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ITT: Pet sitting stories. >Pet sitting boyfriend's

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ITT: Pet sitting stories.

>Pet sitting boyfriend's new iguana while he is at work
>Little guy is letting me pet him and pick him up
>Looks like he wants out of his cage
>Put him on lap and pet him
>Is going pretty well for a brief 60 seconds
>He has other plans of exploring
>Ends up whipping me with his tail when I try to put him back in cage
>Doesn't hurt but his claws are so sharp that he is unintentionally hurting me with them
>Think of those pictures of iguana bites on google images
>This is how I die
>Pic related

He's back in. He isnt angry, no head bobbing or anything. He just wanted to explore. He's taking a nap under his lamp now.

I do not know how to handle an iguana.
ITT: Idiot stories
>I don't know how to take care of iguanas.
>Take care of an iguana.
That title works too
So I'm guessing you're a retarded pillow biter, right?
Don't pet an iguana, they hate it.
He loves it when my boyfriend does it. The previous owners daid if you don't handle him he will get aggravated.
>He loves it when my boyfriend does it.
nope. eye closing is a sign of stress in lizards, not contentment. so is playing dead
the source is "lizards 101: a lizard is not a human baby" you dumb bitch
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its really fucking common knowledge that if they shut their eyes they are trying to block you out anon. I wish they werent $15 so every uninformed person couldnt get one on a whim.

on an unrelated note heres a picture of my gallant ass lizard
How do you get his spines to look so "regal"? In Miami, I see an orgy-load of Iguanas near the coast and all look like shit. I also see a whole lot of other non-natives as well, like basilisks and red headed agamas.
I pay alot of attention to them. When I first got him I wasnt aware he had about 3 layers of stuck shed on his spikes and it started caused necrosis on the tips.

Other than that I'm not really sure what I'm doing out of the ordinary because I know what you mean about the spikes looking like absolute shit. Even alot of captive iguanas end up looking kinda ratty.
Tone it down my dude
up yours
do you live in texas
Maybe the deformity kind of settled into his body structure permanently(like that weird chinese foot fetish deformity). Even as he grew. How old is he, or do you think he is?
When you pet them they close their eyes when they relax. Closing eyes can be a way to reduse stimulus, but closing eyes when petting is a good thing.
hes around 4 or so as far as I can tell
got him when he was 1.5-2

in that pic he was 3 maybe 3 and a half

>reduce stimulus
>when petting is a good thing
>reduce stimulus

No. They want you to go away.
>When you pet them they close their eyes when they relax.
that's wrong tho
lizards arent cats, sry
why would you pet a lizard whats wrong with you
Because lizards are qt
>watching aunt's cat
>Aunt is adamant that cat gets outside once a day, preferably twice or more
>Spend the week sitting around waiting for him to show up again, having to stay up late for his ass to appear and stick around the door to let him in
>One morning, let him outside
>He doesn't come back in time before I have to go to work
>Leave for work with cat outdoors
>Was a snowstorm while at work
>Come back to expect dead cat. Cat doesn't come back until a quarter of 10
>Next morning wake up, let cat out
>Dumb shit didn't learn anything and I have to leave him for work again
Never ever cat sit for an outdoor cat unless you have the time to fuck about all day. Most frustrating pet sitting ever.
>doing the stupid shit people ask when you take care of their pets
what you think the cats going to tell on you
This. Why the fuck would you actually let it out?
>parents go away on vacations
>supposed to feed the dog
>dad tells me there is some steak on the fridge and if i dont want it to give it to dog before it goes bad
>im not eatin it so take it out of the fridge and put it on doggos bowl
>fucker gives me a look of disgust
>well if you dont want it now you will sure change your mind when you are hungry
>meat sits inm bowl 3 days
>grandma checks on me, sees the half rotten meat in dogs bowl and scolds me, apparently dogs dont eat raw meat
>grandma feeds the dog and tells me not to do that again
>forget to feed the dog the rest of the week
>parents come home and dad beats me for being a moron
>wathever, the dog was too fat anyways
So you're a retarded pillow biter too, eh?
>Is dumb enough to try to feed a dog rotten meat.
>Is dumb enough to stop feeding a dog.
>Is dumb enough to try and rationalize that it's not his fault because "the dog was too fat."
>Is unsurprisingly dumb enough to not realize he's being called a stupid faggot.
They are right though. Iguanas will close their eyes if they are stressed, but will also do it if they enjoy what you're doing. For most people it is usually the former.

Iguanas have a lot of double meanings. Sort of like how head bobbing can be showing off, a casual "I see you" or mean "im about to charge and bite the fuck out of you".
According to Google a pillow biter is a gay man that gets fucked in the ass, didn't really expect anti gay slurs on /an/
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Do you live under a rock? Where the fuck do you think you are.
Well I expect faggot but not something so convoluted. It's kind of like the kind of names the Ku klux Klan comes up with for nIggers
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>He doesn't know that variety is the spice of life.
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 4

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