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Kitten help

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Hi /an/.
I just got a kitten out of nowhere as a late Christmas present.
I have a dog, who is cool with the kitten, but the cat is the complete opposite, so he's confined to staying in my room (I live with my parents).
I play video games as a hobby and now I'm being punished for my poor cable management as my cat takes every opportunity to bite/claw at cords underneath my desk.
I want to keep him, but at this rate all my electronics are gonna be kaput. I'm having to ward him off even as I'm writing this.
I have past experience with cats, but never with one this young with a dog around, and at that all my previous cats have been pretty calm and not destructive, mainly because they came and went out of the house because I live in a rural area.
I need some advice because I've never had to deal with this kind of behavior from a pet, aside from when my dog was a pup, and he wasn't even this bad.

His name is Pickles

p.p.s I'll be using that name to post here.
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Doge bump

Perhaps try bitter citrus spray on the cables. Cats usually, USUALLY don't like the taste. I've heard of a few that go crazy for it, though.

No need to bump, matey. /an/ is one of the slowest boards.
Thanks, I'll try it.
I still have some bitter cherry stuff that we have leftover from when the dog was a pup, it never seemed to work with him though. He did eventually stop however.
Congrats on the kitten! He's a real cutie!
First things first, does Pickles have enough proper toys (of varying styles) to keep him entertained? Not only that, but do you play with him enough? He could just be flat out bored and so he seeking any kind of action he can get. Try playing with him more, even if it's just with some string, also he might be teething so you could try getting some cat chew toys. I'll link some for ya, I've got the worm and my cats love it:

If he's really determined to get at those wires there's a couple options, one is purchasing cord covers from a place like Home Depot or Lowe's, you could also try wrapping the portions he chews on in tinfoil as cats simply detest it. There is also the option of spraying the cords with bitter citrus spray but I've tried that to get my cats to stop chewing the Christmas tree and it didn't work but who knows, maybe you'll get lucky.

Chances are, as he gets older he'll probably leave them alone, kittens are just absolute maniacs haha. Also, concerning his relations with the dog, I'd really recommend trying to smooth things out, I'm sure Pickles will greatly appreciate having more house space than just your room. Here's a link to a page with a couple tips on the subject:

Best of luck!
kick it in the dick
If the bitter apple spray doesn't work, you might need cable ties and thick foam from your local home improvement store. However, biting cords can lead to electrocution. If your cat is lucky, he might get an electrical burn to the mouth which might teach him not to do that. Problem is cats are smart enough to realize cords aren't always plugged into the wall. If he's unlucky, he'll electrocute himself to death. You might try cat discipline which is a bit hard to do because of how their minds work. This is down through either a loud noise or a firm open hand pop (it's very important not to do it hard at all, it's more the motion then any sort of force). Now, if you come home to chewed cords, or see a chewed cord, don't do a loud noise or pop. You'll just stress your cat out immensely and confuse it. You have to watch. You'll see your cat sniff the cord, and then you'll see the mouth open to bite the cord, that is when you do the noise or pop. The cat will only understand if it is done during the offending behavior, not before, not after. I only recommend this as a last case scenario because cord biting is a habit that can seriously endanger a cat.

Also, I'm serious when I say a gentle pop, it's not a true smack. Cats are fragile in some ways, so you aren't trying to hurt your cat. If you have doubts about doing it too hard, don't try it at all.
And do not pop the cat on the head! Their sinus cavities and head is fragile, the firm pop should be applied to the back area of the cat, never the head or near the tail.
And also helpful is after discipline, direct your cats attention toward a toy. If the cat nibbles/plays with the toys, reward him and praise him immensely. Reward and praise the cat every time you see him playing with his toys. Discipline him, and then redirect his attention to a toy followed by praise for playing with the toy every time he starts biting a cord. (actively biting, he needs to realize simply sitting by the cords will not result in discipline.)
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Thanks for the kind words!
Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it!
Also thank you for including links!

Currently I don't really have any toys for him, I have some makeshift toys that I made earlier though, nothing too fancy, just some strings and whatnot. I'll try to get him some toys soonish.

Between making this thread and now I came up with a temporary fix. I just put a bunch of boxes underneath my desk blocking off access to the cables and such, but he can still climb over/on top of the boxes, it has deterred him however, which is good.

Just one more thing, I'm noticing he meows A LOT, or at least he did when he first got here, and since then he's stopped meowing as often, I assume it was because of distress or uneasiness.
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Picture of barricade thing I put up.
He wants more play and is undoubtedly wary, pet and love it, encourage it on your lap as you play and get catnip later, its your cheat for kitty love
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Your kitten is most likely teething and bored. Get her some straws, just like pic related. I've had many cats since they were kittens and they never chewed trough any of my stuff.
Straws are really a no-brained for cats, and they're cheap as chips. You can give the kitten a straw as it is or tie it on a string for it to drag around the house or hang them from places.

Another thing you can give it are ping-pong balls, cats love chasing those around. Old socks can be rolled together into a ball for the cat to play and bite into. And if you have a table with thicker legs, just wrap the legs in thick string rather than buying expensive scratch posts. Same goes for any toys in general, you'd be surprised how many every day objects you can turn into a toy.

Trust me, your cat will love it or your money back.
A slightly more extreme (but very effective) technique is just to apply a -tiny- bit of tabasco/kitchen pepper sauce on the cables. Just add 2-3 drops per cable and spread along it. Pepper is harmless to cats (as long as it's pure pepper only sauce, no salt, no onion, no garlic)
If the smell doesn't work, the taste definitely will.
what a garbage gift
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