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And I'm trying to wrack my head around what exactly could be done about the issue of overcrowding shelters.

Obviously, improving the public perception of strays would increase adoption rates, but that alone couldn't fix this issue, right?

These shelters are overflowing their capacity and having to put down dogs constantly, just to make space.

What exactly would help solve this issue?

I'd like to open an unorthodox shelter later in life and I'd think it would be interesting to have a cage-free shelter with an obvious segregation of social, need training, and sick dogs.
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also, all the dog owners are fucking retards.

>the guard dog gang banger had to repeatedly tell his dog to let go

>the owners with aggressive dogs just yelled at them and muzzled the fuckers

>the dog rescuer was just screaming at the dog to get it to listen

>the fat mexicans straight up asking a guy in a van to take their dog because they didn't want it any more


holy fuck LA should be fucking firebombed
>What exactly would help solve this issue?
cracking down on BYBs

making it mandatory to pay (a small fee) for and pass a test and receive a license to own a pet

making it mandatory to pay (a large fee) for and pass a test, receive a license, have a letter of recommendation from a veterinarian

mandatory spaying and neutering if you wish to own a pet, with exceptions for only those who have a letter from a state-approved veterinarian

those found violating these laws must pay exorbitant fees; three strikes and they are banned from owning a pet.
>making it mandatory to pay (a large fee) for and pass a test, receive a license, have a letter of recommendation from a veterinarian
*to breed animals, I mean
The only thing that can realistically be done is to kill the dogs that don't have a good chance of being adopted.

You're not going to change people. You can only fix what you have control over.

Although they need to be a lot more humane about it than they are. I've read stories about how shelters euthanize. Jamming as many as they can in a tiny room to save money on gas and stuff. There's some messed up shit going on there, not even including the fact that they're killing animals.
What kind of fascist regime is this??? Pay a fee to the government to be ALLOWED to own a pet? That's fucked-up. Haven't you ever noticed that more fees and more laws just make for more government and government employees?
>more government and government employees
an higher quality of life.
>solve this issue
Education? I don't know. Willful ignorance is worse than terrorism.
less breeders creating less dogs, harsher penalties for neglect/abandonment, mandatory spay/neuter
You know dog licensing is already a thing, right?

But yeah OP, the only thing that would really help is to make the general public less retarded, and I'm not sure that is ever going to happen.
It's actually a very interesting thing to study, and I suggest you do so OP. If you ARE serious on opening a shelter, I highly advise you read a publication (can't find it atm) about whether opening a shelter in an area is actually a good thing or will hinder yours and other's shelters. It depends a lot on various factors of the community. You would probably want to start in an area that doesn't have an established one, for example. Cage free is only plausible to an extent, though.

Sweeden I think, has virtually no pet overpopulation, yet they don't have any sort of huge spay/neuter program, the climate isn't harsh to kill off animals or discourage breeding. It's like a fucking mystery why all these other countries have such a huge pet over pop issue and sweeden doesn't. People just take better care of their animals there and no one knows why

Not only does that happen on a fucking huge scale already, but it sweeps over to animals that are fine and can be adopted. The shelters that do that, do so because of funding, or lack thereof. When a shelter receives funding and donations, they can not spend it however they want like most people think. They can only spend the amount on where they are allowed to spend the amount. Not many larger donators want to spend money on euthanasia, most shelters already dip into 'reserve' funds so I can't imagine the underfunded, overcrowded shelter. And govn't ran shelters are told to run that way to save money. The government spends next to no money on animal shelters, and in some states it is no money. It's still considered humane and 100% legal
In Sweden breeders are financially responsible for the health of the puppies they produce for the first three years, BYBs don't exist because they would lose so much money

>What exactly would help solve this issue?

I live in a city of ~60,000 people. Our College of Veterinary Medicine Shelter Club has been working with the city shelter to provide spay/neuters for the animals. The summer I started working at the shelter was about the time that the club began working with the shelter. The shelter was packed full of animals and there was almost an animal in every kennel. That was probably 4 or 5 years ago. Today, we have days in which we have no dogs available for adoption and maybe 2 or 3 cats. I truly believe spaying/neutering these animals before they go out/back out into the community has helped make this possible. It is a very rare occasion that an animal will leave intact. The shelter, as it is run by the city, is a "kill-shelter". However, it is only the very old, very sick, and very aggressive animals that are euthanized. As long as the animal is happy, healthy, and shows no signs of aggression, they can stay at the shelter.

There are also 2-3 prominent rescues/humane societies in the area that also contribute to this effort. These groups are a collection of foster homes and volunteers and do not have a single physical location/building in which they operate. One in particular works closely with the shelter to take animals that the city cannot adopt out, such as those with existing medical conditions.

A strong spay/neuter program along with good shelters/rescues/humane societies is essential. Public education is also key. A lot of people still believe that a dog must have litter before she is spayed or other similar misconceptions.

I'm interested to see if chemical sterilization will be implemented and also provide a solution to this issue. A 2014 study (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24238399) showed that zinc based solutions were also effective in cats, as it has already been proven to be effective in dogs. Imagine how easy TNR could become.
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