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There isn't a sticky here so, I would like if anyone could

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There isn't a sticky here so, I would like if anyone could give me a guide to having a kitten and such.


Should I brush it's teeth? I already am going to brush it's fur daily if I can.
>Should I brush it's teeth
this is a joke right
No, I don't know much about cats and I want to learn, but someone told me that brushing their teeth is good for them. (without toothpaste)
Meh. Only because I am taking a shit at work.

>Clean the box daily.
>Brush its teeth if it will let you. You have to do it everyday or its pointless though.
>Brushing the coat daily is only necessary if it's a long hair. Short hairs can be brushed a couple times a week.
>Feed it a high quality wet food. I recommend Weruva. It will be expensive, but you'll save on the long run in vet bills
>Avoid food with fish. Fish is tough on the kidneys and urinary tract.
>Play with it everyday. Kittens needs lots of stimulation or they'll become destructive.
>Keep it on flea prevention even if it is indoor. Crazy things can and do happen.
>Get some cat treea. Kittens and cats need high places to jump and explore.
As someone who has lived with about 7 different cats over the last 19 years of my life (and otherwise has tamed a lot of wild cats from my grandmother's farm) I'd say these are all accurate pointers, except for brushing teeth. That has literally never been a problem or a requirement, and I have no idea where you got the idea that's necessary. Maybe once a month tops, if you really insist it, but it's weird to me/can't imagine the cat would be happy

Brushing once every 2 days or so for especially long haired cats should be required. Short haired cats do not need brushing whatsoever, but maybe once a week if they seem to enjoy it.

Having fresh water around constantly and some dry food is alright, but generally wet food is the best way to take care of your cat, and they love it. We used to give our cats wet food as a treat, but if you do it everyday I'm sure it's overall more healthy. Good luck
Can't I just tie rocks to the cats legs so it gets tired faster and doesn't break shit?
Teeth brushing is good if your cats will tolerate it, but if they won't then don't bother. It's far from required but if your cat tolerates it, you'll definitely save some money. Didn't want to imply it was required or necessary, but rather a good idea if you can do it.
Thank you, I was planning on cleaning the litter box daily and giving it nice food too.

Do cat trees double as a scratching post?

Also, how do I get a kitten to use a litter box? Do they just instinctively know to use it because of the litter in it? How do you handle piss? Doesn't it drain to the bottom of the box or no?
Cat treea theoretically doubles as a stratching post.

If the kitten spent enough time with mama, they'll know how to use the box. It is a good idea to place them in the boxes so they know where to find them.

Pee just makes a clump in the literature. You scoop it just like poo.
Thanks. I have two other things I'm concerned about that you might be able to help me with.

Should I keep them out of my bed when I'm sleeping? I don't want to roll over on them and squish them while I'm asleep.

Do they chew on cables? I don't want a pet to kill itself by chewing on cables and getting electrocuted.
Unless your a landwhale or the kitten is a baby, you won't squish it. That being said, many cats and kittens like sleeping with their people.

If the kitten is getting enough stimulation, it won't engage in such behaviors, plus cats and kittens tend to be very picky about what goes into their mouth. It can happen though, and if it does, invest in some bitter apple spray (every pet store will have it) and spray the cables down.
As a vet tech that has dealt with over 4k clients, cats tend to get teeth problems with age. Gum disease, tartar, broken or rotting teeth. Any teeth/gum issues cost a lot because the equipment is very expensive. If you can brush the teeth, then why not just do it? Obviously it's not a huge deal, a couple hundred for a dental isn't the end of the world

Get it fixed by 4 months if not earlier

It should be vaccinated and spayed if I'm getting it at a shelter, right?
Generally, but you will need yearly vaccinations, so just accept that as a cost of pet ownership. Luckily, low cost vax clinics are piss easy to find.
I hope this doesn't become too much for me.

I've wanted a cat for a really long time and I am neet so I can dedicate time to the cat but I don't know if I can afford everything. I will have like $500 or so at the end of the month, I hope that's enough to buy everything I need for the cat. I don't even know if I want one for sure, the place I live at is so jew about pets, I have to pay like $40 a month to have a pet.
The most important, important thing you can do when you have a pet and aren't making wads of money is budget as much as possible as you can each month into am "emergency vet" fund.

Cats are pretty healthy animals, especially indoor only cats, but when they get sick, they get really sick. Try to maintain a grand in an "oh shit fund" and then just put aside maybe 100 bucks a month for the general cat's fund, like liter and food. You can spend the extra on something nice for the cat, or to continue to buff up your oh shit fund.
Thread posts: 16
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