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Office pet

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So I'm a small business owner and we're making the move from a two-man company towards hiring people and getting office space.

I'm looking for ideas for an office pet. Cats, dogs, and anything furry to which people are/can be allergic are out. We want an animal that'll generally leave employees alone while still being a morale boost and unifying force.

So far I have:
Big, sociable lizard that can free range throughout the office if its enclosure is adequate. I figure anyone we hire, we can take some underarm from a shirt and leave that smell in its hide/enclosure to familiarize it with people.
>Chameleon free range
Set up a window and wall with plants, a feeder (yes, you can keep a feeder full of dubia roaches that won't escape), UV lights, misters, etc. Just let something like a Panther chameleon chill. I'm worried that leaving it in a break room would lead to problems and maybe stress it out too much.
>Blue tongued skink
It'd mostly chill in its enclosure but they're easygoing and calm lizards. It'd be less interactive but still there.

Any other ideas?
Some things:
>This is not our permanent office by a long shot, we have plans for a permanent office but this is just space we're renting
>Fish would be hard to move to new office space, at least if we did fish right
>There is going to be one animal up front but it's strictly a display animal. Our company's named after it, but it just isn't very sociable or appropriate for an office pet - pic related

cute, unique and can be hand fed after some time
Get a hamster
Letting a reptile roam around the office isn't a good idea. It's going to get stepped on or distract your employees. It would also be a huge liability if one of your workers gets bit or has a phobia.

Set up a large vivarium with some sort of small active lizards like a steppes runners or curly tailed lizards. If you want something more "personable" get a bearded dragon or a smaller species of tortoise.

Stick insect.

Just get a couple that look like leaves.

Getting a reptile in a busy office is stupid, you'll stress it out.

Do you actually do any fucking work? Stop trying to free range animals, you'll get busy concentrating on something and squish it/lose it.
Get a sulcata tortoise
A free range office pet is a stupid stupid idea. Get something that will stay in a cage/tank.
No chameleons. They stress out bad enough in quiet rooms with no people.

No free range anything.

I suggest something visible but not interactive. Maybe green tree python. Maybe day geckos. Steppe runners and beardies also meet the visible diurnal criteria. All of these are going to be stressed in an office environment though. Really a fish tank is the only thing that works well in terms of live animal in office setting.
You could do birds maybe. Like a pair of budgies or cockatiels.
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Birds make noise. Noise makes less productive workers.
Tarantula owner here. Bad idea. They are very sensitive to pesticides, the spraying of which is up to the building owner.
This might be a phobia issue for employees or visitors though
bad idea because the office will be too cold, itll end up jammed in some awful hard to reach place, could bite/scare someone, etc
The setup itself would work, but not in an office since a chameleon wouldn't be cool with a bunch of people passing by all day.

>blue tongued skink
would be fine

Basically don't get anything not in an enclosure. I recommend sticking with a big enclosure for the rock monitor, or maybe a snake if you need a second thing.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 3

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