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pet rage thread? >work at shelter >couple wants to fill

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pet rage thread?

>work at shelter
>couple wants to fill out application for young absolutely batshit crazy lab mix
>be looking at their answers
>they want an "already trained adult dog"
>plan on leaving her outside 8+ hours a day (it regularly gets below 30 here)
>refuse to take her to any sort of training
>have young children that are at the house most of the week
>this dog has jumped 6 foot fences, dug under fences, killed chickens, mouthy, jumps, constant barking, and has zero recall
>go to tell them that she isn't the right fit for them for these reasons
>they freak out and can't even get a word in edgewise after "I'm sorry, we don't think she's the right fit for you"
>screaming curses and slamming doors behind them
>screaming that we should euthanize all our dogs because "we won't ever adopt them out"
>tfw we have a 97% adoption rate

why are people so terrible
I would adopt that dog right now.
Damn OP they sound awful. I'm glad you didn't adopt out that dog to them, though.
I have a friend who makes me rage
>she has a 6 yr old toy poodle
>milky eyes, she refuses to admit its cataracts
>dogs teeth are rotting
>her family feeds him table scraps constantly
>poor socialization, he's scared of new people and even the calmest of dogs
>never gets walked. this dog is SIX and still uses potty pads despite the family having a fenced front and back yard

>recently injured his hip by jumping off the bed
>she tells me that he whines when he needs to use the stairs so someone will carry him up or down
>ask if she took him to the vet
>no, he's just acting injured because he's a lazy dog

I feel so fucking bad for this dog. Poodles are usually so outgoing and intelligent but this dog is neurotic and useless. To make things worse, thus girl is planning to get a new dog when she moves out of her parents' house.
>walk past some guy with a german shepherd
>it just sits in a pen outside all day
>barks at everything
>pass him one time while he was giving it a short walk
>it starts going crazy barking
>he boots it in the face 5 times until it cries

fucking hell
Hope you don't have any other pets aside from large dogs, because she will absolutely destroy them. she's already been adopted and returned by someone for killing all their chickens

God, that sounds terrible

you might actually want to report her. failing to treat an injury like that could be considered animal neglect

Start leaving him threatening mail.
Fuck, was waiting for a pet rage thread

I have two new puppies and they really make me rage

>Cries to get inside doors
>Smack it on the butt and it still cries

>Come home to destroyed socks
>Grab it by the scruff and throw it on the bed while yelling NO
>Come home again the next day and it has another sock

Seriously I swear my dogs are the most retarded dogs you have ever seen.

>smack it
>grab it by the scruff

Not sure if serious. You have no idea how to train a dog do you?
>relative's gf sees a puppy posted for adoption in a local fb group
>she fills out an application, rejected
>then shares the post from the owner, whining about how she didn't get the dog and berating the owner for having "picky" wants for the dog
>on the owner's own post where they can see this

Wish I took a screencap, she deleted it now so I hope the ex-owner and/or other people eventually called her out
>using shitty debunked methods
>wonders why their methods aren't effective enough
>having two puppies when they're too stupid for one

bad pet owners are magical
I know this is bait, but goddamn I'm raging. 9/10
>say hi to cat
>cat ignores me
Just today

>work at shelter
>old man wanted to see a big husky/something big mix
>look at his paper, he wants low to medium energy dog
>the dog he wants to look at is strong as all fuck and very high energy
>attempt to explain that this isn't the dog he described he wanted whatsoever, to no avail
>go to get the dog to take him out
>standing up-right, dog is able to head-butt my face
>96 pounds of force into my bottom lip
>ouch that hurts, keep on trudging along
>see blood on dog
>my blood
>gtfo and go clean up; blood everywhere
>busted my lip with my own teeth from the force
>someone else has to bring the dog out because I'm incapacitated
>210 lbs man even has a hard time handling the dog
>Only after he sees the man struggle with the dog does he decide that the dog is too much for him

God damn my lip hurts

post tits
Report don't feed
>have cat
>strictly indoor
>clean litter box twice a day
>has medicated canned food
>never had any other problems
>family all on good terms with her, brush her, pet her etc.
Had to leave town for work. Left money for my family to take care of the cat, besides money for food etc. Double-check with everyone on how I want her everything handled. All seems well
>one month later
>cat covered in fleas
>"Oh we let her outside now because she looked sad looking out the window"
>ignoring the litter box and peeing/pooping at the door
>still not sure what her deal is with this
>crying out because they started her on shitty dry cat food, no meds
>"that food smelled bad"
>cat won't leave the living room except to eat and pee/poop at the door
>"we didn't do anything to her"

I don't know how my family fucked up SO BAD after years of none of that shit.
This happened when I was 17

> Have cat: piebald white with tabby patches
> Have chickens... white ones
> Keep cat indoors because cats are going missing in the neighborhood.
> Cat is cool with chickens, but I'm suspicious of the local hawks.
> Notice the birds see the hawk and run for cover, the cat doesn't.
> Tell step mom not to let the cat outdoors.
> I go to visit my mom for a weekend
> I come home and find out hawks ate my cat.

I fucking warned her but she kept insisting "cats belong outside" until she saw hawks cart off and eat my cat. She never believed that crap ever again.

And another from when I was 20
> Staying at a friend's house. Her parents are out of town but I'm still welcome.
> See med bottles on the counter
> Dog meds.
> Ask about the meds.
> "Lol whut?"
> I find and medicate the dog until the parents come back home.
> They have a puppy, too.
> Puppy is trained to crap in crate. Cries all night.
> Parents go batshit on my friend when they find out the dog wasn't medicated. The dog had CANCER.
> They calm once I show them I not only saved their dog's life I also trained the puppy to go outdoors and not cry at night.
> I'm declared a "guardian angel" for basic dog care.

Dear god, people are dumber than bricks sometimes.
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>>2006102 Leave threatening mail, slash tires, make that assholes life hell then steal the dog. Make friends with it by offering treats every day and when its finally friendly enough to let you grab it take it and bolt, that prick doesnt deserve such a beautiful breed.
A half decent dog owner should never need to strike his hound, you are weak.
Good on you for not being scum though
Hate parents that don't listen, having similar problems with my mother in law, though thankfully nothing life threatening to the cat.

But same thing, I get an out of town job and suddenly I come home to a cat that jumps on the tables and counters (hadn't even bothered before because I would just stop him when he started looking up at it), and a dog that whines and barks at the door if she doesn't get let in immediately, which wouldn't be a problem except that we live in APARTMENTS, apartments that can KICK US OUT for being too noisy.

So fucking pissed at her, took me months of redirecting their behaviour to more positive habits, and in less than two weeks it's fucked up. Now my only option is to get moved out, get the animals moved out, and fucking start over.
Why is it that parents and girlfriends never listen? "They're so cute, I'll just let them do it just this once" is NOT how to raise a pet. And then they keep doing that crap and wonder why the dog barks all the time and the cat is a jerk who won't listen.

It's to the point I tell people that if their significant other can't discipline a pet they need to dump them as they'll clearly be a crap parent and don't respect you or else they would listen when it comes to how they handle an animal that isn't theirs.

Fun fact: if the animal didn't act like a total jerk when you got it it means that the behaviors are YOUR FAULT.
Not just girlfriends, just...some people. I don't know. I love my fiance, and I love his mom, but my god does she drive us up the wall sometimes. Hence why we are getting out of here as fast as we possibly can. She just goes behind our back too much, and what really drives me crazy is that she'll agree to my face and doesn't consider it lying or being deceitful when she goes and does the exact opposite of what she said she wasn't going to do! I just have to drop it with her though because if I tell her that I feel like she lied to me, or went behind my back she says we're being 'hurtful' or disrespectful.

So I don't know man. Just some fuckin people don't change I guess.
He lives on a farm that has cctv though, as soon as you get within 10 feet of the entrance the dog starts barking like crazy until it can't see/hear you anymore.
Such a nice looking dog too, tfw it's probably never been on a good walk in its life.
Your training game is weak as fuck.
I know this retard.
Gets pets while claiming that previous don't love him. He's also a lazy person to the bone and can't raise an animal if his life depended from it.

He's getting a dog soon and I want to kill myself a lot because of it.
Also,for 2 months when the dog starts doing some shit he didn't expect he'll probably try to re-home him but will keep him and get another dog.

He's so retarded that I would punch his little autistic face into the ground.
I wouldn't consider an indoor cat on a table bad. Did you underline it that it's something you don't specifically want? Maybe I'm just lucky to know people who pay attention to what I'm saying, and we know each other well enough to know when to be extra specific or insisting.
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>in high school
>environmental science teacher thinks it'd be cool to have project with fish
>she buys around 7 guppies
>gets a bunch of two liter bottles
>puts one fish in each bottle, along with a single plant and a few pebbles at the bottom
>all fish died over the weekend, everyone else is surprised
>teacher wonders why they died

The teacher claimed to love animals, but she didn't seem to take care of them very well. Both of her bearded dragons got sick and died, and she tried to keep a tortoise in a cardboard box with a little bit of sand at the bottom.
>friends get a dog
>think Cesar is legit
>punch dog in the muzzle when she misbehaves, hard enough to hear a cracking sound
>don't let her look at or smell anything on walks; dog is never successfully leash trained
>dog pees inside repeatedly because they can't train dog worth shit
>get rid of dog on CL

They mean well, but I knew that dog when she was a puppy. She was high energy and sensitive, but very sweet. They failed her.
steal the dog in the middle of the night and take her to a vet
>she tried to keep a tortoise in a cardboard box with a little bit of sand at the bottom.
ok that whole post was frustrating af but that last part actually triggered me
>don't let her look at or smell anything on walks

Oh jesus fuck this. When I was 12-13 I had a friend with a little mop dog and whenever they would walk it if it tried to sniff a thing they would tug it so hard it would yelp. I used to take it out at night when everyone was asleep so it could,ya know, be a dog.
Oh ya, I've had many (polite might I add) talks with her about why I don't want MY cat on the tables and how it's going to be very difficult to train out when we move. She just agrees and then goes behind my back anyway.

And the reason I don't like the cat on the table and counter is because those are places where we place our food. Anywhere else I don't really care, but when that cat goes straight from the litterbox to the table, I get disgusted and clean it off. I really don't care what she does with her cat because it's HER cat, but I don't want my cat doing that. But again, she doesn't care.

i would be beyond furious
That's funny. I've had the opposite problem. My two cats are allowed everywhere but the kitchen counters. When I eat at the table my cats will sit there on the table and paw at my food. Used to piss off my roommate's girlfriend. It was great. Worth the toxoplasmosis.
See that would drive me fucking crazy, I hate that shit. My dog isn't even allowed to sit and watch us while we eat, but I always make sure to either feed her before we eat, or right after dinner with a couple bites off our plates if it doesn't have anything bad for dogs.

But that's the thing, is it's your cat so you should be allowed to do whatever you want with them. With her it's just...ugh. She's a bit of a hypocrite. She wants respect from us but she refuses to give it in return.
OP here, another rage inducing thing happened today

>get in a female purebred GSD
>pretty nice but nervous
>everyone shits their pants over her because "oooo pretty dog"
>see her start to get nervous with so many people trying to reach in the bars of her kennel
>tell them to stop because she's showing signs of anxiety
>a father and his kid don't listen
>dad puts his hand back in
>tell him specifically to stop
>turn around to go back to getting their dinner
>he fucking does it again
>she lunges at him with teeth bared
>pulls his hand out just in time
>tell him if he continues I'll have to ask him to leave
>"hurr sorry but I've had German Shepherds before and I know what I'm doing blah blah blah"
>put up sign saying to not touch her kennel because she may bite and put a cover over the front
>turn around to keep going with evening meal
>not even 30 seconds later hear a squeal
>he was holding his daughter next to the kennel, pulled up the cover, and letting her reach her hand in
>the dog nipped her hard enough to break the skin
>poor dog has to be put on bite quarantine and secluded for 10 days
>will always have a mark on her record for biting a child
>tell him after he fills out an incident report to leave and never fucking come back

people are so unbelievably dumb
Girlfriends -- I wouldn't know.

Parents -- they're old and set in their ways, I guess. It took me ages to get my parents to feed their cats something decent. It was literally a conversation that lasted months and months. But the shit food was cheaper per can, and it was "essentially the same thing as that other food, the ingredients are the same" (exception of added cereals and vegetable protein) so that was what the cats ate.

We got things sorted in the end, but it took nearly a year after I got educated about proper feline nutrition for me to pass that knowledge on.

(Don't get me started on the sick dog that was starving itself "he's self regulating anon!/he's eaten one tiny mouthful in the past week and he's a German Shepherd that's supposed to weigh 85lbs" thing.)

Most teachers are complete morons.

Lesson of the day. Never trust anyone. Next time, physically go over and watch the guy until he leaves.
>punches dog in muzzle hard enough to hear a cracking sound

>they mean well.

fuck off

It's your fault for not stepping up and telling your friend off.
>rescue a severely abused and neglected english pointer looking mutt
>dog has no social skills, is afraid of everyone and anything, and has permanent injuries
>out for a walk 3 or 4 times daily keeping away from strangers
>other dog walker living near us sees us but we avoid her
>one day she sees us and heads straight for us with her dog in tow
>my dog tries to hide behind me as they approach
>douchebag lady waves and says it's ok for my dog to say hi to hers
>laughs and says her dog doesn't bite
>her dog is a massive ill behaved mutt that appears to have some mastiff in it
>my dog has his tail wrapped around his balls and his belly is nearly on the ground as he cowers behind me
>she claims she knows about dogs, then asks if he's a terrier
>I tell her my dog is a rescue and it's probably not a good idea for our dogs to mix freely
>she insists it's ok, she's good with dogs, and approaches closer
>her dog growls and I step backwards moving mine away
>I realize my dog pissed himself in fear as I step in it
>she proceeds to tell me I'm a bad 'pet parent' and need to train my dog
>I say whatever and ask her to leave, she's scaring my dog
>she leaves mumbling
>have to carry my dog home because he's too frightened to walk
>she then tells my landlord my dog is violent and I shouldn't be allowed to have him

I was raised around dogs. My dad was a dog trainer. Most of my extended family are hicks breeding and training several different kinds of animals including dogs. I only took this dog in because he needed someone to take care of him and no one else would. I don't claim to be the best with dogs, but what kind of fuckup sees a dog in that state and then proceeds to stress them further? Luckily my landlord knew the situation and told the lady to leave us alone.

Middle aged woman are the stupidest people on the planet.
Ya, I just straight up tell people no. At first I tried to be polite and say I was out training, and I would rather not, but people do the whole 'oh my dogs ok with other dogs though!' and completely disregard whatever you say.

Luckily I've learned, somewhat ashamedly, that I can sort of use that pitbull/bully breed look of hers to my advantage. So now when I get annoying people on the street wanting to walking up, even after I've said no two or three times, all I have to say is 'she's usually nervous and I don't know how she'll react'. Then they assume that that means she'll turn aggressive.

Hate that they assume that, but when your dealing with idiots that are going to put you at risk, best to just not take chances. Hell, I've even drug my dog across the road once just to get away from some doofus with a dog that was half her size. He wasn't handling his dog well and I was really afraid that if his dog started something, mine was going to finish it.
>such a beautiful breed.
>german shepherd
pick one
>Be checking under bonnet of car in driveway afterwork
>opposite neighbour comes out to collect bins from front of house
>her dog comes running at me from other side of street
>caught unawares as he ran up behind me
>kneejerk reaction to punch it
>luckily i dont
>instead i pet the dog Alfie
>keeps running between the my neighbour and me
>doesnt stop this shit
>finally finish up with car and walk to front door
>wave bye to neighbour and close the door as Alfie is just crossing lawn to the door
>Kek heartedly as he doesnt know what happened and looked dumbfounded that i disappeared

That dog was nice but i cant stand being the neediness of dogs especially when im trying to do something.
What did he even have to say tor himself? What a shitlord.

Something similar I saw about to go down about 2 years ago... guy has his shibe out at an open farmers market... pretty shibe and Inhave never seen one irl so of course I wanna see it. The color was sort of a mix between the red and sesame.

Anyways a kid came running up with his mom like five seconds later... I was just talking to the guy and mirin' his dog hut the kid wants to pet. I can tell right away the dog is uncomfortable with so many folks so I step back to give him some space but the kid is petting and it was uncomfortable. The mom took too long to get the hint but fortunately the dog didnt get too stressed out and bite.

I wanted to touch him though, I bet he has a nice mix of soft and course hair.

Once at a dog park too this lady pulled up with two dogs barking loudly in her truck. They are pulling at their leashes and barking barking as she struggles to get them in the dog park. She ended up standing around with the doberman who had a muzzle on and was straining on the lash and barking while the boxer/terrier mix ran around obviously unmannered playing kinda roughly. Like 6 people promptly left in disgust.

I dont know what that idiot lady was thinking.
ugh, that lady in the truck reminds me of something that happened yesterday

>3 girls pull in to the park in a rusty pick up truck
>they're all wearing pyjamas at like 3 in the afternoon
>automatically determine they are white trash
>they bring the dogs out
>a sharpei thats growling and barking already and 2 boxers (hyper but they seemed okay)
>GSD walks near the fence to greet them all
>sharpei FREAKS out lunging and snapping through the fence
>girl desperately tries to get him to sit
>obviously he doesn't listen
>brings him in anyway
i left at that point because it seemed like a fight waiting to happen and i didn't want my dog to get involved at all.

I don't understand people. Of course your dog needs to be socalized but if it's clearly aggressive for no reason at all, a dog park is not the place to do so...
>having a dog indoors
>having retarded parents with "we dindu nuffin" excuses

oh man, I feel your pain
that made me rage seriously, because my parents would most likely do something equally stupid.
>lets cat outside
>gato gets killed
>not punching her teeth out
wow, I wish I had self control like that
>volunteer at animal shelter
>one guy got fired because he tried to have sex with one of the dogs

that was a weird day
i even had a conversation with him before i found out what he did
a girl at mine got fired for playing with the dog's balls and making jokes about it all the time. it's sort of a zero tolerance type thing
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>be like 10 years old or something
>live in a house with a balcony
>my room has the door to the balcony in it
>want to have a little pond
>put a round concrete mixing tub (pic related) on the balcony and have it filled up with rain and snow during winter
>spring comes a long, been busy with research all winter looking for fish to put in, found no fish that fit my demands so just go to nearby canals to find some other animals
>catch a few water beetles, they look like turtles so they are allowed in, just like a sweetwater mussel and some plants
>it's a nice little biodome
so then my cousin (7 at the time) hears of it
>gets a tub as well, fills it up using his garden hose
>buys some plants from the store (he lived in the city so he didn't have many canals around)
>they are all meant for warmer water
>they die pretty quickly,
>he buys fucking goldfish for it
>the tub was round with a 1 meter radius and about 60 cm high
>can hardly blame the kid, he was only 7, but i try to convince him that it is not a good biodome
>he's having none of it, neither are his mom and my parents, i was only 10 at the time so they wouldn't really believe me, my father said something like "i had goldfish in a way smaller tank and it lived for a full year! this must be heaven for them!"
>few months later
>aunt asks me why i don't have any algae in mine, says her son's one is full of them
>turns out she had been throwing hands full of fish food in it daily
>driving down 2 lane, somewhat busy street
>35 mph but everyone goes at least 40
>guy in front of me slams on his breaks to a complete stop, luckily I don't hit him
>he stops there for a bit before darting off again
>assume it was an attempt at insurance fraud and continue on
>dog runs in front of my car, I slam on my breaks
>little tan pit bull looking female, running back and forth in the middle of the road
>there are two white teenage/young adult girls, one on the sidewalk of either side of the road
>assume they are there to try and catch the dog as she runs back and forth from one girl to the other
>the dog runs up to the one girl on my side of the road and sits down next to her obediently, tail wagging
>assume the girl has the dog now and try to drive off before it gets loose again
>suddenly the dog runs right in front of my car again
>one girl screams
>i somehow manage to stop in time
>i sit there for quite a while in fear that I would hit a dog, and realize the girls are actually calling the dog over to them when she was on the opposite side of the street
>they were trying to get the dog to cross the busy road multiple times, and the obedient little shit would do it
>finally was able to drive off without killing a dog, but it didn't occur to me until much later that they were probably attempting to kill the dog via someone's car
>tfw she probably did get hit eventually, and I bet the girls suckered someone into thinking they murdered two spoiled bitch's beloved pet and get compensation for it
Since when are big pointy ears not perfect and beautiful
>work at Petsmart in the pet care section
>not allowed to deny a sale, only to warn and discourage
>this guy comes in with a FUCKING HAMSTER
>like, just, a hamster. He's holding her. no box or cage or anything
>asks me to check the gender, because he somehow doesn't know
>it's obviously female
>we're a male store
>"Can I get a male hamster? I want to breed them."
>actually it's far more likely that a juvenile male will get fucking rekt by an older female
>"No, no, it'll work"
>do you have a plan for if they somehow do produce offspring?
>"it's fine, box it up"
>rage the entire time I'm getting the hamster ready
>give it a rub and a kiss, the last bit of happiness it'll ever have, before I send it off to its horrible death at the hands of some fucking idiot who doesn't know what he's doing
>sell hamster with smile on my face
>rest of the day is ruined

I fucking hate this job
that dude had one living hamster probably means the male you sold him had an above average chance of survival compared to the others you sold.
He was going to put him in the same cage as an older female. That's a fucking death sentence.
Oh and I also forgot to mention that he said that "my friend just gave her to me".

>not getting out of your car and yelling at them
Since when are they memedogs? I didn't know this.
they're the dogs of white trash, many times trying to copy police dogs to feel cool, around here at least.
Ah. I see. I'm not in America, so I was not aware of this. I do not pay attention to your race politics.
I work at an American shelter and these are the memedogs that make us cringe when they come in
>purebred labs (bonus points for yellow lab)
>any extreme brachycephalic dog (bonus points for pug or bulldog)
>shiba inu

we get all of them at least semi frequently, except for shibas. luckily they aren't as popular here as on the east coast
every time we get one in it's a fucking war zone the morning he/she becomes available, even if the dog doesn't have anything unique about them aside from breed. it's ridiculous
Ah. I'm from a country in the Southern Hemisphere where the APBT is heavily regulated, so of course that is the breed that all the assholes own.
Today while walking by border collie pup, see another border collie owner with a long coat black and white and a merle. Fuck ugly dogs, over weight, short snouts, poor back bone etc.
>woman hides around corner to wait for me
>asks questions like I'm selling a used car
>boy or girl? How old? What line? What's her prefix? Who are the breeders? Where are they? Literally like this, no time wasted
>I try to keep up and answer all her questions
>she's all smugfacw.jpg
>her black and white collie snarls and bites my dog.
>"probably your puppy jumping up" fucks off
It's been about 6 hours and I'm still seething or this fat whore and her shite dogs grilling me as if my dog had no pedigree when clearly her dogs were undermensch. I'm even more angry at myself for endulging that fat bitch as if I had to answer to her. She was obviously a collector of show dog rejects. Such ugly unfit aggressive dogs. I truly hope she gets raped to death. If I see her again I'm gunna parr the shit out of her or say some gay shit like "no lila we can't go say hello because that collie is aggressive because it has am irresponsible owner" and watch her die
My puppy shit in the bathroom and then covered it in toilet paper... Don't know if mad.
This is one of the reasons I shun fat people
Too bad you didn't get her info and call animal control on her dog for a 10 day quarantine
I hate the fats. But ima. Different person when I'm walking my dog, I talked to two retards about their Yorkie for about twenty minutes the other day, gotta socialise the puppy... Sadly.
Too bad I didn't just grip her by the tit and phlegm on her mouth m8
Not really a pet rage but still pissed me off

>Dog died a couple months ago and ready to start again
>Go to shelter
>Walking around and a volunteer comes up to me
>"What kind of dog are you looking for today"
>Explain to her that I enjoy long, calm walks and not into highly active, rock climbing everyday type of dog.
>"Well, what breed do you want?"
>Idc, just whatever fits
>Bitch gives me a snarky ass look
>"Well if you don't know what breed you are best suited for maybe you shouldn't get a dog"

I literally just left. I dont know why but that really got me.
Isn't that her fucking job!? To choose you a dog based on what you've told her... If you wanted a specific breed you'd go to a breeder Amirite?
Maybe she was ovulating. They can be snippy when they're ovulating.
I almost told her off but I'm too beta. I honestly could give two flying fucks less what breed it is, as long as we are a good fit for each other. I'm kinda depressed because my other dog was from this same shelter a good 12 years ago and I guess it's really gone down the shitter.
Good point. She should have been spayed.
I'm getting a meme dog german shepherd when I'm ready.

Yes, throw your anger unto me.
probably not her "job" since he said a volunteer. you should have asked to talk to a staff member of possible
>Live with room mate and cat
>Cat has issues with peeing on things
>Find out room mate doesnt clean litter box for weeks
>Literally a solid layer of shit and piss
>Scream at her to clean it. She whines about it. Says her cat cant help it.
>Cat ruins everything I own including couch.
>When he does clean the litter box she leaves it in a plastic bag right next to it
>Would you want to piss there? NO? what a fucking shock.
>Also has a beautiful blue tongued skink she wont clean her cage for over a year.
>Find out, me and the girlfriend clean it for her.
>Skink is lethargic and sickly.
>Doesnt feed it regularly or handle it ever.
>Killed two mice bc she didnt clean the cage.
>Killed her fish bc it got fin rot bc she didnt clean the tank.
>Blamed me for the fish.
>Fucking kicked her out.
This is true, but I didn't expect such a snarky ass remark from someone who is just there to walk dogs and clean up their shit.
This made me mad just reading it. Reminds me of my sister.

>Currently live together with sister (older)
>she has an adult bearded dragon
>noticed how bad it smelled and how weird it's shits looked.
>research on their diet how it's supposed to be 80% veggie and 20% meat
>She's always fed it just crickets, mealworms, and vitamin powders
>I tell her this, try to encourage her to make a very vitamin filled awesome salad and just portion it up over a few days.
>She says she'll do it
>It's been half a year and the poor thing is still on the wrong diet.
oh you are right about that, just saying speaking to a staff member would have been more helpful

at our shelter we don't really encourage volunteers taking on the role of customer service for reasons like this. especially since volunteers don't participate in behavior assessments and such, so may have incomplete or inaccurate info. but regardless that was rude as hell, I would call and complain to their front office, maybe she was wearing a name tag. they DEFINITELY don't want volunteers talking to potential adopters like that
No name tag but I could describe her to a fucking police sketch artist to a T. I guess the reason it got to me so much was that I was just browsing at that point, making note of the pups that I was interested in to talk the actual workers about and her saying that made me feel inadequate about how I was going about looking.
I think you should try again to get a pup. While you're at that place, complain to them about her behaviour and make her sound like the satan of shelters.
yeah, that's exactly why I'd call and tell them about it. something difficult is that even if you're a little bit rude to a member of the public they could very well just leave and go to a BYB (not that you would, but that's the general fear). I can't even count the number of times I said something about how a certain dog wouldn't be the best fit for a person for a certain reason and they started pulling the "well if you don't give me this dog I'll just go to a breeder!!" like a threat

but anyways, that's why volunteers like that really are shitty if they can't keep their mouth shut. sorry they were so bitchy with you
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You should have seen that one coming. Although it takes practice to truly gauge the depths of the retarded.
What're you supposed to do when they use that threat anyway?
where do these images with asshole jesus come from? there's another one in a different thread too.
>where do these images with asshole jesus come from?
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I haven't been spending enough time on other boards, obviously. /an/ isn't enough.

Not rage, so much as very, very awkward. This happened to me yesterday/this evening:
>a random little white ball of fluff dog rolls into our yard last night
>might've been a cavoodle or something
>clip it to a leash, call the number on its collar, take it back to its home because they're really close
>owners so thankful, the woman actually hugged me
>look at their address
>this is the home where that dog that used to start fights with my dog and come onto our property and steal things lived
>it was old, maybe it died and they got this little white thing to replace it
>maybe it's different people living here now, maybe they moved, i'm not good with faces anyway (i can remember a dog for years, but a face? nope)
>walking my dogs this evening
>see little white ball of fluff, owners, and old fight-dog which is thankfully on leash
>other owners see my dogs
>i see the moment when they both recognize me, the person who brought their dog home, and also the dog that their older dog was always scrapping with
>see the moment when the woman who hugged me considers waving then stops short with a jerk
>they give me the evils
>i decided to go in the opposite direction
I think I have to keep my cat away from me at all times now because the sound of it fucking loudly cleaning itself drives me insane. SLURP SLURP SLURP it does it all the fucking time, it never stops, and it still smells like shit. I'm fucking raging just thinking about the sound right now. Why does it have to clean itself fucking constantly? God fucking damn it.
>roommate used to breed hairless cats with his family
>insists on facebook that buying from breeders is better than adopting
>"animals from breeders are more expensive which means the people buying them can afford to give them a good life"
>about a year ago, adopted a persian
>she likes me and bf more than roommate
>a couple months ago
>"you know, when i adopted that cat, i was expecting unconditional love. i think i might get rid of her"

obviously if he doesn't want her we're keeping her, but anyway

>last month
>roommate brings home new hairless cat
>he hangs out with us whenever roommate doesn't have him shut up in his room

i have no problem taking the persian if he doesn't want her, she's so sweet, but our place is too small for this cycle to keep repeating with more and more cats
smile, grit your teeth, and say that's their choice but there's plenty of dogs that could potentially be a great companion for them. I've wanted to be a bitch right back to them so many times, but like I said a shelter's livelihood depends on how well you can kiss ass and be nice

>mfw said this to a woman once and she said "I don't want a companion, I want a cattle dog!"
>still makes me sad inside

give information to local shelter (if he gets em there), they wont give em out
Do you feel comradery with the middle aged male drunkard? They seem just as stupid but twice as violent/destructive.

My ex's dad fit the bill. Inherited all his money from his own dad then never did anything with himself again. Smokes a pack a day and walks around his tiny house bitching all day long. Sings to himself and laughs at his own farts then bitches when anyone else sang or passed gas. They have 8 cats currently. They all have cat aids. It's starting to get to the point where they're getting covered in strange growths and giant pustules. They also recently had fleas. The house is constantly filthy. All the guy does is bitch about it and have his son clean it up. The poor cats are terrified of humans and they reek. He'd rather let them die than take them to the vet.
>shelter has gone down the shitter
>one lady was smart with me! a bloo bloo bloo

Can't handle the bantz? Can't handle jack (rustles). Oh no she made a comment and I felt judged! What a cunt, amirite.

No really, you sound like a hyper sensitive baby man. Even if the shelter has "gone down the shitter" for other reasons, you sure didn't show it.

You poor sensitive flower.
Holy fuck you care this much about one comment. How boring is your day? How needy are you? You'd get ripped to bits in any culture that includes banter and sarcasm. You poor fucking baby.
Sorry our culture didn't hold us responsible for other people's acts of retardation. Oh, but you're the type to rag on a country without revealing your own.

A white picket fence has been a part of the suburban American dream bullshit since the 50s. Keep up.
>since the 50s.
the 1850's.

nobody reads Tom Sawyer anymore.
The only time I don't let a dog sniff something is if they pretty much run towards something and nearly break my arm on the leash. Usually if we're walking I'll let them sniff whatever, and just watch them, but behavior like that for me is a no-no

Should I let up a little?
Train her not to pull, anon. Look up a few different methods on youtube to get you started,
I've done this with multiple dogs, and it's very rare they pull on me. Just when it happens, I don't allow it. I walk a dog with an exceedingly high prey drive and the pulling happens occasionally. Usually I just have him sit and relax for a while, then walk again, but the pulling can get quite severe.
When it gets to the extent of pulling, you're doing it right. Just stop, make the dog sit, and wait patiently for a few seconds then continue on your walk.
>have girlfriend with country family
>hang out with her family one evening
>have to hear about all their failed attempts at owning goats, chickens, and rabbits while my girlfriend and her brother were kids
>they laugh and downplay the animals suffering
>I have to chuckle and act like they didn't torture animals
>they now own two hyperactive midget dogs and for some reason keep an unneutuerd lab in a pen outside all the time
>one midget dog is a needy little shit who always wants to play and the other is a fat chunky shit with an underbite so he looks like a cavemen which is ok I guess
They really did mean well, they were just really, really stupid and didn't know shit about dogs. They thought that hitting dogs was just part of training a well-rounded pet.

I did. Their reaction was, "It's okay, dogs hurt each other in the wild, we have to show her that we're the alphas, don't tell us how to raise our dog."

I should probably mention that I'm not friends with the dog-puncher anymore.
What the fuck is this faggots problem? He's being a total hypocrite to the point of cringe worthiness. Holy fuck, I'm actually laughing over here
You're kidding, right? One comment, from one women, caused a chain of posts and a load of asspain. The person who originally posted the comment about being offended, is indeed, a bitch, and cared so much about it as to pay on the Internet about being scared away from adopting a dog because of it.

Defend it all you like, it's childish behavior. They could have easily stayed and talked to someone else or asked to meet the dogs or a whole load of other options, but instead they ran. They ran away from one comment.

Tell me that's a socially well adjusted human being.
Post, not pay.

Using phone on train.
I think what's childish is you not realizing that almost every business and customer relationship works like that. Go into a restaurant and get a bitchy waitress? Most often the customer will get up and leave because that's bullshit customer service. Same thing if you go into a store asking for help and the staff basically tell you to find it yourself.

Defend it all you want, but you're the only one who thinks that guy is in the wrong.
No, as someone who has worked in the customer survice industry and traveled across the untied states, and China, I can tell you that only bitches let little interactions scare them away or bother them. It's a tiny itty-bitty part of one's life that means nothing unless you choose to turn it into something by letting it bother you.

You'd hate waiting staff in Hong Kong or other parts of China. They don't suck your dick, they provide quick, efficient service as they can, and they'll blow you off completely if you act offended.

It's very childish, and the adults who are easily offended are just a pain to deal with and have very thin skin/high self importance.

Then again, there's a prominent sector of animal lovers who are so socially maladjusted as to be so sensitive and run away from any situation that is outside of their comfort zone or expectations.
So you got in trouble for bitching at a customer and are now buttmad because it was "unfair"
Could you possibly be projecting any harder?
Jeez some of these are so bad. I'll go.

>in high school there was this girl who was always running around screaming and shit
>anyway she always used to show people pictures of her fucking pets, I think her parents thought they would help with the autism or some shit
>first she had a dog (little terrier or something idk it was like 3 years ago) but it had to get re-homed after a year or so because she used to poke it's eyes and yell at it and shit
>her parents toned it down and bought her a rabbit
>a few months later she comes in crying because she left the hutch open and it took its chances in the great outdoors
>then for Christmas they buy her a hamster
>they used to padlock the cage and shit
>guess what, she fucking killed this one by squeezing it so hard she broke its fucking spine

She moved schools after that but I can only hope her parents stopped buying her animals jfc
This is not America and I don't own the property so much as just live here -- I can't make modifications like putting up fences without landlord permission, which I do not have.
kek, you'd get fired from a shelter in a week. but then again all you can do is bitch about working in china, like that's some great standard or something.
OP here yet again. This situation has been going on for a few months

>get in a GSP that animal control picked up
>unfixed and unchipped, but he's wearing a tag with a phone number so try to call the owner and stray hold is 5 days instead of 3
>owner is really happy we found him, says he'll pick him up tomorrow, etc. talks about being homeless and couch surfing so "it's hard to keep him contained sometimes"
>doesn't show up next day, big suprise
>fucker doesn't show up or return our calls until fifteen minutes before closing on the LAST DAY of the stray hold and he finally comes down to get the dog
>doesn't have proof of current rabies so dog has to be vaccinated before leaving
>he can barely afford it so our customer service manager takes pity and waves all the fees
>offer him an option through a private grant to neuter and microchip the dog for free
>he refuses and leaves
>animal control brings in a dog two weeks later
>same fucking GSP except thinner
>piece of shit guy does the same exact thing
>hope to god we never see that dog again
>two months later ACO says they're bringing in a GSP that was tied to a pile of trash and that he looks familiar
>oh god no...
>this time the owner is calling every day and asking about the dog
>talking about how he has a job now and is doing better, blah blah blah
>begs us to extend the stray hold for two weeks while he moves into a new place
>despite the entire kennel staff saying absolutely do not, customer service manager does it anyway
>he shows up 5 minutes before closing on the last day
>CSM asks him if this is really what's best for the dog, if he can really care for him, etc
>guy insists he's changed and he won't be back



>doubtful but can't legally keep the dog from him
>last week, guess who animal control brings in?
>the same poor dog but he's far skinnier and left outside when it's cold as hell here
>he has no ID and piece of shit doesn't try calling us, so we can do an only 3 day hold
>on the last day owner calls us drunk out of his mind on his friend's phone
>try to tell him the dog is legally ours if he doesn't get his ass to the shelter by 5pm that day
>so dunk he doesn't understand and keeps saying random shit
>tell him to call us back when he's in his right mind
>hang up on him
>dog is getting sent to be neutered and microchipped today
>he's going up for adoption wednesday
>owner still hasn't called us back
>severeal great families are already calling and asking about him

if he ever gets another dog I'll want to stab my eyes out
No, just that your perspective is tiny. That you don't need to be made to feel important and perfect if you're in an interaction. That if one little comment makes you leave a place because you feel judged you're thin skinned and can't handle the bantz.

But hey, you probably make up that group of animal lovers that can't socialize with humans unless they tread on glass.

It's like elderly people who don't get out much. There's a group of them that can handle banter and can deal with whatever kind of reaction as long as they're getting what they need (a dog in this instance) and there's a group of them that need to be made to feel important and necessary or they'll bitch about it (the poster in this thread). I've dealt with them in the service industry.

My point has been made in multiple ways with different analogies. If you don't get it, then you're probably one of those people who get insulted easily.

And I have worked at a shelter. Volunteered at one over a summer in high school. Never had an issue, but had plenty of "those" people who can't handle human interaction and can't deal with things that fall outside their expectations. Also other people who volunteered who were total autists and literally could not look a human in the eye. It was the kind of place where they'd refuse people who would not be suitable owners. They had me do it because I would keep my cool even when wannabe pet owners would lose their shit at me. I could explain exactly why the shelter wouldn't give them a dog or a cat in clear cut words.

But yeah, I totally deserved to be fired, amiright.
>Volunteered at one over a summer in high school
>thinking this is even remotely similar to being staff

can't tell if troll or just massively inflated ego

i don't even understand what your point is except self-gratification. are you saying anything or just bragging?

>people get offended sometimes

what is bad about being "thin skinned"? i would actually challenge you to quantify what that means in any meaningful way. some people are less adept at wading through the world of extroverts, it doesn't make them any "worse" as people, if that's what you're trying to imply.

you seem like you're pretty young and still trying to figure things out, but the sooner you learn to appreciate the skills of people regardless of the strength of their outer mien, the more successful (and probably happy) you will ultimately be.
An ex co-worker of mine with a male Labrador (no papers though) which she called "golden labrador" told me she was going to get a female puppy (obviously to backyard breed).

I asked her to be careful because the male would attempt to mate right away even if she was too young but she said it was np and they could breed at any time, "she would be prepared"...

Don't really know what else happened, since she never posted puppy pics. But she did post some pictures of the female dog, calling her "my baby" and stuff like that.

Recently I saw a post saying she was giving her away because she couldn't have dogs anymore becauce of her new son...

Yeah sure, your "baby".
Lol what a tiny thing to focus on. They never claimed that.
>"they never claimed that"
>I have worked at a shelter
>Volunteered at one over a summer in high school

except that's exactly what he said

>implying you aren't samefagging
See, autism. Point made. You're just trying to insult me instead of making any kind of point. I'm 36 if it makes you feel any better.

There will always be people who get insulted overt the smallest thing. Did you forget this all started because someone was so service l sensitive that they left a shelter because they couldn't handle a woman asking them what kind of breed they wanted? That they felt judged by her then ran away?

Like I said, made my point. You can keep thinking what you want. There will always be hyper sensitive people who can't navigate around people not treating them like royalty. There are places where this is the norm, and you learn that it means nothing. To make it short for you.

where did i insult you? the only person who is tossing insults around is you. yeah, it's a little annoying that you have no desire to do any actual thinking in this thread and just try to preach (whatever it is that you're really preaching) but i don't feel particularly offended by it. it's a little annoying that you have such a high opinion of yourself but aren't actually backing anything you're saying up with logic, but we're all pretty used to that around here.

who is really the person who's unable to "navigate around" people? the ultra-sensitive? the ultra-arrogant? as far as the topic of the original discussion, i'm not trying to say it's anyone's "fault" that whoever felt judged by a pretty harmless question. what i'm objecting to is your attitude. and yeah, you can say i'm "insulted" by it and being autistic and asspained or whatever. you can even go so far as to believe it if it makes things easier for you. i won't mind
well that was fun until the self-important faggot showed up to argue about nothing. rip thread
>You're just trying to insult me

Can't handle the banter?
Volunteers, especially new ones, have ideologies that often do not fit that of what the animal shelter stands for. I am all for the idea that 'purebred' dogs at a shelter may not actually act like their apparent breed.

Volunteers OFTEN start with the idea that if you aren't feeding your dog a raw diet and spend 95% of your time with him then you're a bad owner... The shelter generally just wants the animal to go to a good home that can care for the dog, and hopefully they will never see the dog again unless it gets too old/sick and needs to be euthanized. I've had to do adoptions with volunteers, and their red flags can be ridiculous, whereas the shelter doesn't even need proof that you live in a place that allows dogs to take one home.

Just today I was about to show someone a boxer/lab mix puppy. Had the puppy out in the pen, all ready to go and tell her about puppy stuff, but she was talking to one of our volunteers so I waited just on the other side of the fence until she was done. Afterwards, she walked away towards her car. I had to flag someone down to stay with the pup while I ran after her but she drove off pretty quick. God knows what turned her away.

I think you should go back and remember volunteers =/= employees. And if an employee says something like that to you, I'd ask to see a manager. Sometimes the employees are dipshits too.

At the shelter I work at, these are often times empty threats because they are usually made by poor niggers or white trash that are only looking at the dog because it's $25-50 and they can't afford anything better (and they usually are upset because we won't haggle price).
I wish that was the case at ours. it's usually it's the lower middle class white trash that get mad they won't get their way, think everyone should bow and kiss their ass and should be allowed to do whatever they want because they're considering adopting, but are so dumb they think the 200$ lab puppy they saw on Craigslist is show quality just because the BYB put "pedigree" in the title of the add. it's pretty ridiculous

you guys don't ask for landlord approval? at our shelter before we send a dog home we run their address through a private website database of addresses (I can't remember the name since it's our front office's job to do) to see if it really is their name on the contract. otherwise we need to get written or on the phone landlord approval, and if the dog is a pitbull then they need to specify that it's okay to have a pitbull on the property. sometimes seems dumb, but since we started doing it haven't had a single dog returned because of angry landlords, which was a big problem before
I have something unfortunately incredibly similar

> For years, big giant mastiff type dog has been in and out of our shelter on stray holds
>Same guy, just loses his dog at least twice a year for 3 or 4 years
>He is always able to pay fucking ridiculous fines
>tells us his dog is his 'money-maker' and he needs him
>h uses this dog to breed, and makes quite a profit on literally mutt puppies because they are huge and scary looking
>He's always an asshole about when we find his dog, like he'd rather have him still lost
>He always blames us for the fees and says we keep his dog on ransom, when the fines are given out by the police and profit the county, and not the animal shelter
>he always shows up on the very last day
>one day this past fall he doesn't show up on the last day
>quickly fit him in for a neuter the day after his hold is up
>he gets fixed, the owner calls us back and is absolutely livid
>claims we don't own his dog or have the right to ruin him, but the law is on our side
>explain he could adopt the dog for a fraction of the price of the fines
>he doesn't want his dog back because he is useless to him now
>Felony, re-named Fenji, got a new home within days
And from one guy's story, you're getting this ass-pained. Tell me how that's not the exact same thing.

Also, did you read the story? She was a complete bitch. She told a potential adopter to not adopt a dog for a ridiculous reason, which is actually a pretty big fucking deal for a shelter that needs people to adopt in order to support itself and the animals. Imagine if she were your employee and you saw this happen. Your livelihood is at stake, and she shits on it. Now, are you gonna be mad at her or the faggot she turned away?
But you seem to misunderstand. Even in China, if a waiter refuses to give a customer service for no valid reason, people will get upset with them. No Chinese waiter is gonna say "Maybe you shouldn't eat here"
Sadly no. Manager says that these people are adults and we need to let them make adult decisions and not 'belittle' them and treat them like children. We used to check landlords... Hell we had a list that some of us were able to even remember if they allowed dogs. But we simply are not allowed to do that anymore.

And now, our two main reasons for surrender are moving and landlord issues.

We do get a ton of people who act like they deserve to have their assholes rimmed because they are looking at a dog in a shelter. I get the 'you should give us free vet care because we are taking this dog off your hands' probably two or three times a week. But that's the life in adoption centers
>bringing up China again
>in a discussion about an American shelter
Considering you're getting this involved in this argument, I can tell you would be upset if someone said "one little comment" to you in real life that was as rude as the person in the story. Do you get people denying you things a lot? Doesn't sound like it.

Look, the storyteller could've reacted better and put the woman in her place instead of leaving. This is true. But does that mean his anger isn't justified? Absolutely fucking not, she was an ignorant shit.
>I'm 36
Hahahaha, Jesus, that does make me feel better. God damn, my life is looking so good right now. Thank you for that.
Holy shit, you just revealed that you didn't even fucking read the original post. She asked the breed and he responded that he didn't care. So then she said that he shouldn't even get a dog, which is ridiculous and rude as fuck.

You're getting upset over being insulted, and that's EXACTLY what the storyteller was doing. You stupid piece of shit, learn to read.

Fuckin OWNED

I think she's on her period

I completely agree with you.

Working on customer service has taught me so much about people... I mean, obviously somebody being RUDE to you sucks and you should report to the manager, but just being direct with you is something else. It sucks to have to treat people like gods or else you can get fired...
Since furries became obsessed with them
I bet it was a husky
uuuh he tried to stick his pænus into a dog right there at the shelter? i can't figure this out at all, it makes no sense

>playing with the dog's balls
>it's sort of a zero tolerance type thing
idunno why but i kek'd roundly. wtf is with people. was it one dog or just "the dogs" in general?
it was multiple dogs. and remember, doing sexual things with animals is (rightfully so) considered fucked up by most people who aren't ass deep in the Internet filled with furry porn and shit. making jokes about fucking animals, in a place dedicated to helping them includung taking in abused ones, is an absolutely stupid thing to do. we would have done the same thing if they were talking about fighting the dogs or something. it's completely against the company culture
>lady comes in to surrender dog
>says the dog is too much for her, can no longer keep it, etc etc
>everything goes smoothly with the process, dog is very friendly
>she leaves, we begin to the normal routine
>make a place for him to sleep, check for a chip
>surprise, he actually has a microchip
>search microchip up, call the number just to make sure
>woman picks up, explain her dog was surrendered here
>she is livid and immediately knows who did it, and obviously wants the dog back
>claims it was her mother; she came to visit her, took her dog for a car ride and didn't come back
>the mother drove 3 hours to surrender the dog to this shelter
>mother comes back, also livid
>daughter must have told her what happened because we tend to try and keep this shit quiet so we don't have to deal with angry people
>mother tells us not to give the dog back, we tell her we can't do that, then she says we aren't allowed to give the dog back
>says we are endangering the life of a child if we give the dog back
>when we asked her to explain further, she says the dog pooped on the floor while she was over, which is apparently endangering the life of the child
>the dog did nothing else of concern, just poop on the floor next to the door
That being said the dog is going back to it's owner
what a horrible cunt.

heh yeah it's kinda like running a sexual assault safehouse and using it to find dates
God that's dreadful. we had a situation like that with rabbits recently, but thankfully not as bad

>guy comes in and has two stray rabbits
>he says he and his son found them and they tried finding the owner but couldn't
>take them in and impound them
>put them on our website as "found" so an owner could potentially see them
>get a call the next day
>turns out the son is in California for a work trip and the dad agreed to care for them while he was gone
>dad took them to us instead
>son won't be able to come back for at least three weeks
>we can't extend stray holds past 5 days
>tell him the rabbits would likely be adopted before he gets back
>luckily he got a friend to get the rabbits for him
>the dad got charged with animal abandonment
Oh man, that reminds me of a much more upsetting story

>lady brings in her two dogs via animal control as owner surrenders
>two boxer siblings, very friendly
>she claims they are aggressive and fight each-other and attacked her
>when questioned about the attack, she claimed she was feeding the two dogs when they started to fight, and she put her hand between them to get them to stop
>ask her what medical care she got or where she went to to get her hand looked at, she stumbles and said she didn't need medical attention
>ask about how she feeds her dogs so we don't get our asses bit
>she explains that she feeds them once a day with one bowl to share, which explains why one dog is emaciated and explains the fight
>because the dogs technically are considered dog aggressive, food aggressive, and aggressive towards people, there is no chance in hell that they will be adopted out
>because she contacted ACO about it, we are forced to accept the dogs even though they will just be euthanized after the 10 day hold
>go about routine, check for microchips and contact the number
>owner is on a summer vacation in Alaska, and the lady that surrendered these dogs was her friend who agreed to take care of them while she was away
>explain what happened, how her friend was taking care of them, etc and owner is rightfully very upset
>owner won't be back for another month to claim the dogs, no relatives or friends she trusts to claim dogs for her
>we put the two boxers on a 7 day stray hold after their 10 day bite hold to see if anyone will claim them
>both dogs ended up being euthanized
I don't even know if there is a moral behind this story besides 'trust no one'
the real murral is for people to spay and nuder their damn pets. if we weren't so overrun with animals in general there'd be less strain, and more reasonable ways to manage exceptions like these ones. too many unwanted animals around to begin with 2bh stepfams
Look at this bleeding heart, thinking that hitting a dog with a flip flop will turn it into a super aggressive killer dog

My dogs used to shit in the garage when I keep in there during cold nights. He shat once and I took him to the shit and yelled "NO" for like 2 minutes while smacking him with a 99¢ Walmart flipflop like 4 times. Never shat again.

Dogs aim to please
Story from like 5 years ago

>Have Brittany (used to be labeled as Brittany Spaniel)
>Love her, super sweet dog
>No leash training
>Chokes herself even while I'm running
>Too fast
>Too loyal
>Never ran away from home even if gate open
>Fat uncle brings new dog to my house
>Annoying shit, doesn't stop whining/barking
>Gusty morning one day
>Get back from high school
>See gate open
>"No worries, she's there"
>Not there
>Remember that dogs stay together
>Remember retarded mutt uncle brought
>Beloved Brittany gone forever

Fuck you uncle
Fuck you Bebo, you ugly ass mother fucking mutt
Anon is just saying people that need to resort to hitting animals to train them are weak, and I have to concur. Nothing shows stable mind and emotions like losing control on a dumb animal.
>hits large 80lb dog with cheap 99¢ flip flop
if it was such an insignificant act then why did he do it/why did it work?

you don't have to resort to negative conditioning to get a dog to do what you want.
it's not even about "hurting" them, in many cases. it's about someone being too incompetent or uneducated on dog training/behavior to use other (more effective) methods
>blaming others for your dog running away

>if it was such an insignificant act then why did he do it/why did it work?
Who the fuck said it was insignificant? It's a secondary reinforcement to the yelling. It's not meant to hurt, it's meant to reinforce the negative connotations that come with shitting inside the garage.

>dog shits
>owner dismisses it, cleans it up
>dog shits again
>owner cleans it up
Insanity is doing the same shit over and over again and expecting different results

>Beloved dog shits
>gets yelled at is "hit" with flip flop
>Dog doesn't shit again
>Dog is petted
>Dog is happy
>I am happy

You can't be this dense to not understand the point of "hitting" a dog. The "hitting" I'm doing doesn't even come close to the yelling. It's just tacked on for better results.
Is losing control supposed to show that you didn't lose control?

>scared of new people

My dog tries to kiss them to death, and he's usually a wuss.

What's the deal with small dogs hating other small dogs? My Jack Russell will ignore Pitbulls and Wolfhounds but absolutely hates Terriers.

Sometimes you need to just break the cycle to calm them down, like with children.

Dogs respond more to body language and tone of voice than touch, but if they are going mental, a quick tap will snap them out of it.

Train the dog to open doors. My dog just runs at a door and shoulders it open, because he knows we generally don't close them and that they open inwards.
This. My dogs will go crazy each time food comes out. To keep them form going after the first bowl and fighting for it, I will shout a, "HEY!!". That shit gets their attention quick.
File: images23.jpg (88KB, 634x764px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 634x764px
my god, you're dense

>>dog shits
>>owner dismisses it, cleans it up
>>dog shits again
>>owner cleans it up
>Insanity is doing the same shit over and over again and expecting different results
maybe if you're a moron that doesn't understand you need to also reward the desired behavior (shitting outside) to have the dog do it again. punishment training is also known to more commonly result in reemergence of the undesirable behavior or the dog just doing it when the owner isn't around the enforce it. and it's also known to take longer because you're just telling the dog what they shouldn't be doing and not what they SHOULD be doing. it makes training take longer and and be less effective
how much of a miserable yuman being could someone be. jfc
>Dog doesn't shit tail
>Reward him
>Dog wags his tail
>Reward him
>Dog breathes
>Reward him

You want to reward behavior that is expected from a trained dog?
no one suggested that at all though.

Unless you think dogs are born house trained like they are born with the ability to digest food.
It's called positive reinforcement training. It's widely used for both pets and animals at zoos. You're obviously not rewarding them breathing, just behaviors you want them to continue to do.

man. oh man, oh man.

how does the dog learn what is "expected" behaviorally?
>compares breathing to potty training

pretty sure you're grasping at straws m8
By getting hit a million times by doing what it isn't supposed to do
Anon I'm so sorry. I hate cats but I've taken care of them before for months. It's not hard. How do you fuck up taking care of a cat?

I underestimated the power of a hawk

This is infuriating. I know guppies are lowly fish but seriously, 2 liter bottles and no filtration?

This is why I literally do not trust my dogs with anyone but myself and my ex.
Every time I talk about hesitation to move or go on vacation because of my dogs, my family and friends say "hurrr just ask "x" or "y" or "z" to watch them how hard can it be"
If I let some asshole that I "trusted" watch my dogs and I come to find out they were starved and then taken to the pound and EUTHANIZED, I would literally, without hesitation fucking murder that person.
that story fucking boils my blood. Who the fuck can you trust nowadays.
It's tragic. They really never socialized this dog and have no intention of doing so. Like I said, he even uses potty pads...poor guy doesn't know the outside world.

I've got an elderly terrier that gets nervous around other dogs, and I can't tell you how many times we've had to shout at other owners to stop pushing their ~pweshus babies~ towards our shaking, whale-eyed dog.
Upsetting is an understatement, this is pure rage inducing lawsuit material.
wow holy fuck, I hope the owner beat the shit out of her friend at least
I'm not a regular on this board, but something I saw today made me absolutely fucking sick to my stomach. I'm no expert on animals, but I've had various pets my whole life and think mistreating them is a heinous crime.

>At work
>Co-worker had gone home, by myself
>Shop is busy
>Serving customer
>See over their shoulder on the footpath just outside the shop
>Little black, what looked like to be a lab, puppy cowering in fear
>Male owner kicking it from behind repetitively
>Female owner strangling the dog with its leash
>Poor thing is too terrified to move, which makes the owners kick and wrench it forward more until they drag it out of sight
>Couldn't leave the shop
>Serve customers as quickly as possible
>Run outside
>Can't find the scum who were doing it
>Record date and time to see if our cameras caught it, asked neighbouring shops with no luck
>Ask two police who came in as customers, they tell me they can't do anything unless it's in action and tell me to report it to the RSPCA if I can get proof
>Most likely the cameras missed it due to the angle of the outside view

God, I'm furious and morose. I'm going to do my best to follow it up but I doubt I'll have much luck.
>read this
>both parents have trained multiple animals successfully
I used to think adults, that can't handle animals are the exception.
>does the exact opposite of what she said she wasn't going to do!
So what's the problem?
You did the right thing op, those kind of people are awful and they would ve horrible pet owners.
I salute you.
Maybe you should brush your fucking cat.
I know it sounds shitty, but if you find the right boarding place, they will keep extremely aggressive dogs in good condition for years before doing something about it.
And I know this because a boarding kennel near us had ACO bring in a shar pei and akita that were aggressive as fuck that they kept for 3 years with no contact with the owner. Owner left them there and ran off I guess, only paid the kennel for 5 days boarding. And somehow they managed to take care of these big, aggressive dogs. We had to reinforce our kennels for them because they were threatening to break through. I could barely stand taking care of them for 5 days, I can't imagine how they took care of them for 3 years. We had to give them water via hose through a cage, and pole them into a part of the kennel that could be closed off to the rest of the kennel just to feed them.

We called the owner and let them know our policies, all of which align with the state's laws for animal welfare and found animals. We actually pulled strings and did something we shouldn't have done, which was drop another 7 day stray hold on the animal after the bite quarantine, because the 7 day stray hold should have happened during the 10 day bite quarantine. We aren't supposed to 'play favorites' with animals that, by the surrender's story (which we do need to take into account as truth unless an investigation were to happen) is aggressive and a potential hazard.

As far as suing the women in charge of care goes, it's iffy because of the weird limbo pets are in; somewhere between creatures with basic rights and objects with no rights. I'm not sure if the women who surrendered would technically be considered the owner if she took care of the dogs for two weeks (which is how the state defines if you are the owner and responsible for the well being of an animal)

I never heard anything in the news about a women getting the shit kicked out of her, so I assume they just cut contact after that.
Maybe some pet store employees have had to deal with something similar;
>walk into petsmart for supplies
>see a middle aged, maybe older man with a black lab puppy outside
>puppy is maybe 4-5 weeks old, still not great at walking and stumbles from time to time
>puppy has no leash, no collar, and is running on the sidewalk freely
>when puppy runs away from him or can't keep up, the man picks the dog up by the scruff, slaps him in the face and says 'no!' very sternly
>probably won't kill the pup, but it's very fucking stupid
>I muster up some courage and try to tell him he may want to pick his dog up once in the store
>I don't even finish my sentence before he tells me he is training his dog to follow him where ever he goes, he's been training dogs before I was even born and he knows what he is doing
>fine whatever let him go
>he walks inside with his young un-vaccinated puppy in an area where hundreds of dogs, some that may be sickly or carrying viruses, walk through within a day
>his puppy ends up running under one of the display shelves and employees have to help him get the puppy out
>does the same scruff punishment, employee advise him not to do that
>he goes on his expert training rant and how he needs to be dominant, and that employee's dog probably walks all over him and owns him
>his puppy runs off and runs over to (thankfully) friendly dogs, the owners called out and waited for the guy to retrieve his dog
>guy finally gets them and says to the other owners 'jesus it's just a puppy, it won't kill anyone'
>try to avoid him and talk to a friend volunteering at the cat care area
>dick and his puppy go over there, he holds his puppy up to the cats, some of the cats hiss and growl while puppy yips
>Volunteer asks him to leave, I decide to just grab my shit quickly and leave before I have to witness a dog attack

>get outside, he is outside too. I just can't fucking get away from him
>it's dark and raining now, he's reading his receipt and not paying attention to his puppy
>I just tell him to be careful and I rush to my car because I don't want to be involved
>wait in my car until I see he has left, because I literally can not see his fucking dog whatsoever
>sure enough a minivan drives through the parking lot and seemingly rolls over the puppy
>the lady gets out of the vehicle and is bombarded by the guy
>poor lady is in tears and shuffles through her purse
>puppy is still alive and moving, must have only ran over a leg or tail or something
>the guy still scruffs and punishes the dog

I just couldn't stand it anymore. Unfortunately I couldn't think of anything he was doing being illegal except maybe buying a dog before 8 weeks old and having a dog not contained (which I'm not sure was even enforced in that area). I doubt his punishment wouldn't be considered abuse, until the dog got older and picking it up by the excess skin on it's neck caused a considerable amount of pain. Just another awful owner that thinks he's a great owner. Way too much of that going around
Breach of trust + destroyed property + emotional damage
In civil law this would be a case, dunno about America
Cataracts and rotten teeth at 6? What the fuck did they do?
>work at a falconry
>guy comes in with barn owl in a plastic storage box, little creature looks terrified
>The guy bought the owl as gift for his Harry Potter obsessed daughter and they kept it in a parrot cage
>He wanted to get rid of it because the owl attacked anyone that tried to get it out of its cage.
>My blood is boiling from the idea of keeping an owl in such a tiny cage in some tweens room all this time.
>Owl has damage to his tail and wign feathers probably from his tiny, sad cage.
>Try to be nice and just smile it of with a ''don't worry we'll take great care of him''
> When they leave I see the girl inside of his car and she's the most stereotypical geek gril 13-year old just sobbing in the car because she lost her special snowflake pet.
> When they left we took a look at the owl and it's the saddest heap of feathers I've ever seen
> He makes zero social contact, doesn't react to any kind of interaction and barely eats.
>It's like he's a statue and probably crying inside
> In the end one of my coworkers took him with her since she has aviaries for owls at home and he's doing a bit better now

I'm glad he's doing better now in the end but I've seen these things happen often. In my country you can just buy a barn owl for like 20 bucks without any kind of license. Even big owls like eagle owls are 200 at top. I've heard a story from a falconer how he reported someone for animal abuse when he found out they had a snowy owl in a parrot cage in their living room.
that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of
I worked at a boarding kennel. I have scars from that time. Never been headbutted like that though
Did this actually happen?
Its more ignorant owners>>2006358
Cataracts I don't know anything about. But like I said, they constantly give him table scraps. I'm assuming they feed him a shitty quality dog food and never brush his teeth.
I actually hope it dies soon just so it will be out of his misery
They tried.
As much as I hate the SJW scene and stuff. This is something that would be good to record and put online to sic Facebook on.
Holy fuck George tell me about the rabbits.
>all these people hating on Cesar
I trained all 3 on my dogs based on his methods
One was a little hyper but well enough behaved, others were chill af, never chewed shit up, never shat anywhere they weren't supposed to, never misbehaved, always friendly.
I just got lucky I guess?
Every fucking day of my life is trying to convert the lazy and the arrogant
>work at animal adoption facility
>adopt out our shelter animals, but also help people find other rescues/shelters, reputable breeders, and steer people towards certain breeds or what they should look for in a dog
>young man comes in wanting a Caucasian Shepherd
>ask him what he knows about them; literally nothing
>I explain the breed a bit to them; they are difficult dogs to handle, he tells me that isn't true
>explain they are naturally wary of strange people and strange dogs, tells me that's not true
>I get on a computer, tilt the screen and google it for him to give myself some credit; claims that several kennel clubs are not true
>He says he is more than ready to handle the dog because he has owned a Doberman when he was 8
>tell him dobermans are very easily trainable and the dog he is looking at is not, is prone to aggression, and potentially gets well over 150 lbs
>I tell him training is very important for this breed and small fuck ups could create it into a monster he can't handle
>he says he isn't planning on training the dog, and that all that stuff comes naturally
>I suggest that he foster some shelter dogs so he would have a better understanding of dogs and more experience, because breeders look for those things with these breeds
>currently his only dog experience is a doberman he had at 8 and he's 'naturally good with dogs'
>i must have triggered him, he goes off on a tangent
>he doesn't want to even temporarily house 'some fucked up, ill-bred shitty dog' and he wants a puppy
>he says having an adult dog is an actual 'death sentence'
>'if I raise it, it will never be aggressive and I will be able to trust it'
>decide this is going no-where, ask him some basics on what he will provide for care so I can offer to find him breeders that will deny him
>1-2 half hour walks a week, is not willing to groom at all ('because they don't need it'), no training because having it from a puppy is enough, no socialization because he doesn't believe the breed is actually prone to stranger aggression
>I say I am willing to help him every step of the way, but he would need to actually take my advice for it to be of any use
>claims he has seen the elderly walk this breed with no issues and the elderly had no prior experience with dogs and had no hoops to jump through with the dogs and they behaved like perfect little angels
>he says I'm over-reacting and making mountains out of mole hills and he will get one from a pet store and storms off
Good luck, pal.
This is where I wish we could have a follow up to see how much he screwed up
It was only a month or so ago, and I really really pray a real Caucasian Shepherd breeder would screen and question their potential adopters and deny him. Of course, as someone who has to screen people, I know when I'm the only thing between a puppy someone wants, potential adopters become amazing liars. I have a feeling what will instead happen is he will get a BYB spits type mutt being labeled as the meme dog, and as a spits type it will be medium energy, easy to handle, and relatively easier to train. And in his mind he will be the most amazing dog whisperer ever because he tamed the Great Meme Dog. God help him and that dog if he does manage to bag one, though

I see many people a day adamant about X breed when they really aren't fit for it, and won't hear anything else. But I think that story was the most extreme unfit-owner to difficult-dog ratio I've ever had.
>guy surrenders a cat because it had fleas
>adopts a cat from us the same day
>cats at the shelter are given routine flea/tick meds and are not adoptable until clear of live fleas
>he did not flea bomb his house, did not continue flea medication on his cat
>returns newly adopted cat a month later, upset that it got fleas
>same day buys a kitten, because kittens are young and don't come with fleas
>kitten returned a week later, he claims she brought fleas into the house that is already flea ridden
How is this allowed?
>fat whore
>fat bitch
>I truly hope she gets raped to death

I'm sorry your dog got bit but you really disgust me
File: leadbeater-possum.jpg (100KB, 620x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 620x336px
Fucking help.
So I've got my hands on an orphaned Australian possum. Found the poor thing in a parking lot.
Have to keep it safe for a couple days before I can get it to a shelter, give me a crash course.
I'm great with chickens and I've had reared baby zebra finches smaller than my fingernail.

What do I need?
Baby bottle? What formula?
Heat lamp?

I'll see what I can find online, and update you all accordingly.
File: 1448190123368.gif (889KB, 500x286px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sounds like my brother and his ex gf.

>complain cat pisses on his bed all the time
>walk passed laundry with the only litter box
>filled to the brim with cat shit - smell makes me gag
>"i clean it every week"
>oh no wonder it pisses and shits everywhere
>"oh n-no i mean every day
>yeah ok lol
>"im not cleaning up after gf's cat its not mine
>ok lol u would rather live in cat filth?
do you even have friends? you sound like a douche.
Can you tell people to just fuck off at this point?

what is the point in telling them to fuck off? they can just find an unscrupulous breeder and get into trouble. if you actually give a shit, at least trying to educate them is a far better solution than telling them to go away.
they won't listen. A direct, clear dismissal of their interests might be more motivating. Reasoning certainly doesn't work

>dismissing someone's questions ever better than trying to answer them

maybe they don't listen immediately but a lot of people just have a problem backing down. provide them with the right information, back it up, and if they would ever reconsider their stance in the first place they most likely will in privacy, where they don't have to lose face doing it

i've worked with a lot of type A personalities
How do people screw up dogs this bad? Dogs are so easy to take care of, they practically take care of themselves. All they need is some food, water, a bit of exercise and just to spend time with people.
How long did it take you to train the puppy to poo outside and what method did you use?

You made it sound so simple
Fat whore bitch detected
what does them being assholes have to do with fat?
Savage beatings, mainly.
Jesus fucking christ. Goldfish are domesticated carp, they are so closely related to KOI that they can interbreed and their offspring are genetically fertile! They can live for multiple decades, and get huge, the oldest living goldfish on record are over 40 years old and still going strong.
Man I had to do that exact same project, but with Betta fish. Some idiots knocked over the bottles too.

I still have my Betta though. No one else in the group wanted him and all of the spares that no one claimed would go to the teacher's nephews/neices...andI know how that story ends.

Right now he lives in a planted 5 gallon all to himself. I learned how to cycle and everything just for him. He deserved it after 5 months of hell.The poor guy still has ammonia burns from the project though. ;_;

You know what the real kicker was?
My teacher worked for the fish section at Petco so he thought he knew his shit. Fuck that guy.
You are a saint, bless your heart.
I'm far from it! But I'm really glad I decided to keep him.
I'm way more interested in fish related things now. I even lurk aquarium generals and other fish forums almost constantly. I even set up another nano tank and I'm planning on getting a bigger one when I have the space.
It's my dream to have a 300+ gallon tank with an Arowana in it someday.

Fishkeeping is a really, really slippery slope haha.
I know that feeling well, I am unemployed at the moment, but the aquarium generals here on /an/ have got me obsessed with fish. It's my dream someday to have a massive walstad tank with a single glorious betta as the center piece and a shit load of smaller schooling fishes, shrimp, and khuli loaches. Then, have a giant 10 feet deep pond in my backyard dedicated solely to goldfish. Just sit back and watch those gorgeous bastards get huge. Then when people come over, they be all like, "You have koi?" I'll respond with, "Nope, those are goldfish." Then watch the expressions on their faces before schooling them on how long lived the average goldfish actually is.
File: 1447298392213.jpg (25KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 480x360px
Hahhh. Man that sounds so fucking cool. I'd love to see that.

I hope we both get there some day. I also hope that 4chan lives long enough so I can post the shit out of my qt3.14 Arowana haha.
I'm sad that your dog has to put up with you.
Oh hell yes, mah nigga!
>>plan on leaving her outside 8+ hours a day (it regularly gets below 30 here)

People like you get me all kinds of pissed off. You don't have to have a house dog to keep good care of your dog. I have had 3 dogs that have never once been in the house, and they all lived into their teens and were incredibly healthy.

You people who assume anyone who doesn't raise their animals the way you do are the worst.
>Friend has to dogsit for one of her friends
>i agree to help
>its a hound/shepherd mix of some sort
>kenneled all day in a small apartment

At least she got a dog sitter i guess

>i agree to drive the poor thing to a dog park
>obviously never socialized, runs around biting at other dogs faces and chasing them
>other dogs run away until they are squealing, i have to pull our dog away several times
>terrorizes an old couple's poor chihuahua constantly
>other owners giving us disgusted looks
>convince her after an HOUR that the dog is being aggressive and annoying the other owners
>we finally leave

>"buh, she just plays a lil rough! its fine!"
Depends on the breed. Keeping a dog that thrives on companionship like a lab or retriever is cruel. Something that is more independent or aloof to humans i would say is okay to stay outside
Nope, pretty much what >>2010957 said. I have to suck ass and smile, because my job is to educate people without hurting their feelings and pray they will take my advice. Since the shelter is a not for profit, we can't gamble with customer service - we need to be as nice as we can to child molesters and animal abusers because they may be donators, their family and friends may be donators, etc.

Of course, we do not help animal abusers find or adopt pets. Instead we give a tip to the police they are looking for another pet.

The latter two. People will not exercise or train them, or spend any time with them. And it happens a lot. Unfortunately there is this theory going around that dogs aren't much harder to care for than cats, so people believe it and throw their dogs outside and ignore them.
>have friend that hates dogs
>thinks they are very dirty, disgusting and stupid animals, would never own one
>whatever, different strokes
>talk to him one day, says he has a dog
>ask him about his previous position of hating dogs
>he says he still thinks they are disgusting stupid animals that should never be in the house but they are OK
>that's why he keeps the dog tied outside year round, in Michigan
>it's an ACD he got from a breeder or friend or some shit
>first thought is fuck this mother, but try to stay level headed
>'oh anon, what about the cold winters? Surely he must get cold'
>he says that the dog will be fine because he has fur and his father got an igloo dog house thing
>'but doesn't the dog get lonely?'
>he says it's just a dog and dogs don't need human companions, but even then he spends upwards of an hour with the dog every other day
>also learn that that hour-ish is the only time the dog gets refills on food and water, so it's the only human interaction it gets
>ask how much he walks him
>he started walking once a week but has now dropped off to never again because he lives outside and doesn't need it.
>think I've heard enough, but he gets colon crusaded extremely easily so I try to lay it on thin
>start off with 'anon, keep in mind that I only want to help you and your animals' and begin telling him first, that he should spend time every day with his dog
>before I could finish he goes on a tangent that my standards for keeping pets are higher than anyone could realistically do, and no one spends time with their pets every day
>apparently seeing your dog daily is a feat no one can accomplish
>I couldn't get any further before he leaves in his car
>haven't spoken to him since, only hear from a mutual friend that he has a gsd
>don't know what happened to the ACD
I had this argument with a girl once. It resulted in me being slapped and she threatened to call the police for harassing her.
Give them the love they deserve. Take an ax to work and smash all their fucking skulls! Some will survive the initial blow, don't finish them. Wait till the end of the day and rape the survivors. Glorious work my friends, glorious
>ignoring that the dog is has a history of being an escape artist with zero recall

people who can't read get me all kinds of pissed off. or should we have adopted her out to a home that would have invariably returned her just to make people like you feel okay about leaving your dog outside?
Not him but he wasn't talking about the behavioural issues, you were clearly talking about health otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned how "it regularly gets below 30 here".
OP again. today was a wild ride

>animal control brings in two german wirehair pointer / lab mixes
>both pretty underweight, no collar/chip, unspayed
>go on with the impound like usual
>give them both parasite preventative/dewormer like usual
>vaccinate both before putting them in kennels since it's shelter protocol and county law
>owner shows up about 5 min after
>absolutely furious we vaccinated the dogs
>lol no they're not
>is screaming all of this at the top of her lungs
>threatening to sue us for animal abuse because we fucking vaccinated them
>has another fit when she finds out we gave them flea/tick meds and dewormer
>has an even bigger fit when we tell her she needs to provide proof of rabies vax or pay us to do it before we'll release the dogs to her
>threatens to burn the shelter down
>she tries to just force her way into the kennel and take them
>threaten to call the police to arrest her
>she finally pays for the vaccine and license
>give dogs vaccine
>she's muttering the whole time about how we're paid to abuse animals and should hate ourselves for it and our shelter should be shut down
>she doesn't even own collars or leashes for them
>tell her we can give her collars/leashes for each
>she says she "doesn't want anything from you people"
>she goes to the store down the street to buy some
>give dogs back to her
>made my coworker hand off the dogs to her because I was absolutely done with her bullshit

I fucking wish I was making this up. people like her make me hate anti-vaxxers even more
yeah, because that is too cold to leave most dogs outside all day. especially a lean dog with a thin coat. but even if it was fucking arizona, that's not the type of dog you could leave outside with a standard fence unattended for that long and expect her to be there when you get back
How you deal with these type of people everyday and don't end up on the news is beyond me. You have the patience of a saint OP
>Dog clearly has a bad attitude, and a full history of misbehaving.

Nigga R U SRS?
That is a dog that's ready to be turned into a psychopath if OP didn't spell that out for you
He's shitty for killing them, but the owner is also shitty for letting his dogs roam off his property.
Actually, that was directly the other guy's fault. He left the gate open while the owner was away. The dog got out. It's pretty obvious that wasn't OP's fault.

Also rage. I have lost pets due to this before. No, they do not "stay by the house" so don't leave the damn gate open! I closed it for a reason. I told you to leave it closed. You're an idiot.

> Wants unconditional love
> Gets a cat
> Cat isn't oozing love 24-7

Someone doesn't seem to understand how cats work.
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oh man, I almost wish she refused to do the rabies vaccine so we could keep them and adopt them out, they would've gone pretty quickly. with how explosive she was with us it's pretty scary to think how she treats them at home. her poor daughter looked like she wanted to disappear since she was causing such a scene

luckily she went to a great home today, they've had difficult dogs before and were more than willing to do work with our trainer. pic related of the lil fiend

Friend? How would you even begin to consider someone who'd let this happen a friend?
You still need help? I don't know anything about possums in particular, but it's likely about the same as keeping care of an orphaned rodent. That's not your picture, is it? If it is, they're old enough that it shouldn't be too hard to keep them alive for a few days.
not a rage story but i thought it was extremely odd

>at college, someone posts on yikyak asking for a dogsitter
>Sure! We kik each other
>I ask her where she lives to see if she's within driving distance to do this
>"Um... It'd have to be at your house."
>?? Normally dogs are sat at the owners house, tell her I have cats anyway so I ask why it can't be at her house
>gives me this weird-ass response: "My house isn't just any house. When people have problems, they come here to get them fixed. If anyone saw you, they're gonna ask questions."
>wish her good luck and get out of there

pic is her doggo. Very cute
>be 6'7 white male from proper urban WASP family so have to follow cultural white norms so the only pet that is good enough is a dog
>live at home with parents, be young
>want to have a hamster my entire life, ask mom
>"ew no they're rats"
>be in high school, still want a hamster. I've clearly read a shit ton about it and can properly care for one and its not just gonna stink up the house or get lost in the walls and die
>"ew no they're rats"
>graduate college, move into an apartment
>ask landlord about pet policy and hamsters
>"ew no they're rats"
>move into new apartment, ask new landlord
>"ew no they're rats"
>can't find a apartment that allows pets because I'm on a budget so can't be choosey
>get girlfriend
>might move into her place next year
>talking about animals, mention animals
>"um we had two when we were little but they both died of wet tail"
>I ask if they were properly taken care of and not just bought on a whim by her parents. Turns out the whole litter from the pet store died from wet tail so probably not her fault
>"just get a cat instead when you move in with me"

All I want is a qt3.14 hamster to build a cool cage for that I can watch goof around from my gaming desk and occasionally handle it. They're the cutest fucking things and my life won't be completely until I have one
You can have a cat and a hamster. Just keep the cat well worn out or get a lazy cat.

Just express how much you've been seeking a hamster and she'll probably find it adorable and give in.

I know they're very different but I've had rats and cats together. Worked out fine. With one of my cats that was more aggressive, I just had the cage mounted to the wall instead of sitting on a table or desk. Cat had no way of jumping to the cage.
>tfw hamsters are completely banned in Australia
Why even live desu
>5th grade
>teacher has a 5 year old gerbil
>it's pretty friendly but never leaves the cage
>every week someone gets to be the "pet caretaker" or something like that
>one day this dumb bitch called Morgan (she got pregnant in 9th grade) gets picked to be the pet caretaker
>she is cleaning the gerbil's cage and drops the fucking gerbil on the ground
>the gerbil has a fucking seizure and dies
Next story takes place directly after this
>teacher wants a new class pet to replace the dead gerbil
>starts a whole campaign where the class has to vote on which new pet to get
>the choices are either a hedgehog or a sugar glider
>I'm the only one in the entire class who is rooting for a hedgehog
>teacher ignores both parties and gets a chinchilla instead
>it just hides in the corner of its cage all day long and the teacher never took it outside of its cage
>if she does take it out of its cage she puts it in a plastic bin that is filled with dust so it can clean itself
>whenever she does this the entire class is surrounding the poor thing and trying to touch it while they scream about how cute it is
>she took it home after the school year ended
Looking back that poor thing must have been terrified and she probably gave it away afterwards
Hamsters are terrible pets desu senpai
They seem low maintenance enough. They probably don't poop as much as guinea pigs either, God i hate those bastards.
>work in juvenile hall as a "youth worker" aka correctional officer for kiddies
>get assigned to watch over the kids in the shelter aka the place where we put kids who arent criminals but have a shitty home life so the state puts them here for a little bit
>because of Obama we take illegal immigrants and try to reunite with their familia
>have to watch over mexican kids too
>We'll call this mexican kid Paco
>Paco is a huge shit, basically grew up to be a minor psychopath because of no parents and growing up in shitty central america
>Take the kids outside because they want to go outside to play soccer
>we have a fucking birdhouse out there for some reason
>I see Paco walk over to the birdhouse
>Tries to grab the bird just chilling on the little perch, it flys away
>his behaviour attracts the rest of the psycho mexicans to the bird house
>they all notice the baby birds inside
>Have to inform them in broken spanish if they fuck with the birds I will take away their privileges and video games
>they get mad and curse at me in spanish and go back to playing soccer

Whenever I had to work on the prison side as well the asshole kids would always try to kill whatever flew into the rec yard
Not really a friend. More like coworker who happens to live on the same block. I don't like her that much but she's always around me
The anti-vaccers are awful sometimes. I got in trouble once because some guy was pulling that shit and I wasn't taking it

>I don't put poisons in my dog
>I don't alter my dog's form (talking about altering)
(he had a cropped and docked boxer, mind you)
>i feed my dog good food and you're killing him with your kibble
>i will sue you for your poor animal care
>"If you took such amazing care of your animal, why do we have him here now?"
>get pulled away and someone else has to deal with the dick
But I got yelled at
I love my parents but they have some old fashioned notions that are hard to kill
>Have an aggressive dog who gaining weight due to being spayed.
>Bring it to the vet to see what I can do, vet asks me what we feed it, good dog food and scraps
>Vet says to cut out scraps completely
>Tell family this
>But anon how can we get rid of scraps then?
>Argue for hours
>They give in
>Find dog licking a plate
>Flip the shit out
>It was only some potatoes and a little bit of fat anon
>Scraps from our family dinner would be a huge portion combined and they would give the dog this behind my back
>Argue again
>But how are we suppose to get rid of scraps anon?
>Give them to the chickens, cats, the bird or what ever just not the dog
>Finally get through to them eventually after weeks
The dog is now a healthy weight, lives off good dogfood and his aggression is cut in half. It was like banging my head on a wall, they had some retarded notion that dogs need to be fed table scraps.
I often cringe when i have teachers come in for class room pets. Most often rabbits. They don't understand rabbits aren't cuddly, need to be very carefully picked up, have a very varied diet, etc.

We have one bitch teacher adopt from us in fall, and surrender the rabbit late spring, every year for years. We used to give people who returned animals within a year a refund, but we stopped that because of people like bitch teacher abusing the system. She hasn't done it since she found out she didnt have a refund to use
You should see me argue with them about cats. They always give me shit for having an indoor only cat yet when I lived when them we had tons of cats throughout the years, at most they lasted about four years before getting ran over, killed or just went missing the exception being my sixteen year old three legged feral cat who takes the nine lives thing seriously.

I bet if I left them alone with my indoor cat, it would let out in seconds.

Teachers are morons. It's the easy career for idiots.
They're morons because they're not the most informed or responsible pet owners? That's pretty moronic of you to say.

I want a time machine so I can punch that bitch in the face. That's one of the worst pets for young kids.

My fiance and I had to bite our tongues so hard when in Petsmart and a family was buying a chinchilla. Kids (and most adults) just don't understand that despite how shoft they are, they aren't cuddly and require very specific care and a lot of patience.
no, they're moronic because education is a fallback plan for a lot of people when they can't do something better
Hamsters are adorable and super sweet if handled enough to properly socialize them. Watching one sit in your hand and cram peanuts into its cheek pouches is a soul-warming experience.
Females are spayed. If your dog is a male he was neutered.
Maybe if you're from shithole america whose teachers fuck students or can't even stop niggers from fighting, but everywhere else they're respected almost on par with nurses.
I know your pain. I fucking hate when people ask for help and when you recommend them products and how to take care of the pets properly, they don't listen. It's like why are you wasting my time when you won't even listen. It pains me to sell animals to shitty fucking customers that won't listen to any what you have to say.
Say what you want about the dog whisperer, but one thing I loved about him is that he constantly reinforced the statement that a dog is a huge responsibility and that they require a boatload of care and attention.
I hate that shit. We have a blanket "no fingers in the cages" rule where I work and I can't tell you how many smartass comments I hear "oh I'll be fine, I'm great with dogs, every dog loves me"
I had one that would sit on my shoulder and play with my hair. He was great.
File: screams.gif (929KB, 264x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
929KB, 264x320px
>Be 18. Got roommates for the first time.
>The girl, we'll call her cumdumpster, has a cat and a pet rat.
>Cumdumpster's cat is severely overweight and only kept in one room.
>The rat was by himself. Always kept in Cumdumper's bedroom away from everyone else and ignored.
>Rat's cage is really small. He has no space to run.
>Tell Cumdumpster she's neglecting her animals. She goes off about how she takes the best care of them and she's like the animal whisperer.
>Behind Cumdumpster's back, I give the cat and rat attention.
>Notice that her room is completely trashed. Spilled something all over the floor and dried.
>Litter smell is strong.
>Rat smells as well.
>Hate for her builds.
>Moved out because I couldn't take it anymore. There was other stuff going on as well.
>Later find out the cat had hypothyroid.
>Who knows what happened to the rat.
>Other roommate that I lived with says "well you know, it's just Cumdumpster. That's just how she is."

Fucking hate that girl. If I had the means, I would've taken the cat and rat.
What I dispise most is when the neighbors are home and let their fucking dogs bark I know they hear the noisy dogs because I do. Can't even work on my vehicles or yard work without a fukin neighbor's dog yapping.
I do like that he talks a lot about a person's TRUE energy level matching the dog, and not to get a dog so you can lose weight or whatever. And he trades dogs; he'll take their high energy dog and give them a lazy old hound. That's the best. Can't take care of your dog? Well then you're fucked with this one instead, GG on the couple grands you spent for a cute aussie puppy, here's an old lazy mutt.


>work at shelter
>trailer trash brings in 2 pit bull dogs, one she claims is a pure bred cane corso
>says that they are stranger and dog aggressive
>once we tell her that we don't take aggressive dogs, her story completely changed
>well fuck we are gonna have to deal with these dogs now
>she says she has to get rid of them today, her trailer park has stopped allowing pit bulls after a pit bull attack took place on the grounds
>we ask how long she was given to re-home (if under a certain time, it's actually illegal)
>she was given 4 fucking months to re-home them
>she only tried to re-home them on the last fucking day
>she bought the puppy 1 MONTH after her landlord told her to get rid of her dogs
>we do assessments on the dogs, they don't pass the food aggression
>the 'cane corse' tore the hand up, then when he felt pressure on the leash he turned around to bite handler
>even the puppy, no older than 5 months, showed severe food aggression
>tell her we can not take these dogs, and give her a list of other animal shelters and dog rescues
>"You fucking cunts! You don't get it, I have until the end of today! I need to get rid of them today!"
>hold back tongue and tell her she can at least call these other places to see if they are even willing, but that is too much for her
>finally suggest our low-cost euthanasia services, in which she calls me a murderous cunt but she does it anyways
>blames us the entire time for not taking her aggressive dogs
>tfw this lady who slacked around for 4 months and bought a puppy just to kill it and I'm the murderous cunt
>lady comes in with her son for an older cat
>has to be free of medical conditions because they don't want to deal with that
>sees kittens; irresistible. She's just as impulsive and uncontrollable as her son and needs that kitten
>I let her hold the kitten and she treis to haggle the $100 adoption fee, arguing that it's just a kitten and it shouldn't cost that much
>I explain that the shelter is a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations, and the fee covers first dewormer, first distemper, flea and tick meds, spaying/neutering, microchip, nail trim, ear cleaning, first vet check
>While I'm saying this her son is talking over me about minecraft and is whacking me and tables with his minecraft pickax
>she asks if we are a non profit, than why are we charging money for animals
>need to explain to her what non profit means, and I can tell she isn't listening to a word while her child tries to mine the kennels
>she asks if she gets a discount because she has done business with us before
>that 'business' is a program we run that fixes dogs for people on low/fixed incomes
>she thinks fucking us out of money for a program set up to solely help her is doing us a fucking favor
>I tell her the $100 is firm, and we wouldn't be able to afford doing what we do if we gave away our animals
>she notices the whiskers are missing on the kitten and asks what happened
>tell her that kittens in litters often nibble others whisker's off, it's very common and will grow back
>she asks if there is any medical issues with the kitten since it doesn't have whiskers
>no, the kitten will behave just fine and the whiskers grow back
>"I should get a discount if I'm buying a defective kitten"
>tell her again the whisker situation is fine and our prices are hard
>I remind her of her earlier statement that she didn't want cats with any issues
>she ignores it and just says she has to have this kitten because it's so cute
>she's wasting my time so finally I say she might have to look at a kitten another time if she can't afford it
>all the sudden she begrudgingly has the money for it now
>now knowing she has some sort of money, or lack thereof issues, I go in depth of what the cat will need
>"you will provide food for him for life, right?You give us litter though. No? At least you provide vet care"
>Explain the shots she would need to get at her own vet
>she says we used to give shots to animals here
>I tell her we may have had a drive a long time ago, but we no longer do that
>she says we gave her dog shots, so we should give this kitten shots
>I explain that was for the dog fixing program she signed up for, but her cat would not be eligible because 1)its a cat, 2)it's already fixed and 3) she adopted it from us
>she huffs and says this is a horrible way to treat a long time customer
>decides to purchase the cat anyways, claiming she will give it a better home than anyone else wanting to adopt the cat would
>tell her she either needed to bring a carrier or buy one here (they are $5 cardboard ones) to take the kitten out of here
>she argues with me and says it's just a kitten, and she could just carry it out
>I tell her she either brings the cat out in a carrier, or she doesn't bring a cat out at all
>send her to the front desk for paper work
>pack kitten up for certain doom
>Front desk worker comes up to me and asks what I told the lady about our vet policy
>before I could say anything, the 'adopter' runs out saying I told her we cover all vet expenses
>I try to explain what I said about the shots, but between the bitch yelling about what i said and the minecraft kid whacking shit going 'mine mine mine COAL' my story was lost and I get in trouble
>bitch was lying about what I said so she could try and get free vet care
>we give her a list of free vaccine clinics and when they happen in hopes she won't be a total scum bag
File: 1445888156913.gif (3MB, 286x258px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 286x258px
>kid whacking shit going 'mine mine mine COAL'
>whacking me and tables with his minecraft pickax
>child tries to mine the kennels

I'm seriously dying over here. That's bullshit you got in trouble though.
File: 1439412906016.png (102KB, 450x443px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>''Mum stop giving the dog scraps, she's gonna get fat''
>''But Anon it's just scraps''
>''Yeah but you also give her dog treats''

This is result of loving someone too much, they're so attached to each other.

but anon, you did lie to her. if not directly, it was a lie of omission. you say there is no free vet care and then end your greentext story with you giving her a list of free vaccine clinics.

to be quite honest, officious draconian bureaucrats like you are a big part of what's wrong with how animal shelters work. you think your summer working at mcdonalds or social science degree at a state college qualifies you to be some kind of cosmic judge, where from a rational mindset it really just seems like you're jumping to conclusions without evidence.

somewhere along the line, you decided (pretty arbitrarily) that this lady didn't measure up to whichever autistic internal quality gauge and you spent the rest of your interview passively aggressively trying to convince the lady she wasn't fit to own a cat -- even going so far as to fail to mention pertinent information.

get over yourself. you sound like the worst kind of prick -- the one who's not even aware of it.
Hey that lady's kid found the internet

But in all seriousness--does someone who's not willing to pay $100 for a kitten--and on top of that doesn't have a fucking carrier, litter, or food upon wanting to adopt it really seem like a good candidate for a pet owner?

The kids probably gonna try to mine the get and then get upset when it doesn't spit out diamonds.
Where did I say there is no free vet care? As far as I can read, I said we (as in, the animal shelter) don't offer free vet care. Which we (as in, the animal shelter) did not. Which is true; the shelter I work at does not offer vaccines or vet care for our animals after the time of adoption. That list was of places the shelter is not affiliated with in any way; we do not fund them, we do not work with them, we didn't even ask if we could use them a referral. Those places may require participants be military personnel, receive food stamps, make under so much money a year, or just be first come first serve. She may be eligible, she may not be. But that was our last chance because the animal was already adopted out and not in our name. Those referrals are for people who have cats, took in strays, whatever, and don't have the cash to update shots, not people buying a $100 kitten when we had free cats available.

It's amazing you get such assumptions from mis-reading. What summer job at McDonald's or social science degree at a state college made you a cosmic judge to evaluate me?
This better be bait. You shouldn't actually be this stupid.
>officious draconian bureaucrats
Of course it's bait

>whichever autistic internal quality gauge

This kid over here.
Make. Your. Own. Thread.

This is the THIRD time you have been told to make your own thread.
this is literally the first time i've posted on /an/ in weeks.
anyone who's ever worked in animal welfare is laughing at you right now
Legit animal rage though
One of my ferrets is freeroam on one whole floor of my house now, and he's not nuetered yet so everything in that part of my house smells like old, burnt and heavily buttered popcorn.
He occasionally starts spraying contests with his son. It sucks.
Goddamn Daxter.. He's otherwise super well behaved as long as he's not exposed to any other ferrets for long periods of time.
I heard of a guy who sprays his ferrets with axe body spray... I wanted to get them from him so fucking bad. Fucking idiot.
File: senss.gif (124KB, 203x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>What summer job at McDonald's or social science degree at a state college made you a cosmic judge to evaluate me?

File: 1445139197902.png (335KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
335KB, 500x500px
>everything in that part of my house smells like old, burnt and heavily buttered popcorn.
tfw your ferret probably has more living space than I do
Thats not saying much.
Completely different. My Jack Russell hates bigger dogs, I guess shes intimidated by them or something. Shes also old as fuck and set in her ways (17)
Should've kept the dogs on your property. Fucking twat that guy is, though.
A sugar glider? Feed mostly fruit, some mealworms, get some nice blankets, water etc. They make shit pets too, they're cute and sweet, but they're loud, messy, smelly, and annoying as fuck. Take it to a shelter. Some prick wasn't equipped to take care of it.
Wait, fuck, is that a sugar glider?
the way people get mad at you for doing what has to be done when they could have prevented it from the beginning is so unbelievably irritating. I've told this story before, but it still makes me mad

>guy brings in purebred malamute that he "found"
>higgly suspect he's just trying to dump his dog and get out of an owner surrender fee but have no proof so just take the dog
>everything goes fine at first, but he starts turning on people with little to no warning
>first bite
>our trainer still has bruising on her leg around the old puncture wound, might be permenate discoloration at this point
>try to get breed specific rescues to take him, no one will due to the aggression
>try to find someone to foster him
>second bite
>our vet needed stitches all over her arm because he slipped the muzzle while she was vaccinating him
>try to find other rescues or a foster
>no one wants him due to aggression
>tell higher ups he should be euthanized because he flips like a fucking switch and is unsafe to handle
>won't let us because they know everyone will be at our throats for euthanizing a meme dog even though he's satan
>third bite was completely unprovoked
>so bad that my coworker may never regain full function of his hand
>they finally agree and he's euthanized
>day after we're flooded with angry FB posts, calls, and emails calling us monsters for "murdering an innocent husky"
>people all over bitching about "well WE would have taken him!"
>half the people call him a "she" because he was named Cidney
>these bandwagon Facebook moms don't even know the gender of the dog they're "fighting for"
>even one of the fucking rescues that rejected taking him says we were wrong to euthanize him
>now anytime we get a purebred no-kill sends people from BSRs to come bitch at us to give them the dog or else "you might kill that dog too"

>wishing people gave this much of a shit about non meme dogs
Jesus christ how infuriating. Although if a foster was bitten by Satan Dog could they turn around a charge you for medical expenses even if a they knew the risks beforehand? And BSR = backseat rescuer?
BSR = breed specific rescue
>be me again
>no longer working at petsmart currently, was just a temp job until I got a real job, now working somewhere else with much higher pay and benefits
>young lady wants a couple of mice
>tattoos, breath smelled of cigarettes
>do you have the stuff for them already?
>"yeah, I've had mice before, already have the cage"
>wanna come into the habitat and meet them, see which ones are right for you?
>"Nah, just pick two random ones, it's fine."
>sure whatever
>only later do I realize I probably accidentally sold mice that are gonna be fed to a snake


It might just be shitty hamsters and mice but damn it, I care.
>I care about the life of these animals
>But not the life of the animal that eats it

okay buddy. That's what they're designed to do.

Snakes ain't vegan bitch.
No Dea why people go to pet stores for mice when you could take the time to look around and find them so much cheaper at a place dedicated reptile care and food
Because mice that are meant for pets are generally healthier, have a more nutritional diet, and therefor offer the predator a more nutritional meals, and only have diseases if you get them from a shitty BYB.

While feeder mice are treated like shit, are fed shit, and their health is complete shit.

So basically, reptile/tarantula owners who get pet mice to feed to their pets are the equivalent of dog owners feeding high quality brand foods like Blue Buffalo or even going full raw diet.
Interesting! Learn something new every day.
What the fuck do you have to do to get a Malamute that aggressive?
You saying nursing is a fallback for people that can't do better? And what do you do? Something autistic like IT? Or work in a shelter?
no, and I think that was what made finding a foster so hard. before we send a dog to foster with a bite history they have to sign a release form saying that they were informed of the dog's history and basically that they won't sue us if they get bit. and BSR = breed specific rescue

we highly suspect the old owner beat the dog, maybe as training. while he was surrendering the dog the thing hated going anywhere near him, the guy would bark orders at the dog, and if you raised your hand while standing within 3 feet of the dog he would flinch, and touching his head/neck area in general could set him off. almost got bit myself while giving him flea meds

>all this butthurt
File: 1422154428930.png (10KB, 207x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 207x213px
>used to intern at wildlife rescue
>baby bird season
>syringe formula into mouths of birds every hour
>work with dumbass intern
>Fuckface manages to spray formula on the birds faces every time he feeds them
>screams at the birds when they don't open their mouth correctly
>I come around to feeding the birds he fed an hour ago
>birds have eyes shut closed and face feathers caked due to the formula bukkake
>have to now spend time gently wiping off each one and can't do anything else around the center

>Boss tells Fuckface to move the duckling and gosling pens around the yard because we don't want them to be standing in their own shit for too long
>Fuckface dumps food from dishes on the grass instead of just filling it to the top
>Boss finds out and tells Fuckface to clean the mess he made

>Older geese and ducks have their own sand floor pens outside that must be cleaned everyday
>Tell Fuckface it's time to clean the pen as I get the buckets
>Fuckface says that he needs to go home
>Calls his mom to pick him up
>He continues to do this routine for the rest of the time I'm there

>Center makes baby bird formula using a powder
>Multiple interns teach Fuckface that it's a 2:1 ratio of powder and water
>We all tell him just add 2 tablespoons of powder to 1 tablespoon of water to fill up the container we use
>"Oh, so I just do half a scoop of water and a full scoop of powder for it to work?"
>"...Yeah, but you gotta fill up the container so you're going to have to do that multiple times."
>Somehow manages to fuck it up multiple times in a sitting
>Takes him 30 minutes to make a single container of formula

>bird feeding time again
>when baby birds start getting older, they tend to start hopping around and will often try to fly out of the nest-like container we made for them
>Fuckface is feeding a bird
>bird tries to fly out of nest
>Fuckface slams the top of the container back down
>bird now has wings pinned between the top of the container
>Fuckface is now pressing the top of the container multiple times to try to close it
>other intern stops him and slips the bird's wings back inside of the container before he manages to fuck up the baby's bones and/or joints
i've never met a mal that WASNT aggressive. i think people highly underestimate their need for mental stimulation so they just get super neurotic and eventually snap
I do neither nursing or teaching, nice damage control though you degenerate faggot
never said you were, especially and if you WERE a nurse you would know they're extremely under respected, so saying they're on the same level as teachers is in fact, not a very meaningful statement. but your lashing out and getting mad the way you are sure makes you seem butthurt that people don't agree with you. change your diaper or leave

pretty much. around here every hippie and furry gets a husky-type dog because "le qt wolfie spirit animal :3" and doesn't know shit about them. it's why we get so damn many in. the worst I've ever gotten bit was a Siberian husky that was seized custody from a breeder

GSDs are also disgustingly common from people who just want to imitate police dogs. just two days ago I got bit by a female one that the owner tried training her to "protect his property" and surrendered her when he failed miserably and made her a neurotic mess
Sometimes we would walk our dog late in the day during summer so it wouldn't be so hot out. We would stop at McDonalds for lazy dinner, plus they are the only fast food place in the area with tables outside.
Tie the dog securely to my chair. He's been fed his treats, has a cup of water, and he's relaxing behind me.
My fiance is inside, and I'm concentrating on my food.
After about 2 or 3 minutes I turn around to check on him, and he is basically inhaling a pile of french fries.
The fucking couple with their little kid who were sitting behind us didn't finish half of a large order of fries, so snuck up behind me and gave it to my dog, and then just left.

It might not seem like much to rage over, but you do not feed a dog something without asking the owner first.
>extremely under respected
I wonder what shit hole country you come from for this to be a thing, and why you think it applies to every other country world wide, but this is the exact type of idiocy i'm calling you out on. Probably american by the sounds of it. And lol, insults = butthurt? Welcome to 4chan newfag.
Ah wait, you do work in a shelter topkek, you have no prospect of the work industry and you were probably triggered by this post >>2014736
Are you from /b/ or something? You seem like it.
Been there a few times, most of the time i browse /vg/ and /fit/.
No, I said that because my mom, and many other people I know, are nurses and you're delusional. it's like you believe all those fake posters that went around about how teachers are highly paid in respected in the Netherlands

and I know working in a shelter is only considered respectable by a certain kind of person and it's by no means high-end work. but the difference between me and a self important edgefag like you is that I couldn't give less of a shit
>Self important edgefag
Need i remind you which condescending dickwad had the balls to say teaching is fallback for people that can't do better? Good job on contradicting your post fag.

And lol, i'm delusional because i, as well as the rest of the world, don't share your same retarded perception? Your american way of thinking is showing bud.
That was actually me (i.e the guy you are not arguing with)
Sure it was bud.
File: 1445289583787.jpg (14KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 480x360px
>Get's called out on his shit
>I-it was a different person, i swear!
suck my dick you salty nerd
Screenshot evidence don't mean shit on 4chan these days fag. Even then you're still a gay cunt with a shitty opinion on teachers.
File: image.jpg (16KB, 125x124px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>multiple people think I'm wrong so they must be really the same person!!!
You're really trying too hard.
it's no use senpai
>>punch dog in the muzzle when she misbehaves, hard enough to hear a cracking sound
>>don't let her look at or smell anything on walks; dog is never successfully leash trained
I didnt think this thread would effect me so much but I can feel myself getting pissed off. This post really did it for me.

Fucking idiots, I keep telling my sister to brush her dogs hair and teeth, the dumb bitch only stated doing it now. Fucking lazy cunts, dont get a pet if its just a toy to you.
Fire him???
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