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My cat was making pained noises trying to clean something near

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My cat was making pained noises trying to clean something near her tail, she finally let me take a picture of it and it looks like sort of serious lesion, does anyone have any idea what it could be? My room-mate says I should wash it with alchohol but Im worried that could make it worse, should I take her to a vet pronto?
You answered your own question, didn't you?
Infected cyst from a cat fight
Go to the vet and have them lance it and give your cat antibiotics
Don't wait or it might become bloodborne
Op reporting in, did that, they drained it and gave me antibiotics to give her. She has a cone now but I think she's feeling better. Thanks /an/
Good on you
No problem
My cat went through the same thing before, only it was on his head. Be sure to leave the cone on for a week or two and help her if she can't reach her food/water with it on
The reason I didnt want to take her to a vet initially is because its late here I assume they'd charge more for stuff in nonwork hours. Once I realized it was bleeding steadily I got scared and took her in though. Im still tearing up a bit from it, I was really worried about her. Here she is now. She's still bleeding but they said that was normal and it would continue to drain for a few days and that I should just give it a warm press a few times a day.

Wonderful. It lives.
Now learn to keep your horrid little beast inside.
good job taking care of your cat. she's a cutie
if you really like your cat go to the vet and don't take hints from 4chan.
>hurrr hurrr guiz lets get a superior cat owner circlejerk goin

>Because asking 4chan didn't explain the problem perfectly and give good advice

Cats are fucking gross.
But people want to keep them and I'm no fascist.
If you're going to keep it, at least keep it indoors where it won't cause problems for you, the cat, or the environment.
>lemme dictate how 2 care fur ur pet

>New Research Suggest Outdoor Cats Kill More Wildlife Than Previously Thought


Please do not be That Guy / That Girl.

>muh birds
I don't want to have your bullshit cat to fuck up my god damn garden and I don't want to have to hit my brakes because your stupid little fucking faggot cat is too stupid to understand the concept of roads and sidewalks.

You should keep your pet inside like a normal person, but instead you're going all MUH FREEDOMS I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS DUN TELL ME HOW 2 TAKE CARE OF MY CAT.

Kill yourself.
>i r mad cuz cats are so inconvienent :( wahhhh

>i cant read

>letting your cat outside

>caring what people do with their pets as long as they're not abused or neglected and get regular vet care

>implying letting your cat outside isn't abuse
>literally only /an/ believes this

Not any more.

>oh shit the world is changing

You have no logical argument to letting your cat outside. There's a ton of downsides and no upsides.
>again literally no one believes this except /an/

>choosing to ignore the positive vs negative points
if nobody agrees with your positive points, perhaps they aren't actually positive?
>making shit up to try and push /an/'s anti-outdoor agenda
>not believing it's better to live and let live
>implying there's positive points when you said there weren't any
>cat gets to live its live as a cat and be continuously mentally stimulated as they should be instead of cooped up in some college kid's dark apartment all day
>oops they died, at least they weren't in a near-prison for 20 years

>cat gets to live as cat


>hurrr i keep cats safe to keep them as long as possible even though they're bored af all day and wanna die hurrr
>hhurrrr if you dont believe like i do youre a terrible person
> huuuurrrrr /facepalm

>they're bored as all day and wanna die

You say this and you seriously expect me to take you seriously?

Here's a fun word for you too learn kiddo, "anthropomorphism". Google it.
>hurrr more /an/ buzzwords
>hurrrrrr can't realize i wasnt being literal but obviously indoor cats are extremely understimulated
>hurrrrrrrrr i r smarthahaha dum pleb haha even though i cant debate well

>under stimulated
>in your professional opinion as a moron.

Because as we all know, feral cats, live long happy and healthy lives right? Right?

Do you have any other pets? Because all other species will be stuck indoors/in a pen and therefore not living a complete life. So if you have any other pets you're being a complete hypocrite.
Indoor cats can have perfectly stimulated lives. You just need to give them toys and puzzles as entertainment and play with them a few hours a day to keep them in shape. I hide my cat's treats in boxes and have him work out how to get them out as brain teasers. There's a rather large cat colony outside of my apartment and cats are fighting on a daily basis mainly because crazy cat ladies feed them. Even though I could scrounge up the money to pay a vet bill if my cat fell ill I'd rather not pay for an issue that could be 100% preventable.

OP from now on it would just be best to keep your pet inside and give it plenty of indoor stimulation. Good job taking your buddy to the vet and take good care of her.
no i don't have any other pets than cats
and if I did they would go on my hikes with me and generally be able to explore
>my logic can't work here oh no

i'm only not going to reply since you're not an /an/-pilled moron, but i agree yes if people want their pets to not get injured they should be kept inside but that's literally the only reason. personally i think animals (including humans) are naturally meant to have short lives and its kind of fucked to keep them from experiencing nature and whats instinctual


They're called "domestic" for a reason you dipshit.
Can I get more photos of kitty with cone of shame?
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 2

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