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Hello /an/, I'm fostering a lone kitten and if anyone can think of anything that would help please let me know. Due to foster contracts I am not allowed to bring this guy to another vet. And while I would break contract to bring it to a vet anyway, I don't have the money for it hence why I'm fostering animals instead of owning one. Shelter's vet doesn't come in Saturday so I'm waiting for Sunday at 9.

So first here's the problem; kitten is 4 days old today and this afternoon started to fade. He was eating fine until about 2 pm today, he didn't eat well. I didn't freak out much because he usually eats a big meal and then only eats a little in-between. But the last decent meal he had was around noon. He became lethargic and weak and refused eating. I was told by the shelter vet to not give him anything but kmr, but I'm really tempted to try and give him some sugar. This isn't my first rodeo with bottle babies that are days old but I will admit I never had bottle babies this young live yet.

I keep him warm, I make sure the milk is luke warm, I make him pee and poop (although he is bloated so he might need to poop more). I keep his head up while drinking and I do try not to feed too fast. They told me the guy is 2 days old when I picked him up, but it looks like his eyes are beginning to open and his one ear is beginning to stand up straight.
So his story is his mom gave birth, but the mom was not taking care of the babies. I was told by some people they believed a baby was stuck in the canal and mom got shocked from it and died. Other people say the kittens died from illness and then the mom rejected the rest. Others say they just spayed the mom and assumed someone would take care of the kittens after mom wouldn't produce milk due to the spay. I have no fucking clue which story is right or wrong.

Anyway I was contacted after every other kitten died because they couldn't find a foster. I was told the options were to foster the kitten or euthanize it. At the time he looked healthy and strong and still had an umbilical cord so I said fuck it. May as well give it a fighting chance, even if it's mortality rate is very high. At the very least if he dies overnight it would be quick and on a weekend. But hopefully he won't die.
Find a cat momma to adopt it.
I tried to bottle feed newborns too. they all dued. ones i found furry moms for grew to adults
Yeah I asked around and couldnt find any momma cats. As sick as it is, the shelter used to have this semi feral cat that had babies, and after those babies were weaned we plopped orphan babies on her and kept doing that for months. She just kept producing milk. And once she didn't, she was euthanized for being feral.

I'm going to be pissed if I found out they spayed a healthy mom to save some cash and then begged me to take care of the last baby.
Vet knows best so if he can make it to Sunday he'll have the best chance.

Is he:
>Eating every 3 hours, and every 5 overnight
>Being weighed on a gram scale to make sure he's gaining 10% of his bodyweight with every feeding
>Placed in a nest with heating pad on one side, none on the other, so he can crawl between temperatures
>Being fed on his belly
I was feeding every other hour including throughout the night, but he stopped eating around noon. I never heard the 10% body weight thing but he has been gaining weight daily. I feed him on fours with his head tilted up, and he has a heating pad with an area to run to.

I've also been told to never force feed a kitten and to never feed a lethargic kitten.

He's gasping for air now and largely unmoving. If he makes it to tomorrow it will only be euthanized at this point.

Pretty sure kitten took his last breath in my hand. At the very least he died somewhat quickly. I've had kittens that would rattle in pain, unconsolable, for hours and when I thought they died, they would still be kicking it just barely hours later. But this little guy was silent and unmoving While I was petting him. I like to think he passed peacefully

I know what actually happened now; the story goes, momma wasn't taking care of the kittens. By the time they found this out, half the kittens already dropped dead. They tried removing the remaining kittens and bottle feeding them but all but the one was too weak to eat and ended up dying. Momma cat was going downhill fast too so they preformed an emergency spay surgery as they believed it was an infection in the womb. I guess the momma cat was on IV and antibiotics but also ended up dying a few days after surgery. Poor kitten had every single odd against him.

Press F to pay respects
Doesn't sound like a problem at all. Flush it.
Thanks for the story. Love hearing about the whole litter not making it.
Hopefully all kittens born meet the same fate.
You did all you could do, anon. Good luck with your next foster animal though
Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 1

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