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>be me
>be fucking idiot 6 - 9 yr old
>go to pool
>climbs up ladder
>sees something in the pool
>touch it
>climb up ladder
>get out of pool
>cry to mommy
>fucking wasp stung me
>go home
>cry more
>be me
>laying around the house freeballing
>wearing shorts because its summer
>feel the urge to piss
>get up and walk to the bathroom
>as I'm taking a leak feel something moving on my inner thigh
>shake my leg
>wasp flies out of my pantleg
>let the wasp back outside

To this day I still cant figure out how it ended up in my shorts.
>be fucking idiot 6 - 9 yr old
you're having sex with idiotic 6-9year olds?
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>Have 9 year old autistic son
>at pool
>starts poking bee that's drinking from water on the concrete
>gets stung
>jerks his hand back
>no screaming
>no crying
>just curiosity
>goes back for seconds.
>little girl runs up to me to alert me that my kid was playing with a bee
>annoyed that now I have to go stop this harmless learning experience

... this is an interesting study in human conditioning. The kid is crazy, but his ability to feel physical pain is identical to anyone else's.

The difference is he was never shown the "socially correct" way to respond to pain. He never picked up on how to scream and cry like a little pussy at the slightest knock. Sure, he saw it happen, but it didn't register because that's how autism works. They don't pick up on those social norms until it is hammered into them. He doesn't have tantrums when he doesn't get his way. If he does start crying, it's generally a hospital visit in the near future because he's banged up pretty bad.

It's a fucking insect sting and it doesn't hurt that much. I got stung by a wasp when I was 12 - Playing in some kid's backyard, I saw it on my arm, and knew that sting was coming, and all that came out of my mouth was a whispered "Shit!" because I wasn't raised by pussies to be a pussy. Of course, I'm nearly 40, and we did things differently in the 80's.
What a lame story. Not funny or interesting in the least.
I'm glad you included those details about the ladder, otherwise I'd still be wondering how you got into and out of the pool.

Especially since he climbed up the ladder twice
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we need to fund autistic prizefighting. it'd be hilarious. they'd be more upset by the physical contact and ding of the bell than the pain



then the bell dings and they cover their ears and make wacky noises and hit each other. and i make money because i built the dimmadome they fight in.
How many GBPS and tendies did you get from mommy in consolation?
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>as a matter of fact today saturday 19th, 1 pm
>yellowjacket buzzing around backyard table
>must have smelled some food scraps we were taking to the compost
>I hold a small scrap of pork sausage out and wait
>yellowjacket lands on my finger
>at first tries to bite off my finger because it smells like sausage
>finds sausage scrap and cuts out a piece, flies away for 5 minutes
>repeat seven times until the meat is all gone
>wasps are cool
internet tough guy here, on /an/ of all places

>I wasn't raised by pussies to be a pussy

Nothing says I'm not a pussy than trying to sneak in little mentions of you not being a pussy to your posts.

"Hey guys, blah blah blah. By the way, just so you know, I'm not a pussy, sissy, or faggot of any kind. Just, you know, making sure you know that".
It must be miserable having a broken child. Don't worry. One day we will be able to identify these problems in the womb, and you can simply get an abortion.
white anglo saxon protestants are the worst
I've been stuck so often by yellow jackets it barely feels worse than a flu shot now.

Now the red wasps, Polistes carolina, they will fuck your day up though
he probably wanted to make the distinction between an elevated pool and recessed pool seeing as he didn't jump in the pool and climb out.

>butthurt about about pantshitting pussies scared of insects.
>Be me
>Be jewish merchant selling shit
>Stock starts going down
>Start selling honey
>Shit ton of wasps
>Get stung
>Yell in jewish and go home and cry
>Go on /an/
>I am banned for Global Rule 3
>Cry some more
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>be me
>be an 6-9 year old idiot
>at local swimming club
>sitting at the top of a slide about to go down into a lake
>suddenly a bitch-ass wasp appears
>"why won't you leave me alone you fake bee?"
>I say fuck it and let it sting me so I can kill it when it comes closeand end its harassment
>as the pain ebbs away I slide down satisfied knowing that it died in its attempt of stinging me.
>it still hurt tho :(
wasps don't die when they sting.
The pain and effect of a bee sting can be VERY different from person to person though.
That must be the case.
I was stung by a bee as a child and it was so incredibly painful I was completely stunned.
Like a broken bone.
>Be an adult
>Be sitting in bus
>Something tickling near my eye
>Move hand up
>Fucking wasp stings me
>Finger swells and turns purple
>Hurts like a bitch
>Want to cry, or at least curse loudly
>Forced to keep it in the whole way
Could be slight allergies. Seems like this >>2267268 is too. If the area swells and turns a different colour + is very painful, you're probably extra sensitive to wasp stings.
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>Be kid
>At zoo
>get hot chocolate because cold day.
>take sip of hot chocolate
>Hot chocolate tastes a lot more fuzzy than usual
>Spit out Bee

And thats where I learned what bees taste like.
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Thread images: 7

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