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So over two weeks ago I made I thread about how my cat had gone

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So over two weeks ago I made I thread about how my cat had gone missing and that I'd he ever came back would it be possible to make him into an indoor cat again and train him to use the litter box again. Well we were able to find him, he wandered into a neighbors basement and got stuck there for two and a half weeks, so now I am looking into how to retrain him

What do?
Put three litter boxes down in the main rooms of the house and put him in one so he knows its there. Litterbox training shouldn't be a problem as cats usually want to bury their waste.

You're going to have to set about an hour out of your day (broke up into 2 or 3 periods preferably) to play with your cat. He's going to get restless.

Besides that maybe look into getting a harness and harness training. Contrary to popular belief, adult cats can be harnessed trained, its just going to take some patience and time. I highly suggest you watch a YouTube video on how to properly do it so you don't make him fearful of the harness. Plus seeing how to do it will make it much easier.
I like your cats tail, what breed
He is a senior (11 years) and whenever tried to play with me before he would just sort of ignore me and instead want to cuddle. I remember when he was still a kitten I attempted to walk him around on a leash whenever he wanted to to go out (before I left him be an outside cat) and he pretty much hated it.

Domestic Short Hair. Only other place with any color on his coat is his forehead (big black spot)
Hence why I said look up youtube videos on how to do it CORRECTLY.

Most people assume they can just throw a harness on a cat and take it outside, but cats are not dogs and do not learn the same. If done right, it should take you about three weeks of slow progression with the harness to get him used to it, and since he's already used to outside, he'll soon learn that harness=being able to go outside again.

As for playing, I'm sorry, but it sounds like your just making excuses to me. Try different things. Paper bags, boxes, rolled up paper balls or tinfoil balls, catnip, string or fishlure type toys. Just because that once instance failed doesn't mean you should never try again or make excuses so you don't have to possibly fail again.

You're already doing good by wanting to keep him inside, but he's going to get restless if you don't give him things to do until he breaks you and you let him outside again because he's driving you crazy. Not to mention he'll try and run out the door any chance he gets.
Are there any guides on training him to use the litter box again? I've tried training him again and he just doesn't seem to want to go. What's worse is he doesn't seem to want to urinate or defecate at all and he has probably holding it in since we got him back yesterday

Also, since he was probably stuck in that basement for the entirety of the past two and a half weeks he has lost significant weight. We giving him smaller food portions as to not make him sick but I was wondering if there where any specific nutritional things like a kind of vitamin I could get him to bring him back to his old weight?
The best thing you could do is take him into the vet for a checkup and explain the situation. I know the vet might sound like a lot of money, but honestly it shouldn't cost you much more than a hundred AT THE MOST, and if he isn't going to the bathroom it could be a serious problem. Cats can get urinary track infections easily because they don't have a high thirst drive like humans and dogs do. They usually get most of their moisture from their prey, so it's good to give them wetfood at least once a day, if not twice. You could try this, and it could just be that he's lost so much weight that his body is keeping whatever it takes in at the moment, HOWEVER, cats are at risk of a lot more serious things when they don't eat and drink because of their metabolisms. Add that to the fact that he's a bit older, and you are taking a risk of a dead cat.

So it comes down to the question of if you want to risk it and wait it out, or just go ahead and take him to the vet. I mean, did he even have water those two weeks? He could need an IV hooked up to him and get him hydrated OP, that could be why he can't poop.
He has been eating and drinking normally, just in smaller portion so as to not make him sick. I've also started giving him this vitamin treat that I found at a local pet store
Well you could try crating him, or locking him in the bathroom with a couple litterboxes covering most of the floor.
He finally poo'd this morning, although it seemed like he did it with great difficulty as he was meowing fairly loudly as he did.

I am going to try to take him to a vet just in case but I am a poorfag so finding a cheap, good vet in my area might take some time
So it's been few days now. He is eating and shitting normally and aside from being a bit restless from not being able to go outside anymore I haven't really noticed anything different about him. Should I still take him to the vet?
he may just have been constipated from dehydration or something. if there doesn't seem to be a problem then i wouldnt worry about it, but i bet you could call the vet to explain the situation and ask them if they think it's necessary to bring him in
glad you found your cat op.
if he's no longer constipated and eating & drinking fine you probably have nothing to worry about. Just keep a close eye on him in any case, if he gets constipated again (or cries trying to go to the toilet) do take him to see a vet, these things can become dangerous very quickly, especially in males.
Thread posts: 13
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