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Bug Keeping

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Anyone here keep insects? I'm going to try and catch a Winter Ant queen come February, but they're pretty hard to find.

Anyone here keep bugs? I know lots of people have feeder insect cultures to feed to their pets. What's your experience been like?
No insects, but I've got arachnids and myriapods.

Tarantulas are great, the lowest maintenance pet you can get. They're not very exciting though. I'm getting discouraged about millipede keeping, some species just don't thrive in captivity (though some breed explosively).

I don't know that much about keeping ants, how do you catch a queen? Is it during the nuptial flight period?
Never caught any Winter Ants myself, but I've heard that they usually swarm around oak trees. Apparently it's like 100+ males to every queen. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to find them so long as you pick the right day and a decent area to search.
Dermestid beetles here. I keep a colony to help me out with taxidermy (it's a hobby of mine and you can make a pretty penny doing it.)

I'm much more a mammal person, but they're pretty cool. One of these days I might get a mantid or beetle or something.
Kill yourselves
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But then who will feed my spiders?

I keep a bunch of beetles, stick bugs and grasshoppers.
While beetles are my favourite bugs they're the worst to keep due to their long evolution span and short adult life. Keeping beetles means keeping their larvae.
I managed to get 24 grubs from a pair of Xylotrupes sumatrensis and now I can wait 10-14 months until they turn into adult beetles.
Thanks, I've seen videos of similar behavior.

Wonder if they live in the desert as well, or only forested areas.
I've been thinking about getting a tarantula, they seem like pretty cool pets.
I don't know much about them, though and I'm scared as fuck of being bitten.
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They're not very exciting, since they mostly just sit around, if you're lucky they do it aboveground instead of in a burrow. They require about 1 minute of maintenance a week, so keeping a bunch of them is no hassle. I have 30 atm, and I'm satisfied with this number for now.

General guideline is that tarantulas fall into 2 categories, Old World and New World. OWs are fast and have nasty venom (nothing lethal, but it will ruin your week for sure). NWs have milder venom and are more reluctant to bite, since their primary defense is their urticating hairs (itchy barbed hairs they kick off their butt, the resulting rash varies in severity by species and personal sensitivity). If you're keeping slow-moving, docile NW species, not handling your spiders (they don't like it anyway), and doing any maintenance with a pair of tongs, you don't really need to worry about being bitten.

Arachnoboards and this caresheet site are good starting points. http://www.mikebasictarantula.com/Species-caresheet-Grouping.html
My personal starter recommendations are most species from the Brachypelma, Aphonopelma, or Grammostola genera (excluding G. rosea/porteri, these are dirt cheap but have a reputation for being temperamental)

My personal favorites are US and Mexican Aphonopelma species. They're generally chill bros, their hair and venom have very little effect on humans, and the females can live 30 years or more.
One last thing, male tarantulas only live a year or so after maturing, so the demand is strongly skewed towards females. It can take years for a tarantula to grow big enough to sex, and confirmed females of particularly slow-growing and sought after species can run hundreds of dollars. Most people buy several spiderlings at once and hope one turns out female.
Something about you having thirty goddamn giant spiders in your house is hilarious to me. I'm imagining scenes that could possibly happen in your life.

>Yeah, I've got about THIRTY TARANTULAS. I'm pretty satisfied with that number for now.

>Yeah dont mind me, I'm just here to buy a fuckton of bugs to feed my THIRTY TARANTULAS.

Your life could fill a thirty minute special about a guy with thirty tarantulas. I'd have a burgler break-in scene where he realizes he's invaded a house full of thirty tarantulas and has a nervous breakdown.
That's actually a pretty modest collection by tarantula hobbyist standards. I know many people with several hundred.

I do like to think of them as potential burglar deterrent though. Instead of a baseball bat, I keep a cup full of shed tarantula skins on hand in the event of a home invasion.
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 6

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