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>walking through neighborhood with dog >see another middle

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>walking through neighborhood with dog
>see another middle aged woman with a pit bull
>dog is straining against the leash
>"oh don't worry, he's a big baby"
>walking through neighborhood with dog
>see another middle aged woman with a pit bull
>dog is not leashed
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>walking dog at the park
>lady walking by with dog on one of those retractable leashes with a long ass length
>her small dog is the one that walks up to my dog
>she screams at the top of her lungs thinking my dog is going to attack hers
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>walking dog
>all the microshitbreeds keep barking at it
>their owner walk away as if my dog was suddenly going to snap and eat their little toy dogs
>mfw I'm walking a golden retriever
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>walking dog around the block
>lady with three very different dog breeds on various leashes walks on the other side of the street
>they start barking mad at mine
>mine doesn't give two shits
>she forcefully tugs their leashes and she gives me an ugly ass look as if it's my fault

I want to castrate all shitty pet owners.
Maybe they're embarrassed that their dogs are acting up
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>people owning microshitbreeds
>being embarrassed of anything
people like that woman are why there are so many pitbull attacks
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>walk dog
>random people start petting her.
>tfw your doggo stares at other dogs, you have to drag him, and sometimes barks
>you are one of these shitty owners
I've gone through three trainers with him and I just cannot figure it out ;_;
Alright, I have a question. If someone's walking their dog, is it appropriate for me to put my hand down for the friendly ones to sniff at? Is that the right way to greet them, and if so, is it considered acceptable/polite? I know not to touch without asking.

I'm not a dog owner, so I don't know what the rules are.
Just ask if the owners are okay with you petting it. Most people are.
My dog is a border collie, but he hates other dogs. He always tries to attack other dogs.
Is it bad?
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>walking dog
>superdyke comes from the next apartment complex down walking her pibble mix on a length of poorly tied rope
>superdyke takes her dog to the courtyard in my complex to let her dog shit
>doesn't clean it up
yeah, I have to wash her weekly because her hair gets greasy from being petted so much.
I always feel so impressed because my golden literally does not react to dogs barking. They can be growling and lunging and he just kinda looks at me and continues walking by. Chillest dog ever
Smear it on her front door
Hey, you forgot the last line
>I'm too scared of the superdyke to do anything about it
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>walking pit bull
>she's sweet but gets startled easy
>women with little shit dogs walking past all the time
>let their dogs get in my dog's face and bark and growl
>have to hold back my dog while they give me dirty looks
I get so mad. Honey's so well behaved and grew up in a house full of foster dogs so she's not aggressive, but people just expect my dog to stay calm while their crazy little shits try and go for her throat.
desu I've had two medium/large sized dogs, and walked a lot a dozen more (including one of these oh so aggressive breed, a malinois) and they never reacted to the dogs barking from across the street or when coming up to them.

My current dog reacted all of once, in a building's cramped ground floor, when a little dog started barking in her ear from not even a meter away. She snarled once and the little shit started crying. She didn't even approach, move toward it or anything. I'm like 99% sure she didn't even turn her head toward the dog when she snarled.
>walking through neighborhood with large breed puppy
>working on good manners when meeting people
>managed to get him to reflexively sit when new people approach (remnant of getting him to stop jumping)
>gives the prettiest sits whenever people pass
>looks up at them with the deepest hope of getting a pat
>people walk by and don't even look at him

It's cool if people don't want to pet him, but I just get affected by how disappointed he looks when they won't look at him. He loves people so much, it's kind of heartbreaking to see. A sometimes someone stops and gives him a pet and he's just ecstatic.
>puppy had shots and all.
>get out to get her to meet dogs.
>everyone just drags their dogs away.
Aww I don't think they're ignoring him because they don't want to meet him! They probably assume you're training and are worried about breaking focus and annoying you.

I would let my dog meet yours senpai
>Get dogs
>Bring them for a walk
>Meet other dogs
>Dogs growl at pull at leash
>Punish them for doing so and reward them for keeping their attention on the road or me
>Dogs look straight ahead and ignore other dogs.
You swear this shit was rocket science.
>Not having your dog take interest in other dog, meet them and make friends.
Shit tier.
It is a stupid thing to do anyways, my parents always told me to not to pet strays.
As a kid I thought it was because they might diseased but it more likely there was a chance the stray would bite a stranger petting it.

I would not pet dog without the owners consent.
I have met one other well behaved dog that my dogs were friendly with on the street.
The few dogs that I would meet on the road are all shits, one is socially retarded that he does not get on with other dogs what so ever.
The others are aggressive fucks, one owner did not control her dog properly so it ran up and bite my dog on his face while he was concentrating on the road.

Other dogs anon, not even once.
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2016-07-21 18.33.21.jpg
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I have a similar situatin
Except I have a mutt and my shitty neighbour has a stupid, agressive french bulldog

And my dog is allways the one that gets the hate
not the dumb micro frog-bat hybrid
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>walking dog on leash
>neighbor is out with her unleashed little shits who spend all day barking at everything
>ringleader runs up to my dog barking
>my dog rolls him on his back and starts snapping at him
>neighbor starts cheering on my dog
>Small dog in a garden, barking at my dog everytime we pass around there
>One day, they're walking it out at the same time as I'm walking my dog, they finally meet.
>Like each other instantly and try to play. (Can't because of leashes, and they were in a hurry because...)
>It's the day they move out to another house.
>Pass by there again the next day.
>My doggie's fixated on the house.
>It's empty.
>She barks.
>There's no answer.
>She cries.
>nigger dog
Kill it and yourself white trash
>be walking my golden retriever puppy at my grandparents house
>Some other dog randomly walks out from a yard onto the street
>I try to keep my dog calm hoping that the other dog is friendly
>After a second of sniffing the other dog goes crazy and starts barking and snapping at my dog
>I start backing away trying to keep him away from my dog as best as I can
>After a minute or two my yelling finally gets the attention of the owner who runs out from his garage and grabs his dog pulling him away from mine
>He insists that his dog is normally well behaved and I go on my way after telling him he should keep his dog on a leash

This has happen two times now
>spics next door get a pitbull and let it sit outside on their front porch with no fucking leash
>they know i have outside cats
>warn them repeatedly, they ignore me
>eventually it kills one of my cats
>say nothing
>wait over a month so I wont look suspicious
>cook up several nice draino-burger patties and toss them over the fence when they have it in the backyard with their other two pit bull nigger dogs
>all dogs are dead the next day, no proof it was me. even though im sure they know
No regrets. Fuck people who get nigger aggressive dogs and then let them roam wild and kill other people's pets and attack kids.
gr8 b8
>not getting revenge for a pet that died due to active malevolence on the part of a jackass neighbor
you apparently dont love your cat/dog at all.
>spic neighbors
>own a pitbull that keeps to herself
>irrationally scared of it
>"P-please k-keep your d-dog indoors."
>Pitbull barking all night
>Hear their Spanish music all the time
>Make shitpost on 4chan about fantasty of killing the dog
>Too beta to ever do it
>own a pitbull that keeps to herself
It actually bit one of their kids pretty bad on the leg before it mauled my cat to death. It also never shut the hell up.

Keep your beta self-projections to yourself, please.
>Make up more details about my cool shitpost on 4chan
Shit that never happened for 500, Jim.
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>walking dog
>unleashed dog come running and barking from behind a house
>it stays about 20 feet from us, keeps barking occasionally
>hear someone yelling dog's name from backyard
>wait for owner to come out and get dog
>just keeps calling dog's name
>dog doesn't listen
>start to walk away with my dog
>dog starts following us
>owner keeps calling dog
>after a couple of houses, dog stops following
>owner keeps calling it
>dog just keeps staring at us
>walking dog down street
>woman walking her bulldog rounds the corner with her daughters
>They ask to pet my dog
>She's nervous around new people but tell them it's ok if they are gentle
>Kids are nice and pet her softly
>Woman brings her bull dog over
>Thing loses its shit and tries to bite my dog will barking hysterically
>Woman looks at me like its my problem and drags her dog and kids off
Why are bull dogs such scum along with their owners? Kids were cool at least
File: mega poop dog 400.jpg (97KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mega poop dog 400.jpg
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don't you go racially profiling my dog >:(
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>walking up town
>early in the morning, not many folk about
>guy walking ahead of me with pitbull
>thing is going wherever it wants
>after a few minutes he grabs it when it come near and slips a chain around it
>literally 50 yards later a woman comes out of a side street ahead of them
>dog loses its shit
>hauling itself up on it hind legs and straining at the chain with the guy leaning back and shouting at it as the woman crosses the street to avoid them

>similar thing happens to me and my 16 year old doggo
>small anklebiter following us and yapping all the while
>my old doggo too old to deal with this shit, getting flustered
>drop leash and turn on yappy dog
>I charge yappy dog, stomping my feet as hard/loud as possible
>yappy SCREAMS and takes off like a lightning bolt

Usually I help loose dogs by walking them back to owners (take leash off my dog and hook it around neck if they're evading owner) but this one was making me mad.
If you're asking what's appropriate from the dog's viewpoint: go sniff his ass :^)

But seriously, just let your hand hang down to your side, don't wave it into his face. If dog is interested he will sniff.
>walking to cafe for Sunday brunch
>Hear some guy shouting
>Random tiny dog running out of nowhere
>Has a collar, I grab it
>Older faggot (actual faggot) comes running
>Thanks me for stoping the dog
I should have let the dog run away desu
>walking my pitbull
>another one appears from behind a house, loose
>it runs over
>dogs get along fine
>it joins us on an enjoyable walk in the park
>get home
>open door for my dog
>other dog just walks in behind him
>chills out in my house chewing on a bone

When the owner leaves for work, he leaves the dog in his yard. The dog has access to the garage through a doggy door, but I don't know if the garage has climate control or not.

He now comes over to our house and sits by the door whenever he slips out of his fenced in yard. I let him in so he doesn't have to suffer in the heat, and then let him back out again when I see his owner come home.
File: pepenigger2.png (374KB, 1119x826px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have four small doggos
>the two that will run away are on leashes
>older black neighbor lady walks down the shared driveway to get her mail
>half way to box
>one of my dogs starts barking from like 70 yards away
>she turns around
>aw hell naw
>runs back into her house
Be glad you caught it
'people' like to use strays and stolen small dogs as bait in dog fights
Most people have better shit to do than acknowledge other humans exist, let alone dogs.
That sounds like >my wife's dogs.

That's why I added the whole "It's cool if they don't" part because I understand that everyone doesn't want to stop for a dog. I was commenting more on how I feel bad for the dog.

I think my pupper would like you a lot.
It's okay anon I like your dog
Fuck I hate people who allow their dogs to roam off leash. Even if it's well-behaved, there's no guarantee MY dog is going to react well to being surprised by a random dog jumping out from somewhere.
This happened last year
>walking my golden puppy as well
>some bully mix comes from ...? Idk
>he and my pup sniff each other, all seems well
>suddenly this dog just freaks and starts snarling and trying to bite my dog
>release my dogs leash so he can move away and grab this other dogs collar
probably a stupid move but I panicked and my main concern was protecting my pup
>thankfully owner comes out of his backyard
>says thanks, doesn't acknowledge my trembling pup on his lawn
>carry my scared lil guy back home

Also this happened last week:
>walking my dog, now 18 months old
>there's a house on our block with a German shepherd who had jumped him the previous year while walking through the park because "Shadow doesn't look puppies haha sorry"
>didn't notice that he was sitting on their lawn
>this GSD comes rushing out and immediately jumps on my dog
>on top of him and trying to bite his neck
>grab the dog by its collar and shove it off
>owners come running out
> "omg I'm soooo sorry he never does this"
>ignore them and continue our walk
Another neighbour actually came to check on us and said that he avoids their house because this GSD had attacked his dog before, too. Luckily my pup has been left unscathed in both instances but it was so fucking scary

Had this happen to my dog with every neighbor who had a German Shepherd (about 4 over the course of 10 years). Got to the point where I would kick the dog in the face if they approached because I knew it would attack. Neighbors got responsible afterward.
I hate to sounds like one of those people who hate certain breeds but the average dog owner should NOT have a GSD. I've never met one who wasn't aggressive. They simply can't or choose not to provide the dog with adequate stimulation and it ends up neurotic and under socialized. It's a shame because ultimately it's the dog who suffers
I used to have a GSD hybrid (GSD mother, but I don't know what was the breed of his father) and he was the sweetest dog of all. Even with other dogs, he would never attack other dogs. Actually there was this time he let a random dog stay inside his house while it was raining and he stayed outside getting soaked.
>tfw have an untrained medium size mutt
>he constantly pulls on his leash
>every time we walk by others walking with dogs he ignores them completely
>all he wants to do is piss on trees and nothing else

He's still in the process of being trained, but I'm glad he naturally ignores other dogs and isn't hostile to them. We had an instance where a lady's pomeranian ran away from her to come sniff my dog but neither were hostile to each other and just sniffed each other until the lady picked up her dog. Another time someone's dog snapped at my dog out of nowhere, so my dog growled back, but that's it. Its owner seemed really embarrassed about it. Feels nice to have a naturally chill dog.
Yes. That is considered very rude. It's like putting your hands all over a stranger's parked car. It's also not smart because some dogs will look really cute and give no warning before biting your hand off.




;_; i didnt come here to feel all these feels

I agree with the decision you made.
That's adorable anon.
There are people in my development who let their tiny ass dogs roam in other people's yards on a leash and let the dog shit in them and not clean it up. This angers me so much because your dog shouldn't be so deep into my yard. "Oh they're just exploring" well explore the street you dumbasses.
Hispanics are the worst at owning dogs. My neighbor's unleashed dog started growling and barking at mine with the neighbors in the front yard until we headed in the other direction. Fuckers didn't even call him back.
>hispanics are the worst at owning dogs

Unfortunately thats true, one of my neighbors neglect their dogs and other neighbors let their 3 huge boxers roam free without a leash. The little bastards have killed cats but the owners don't do anything despite other neighbors telling them to fucking cut that shit out. I'm hispanic myself and I love my dogs and always have them leashed because I'm afraid of them getting hurt, but the caring hispanic owners I've seen are far and few.
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>walk dog.
>white trash living nearby asks why I kicked their dog
>it attacked mine like 2 times so far.
>histerical white trash bridge-troll starts shouting obscenities.
>tell her to go on a diet.
All your shitposting isn't gonna bring it back, loser
My roommates dogs are the worst, I don't think they would be if they were properly trained which is sad. They piss all over the place, in the house and all over the front so I can't even leave the house without it smelling like dog piss. They bark at everything, I can't even go upstairs or open the door to my room without getting barked at. One of them is horribly spoiled and coddled and if he doesn't get his way he throws a fit. While the other one is pretty much neglected and needs a lot of help and training in order to get better.

We have tried to all go in for dog training lessons but the one person the dogs actually care about and listen to refuses and backs our every time. Whenever they are gone the dogs are perfectly behaved because they know I don't put up with any shit.
Something I heard from a coworker
>she takes in very badly behaved dog from the shelter
>aggressive to others, especially other dogs
>tries to 'fix it'
>dog still misbehaves, often goes after smaller dogs and need to be held back with the leash
>"but she never hurts me, so the situation must be improving!"
>she takes it out for a walk in the woods
>passes a little girl walking her miniature breed dog
>the dogs snarl at each other, but move on without stopping
>after some more walking she thinks it's a good idea to take off the leash
>the dog instantly takes off in the direction of the small dog they passes earlier
>when she arrives at the scene the little dog is being torn apart in front of the little girl
I really don't know what she expected to happen. Not to mention they could have come across another dog after she had taken off the leash as well.
Is your coworker retarded? Poor little girl.
Oh boy, do I have some stories. (1/whatever)

>Neighbor at the end of street has fucking six or so dogs
>All land whales
>Always kept in the backyard
>When she walks them, she'll walk like 10 feet away from her house
>Let's them shit in neighbors yards, sidewalks
>Doesn't clean it up.
>Does this twice a day.

>House next to me has been vacant
>Years ago, they were caught growing pot
>Like they renovated the entire house
>Not even a toilet
>When they left, they left their pit in the yard
>Hungry, desperate, full of ticks.
>Called animal police
>Wouldn't shut up barking at night
>Nigga, I got work in the morning
>Sprayed it with a hose throughout the night.
>Got out
>Scared the shit out of me when I was walking home
>Never seen again
>The pot growers somehow managed to sneak more dogs in the yard somehow

>Every dog owner in my town needs to think they need more than one dog
>They also think leaving them in the backyard all day is a good idea
>The coldest it will get here is about 60 f. That's if we're lucky
>Almost each time, it will be like 5 microbreeds, or a bunch of Mastiffs, or a mix of both.
>Never will walk them, or train them
>Will scare you out of your own backyard because they'll constantly bark at you when you're inside.

This has been the constant reoccurrence in neighbors ideal of pet ownership

I might have more stories, but I just want to get this out.


Seriously, no one in my town understands the whole clean up after your dog thing. I hate the fact that there could be land mines anywhere.

Also, if anybody is wondering where I live. It's Miami.
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noa whorin.jpg
505KB, 2764x1843px
>walking dog again
>white trash tells her dogs 'wow that's a nice meal, I'd like some of that as well' - referring to my dog.
>comment: I can imagine with how fat you are, keep your trash dogs on a leash they've attacked my dog 2 times already.
>replies: keep your own dog on a leash
>comment: my dog doesn't attack other dogs, go cry about it fatass.

I imagine she must be boiling now.
File: 1438411259795.jpg (28KB, 450x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 450x410px
>having one
>having cats
it's like keeping reptiles with none of the benefits when it comes to smell and shedding.
>I imagine
No, you imagined that whole situation.
File: noa butt.jpg (1008KB, 4147x2765px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
noa butt.jpg
1008KB, 4147x2765px
I'm atleast twice as much as a dick irl as I am on /an/
It's time to stop lying on the Internet. There aren't even fake internet points here.
not gonna do it

my dog only shits in high grass or in fields

even if I'm in some forest with her, she seeks out high grass or dense bushes to shit

I don't know why she does that, maybe she just doesn't want to be watched while shitting

But I'm not crawling into some bushes or wading through shoulder high grass to pick up my dog's shit, sorry
But I know what you mean, some of my neighbours let their dogs shit in the middle of a path/way or directly next to it and don't pick it up
And I absolutely despise that
thats a nice doggo
I don't doubt it either if my dog shits there. Or on the tiny bits of grass inbetween parking spots, they're already full of shit.
I only pick up when she goes at the park or wherever kids could end up playing.
*don't do it
File: 2016-02-06 07.17.14.jpg (255KB, 1890x1063px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2016-02-06 07.17.14.jpg
255KB, 1890x1063px
Oh, ok
I thought you meant everyone has to pick up every poop

thanks, will tell her
I wasn't the guy you were talking to.
File: 1468973366473.jpg (58KB, 612x841px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 612x841px
Really? Really? That REALLY happened man? You sure it happened? Are you really 100% sure it happened and that you're not a lying 14 year old? Really my man?
so cute
And all your shitposting won't bring back your invasive species you claim is a pet :^)
>not keeping your dog on a leash
>shitting to other people for doing the same

You're no better than her. Keeps your fucking dog L E A S H E D.
>You're no better than her.
my dog doesn't attack other dogs for one.
That's because your dog's going to die soon.
I can't wait for the news to reach us.
That poster has a point. If you don't keep your dog on a leash, you have no right to bitch about others not doing it, even if your dog isn't aggressive.
'that poster' is you, you're telling yourself that you have a point.

I don't care about dogs being leashed as long as they don't attack mine.
>police officers warned me that my dog needs a muzzle at 6 months old
>she's a cane corso
>I still do it

>people pass by them with staffies and chow chows and rotties and they don't do shit
>none of the dogs muzzled


>man yells at me to pick up my dogs shit before she even shat it all out
>Didn't even get to reach for my baggies
>tempted to throw it at him

>parents let their kid of 5,6,7 wander in the town centre alone while they sit in a caffee

>this retarded bitch lets her poodle out every day and says lol he'll get back home

>this fucker let his husky roam and it attacked my friends dog and me
>dog left w trust issues with other dogs ever since

>never let my dog off least
>never let my dog bother other people and shit
>even when hiking dog is on long leash

>mfw ppl let dogs wander just like that
>mfw ppl let dogs big as her wander around freely

What is wrong with this fucking town,wtf?

When she is in heat I have to go out with a fucking stick or water or whatnot and think of routes to avoid possible shit like this for a month.

Thank god she's due to be spayed in October. I wanted her to mature properly and then spay her.


>people often say I should breed her 'just once'
>say i'm a cruel person because she'll 'die a virgin'

>these gypsies bought a cane corso bitch
>dysplasia,cherry eye,aggression,breathing issues,weak joints,crooked legs
>shemale bitch
>Always shat how my dog is 'too skinny' and how their bitch is 'much more maassive'

>mfw bitch got a vaginal prolapse
>mfw they're selling her because she can't be bred
>mfw my dog matured so now they call her 'pretty' and 'amazing'
Doesn't matter. Keep your dog on a leash.
You're the same kind of person that yells at others leaving shit behind their dog,but will do the same.

Because your dog 'shits less' amirite?
File: noa28.jpg (352KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352KB, 2764x1843px
my dog walks next to me during walks, she doesn't approach other dogs, doesn't bark, doesn't bite, there's no objective reason why I should leash her.

that your dog a shit doesn't mean mine is as well.
Then stop shitting at other people for having dogs off leash if you don't want to leash yours.
lol I'm not you incoherent loser, I'm complaining about it attacking mine.
It amazes me you guys still answer.
Truly you deserve each others.
You're telling her to keep the dog leashed too,but yet you won't do the same.

Sure,I do get your point. Aggressive dogs should have a muzzle and leash. I think law should be that way.

But still. Leash your dog. Because one day,your dog will fuck up and it will cost you.

You're the kind of owner that justifies outdoor cats because 'dey lib long,dey safe,muh cat a good didndunotin'. Want your pet safe?
Keep them leashed/contained.

Also report the bitch? Why don't you? Dogs did try to harm /you/. But you're too scared she'll whale over to you and beat you or smth?

Also it wouldn't be hard to get evidence of the attack either if you are right and not overreacting.

Don't expect people to comply to something if you don't want too just because your dog is a 'speshur snowflek'.
Tru <3 1 lob
File: noa44.jpg (361KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
361KB, 2764x1843px
>You're telling her to keep the dog leashed too
because it attacks other dogs, not because I think all dogs should be leashed.

you have incredibly poor reading comprehension, I feel bad for your parents and future.
>But still. Leash your dog.
it's leashed as soon as I leave my quiet neighbourhood, not going to leash it for a 5 minute walk in the middle of nowhere.
>You're the kind of owner that justifies outdoor cats
>Also report the bitch? Why don't you?
the people that live in that house get arrested biweekly already, nothing changes.
>Also it wouldn't be hard to get evidence of the attack either
yeah I can get my entire neighbourhood to testify.

my dog is 17 and healthy as it gets, clearly I'm doing something right.
Nice one of these threads
>Walking through park
>Not a dog park but there are dogs around off-leash anyways
>Many that are off leash seem to have good recall
>Doesn't really bother me when they mind their own business
>One day walking in the woods
>Big, fat, off leash black lab rushing up to me
>Lady lazily walking about 15 feet behind
>The dog is very stiff and low growling
>Lady nonchalantly says 'oh he's stranger aggressive'
>Fucking great
>Just stay very still while dog has his nose pressed tightly into my crotch while growling
>Lady is just watching, not doing a damn thing to get her dog back in control
>I'm Thinking that if this dog bites, I'm going to have to kill it
>Finally it huffs in approval and walks back to it's owner
>'H-have a good day'
>Owner continues walking like nothing happened, not a sorry or a thank you or a good day
To be fair, it very well could have been dog friendly even while pulling and barking. What happens is, the dog is so excited to see the other dog (and obviously still needs training) that the barrier, whether it's a Window, door, fence, leash, etc, causes a ton of frustration because the dog can't get to what it wants. It could go either way; the dog could be dog aggressive and wants to get at the other dog, or the dog could be dog friendly and wants to get to the other dog. The act of a dog acting up towards other dogs, whether friendly or not, is called a dog reactive dog. It is never a good idea to have a dog with so much pent up frustration to meet another dog, though; it could lead to a fight where otherwise the two dogs could have been fine. The reactivity should be addressed first, or done in a way where the dog won't be able to get too much pent up energy before meeting.
File: 1449806539049.png (5KB, 291x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 291x317px
>Walking dog around apartment complex
>Strict leash rules
>Need to throw away poop bag, walk towards trash can
>Lady walking chihuahua ~5ft away from bin
>Chihuahua is pooping
>Pitbull charges my dog dragging its leash behind it
>"Oh I like to let him run free to get energy out, he wants to play"
>Push snarling dog away from my frightened pupper, saying she doesn't want to be friends
>Lady picks up its leash
>While I'm tossing the poop, she says something about how no one lets their dogs around hers
>mfw when she just drops the leash again
>mfw her pitbull charges my dog a second time
>mfw I push it away, no longer caring about being nice
>mfw there is an empty, enclosed dog park area in the complex she could have been using if she absolutely had to be off-leash
>mfw she never picked up her chihuahua's poop
>Punish dogs for growling
That's actually really bad. Reason being, you're showing your dogs they can't show warning signs before a bite. So instead of warning before a bite, they would just bite.

Dumb people like this is why I have to euthanize dogs for just looking at a person wrong

It never will. 10 years from now it will be the same pictures with 'look at how healthy and trained my 27 yea old dog is I am the perfect dog owner'
Not that guys but some of us are smart enough to keep our animals on our own damn property unless closely monitored

>healthy as it gets
You know besides the seizures and being imbred af
>Be me
>Horse and chicken focused background
>Animial Science degree (still working) focused on productiom
>take horse training classes as well
>learn little here and there with dog training cause horse people have shitloads of dogs

Moving on
>House, baby, and petsitting for sister over summer
>sister notoriously bad at doing self-blame
>basically hoarder with amount of pets, including 7 dogs
>my policy is to make sure the animals are fed and healthy, nothing else due to twitchy sister.
>one day wants me to do more with her pitbull
>previously got mad at me for teaching it "soft" habits and manners
>pitbull is very friendly, but next to no attention span and does run off before finally listening
>sister makes me take him out one day to front yard during watering, no leash.
>spots walker along street (yard is huge by the way, she's rich hence doesn't take self blame easily)
>pitbull ignores yells and beelines for the walker.
>proceeds to
>lick the fuck out of the terrified walker before returning
>I'm frazzled
>Walker actually okay and happy that I'm one of those people who believe in friendly pitbulls
>i hate pitbulls with a passion

I just have to bite the bullet with what happened that day and slowely convince sister that she's an idiot, she's an idiot at training animals (she believes in the dog whisperer even though he does alot more then just "beat" animals). She especially won't separate the dogs when it comes to training because she thinks thats inhumane.
Your sister sounds awful for those dogs.
File: noa27.jpg (915KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
915KB, 2764x1843px
her epilepsy is so mild she goes months without having a single attack.

she's less inbred than you are, but that's not hard.
File: image.jpg (1MB, 1790x2909px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1790x2909px
>walking my huskie mix
>people ask if he's a pit
>mfw he only barks at old people and blacks
>mfw he's me
That reminds me of when I would walk my big boi and people let their little ankle biters off their leash who would harass him and I. God I hate those people.
I'm not the one who looks like a poster child for inbreeding and fetal alcohol syndrome
3 of them actually escape (they sit in cages all day, ON TOP OF BEING in a fenced area including chain-link) on a regular basis.

Always get caught by pound, shotted up (she doesn't regularly take them to vet despite buying expensive food and a new video game or toy for kids nearly every day + organic food), and forced to pay near $500 each every single time to get them back. They're Akidas as well.

If she wasn't my sister would've called Animal Control on her a long time ago. Might do it actually since moving far away eventually and don't have to deal with the drama (and there has already been in the family) of being the one who possibly tattletaled.

Ask the owner first, dogs arent public entertainment.
File: noa33.jpg (365KB, 3456x2304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365KB, 3456x2304px
unironically you do, you look like the rejected member of an amish community and your jawline is weaker than hydrogen bonding.

if my facial structure was as poor as yours I'd consider surgery.
I admit that I have Amish-ish hair but I have a strong Native American jaw with a French chin
I've never seen someone with such a soft jaw that wasn't fat before.
>walk to and from work
>pass about 15 houses with dogs on the way
>every single dog charges up to the fence and barks as loud as possible until I'm at least 50 yards away
>half of the owners are nowhere to be seen
>of the owners that are there, half just kinda stare at their dog dumbfounded or look at me funny
>the remaining owners halfheartedly try to call their dog inside, never actually stepping outside their doors themselves
why are so many people shit at disciplining dogs?
dogs are fucking stupid
>be taking my (leashed) dog outside to use the potty
>Mexican man and one of his three unleashed chihuahuas runs up and barks aggressively at my dog
>man tells me to keep my dog away from his because he's afraid mine will bite

I hate small dog owners who thinks that their "cute lil dog" can do no wrong.
I like your dog anon, cute photos! And don't listen to the other infantile posters here, there's literally nothing wrong with letting your dog walk without a lease if he's not aggressive, listens well and only walks besides you!
wtf is wrong with you. Your daddy smacked you in the head too often? Let her and her dog be, she clearly loves her dog a lot and takes good care of him.
>out walking dog
>2 melanin enriched urban youths on same sidewalk approaching me
>dog starts low guttural growl
>youths decide the sidewalk on the other side of the street is more to their liking

Good dog
File: noa23.jpg (397KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
397KB, 2764x1843px
there's literally no people who can control their dog as well as me on /an/ though.

but my dog is a special type of autistic.
File: charlie.png (1MB, 570x811px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 570x811px
My dog used to be like that. He also slept on my bed, loved to be cuddled and would sit in my lap. I taught him a trick to give kisses. He would do anything and loved attention... He died of a bad heart when he was 12. Here's a photo of him.
File: noa14.jpg (622KB, 1331x881px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
622KB, 1331x881px

I hope mine lives for another 10 years, her mother is 22 now.
File: charlie.png (779KB, 569x569px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
779KB, 569x569px
and another one because i miss him
File: noa drowned.jpg (376KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
noa drowned.jpg
376KB, 2764x1843px
my dog started turning grey at like 2.

she was completely black a long time ago.
File: IMG_1370.jpg (3MB, 2736x3648px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 2736x3648px
I hope so :) as long as he's healthy. My dog had a heart murmur ever since he was young, got progressively bad around his 11th year. In the end, he got a bad epileptic seizure that lasted 30mins. At least my sister and I were there to comfort him. We decided to put him down because he was so worn down and tired... I hope that if I ever get another dog, he will be a bit like my Charlie. He was the best dog, really like a little brother. In the 12 years that he lived, he was never aggressive, and he's never shown his teeth to us. He was gentle. But he had deerhound blood in him, so I guess he was a bit similar in character.
haha poor pupper in the photo. My dog was sand coloured from the start, but he did get a grey muzzle and cute hanging lips when he got old.
File: noa24.jpg (659KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
659KB, 2764x1843px
you will never get a dog that's the same.

my dog has mild epilepsy, but zero other health issues.

I'm hoping she can reach 30 so I can clear the world record.
I know you're right about that... But I like sweet cuddly dogs. Anyway I smother-raised Charlie, I can do it again I'm sure.

How is her epilepsy? I only saw it that one time and it was very bad so I don't know much about it.
File: noa31.jpg (275KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275KB, 2764x1843px
it's extremely mild, only affects her like once or twice a year unless it's extremely hot, the heat seems to trigger it.
Oh that's not so bad. Is she on meds for it?
File: noa.jpg (373KB, 2764x1843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
373KB, 2764x1843px
it's too mild for meds.

doctors said she's better off without due to the side effects.
Well that sounds good. I'm confident she can get a lot older. Especially since she's a smaller breed and her mother is 22 now.
File: noa38.jpg (959KB, 4608x3072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
959KB, 4608x3072px
her mother is fat and never goes for walks so she can probably reach 30.
heh lazy motherfuckers right :P
I'm going to bed, g'night!
My grandpa was a complete douche but his German shepard is quite nice and babysits young kittens ands gives them food
>another middle aged woman
That's adorable. I wish I knew more dogs like your uncle's
>letting women own pitbulls
Women are stupid they think of pets are substitute children they should only be allowed to own pets that cant kill them.
There should be a test similar to a driving test to own an animal, especially dogs.
9/10 dogs I meet are shit, it seems this gen and last gen have no clue about dogs, my grandad's generation seemed to have it down, he would send his dog to the shop to fetch a newspaper, this shop is a couple of miles away.
He would pay the tab at weekends.

Last well behaved dog I met was owned by a 90 year old dude walking it, dog was patient as fuck and happy to be out.
Old people and dogs seem to have some sort of sync.

I think there should be a test for having kids too, there are so many shitty people in the world due to their parents.
Like bugguy.
>Used to live near a shit white trash neighborhood
>Neighbor had a chihuahua that stayed outside 24/7.
>Dog would literally stand 2 inches behind people who walked and would walk behind them and would nonstop yap right behind them.
>It'd do this to anyone that walked in front of the house for about 100 ft and then it'd walk back home and wait for the next walker.
>One day see a fine upstanding African-american youth walking in front of the house
>The dog begins to walk behind him and do its thing
>Nigger walks for a bit and then looks around to make sure no one is watching.
>Negro turns around and kicks the dog square in the neck. Then walks away calmly
I kinda felt bad but that dog was so fucking annoying.
It's always gotta be niggers
>walk dog in neighborhood.
>he wants to play with everyone/thing
>if a leaf blows down the street he will do his best to befriend it
>take same dog to dog park
>makes friends
>doesn't understand how dogs play
>will get in between any 2 dogs that resemble any form of violence even if they're just wrestling
This is the one circumstance I come across that he absolutely will not listen is at the park when 2 dogs bark or chase the same ball. I feel like I'm failing my buddy by putting him back on a leash when the park gets more than 4 dogs... but I guess it's for the best.
Are all the boards on 4chan racist and shit? I usually just stay on the porn boards but i recently looked in this one and liked it untill people said shit like "nigger dogs" and "spic speaking neighbors".
I forgot you've probably never seen a Native American. Most of the pictures on Google are of old Natives. Look at pictures of young Natives

>defending bugguy's new trip
>>2173980 this guy gets it

It comes and goes
only some like /pol/ and shit are inherently racist 24/7, other places tend to have less of it but still have racist posters anyway.

that said, there just tends to be a trend of shit pet owners who happens to keep enforcing it
you can pretend you're a native or whatever you'd like for all I care, to me and the rest of europe you just look like Mamoru Uda with a crack addiction you goofy looking fuck.
Can't speak for everyone here but I'm racist
You are fucking retarded for having outdoor cats. You are even more fucking retarded for not keeping them indoors only when the dog became a threat.
go back to tumblr if you don't like it
Fuck off, spic speaking nigger dog.
pic of dog?
File: CCxjZ2VUUAACiVJ.jpg (22KB, 499x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 499x490px
I had to look that up. So when you get banned every other month you go full weeb?
>out for a stroll
>unleshed Staffordshires everywhere
>go back home
Honestly Staffordshires need to be banned already
Wow, im the opposite, ive only met good Gsds. I think its more because of their price and slight rarity in Australia
Yes, first we start with Labradors

this is why everybody hates you
it's mostly blacks desu
I've got 2 cairn terriers. For some reason the breed is just a magnet for trouble.

Every pup I or my parents have ever had has been savaged by some dumb fuck leaving their big dogs off their leads, and then they hate literally every other dog for the rest of their yapping lives, and I can never, ever bring them to dog parks or socialise with any other dog. Some people are just lucky with cairns, but I'm not.

>tfw a few years ago my brother took my pup for a walk when she was 6 months old and I was out
>tfw he let her get mauled half to death and didn't stomp the bastard dogs face in
>tfw the owner did nothing, except try call him over from 10 meters away, and my brother didn't even chew him out
I wish I was there...

Got a new pup, who loves other dogs, but unfortunately I've still got the other one around who fucks up the walk if she sees other dogs.
File: 1461388817719.jpg (16KB, 255x171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 255x171px
>walking through neighborhood with dog
>everydog in the neighborhood barking like crazy at me
>other walkers walking tho the other side of the road to avoid me
>my dog is actually a nile monitor
wtf why are people and dogs such piss holes /an/?
File: ginger-4-ans-1.jpg (45KB, 442x442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 442x442px
>be me, chilling outside in front of my house with my dog (open field)
>big ass St Bernard, very friendly
>There's a cable buried at the edge of the field, beeping if the dog gets to close, and a (light) electric shock if he tries to cross the limit
>Also well behaved
>Some dude walks by with a little dog on a leash
>he's on the phone
>My dog spots them from 40m away and start galoping at them
>I know he'll stop and there's no risk, so I'll just wait and watch until the last second
>"Oh god... A fucking giant dog is running at me! W-What do I do?!" He starts panicking
>With a word (and the buried cable), I stop my dog dead in his tracks 5m from the border
>The guy looks at me in awe

I had some keks this day
When did people like this start to invade this board
You are one of those stupid Oh my dog is purely let me illegally not keep my dog on a leash!!!! "
No it never used to be like this on /an/ until these basement dwellers Invaded.
the law for keeping dogs on a leash applies to all domesticated animals here.

I'll start leashing my dog for 5 minute walks once cat owners are forced to leash their shit pests.
Holy fuck kyfs. Fucking weeb ass dog owner.
I'll start with that once your jawline becomes noticeable.
Not European mate. You're free try again. Get this wrong and your perro will die weeb.
obviously, mudslime.
Damn weeb, how wrong can you possibly get?
Stop culturally appropriating "mate" then you shitlord
She's a cute dog, but what's wrong with her nips? She is spayed, isn't she?
My dog only shits and pisses on grass too! She's a pure bred working class chinese shar pei.

It's awesome, because we live in Nevada, so our backyard is all dirt, except for the one area where we dump all the clippings from mowing the front lawn. So she only pisses and shits in that one little area of the backyard.
Anon might have not spayed her right away. Sometimes doggos can have nipples like that if they go into heat a few times.
In that case, I feel like a bit of an ass. I've only seen dogs with nipples like that when they are pregnant, or have tumors.
Only said once. You upset there mate? Oops, twice now.
I can't wait for you to get fucked for being an immature child.
Is he but neutered? My stud is incredibly aggressive to other males and can only be walked by me because of that.
Cutest thing I ever saw was when we got our kitten and it tried to show our golden who's boss. He was thoroughly unimpressed by her attempts to murder him.
Not entirely related but
>on vacation with family
>First time I've spent all day with them in about a year
>Everyone wants me to bring my mutt
>Only got her a few months prior, she's still in training
>Mother keeps feeding the fat bitch scraps whenever she begs, cries, or is up her ass
>Mother gets mad that the dog continues these actions and solves it by rewarding the dog more
>Try to tell her why what she is doing is counter productive and dumb
>She throws a fit for literally the rest of the day
>End up getting tired of her shit and succumb, tell her she's right
>Tfw rewarding my mother for undesirable behavior
>Tfw dog comes home after a week acting like cancer

I can understand why family dogs often end up being shit; all you need is one shitty person and a dog smart enough to take advantage.
Holy shit I understand this feel
>parents constantly give dog table scraps
>literally every day I have to lecture them to stop giving him junk
If he's sitting next to one of them at dinner (begging of course) I'll call him over to my side
>oh anon he did what you asked, now you need to reward him!

I love my parents but this dog would be obese and horribly trained if I wasn't around
>Taking my trash cans to the curb on a monday morning
>Neighbors rottweiler charges me
>no leash or anything
>muscle memory kicks in as the dog is 10 feet from me
>draw my concealed carry and dump 4 9mm hollowpoints into it
>dog is deader than disco
>white trash neighbor comes out
>Cops come because, gunshots at 7am in suburbia
>Talk to me, unload my gun and look at it
>Tell them the truth, the dog was off leash and I feared for my safety
>Give me my gun back, hand my neighbor a black garbage bag for their dog because it isn't their problem
>File a restraining order against neighbors so they don't try to take revenge on me for protecting myself
>They move within a month

I never want to shoot something that i'm not gonna eat but if its a choice between my safety or your shitty rottweiler, i'd do it all over again.
>Lady walking Chihuahua
>Chihuahua is pooping
>Pitbull charges my dog dragging its leash behind it
>mfw she never picked up her Chihuahua's poop
Soooo... there were two dogs? Or was it one of those Chihuahuas that morphs into a Pitbull when it is convenient for the story?
File: patron.jpg (41KB, 528x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 528x960px
>be me
>have 17 m/o chocolate lab
>barks at anyone new
>people still have no problem approaching him
Dunno why everyone is having all these problems.
>walk out into my backyard with my dog
>make it to the opposite corner of my backyard
>there's a massive Akita chilling in my backyard yard
>chases after us and attacks my dog
>I kick and choke the shit out of it and it runs away
>crazy lady finally finds her dog
>blames me for everything and refuses to pay for my dogs medical bill

This happened almost two years ago but I've been too scared to walk my dog in my own fucking neighborhood ever since this crazy lady moved in. She lost her dog three more times after the attack and he wandered into my backyard 2/3 times. I haven't seen her in a few months, hopefully she's dead.
In today's edition of Things That Never Happened...
you can pretend no one is going to kill your shit dog all you want, but you know someday it's going to happen, virgin.
Same to your mangy flea bag :^)
Holy shit, why are you still alive. You're just as worst as these bad owners. I hope someone shoots your dog when you walk it for 5 mind off the leash.
I keep reading about unleashed dogs running up from their property, but don't you have fences in the US? I can't really imagine letting my doggo run free in the garden if it wasn't fenced off.
I'd rather have him shot so he can stop shitposting altogether.
Depends. Some parts of the U.S county you can't have to big of a fence others won't even allow you to have a fence.
my grandmother

>has a 4 yr old mutt, huge dog
>doesn't keep it on a leash
>cops have told her to keep the dog on a leash
>she dismisses this because her dog is "so friendly"

the dog is incredibly friendly, but strangers obviously don't know that
>every time i'd get off the bus, she'd let the dog out to run towards me
>i wouldn't even be around the corner and the dog would run
>always ran to this other kid thinking it was me, scaring the shit out of him
>almost got hit by a car
>every time the dog ran towards me, people driving by would slow down and watch just in case
>every time the dog would do this, she'd get pissed and hit her
>dog did it anyways, and she kept letting the dog go

>refuses to let people pet her dog because she wants people to fear it
>refuses to let the dog go to a dog park because she's so worried the dog will catch something and get sick

>go to a park with her once
>a couple with a (leashed) and vicious dog sees us coming and they get off the trail and pull their dog away until we pass
>"sorry, she's very territorial!"
>this doesn't bother me because the owners were responsible enough to be aware of their surroundings and pull the dog back
>grandma throws a fit "How IRRESPONSIBLE. They shouldn't bring that dog to this park. Did you see how it wanted to kill my dog?"

>the dog is also 20lbs overweight and she refuses to do anything about it because she doesn't want to "starve" the dog and her begging apparently drives her nuts
>takes the dog for a walk once a week, and rarely in the winter

>the dog is so antisocial that it will stay away from everyone
>people come to pet her and she hides behind my grandmother

i know she loves the dog, but she's just stupid sometimes and just fucked up that dog
Bugguy why are you still shitposting like this? It's not even the cute funny kind of shitposting that we all enjoy its the spiteful edgy /b//pol/tard kind of shitposting. Do we need to come together as a board and help you get out of this rut?
What the fuck? Why on earth wouldn't you be allowed to put a fence on your own goddamn property?
Many people live in a deed restricted community or have a homeowners association that dictates what you can do with your property without getting fined. Often they'll ban fences and anything tall on the basis of aesthetics.
>Be me
>Have some shitty little mexican mutt
>Generally well behaved except around Darkies and people on bikes/skateboards
> Live by a lake that gets a lot of both during Summer
I have no clue why specifically those things bother her that much
She's right to be afraid of darkies and skater punks, no idea about bikes though.
Peoples are just stupid anon...we are all just stupid little idiots
Some HOA are retarded.
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
Huh, that notion just seems strange to me.

I mean here in Germany we have some very strict laws about fences and what you can have close to the border of your property (those are actually the most common reason for a lawsuit between neighbors) but the Idea that someone could stop me completely from having a fence seems ridiculous to me.

On what basis can a homeowners association prevent you from doing anything anyways? Are they involved in the building of the neighborhood and write it in the contracts or what?

Sorry for the off topic, in return I give you my pupper who is only 8 weeks old now
File: image.jpg (426KB, 1484x1979px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
426KB, 1484x1979px
Trying for a non 'straya version this time
>walk at the park with my friend bringing both my setters (irish red and english) and his german shepherd mutt
>free them because they are trained to wander around it without bothering anybody
>two boys bring a leashed pitbull
>mutt gets near and almost gets attacked, keeps bothering pitbull (my friend is not a good trainer, first time)
>my english setter (little size) gets near and dodges a bite, retreats
>my irish setter (giant size, weak muscles tho because of previous illness) gets near, pitbull gets to the ground
>pitbull randomly recognizes my very weak and calm dog as her alpha
>starts to play with the other two to not annoy him
>Tfw my dog tamed a huge ass ripped ass fucking pitbull
dogs are nigger animals that you have to control with leashes. cats are based and stay home because they want to.

get cucked shit picking cunts.
call the hoa or municipal government on her, for real.
Popular because girl
Everyone where I live has fences, problem is, they are really shitty run of the mill cookie cutter wooden mass manufactured fences. So they are constantly falling over, dogs are constantly digging under them, etc. etc. etc.

We had to buy a shit ton of chicken wire, dig a trench all around our property line, staple the chicken wire to the inside of our fence, and then bury it all four feet deep to prevent the neighbors dogs from getting into our backyard.

The worse part is, you can't pull down YOUR OWN fence, and replace it with anything better, because with the way the houses are set up each single house is literally surrounded on all three sides by neighbor houses, so technically they are the neighbors fences too. So you have to have their legal permission to change them.
Quadtree image compression combined with fourier domain filtering? Am I interpreting those image artifacts correctly?
They're just jpeg artifacts.
>oh you don't want my dogs shitting in your yard instead of mine?
>M U H
>H O U S I N G
>A G R E E M E N T
>walking dog
>see other man walking dog
>our dogs start fucking in middle of street
>we start fucking in middle of street
>dogs both cum
>we both cum
>everyone laugh
>walking through neighborhood with human
>see another unspayed bitch with a hipster
>hipster is straining against the social pressure
>BORK BORK BORK ("oh don't worry, she's a bernie supporter"
>buy golden retriever
>live in bad part of town
>walk dog anyways
>turn corner
>melanin enriched gentleman with pit bull
>pit bull isn't leashed
>pit bull charges my dog
>my dog leaps onto pit bull
>bites its neck
>melanin enriched gentleman takes off running
>can't get my dog off the pit bull
>whatever, these streets are rough
>keep walking dog
>he's dragging pit bull
>get home
>dog hides pit bull in bush outside
>go inside
>sit down
>put on my spectacles and begin to read
>glance at golden retriever
>someone sold me a cougar
>be 12 y/o me
>have an italian greyhound that i've had since he was a wee lad
>his name was santa's little helper
>i'm walking him around my shitty neighborhood one day
>nignog house has a resident rottweiler that's mean as fuck and ALWAYS attempts to attack every commie foreigner it sees
>i don't see it from a distance so i figure it's safe
>this bitch is sprinting at mach three and barking like it's trying to disorient its prey
>i am already both furious and terrified
>quickly unleash doggo
>afterburners engaged
>700% thrust output
>doggo literally running circles around nigdog
>i guess he thought it was fun or something idfk but he looked like he was enjoying it
>occasionally swooping in from his circle to take snaps at nigdog
>just flies out of reach every time
>i watch and smirk as nigdig is quickly drained entirely of his energy
>watermelon may be juicy but you'll need more than that to outlast my F1 racing machine of a dog

he ded now but god i loved him he was always at VERY hihg speeds
skeletor is best doggo
>buy cougar
>live in very nice area
>got a cage set up
>feed him the best meat you can buy
>loves playing with sticks
>really really like water which is abnormal for a cougar
>doesn't meow or purr
>bit worried
>take it to a vet
>turns out it was a golden retriever

That's because the old generations used to discipline their dogs hard when they misbehaved, and they are more calm people in general. Today's generations are nervous insecure emotional wrecks and the dogs pick up on that and then they behave like it.
File: 1464486606170.jpg (54KB, 400x688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 400x688px
>grow up in a household with a few dogs
>dog misbehaves
>slap dog
>"anon dogs are not for hit"
>they wonder for several years why the dogs only respect me
The lady had two dogs. Her chihuahua was on leash, pooping, while the lady let her other dog, a pitbull, run amok dragging its leash around. That's why we were caught off guard. I didn't see it until it was already charging us.
Fuck the millenials, amiright Anon?
>Walking the girlfriend's chihuahua
>Chihuahua sees other dog
>Things get interesting
Depending on the size of the other dog, she'll
>Tactically shit her pants and lie flat until she sees me watching her, then goes apeshit if it's large
> Acts friendly, sniffs, then goes apeshit if she gets pulled away from it or it gets pulled away from her
And by apeshit I don't really mean attacking, just raised fur, growling and barking, and a lot of posturing. I usually pick her up if I need to, but I wish I knew what to do to get her to be less aggressive. She's three years old, four pounds, and hasn't been spayed. Thank Christ my girlfriend taught her not to bite or bark at people

lel just taze him until he stops
(trust me, i know you could slap his shit but lets be honest you aint around 24/7 and you want to keep the stubborn kid on his toes)

it ALWAYS works
Shit, I hit my cat when it misbehaves.
File: Untitled.png (75KB, 466x486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 466x486px
>That's actually really bad. Reason being...



Working at a kennel I can tell you that 100% of dogs raised by the elderly wrecked shit up on a daily basis. They pull on leashes, they jump on folks, they bark incessantly.
You can blame it on corporate for not allowing slaps, but the other dogs respond just fine to a stern "no."

Their parents come and the dogs choke all the way out to the car, and if they bark they get a slap on the nose or a yank on the leash for 10 seconds of reactionary quiet and a collapsed trachea.

If you spend time learning how to train the little shits instead of letting adrenaline and testicle juice send your farm hand flyin then they'll have a way better chance in society.
Did he sting like a bee and fly like a butterfly?
I know you are baiting, but maybe /an/ is the wrong board for you. Even if you manage to elicit some reaction with your polarizing statements, most people here won't be bothered by them.
Dog straining against the leash
>he wants to get over there and get his fucking petting
>tails going a mile a minute.

Things you forgot to add. If that dog wanted to get to you that middle aged woman wouldn't stop him bruh.

You're statistically more likely to be mauled by that black guy passing you on the street then a "pit bull. "

Are you fucking 40? You're supposed to laugh and agree. Of-fucking-course nobody who talks like that is being sincere.
Christ, I think 4chan as a community is the wrong forum for you altogether.

Fucking /an/ I swear. Butthurt first, lurk later.
Cute emoticons and dicksucking between.
Cuddlebox loving sissypoopoos.
>said the white chick from bel-air
>>this retarded bitch lets her poodle out every day and says lol he'll get back home

Literally how some countries in mainland Europe handle their dogs. They wander about for the day and return home in the evening.
>Are they involved in the building of the neighborhood and write it in the contracts or what?
>cleaning up dog shit
Only because pits aren't as numerous as niggers.

They are unsuitable breeds for ownership, period. There are numerous cases where literal gud boys who dinidu nuffin randomly snap and kill their owners and/or other pets that they have been getting along fine with for years (in some instances over a decade).
>because pits aren't as numerous as niggers.
yes they are, every other dog I see outside is a pitbull.
Because you have a shit dog.
my dog doesn't magically change the breeds of other dogs, degenerate.
Is this what weebs think? I bet, you fuck your dog, and say I'm just getting them ready for the real thing.

> outside cats

> get mad when something kills it

> cat probably was on their property when it happened

You are fucking retarded.
A tree fell on her house yesterday after a big storm so I think I'll let her off. If anything happens again though I will call either one of them.
>waiting at stop light
>see woman dragging visibly distraught frenchie across crosswalk by leash (it looked like he was physically trying to pull away from her, but because he was so little he was kind of just sliding across the pavement on his butt)
>with every hard jerk of the leash the dog lets out the most miserable little yelp

Double ugh.
>getting a bite to get with friendo one day
>hispanic guy with pitt chilling out outside
>as we're leaving dog sort of comes up to friend to sniff him (probably because of the food)
>hispanic dude shouts "no" really loudly and smacks the dog over its head
>hispanic dude shouts "no" really loudly and smacks the dog over its head
>maybe if I keep smacking my dog it will eventually work
File: 1445043045284.jpg (58KB, 322x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 322x323px
>Walking my parent's angry as fuck small sized dog, along with my chill as fuck Golden Retriever
>Three kids come over
>Angry as fuck dogs starts to bark and lunges at one of the kids but I stop him just in time and have him sit
>Kids start petting my Golden Retriever, while I'm just thinking of ways to tell them to leave without looking like a dick
>Angry dog continues barking
>One of the kids ask if they can pet him too
nah. she had it on a leash.
got a lab pup and hes exactly the same
will just stop and look at other dogs going ape shit at him

This would have been a perfect opportunity to teach kids about approaching dogs. Instead of looking at them like idiots (they are kids, I know). Educate them. Any opportunity to educate a child on animal behavior and care should be taken. They shouldn't think that little savage dogs behavior is ok.
File: 1415044336601.png (109KB, 274x231px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 274x231px
>walking through neighborhood with huge dog-aggressive bull terrier
>see middle-aged woman with a chow
>Grab my leash hard, wave the woman past
>"Oh it's ok, she's fine with other dogs" - gets closer
>have to literally pick up my 70 pound dog to stop this dumb bitch's chow from getting eaten
File: eldonte.jpg (26KB, 426x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 426x240px
>have bully breed
>neighbor has shitty little teacup chihuahua
>whenever the two meet my bully tries to avoid it while the little fuck bites at him and scratches
>"oh how cute they're playing"
>after a few weeks of this bully reaches the end of his patience
>one moment it's the same as always and I'm just trying to get him out of there, the next he's thrown the chihuahua against the wall in one motion of his neck
>dog sitting for a friend
>walking my dog (adult chow mix) and two puppies (8mo bull dog and 6mo chihuahua mix)
>arrive at green belt at same time as neighbor kid
>kid walking hyper aggressive German Shepherd mix
>kid (like 16 or so) texting, not paying attention to anything
>GSM sees me with the three dogs
>rips the leash out of kid's limp dick hand and charges
>gather up leashes and throw behind me
>puppies go flying, my chow knows the drill and goes behind me
>grab GSM by the collar as it tries to get around me
>trying to keep GSM from murdering my pups while simultaneously trying to keep puppies from running away in fear
>kid approaches in the laziest trot
>become enraged
>pick up GSM and throw it at kid
are you a fucking pro wrestler or some shit
keking hard imagining someone throw a dog into a kid one handed
It's called "that never happened," anon

I worked for UPS for 5 years so I got gud at picking things up and throwing them. I used both hands (one on collar and other around stomach). But I was so mad I really wasn't thinking.

It's not hard to pick up a 50lb dog, anon. Try working out.
Why do you have to mention middle aged woman? Why?

Why do you have to include a female pepe picture? Why?

Oh yeah, because /an/ is reddit
File: retarded bird.gif (932KB, 258x258px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
retarded bird.gif
932KB, 258x258px

>walking dog in the park.
>see some idiot on a bike.
>dog is leashed.
>he's biking really fucking fast.
>seemingly unaware that the dog's dying of exhaustion.

>go downtown.
>see retarded manchild with a tiny microdog.
>it's not leashed.
>equipped with shades, leather vest, Mr. T fake gold chains, baseball cap, and a tiny toy gun in a holster.
>it rushes my dog.
>dog bumps that nigga out with a headbutt.
>owner gets upset.
>claims his dog just wanted to be friendly with my dog.

>go to Luigi's pizza palace.
>tiny woman outside with a pitbull.
>pitbull is upset with me and my dog for no reason.
>lashes out at my dog.
>leash is literally cartoon tier steel chain.
>pitbull then proceeds to choke itself on its collar, while the woman keeps reading the latest fashion magazine, completely unaware of anything that's going on.
>finally looks down.
>it's my fault she didn't give two fucks about training her dog, paying attention to her dog, and put that collar on him in the first place.
I miss my dogs, they used to jump up on people and kiss them all the time (not to mention they thought they were Chihuahua sized and would chill out with small doggos).

They would've been 15 this year
rip doggers
>Outdoor cat
Kill yourself
What happened to them?
Tfw you're using shitty Google keyboard on your phone so you can't green text .

Walking dog (malamute)
Fat bald bloke with poodle mixed with idgaf
Poodle fuck bites my dogs leg
My dog stands there and just stares at it.
Poodle dog runs away
I laugh
>le anecdotal accounts = facts meme
there's no 4chan law that says you have to be a racist asshole.
I think you misunderstood the post. It was about owners who can't handle a high maintenance dog like a GSD. The only thing stated as a fact is that poorly trained and under stimulated dogs end up neurotic
>tfw my family has a moody bulldog who constantly lashes out and barks at random people
>because of this, I try to avoid all people, but especially dog owners, when I'm on walks with him
>I probably appear quite nervous when approaching other dog owners
>tfw I'm the irresponsible small dog owner mentioned by >>2171913 and
File: 1440034158195.jpg (149KB, 800x820px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 800x820px
>anecdotal account about GSDs being aggressive with no actual facts
>enough of a basis to propose a ban/restriction on a certain dog breed

There's also no law that says you have to be a fully cucked SJW. Stop being triggered by mere words and differing opinions.
File: warhammer2016.jpg (46KB, 450x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 450x320px
>not wearing steel toecapped boots when taking your dog for a walk so you can an aggressive dog in

I aint taking chances waiting for an explanation.
not spayed because we just got her from another family, currently saving up to get it done

i live in a city where people let their dogs run loose so i need to get it done before she goes into heat so i don't end up with puppies or a dead doggo
>countless dog agrrssionbsta5isical studies place GSDS incredibly high on the rate of attacks on humans
Holy fuck I love watching the cognitive dissonance in people who own aggressive breeds.

>pitbull and rottweiler owners saying their dogs are super sweet
>GSD owners covering their ears about true facts on their shit breeds aggression
Holy fuck the memes are real
..They are not going to steal the dog, are they?
There are strays here which can be aggressive,see where it could possobly go wrong?
Mine or?
tZhey can try. There is a fat chance they'll be seen or mauled by my dog. She's a good guard on her property.
>walking dog (JRT)
>see twelve year old with Labrador
>Labrador loses its shit snarling and lunging
>proceeds to try and drag kid towards me
>I get the fuck out of there

>Walking dog
>see another Labrador, this time with a grown man
>this one is mentally stable (for a Labrador) but on a shitty slip lead
>owner has no control over said dog because leash stopper isn't even being used
>dog pulls owner over, gets free and charges towards me
>my dog stands there looking bemused
>I have to fix Labrador's leash while trying to get it to leave my dog the fuck alone
>owner finally decides to get up and retrieve his dog

Both chocolate Labradors interestingly enough.
Trump has caused /pol/ to spill over into other boards
>be 10 years ago
>have black lab
>neighbor's dog is a very old Yorkie
>yaps constantly
>it and my dog get along fine, usually play together
>outside city limits so no leash laws
>neighbor is gone for the day, leaves Yorkie there.
>same day, my lab brings home dead Yorkie to me, puts in front of me
>horrified that he killed it and is giving it to me
>notice that there is no blood
>no bite marks at all, all bones feel intact
>look back at my dog
>looks so sad. Now I know where the phrase "puppy dog eyes" comes from
>Neighbor gets back, obviously thought it was my dog and called sheriff
>thankfully he sides with me

She still hates me to this day but downgraded to a chihuahua.
>walking my mom's poodle/pekingese cross on the riverwalk
>He never pays mind to other dogs unless they approach him
>see some snobby red head girl walking her pug
>she sees my dog from about 30 feet away
>lifts up her dog and shields it from the sight of my dog while giving me a dirty look
>I was just giving my dog some water the whole time
I'm not even sure why she did it, but it got me pretty irate
yeah fuck chocolate labradors
they have some crazy dog autism to them
>walking through a nature trail with my dog
>puppy pitbull comes barreling towards me through some trees
>runs around me and my dog then goes down towards a stream
>owner comes out from trees, asks if i saw where his dog went
>send him in the opposite direction

hopefully thats one less pitbull in the world
are you Pupinia
>invasive species that shits in a box
>a good pet
try again my friend
Back then no one used spices that were harmful to the dog, they also had short life spans.
malamute :3
File: bear9.jpg (30KB, 412x328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 412x328px
Holy fuck this cat's face.
Thanks for new profile pic btw
What's your problem with being realistic about some of the races downsides? Dogs have shit races, cats have shit races, birds have shit races and humans have shit races.
>cats are based and stay home because they want to
They want to because you've never let them out and they've been conditioned to stay in and be afraid of anything and everything outside.
Cats are natural explorers.

Yeah I really think it's becoming a wider problem in here. Like it usually was relegated to the trash boards like /b/ or /pol/ but it's been on the rise for a while and it's making an already toxic environment even worse. No matter the board, I can safely expect some pasty kid bellowing against black people or women or whatever is not his own brand of insufferable, bigoted self. It's so fucking tedious, and the only thing one upping that tediousness is the fact that they are so entitled to their shit prejudices that they will ALWAYS throw a shitfit whenever it gets pointed out. They are not fooling even themselves inside their little shit bubble, and get so defensive over it it's pathetic.

Yeah bud you're lashing against that guy like a fucking bitch.
I thought the physical punishment method of dog training had been pretty much debunked at this point. Ignore bad behavior and reward desired behavior no?

They died of bad behavior
>walking dog
>dog is small
>see a middle aged woman with huge
>my small dog goes up for a sniff
>middle aged woman grabs her dog by the collar
>he's "aggressive"
>screams at me to control my dog better
What is considered enough stimulation? I run mine at 6 am for around 60-90 minutes, play/train for 30 minutes in the evening, plus a 30 minute chill walk. He gets crated while I'm gone for work. Should I be doing more?
It works, but it can't work alone, you also need to reward good behaviour otherwise the dog only knows what it can't do, not what it should do. And not go as hard as people typically tell you to.

Maybe mental stimulation, but if it doesn't look bored or isn't destructive, he might get enough in playing or having again access the house when you're back.
Yes I give him access to the home when I back, usually just chills and munches on rawhide or nylabones(still trying to get him interested in those) or naps
>walking tiny maltese doggo
>white trash family with a pit bull
>pit bull goes apeshit on my dog and starts attacking him
>skinhead dude goes nuts, tackles the dog and starts beating it and calling it a little bitch
You do more than I do, anon, but my GSD is getting old. He doesn't need as much anymore.

I would steer you away from rawhide, however, as it's a choking hazard and may contain harmful chemicals. Try antlers, hooves, bully sticks, and Himalayan chews as an alternative.
Table scraps aren't just meat and organs, moron.
And if anyone is a decent person, they wouldn't feed their dogs grain 'based' food.

Nowadays, scraps are kids' pancakes and syrups, cereal, pop tarts, fish sticks, etc. Even worse, people willingly give dogs seasoned (Garlic, onions, etc) food, thinking that only chocolate is bad for them.

Dry dog food cleans teeth, and if you're a responsible owner you pick the right brand, not some shitty wal-mart puppy chow yum-yum brand.

You pick:
Blue Buffalo
Acana (What I feed my dogs)
Back to basics

There are tons of quality dog foods, most brands even have an alternative grain free version.
So don't give me that shit that "dogs evolved to eat table scraps"
Scraps aren't the fucking same anymore.
Yeah we're trying to move to nylabones but they're definitely not as interesting and can't be eaten. I will look into antlers, but I've got a smaller dogs that I'm worried might break his teeth.
>want to take dog for a walk
>live in a super shitty neighborhood
>pitbulls, rotts and herds of wild dogs freely roaming around the streets
>can't take a step outside without being chased by these motherfuckers
I just don't know how this place can get any shittier. I fucking wish all my neighbors were Chinese.
No anon, all.
Pit bulls are disgusting
>have cat
>have to take him for walks because I wont let him out on his own
>follows me and comes when I call him
>demands belly rubs

kinda like having a half-dog

Pitbulls are literally the niggers of the canine world. I bet other dogs are like, "Fuck, here comes a pit bull. What is it going to do now?".

I bet pit bulls hate goldens because retrievers are the master race of dogs.
There should be a creative writing board for threads like these.

Hey now, don't pin the blame on his dog. Place it where it belongs, on his dumbass.
>Stop being triggered by mere words and differing opinions.
>Is triggered by someone not interested in being a racist on an anonymous Slovakian cart peddler forum.
>Posts le Trump image
>Differing opinions are ok if it's mine being criticised!

6/10, gave me a chuckle.
>being afraid of literally the friendliest breed of dog

how does it feel to have a vagina? to actually be afraid of pits?

I picked up a pit I didn't know the other day and put him into a lady's car.

Is it trying to attack them, or herd them? Borders are herding dogs and they get a little edgy when other animals don't look to be in the right place.

I grew up with one and at the dog park the decided that his job was to run around "herding" other dogs back to their owners. He wasn't a jerk about it. Just weird.
Lel autistic doggies
>things that never happened
File: 1459236767274.jpg (17KB, 138x235px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 138x235px
>go to the basketball court
>some guy brought his pitbull and had it on a stereotypical chain link collar
>ties it to the fence and plays basketball for like 4 hours
>it's like 90 degrees outside and the dog has no water
File: image.jpg (105KB, 466x770px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 466x770px
>deader than disco
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