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second thoughts

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Gf and I are getting a dog next week and I'm having second thoughts. I grew up with dogs and can handle them, and we are getting a cute jack russel parson girl.
We talked about it a lot and went over finances and everything, and it all checks out, and two days ago I was really happy and wanted this... but now I'm not sure anymore.

I love dogs and I love my gf, but suddenly it seems too much of a responsibility especially in the long run, and like a lot of work and restrictions that are just not... necessary. Idk.

It's probably too late now to back out tho, but I'm just really conflicted and don't know what to do.
Am I making a mistake, or will everything fall into place once the little bugger is actually here?

pic sort of unrelated but only dog pic I had
A bit of background info:
We are both students but money is not a problem and neither is time. However, I will go abroad for a year next year, and gf will graduate and then we don't know where she will work.
We have been debating to get a dog for over a year now and she says she will handle it, even on her own, and that things will work out. But I'm not sure if she actually can handle it, especially when I'm away.

Suddenly it just seems like the timing is all wrong but then again, plenty of people have dogs and manage their daily life, and when is eher the right time for such things?
You're not really giving us any information about your activity level or how much time you have for it.
Jack russels are very high energy. That's really the only concern I have.
I'm thinking you should wait a bit. Is it a puppy? Jack russels are also high energy and will require quite a bit of extra attention. People who have dogs and full time jobs usually have dogs that aren't young and high energy dogs. If it's a puppy, you ARE going to have to have somebody there most of the time. If both of you are at school all day, it isn't going to work out very well.
We both have a lot of time. I'm starting a masters degree in architecture so I don't have any real classes, I mostly just work on a notebook from home or the office where I work on the side. It's my dads office and he allows another employee to bring her Doberman, so if I can get the dog to stay quiet and with me for a few hours, I could bring her. Obviously we'd slowly introduce her to this and wait till she's old enough.
My gf doesn't have many classes either and everyone is allowed to bring dogs to her uni, even the cleaning lady has a dog following her around.
Most of the time, at least one of us is at home, if not, we can take the dog to most places we go. If we can't, my grandma lives next door and could take her for a few hours, and my mum would do the same and has a dog of her own that we have watched plenty of times.

Doge is a puppy still, about 12 weeks old now. High energy is fine, we live right next to the woods, and if we manage to raise her so she is quiet for 2-3 hour stretches that's all we need.

My main concern is how work circumstances might change in 2-3 years but that's never certain, so I'm not sure if I should base such a decision on what ifs.
Sounds like you don't have much to worry about except barking. Plus, even if you "raise" a dog not to bark, it can easily pick up the habit at any point in their life. It's really quite easy to train a dog not to bark, though. Unless you're completely incompetent or using punishment to train, it shouldn't be a concern.
Thanks for the encouragement!
I slept on it and I'm feeling better now, guess it's normal to second guess decisions like this.
But yea we should be fine. Thanks!
My husband didn't want me getting our Boston and on a whim I adopted him. I immediately had regret after the first night and had that feeling for like a week. One year later that fatass dog sleeps in our bed and we installed a doggy camera in the house because we miss him so much during the day. It's totally normal to feel doubt or buyers regret but it will pass!
Yea I think once everything is settled in, everything just falls into place and you wouldn't want to be without the little shits.

I'm just someone who thinks these things through a lot. When we bought 4 pet mice 1.5 years ago, we spend 5 hours in the shop discussing it, and those guys are really low maintenance. Once they were here all the worries were gone, and I love our little grandmas.

Not gonna compare a dog to a mouse ofc but I guess once you've adapted to the lifestyle it becomes just as easy and fun.
Thread posts: 9
Thread images: 2

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