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Pet Hierarchy

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Birds > Mammals > Lizards > Fish > anything else
Mammals>Herps>Fish and related>Pet rocks>>>>Plushies>>>>>>>>>>>Shit>>>>>>>>>>>Birds
birds > fish > mammals > reptiles
Birds kinda suck because you can't correct them worth a shit past a certain age.

If your birds a bitch she's a bitch for 20-40 years.
Depends on what you want out of a pet, senpai
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personally my own goes

herps > chickens specifically > inverts > large mammals (cats, dogs) > birds > fish > small animals (rats, guinea pigs) > hot shit > hamsters

fish would be higher but all of the tank maintenance is a drag sometimes
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BANTI desu.

Nepenthes > Dionea > Sarracenia > Heliamphora > Orchids > Animals
to be fair some herps like aquatic turtles, some frogs, and others that require higher quality of habitat on the same level or slightly less then that of fish maintenance wise

I have a turtle and I'd put them above fish only because most don't give two shits about water quality beyond swimming in pure shit or chlorine.
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that's true, and don't think I didn't think of that, too. I own a painted turtle and an african clawed frog. But those two are easily balanced out by my love for building attractive enclosures for herps. I just didn't delve further for space's sake. Honestly you could go deeper within each subcategory

Amphibians > reptiles

tiger salamanders > terrestrial frogs (pacmen, ABFs) > ACFs > toads > aquatic frogs (bullfrogs, etc) > treefrogs > virtually all other types of salamander

small lizards (leos, beardies, cresties) > tortoises > terrestrial turtles > large lizards (monitors, iguanas) > snakes > aquatic turtles

large lizards are only above aquatic turtles because, despite the large space and accommodations needed, the interactivity factor is more rewarding than is the maintenance for a turtle aquarium, on a typical basis

and amphibians are only above reptiles because they're usually easier to house and don't usually need UVB or lots of supplemental heating
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Sounds about right.
Dionaea goes before nepethes anon
snakes are so fun and soooooo little work though.
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Birds are very entertaining and interactive pets but they are not for everyone. They are challenging to tame and train, they live for a long ass time and they shit a lot.

I am a bird lover myself. My only pets are parrots and fish. However I will rate dogs above birds in the general pet hierarchy.

Pic related one of my cockatiels.
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1 common, normie monospecies vs. ~150 widely-distributed, massively varied, often huge and highly-specialised species? VFTs get BTFO by Neps, no carnivore can compete with a 20-foot-long N. lowii vine covered in shrew shit.
you know that the one that you posted literally eats bird shit, right?
Plus, VFT move.
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No its:

Parrots>>Rats>>lizards>>bords>>mammals>>Snecks>>big hairy spiders>>cats and dogs>>everything else>>>piss>>>>>>>week old shit>>>>vomit>>>>>cat/dog-people
But that order is just how much noise each type makes.
They are very little work but most people wouldn't consider them "fun". They just sit there and hide unless you're feeding them 99% of the time. Only slightly more interactive than most terrestrial inverts.
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Imagine a world without insects

That is right, you cannot imagine it

Insects rule the world
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depends on what you want in a pet.
in levels of interaction:

Dogs > Parrots > Cats > Rodents > Reptiles > Fish > Bugs

Some are harder to take care for but that depends on the species/race. like, a mutt may be esaier to take care of than some very delicate fish, and some parrots are way less demanding than others.
Birds are flying garbage and I don't understand why anyone would want to share their home with one. They are loud, obnoxious, unintelligent, high maintenance and they shit everywhere constantly. I would start a damn roach farm before taking in a bird. I don't even want those fucks living in my trees.
kek Nepenthes Rajah can eat your puny VFTs
if you think birds are this bad, don't have children. They basically are overgrown birds
Birds (except lovebirds) > Dogs > Lizards and rodents > Fish and bugs > Anything else > Cats > inanimate pets such as aluminium can or pet rock > Lovebirds
Fixed it for you.
The heirchary depends on a lot of things but if you have a pet for solely aesthetics

It goes like this: Fish > Reptiles/Anthropods > Cats > Dogs > Birds >>> Insects
dogs>rats>horses>rabbits>birds>other farm animals>other rodents>animals that live in tanks that are herbivores>animals that live in tanks that are carnivores>cats
Isn't any animal kind of like this? Humans too?
>grouping pets by taxonomical class

dumb as hell. A budgie is obviously higher than a hamster, but lower than a cat, despite cats and hamsters both being mammals. it's a bit more complicated than that.

fuck, an iguana is higher than a hamster.
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budgies > cats

every time
>insects aren't arthropods
>using an """"attitude"""" gif to make yourself seem cool
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Thread images: 13

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