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I think my dog has pyometra. Before i'm accused of neglect

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I think my dog has pyometra. Before i'm accused of neglect i'd like to say that 1 i dont have the funds to get her spayed, and 2 that she's a family dog and my father didnt want her spayed earlier because of breeding and 3 i dont have a ride, or the funds to get this surgery. Believe me, i've been wanting to take her to the vetfor the longest.

Im 80% positive my dog has pyometra, the symptoms have been constant bleeding, a blood+pus mixture, and really foul smelling discharge. Im really worried about this, and she's been bleeding way too much. How long could she have until sepsis, and what can i do to slow that down?
You give her up to the shelter ASAP since you don't have the money.
I don't, my father does. Aversion has been the cause of this problem, not money. She's a family dog, and the problem is he doesnt care about her that much, and its 2:30AM. We've been told that he'lk take her later on today, so i'm waiting on that.
Then that's all you can do. If he doesn't, you can call the shelter and/or animal control first thing in the morning to explain the situation. They will likely come out to pick the dog up.
Alternatively, if a 24/7 emergency clinic exists in your area then you can also give them a call to explain the situation. Often local clinics work with local shelters. They may be willing to take the animal, and deliver it to the shelter. Otherwise, animal control or the shelter in the morning.
I've already called my nearest 24/7 vet its less than a mile away but i'm afraid she wont be able to walk that far. Also your solutions revolve around the shelter, but would the shelter provide emergency surgery or just put her down? I get the feeling i wouldnt e able to get her back if she went to a shelter, and/or they wont provide the care she needs.
The shelter would likely treat her unless the damage was too extensive. Even if they put her down, it would be better then dying naturally of extremely painful sepsis. The treatment is a spay, and although it is more complicated then if the uterus was healthy, it's still an easy fix for a shelter. Antibiotics and a spay is something easily provided by shelters. It's true that you won't be able to get her back, but they will provide the care your animal needs as long as it's not to the point it is hopeless. Call the 24/7 clinic back and tell them that your father refuses to take the dog, plead for them to come pick up the animal because you only live a mile away. If they still refuse, ask them if it is safe for her to walk one mile to the hospital.
And pyometra is a common condition for shelters to deal with. Most kill shelters will even treat diabetic cats. If it were say... kidney failure or multiple broken bones involving the hind legs that would be a different story.
How long have you suspected she's had it?
I went through this and it was not pretty, nor cheap. $1600 for immediate surgery(which would have cost me less than $60 if i didn't put it off) and got the 'talk' how she still had a fairly high chance she wouldn't make it because the infection had spread
Indoor cat who I realized I hadn't seen in two days, which wasn't terribly uncommon for me not to see for a day or so especially since i was working a lot. When she didn't answer me I knew something was wrong and found her in the closet mewing softly and unable to walk. Before that she seemed completely normal so I guess it spread pretty fast.

Vet did meekly suggest 'trying' antibiotics and hoping for the best while I was deciding whether or not putting her through the surgery would be unfair to her or not. Went through with it knowing I still may have her put down. Luckily aside from still being too weak to walk for a day or so, she bounced back extremely fast and healed nicely.

Your dog needs to have the surgery. Pyometra is rarely cured through antibiotics.
Also get a job.
Exactly. 5 1/2 hours could mean death, and that's assuming the shelter/animal control opens at 8 on a Sunday morning. Sepsis can set up so quickly. Emergency clinics and shelters will provide free or reduced cost surgeries for pyometra at the cost of giving up the animal permanently to their care. Usually, pyometra has a good prognosis with treatment. I mention antibiotics because the treatment could potentially involve not just the emergency surgery, but then antibiotics afterward to clear any bacteria within the bloodstream or other parts of the body. I'm not going to argue the job part because... uh, they might not be able to get one. That's not my concern if an animal is danger though so I'm not bringing that possibility up.
I'm getting sick of this shit. Underage needs to be banned
Breeding your dog at home is the last thing you should be doing. I hope your family learns its lesson and stops putting out more dogs into the world where there are already plenty of dogs that need homes.
Thread posts: 12
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