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Former Pets

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This year for Christmas, Santa gave me a dead cat. Guess I was on the naughty list?

Pic related, it isn't mine but it looks close. We were literallly in the middle of opening presents and I had just been petting my little dude. He goes to jump off the couch and kinda falls on his face, then he gets some kind of attack and he starts panting real bad. He can barely walk and after a minute he just lays down panting with his mouth open. We took him to the emergency vet and he sort of recovered but when they had him in the cage he was really angry and couldn't stop drooling. Wouldn't even let us pet him, didn't try to hide in the corner like he usually does.

We decided to euthanize him, he was 18 years old I think, and he'd been having medical issues for a while, he was all skin and bones even with the treatments he was getting for thyroid n stuff. I really didn't want to euthanize him but my family was all gung-ho after he had his attack (I feel like it was some kind of stroke or seizure?)... they didn't want to see him go through that again. In the end I went with my inner autistic/sociopath tendencies and let them do him in because in many ways it was the easy way out.

I didn't like the little guy very much, he was a pretty dumb cat. I'm real close friends with my other cat so trust me when I say the cat that died was dumb. I didn't think I'd miss the little fucker very much but goddamn it if he wasn't the fluffiest little cat I've ever met back when he was in his prime, before his fur got matted and we had to shave a lot of it off. I'm petting my other cat and all I can think about is how he isn't fluffy like the dead one :(

Anyway how were y'all's Christmas? Santa's truly a miracle worker, I think he just about timed it that they euthanized my kitty as the clock struck midnight. Anyone else lose a pet on a holiday? Birthday maybe?
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Sorry to hear that , anon. I hope you're fine. Luckily, I didn't lose a pet on a holiday nor birthday but it doesn't matter when you lose a pet , the pet that you lost matters the most because you will miss it =(.

Merry Christmas , anon and I hope you will have a good day.
It wasn't you, op.
Cats are avatars of witches, maleficeint spirits, and demons. So on this holy day it was only natural it dies, especially considering its weakened state.
Enjoy a more sanctified home, op.
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One of those; insolent.
Even when it doesn't happen on a special day, the date it happens becomes engrained in your mind. January 5th, 2005 is burned in my brain as the date we had to put my childhood cat down.
That was the day that your life truly began, my friend. Prior to, your immortal soul was under constant threat!
Cats are the instruments of Satan. Be glad you're free of its influence.
I live in an apartment complex and one of my neighbors has a cat that they don't take care of (she grew up, so I guess they didn't think she was so cute anymore), Always outside even in the rain and cold weather. I would always feed her and give her love because she was such a sweet, affectionate cat.

I hadn't seen her in about week and asked my neighbor to which he responded "don't know". Safe to say she probably went out somewhere to die and it breaks my fucking heart.

She technically wasn't my cat, but I really cared about her in the short year that I knew her.
Jan 26 for me. Fucking Australia day.
My dog died a slow, painful death because all vets were closed and all emergency vets were too shitfaced to make house calls.
I think you did the right thing putting him down. You sound like you really didnt want to but there can be bad health complications after a seizure. Such as brain damage. It was likely for the best and he lived a full and (hopefully) happy life.
Wow I'm sorry you lost your cat but couldn't help but to notice you sound really bitter about this whole thing. Why? Just enjoy life it's the holidays for crying out loud.
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Free Thinker.jpg
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>Just enjoy life it's the holidays for crying out loud.
t. normalfag
Christmas is a shit holiday-- everyone buys a ton of crap off a list and then acts like the gifts are a surprise and that they were given out of the kindness of one's heart and not social obligation.

> you sound really bitter about this whole thing. Why?
Welcome to 4chan, where the world's rejects go to hang out. Why shouldn't we be bitter when the world has forsook us? Animals, moreso than humans, have the delicate senses necessary to understand our deepest thoughts.
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We had gotten my cat almost nineteen years ago. He was such a little thing. We had a dog (thats both of them in the picture there) and she just adored him. Always sticking near his little kitten self, licking him. When we had to put our dog to sleep it hit the cat rather hard. He would look for her, and eventually took to sleeping in her old bed, but never in the spot she would sleep in.

My cat was never very friendly. In fact the only people he seemed to like were my brother I, and me most of all. We were the only people he'd walk up to. He would sleep in my room. We got him a castle of his own. We called it his Catsle. He'd sleep inside, or on top. But most of the time he slept right next to me, or between my legs. He was without a doubt my cat. When he was younger he would often meow me awake, wanting food. Or hit me with his little paws, since the top of his Catsle was right by my pillow. It wasn't uncommon for me to wake up and find him staring at me, ready for a head bump.

As he got older he, of course, became less energetic. He would sleep in his Catsle most of the time, but during the day, when I was home, he'd come out and lay on my bed, stretch out and purr. He'd always purr for me. he eventually developed chronic kidney disease. He got fluid injections, about twice a week, and a small pill everyday for his liver. He was slower going down stairs, but still made the trip to watch me get him his live, and he'd practically dash up them as I brought it back up. He didn't jump on top of his Catsle any more, or on the bed. Intead he'd poke his head out on of the side windows and meow for attention. Whenever he looked at me he had those same little defiant kitten eyes that only let me get close to him.

I had to leave him home with a sitter this holiday as I visited family. Yesterday the sitter found him laying in the hallway, not moving, not breathing. They rushed him to the vet, but he was gone.
I had to put my 14 year old cat down on the 15th. Just 10 days before christmas. He developed a tumor on his lower jaw back in october. Vet wanted to charge me $2,000 for a biopsy and surgery but mentioned he would be in pain for the remainder of his life. As long as he is able to eat and drink and be happy, he wouldn't need it.

Fast forward to this month, his condition worsened and he couldn't use his mouth from the pain. Unable to eat or lick up water, he started to become skin and bones. I couldn't help him, he would struggle away from me when I tried to feed him a blended mixture of his food with tuna. And I'd be able to give him water by squeezing it out of a towel and into his mouth.

On the night I decided to put him down, and get an appointment scheduled at a vet clinic, I cried while hugging and letting him. Every night would be hard for me to sleep because I would just be crying in agony of the thought of losing him. He was my only friend that helped me through this year. And now he's gone.

On thursday I was holding him while they administered the shots. It only took three seconds. I know he didn't want to go. Didn't want to leave me. But I couldn't bare to have him live in pain. He would meow constantly, whenever I wasn't at least a foot away from him in the last two days we had together.

Picking up his limp body to put him back into his carrier was so hard on my heart. I had to collect myself.

I took him home. I took him out and laid him on my lap as I pet him and kissed him while crying my soul out. His head started to move off my knee so I set him on my bed and it looked like he was sleeping. I just laid next to him and continued to pet him for hours until rigor mortis set in.

I wrapped him up in a blanket and my clothes with some of the toys and trinkets he liked and put him in a box. Taped up all the holes and wrapped it up with plastic wrap to keep any pests and water out. I buried him in the dark at 7pm while it was raining.
December 9th. I still expect to see her every time I walk through the door
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Thread images: 5

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