pets. They are literally treated like objects there. When a new pet becomes the popular hot topic they get rid of their old one to get this new pet. Look at shelters in Japan; they are stocked full of pure bred poodles, poms, chihuahuas, Italian Greyhounds, etc that all have only a few days to live. Even cats there are largely Siamese, Burmese, snowshoe, and other popular breeds. I'd hate to see where all the exotic pets end up
I'm hoping to God you're making this shit up because that is seriously depressing.
>Purchases Siberian Husky because "They look really cool"
>"What do you mean it needs 2 hours of exercise a day?"
>"Im sure itll be fine just lounging around the house with me XD"
>Great Pyrenees
That's the mistake, buddeh
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>"Oh, what am I now, a beloved member of your family?"
Knew an animal hoarder in college. Still breeds her rabbits for shits and gigs to this day, spends all her money on weed/glass and then begs for pet food donations on FB. Was pretty good about rehoming pets she could no longer care for properly, but would then turn around and get more.

Pet food begging was recent, maybe three weeks ago? Last week she asks for recs for good nail salons in the city because she wants new acrylic claws. Fucking idiot.
>purchase a pitbull
>He's not snarling and aggressive. He is just friendly! He's gonna maul you with kisses!!!!
>He's sooo friendly! He would never hurt a fly!
>"rescue" an animal
>never pay attention to the animal ever again
I hate this so much. They don't understand how this kind of instinctual shit works.
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I think a lot of it is that Americans are ridiculously entitled and perceive everything as their "right", even to abuse or neglect their animals

I thought most high-end purebreed dogs came already snipped from the breeder, since the breeders don't want you trying to become their competition

Not so much a risk of someone becoming their competition as ruining their reputation.

Bloodlines are a big deal, and if the animal gets bred or shown the original breeder is going to be scrutinized. If a new owner does this with a pet quality animal, it can appear that the original breeder produces sub-standard animals and thus will lose prestige and business. Selling fixed dogs, and/or making the owners sign contracts that they cannot breed or show, reduces or eliminates the risk.
Most puppies are too young to be spayed or neutered when sold, though, aren't they? I think most breeders have the owners sign contracts and specify if they're looking for a companion/a show dog/a dog to breed. That helps the breeder determine which pups to try to match with the buyers, or so I thought? I could be talking out my ass. If someone could clarify that'd be great.
Most breeders do that, but if you're getting a dog for working/showing/breeding, the breeder keeps it longer to see if it will actually be decent for whatever it's being used for, and if the buyer still wants to actually buy it. From there, the breeder will usually fix it since it would be old enough. Like for service animals and therapy animals, they often go to the trainer already fixed. But for show or breeding, you don't want them fixed.
It's weird I've had to deal with people like that before, caring more about status than being human beings almost being sociopaths but I can't really blame them that's basically what high society can to to people who get wrapped up in their own bullshit
>Yeah, I own an ACD and I work sixty hours a week. So what? He's fine sleeping in his kennel all day, look, he doesn't even mind. Just a couple walks a week is fine for him. Stop trying to tell me how to care for MY dog.
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Thread images: 8

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