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There were at least 6 cockroaches on my kitchen, all at once, and 1 on my room and 1 outside. How do I get rid off cockroaches? How do I prevent then from invading my house?
roaches are pretty common where im from. number one tip is to clean your house. dont leave food out and lay traps. you can find them at hardware stores or you can make your own. take a big jar and put some pasta sauce at the bottom
Clean your house you disgusting animal.
dupont advion is a pretty good roach killer

>roaches are pretty common where im from.

New York or Turkey?
If possible spray underneath your house. That's the way we got rid of them.
Urgh I hate those little bastards. For about 3 months I rented with a friend, and the house was full of them. The rooms next store (it was a duplex) also had them. It was absolutely disgusting. I bought up a bunch of store bought chemicals and traps, but they only helped a little bit.

I would tell your landlord about this maybe they can get an exterminator. And if you own your house I would invest in an exterminator.
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but if you want to poison them, get some bengal roach spray. it kills for a good 6 months
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I second this. Used it a few years ago when my friend got roaches. Killed them all dead like some twisted Nazi holocaust program. The infestation was major.
>my friend is a slob
>got roaches from a neighbor
>population explodes
>sprayed demon wp pic related
>1/4 gone still not good enough
>buy advion
>about 4 weeks after spray, we bait every cabinet, every little crevices, above doors, behind appliances (you want to spray first, then bait which is what advion is)
>all of them are dead
>roach carcasses everywhere

Thought about starting a pest killer business. Btw you'll need to buy a pressure sprayer for the demon packets. Mix em. Spray borders, cabinets, behind shit, under shit. Clean clean clean. Wait a few weeks. Bait.
Oh. Forgot to add. Both products are what professionals use.

Don't buy the Bengal crap, it doesn't work trust me
Don't buy shit from Walmart or Lowes
Research poisons that work

Order them online. They aren't expensive at all. In my experience, stay away from roach bombs, those little roach bait houses, that shit bait Walmart carries, roach spray from a can.

Save your money. Get the shit that works.
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o im laffin
To prevent them from coming again, weather proof your house and spray (with Demon wp or something similar) around the outside of your house every 3 months or so. Maybe even every month. Keep everything clean. Don't drop food on the ground or leave food out. That kind of stuff.
Oh and look up proper ways to spray and bait on YouTube. The application is just as important as quality product. You'll need to do it right. And after you bait, don't wipe it off for a few weeks and leave the carcasses alone that are behind the fridge and microwave or whatever else you have that produces electricity. They'll eat their dead bodies and die. Oh and about the appliances like the fridge and shit, they love electricity and they love warmth. They like a water source like your kitchen and bathroom. And they like dark places. Keep all of this in mind while you look for places to spray. You'll also find "nests". Areas in corners speckled with their feces. Usually in cabinets, in appliances, on the ceiling corners, above doors. They also love coffee.

Hope I helped. All I can say now is do your research. Good luck.

also newspapers, magazines, pretty much all paper you might have stored. Do you have pets? Put the food in sealed containers and discard the bags they come in. Do you let your animal shit in the yard? Clean it up.
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