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Hey /an/ this may be a bit /adv/ related, but we all love animals.

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Hey /an/ this may be a bit /adv/ related, but we all love animals.

My 6yo Siberian has been diagnosed with Distemper 3 weeks ago and has been a strong dog so far, he recently developed weakness in his hind legs and we are like crazy looking for vet clinics in Mexico willing to practice an NDV Spinal Tap on him.

So far for the bit of backstory. I've been living with my girlfriend for a year, Apollo is my dog and my gf has only known him for two years, he has fallen ill before due some chronic gastrointestinal problems caused by some poisoning episodes, but other than that he has never fallen to sickness caused by my stupidity.

Two months, when coming back home we found a little white dog on the street who was following everybody, my gf instantly wanted to help the pup and wanted to bring her home, I agreed to have her outside and give her food, but I did not want to become responsible for another dog, specially as money is a bit lacking.. I basically said no and the gf insisted nonstop, she brought the dog back in even after I said we couldn't keep her, Apollo was due his vaccines and could be immune to any shit that dog could've had.

We had her sister come pick the dog up, and long story short, the dog was back the next day as she didn't want it anymore, don't know the reasons, probably having something to do with her untrained Pitbull, anywho my gf kept wanting to keep the dog and shit even though I told her of the risks and the fact we only had money saved for Apollos vaccines, not for a second dog.

Shortening the story, little white dog got a severe case of distemper and was put down weeks after, fast forwarding even more, Apollo suddenly got symptoms of Neuro Distemper and was rushed to the vet with a poor prognosis which got better and better, but his strength has been declining and we are looking for more alternatives.. continuing.
If you are still interested after reading all this.. my main issue is that I am trying to focus on my dog first without placing any blame, but sometimes it makes me incredibly angry to know if my girlfriend had just listened and do what I told her, this would not have happened, we wouldn't have restless nights, and I am constantly on the verge of tears because my dog, my companion is going through this horrible virus which may or may not take him away from me or leave him severely impaired.

How can I overcome this feeling? Should I overcome it at all?

I know my gf should've known better, but it's just unfair she gets to learn her fucking lesson with MY dog.
the fact that you LET it happen speaks volumes. do they not have fucking shelters in Mexico? not one within driving distance? you could have dropped the dog off yourself if she refused, but you didn't. you could have told her to spend her own money on the new dog if she wanted to keep her, but you didn't. you could have spent your money on your dog's vaccines instead of taking on another animal you don't have the means to care for, but you didn't.

bitch all you want, this was preventable. obviously she is very much in the wrong, but you decided to just let it happen and now your dog is dying because of it. good fucking job.

and please tell me you aren't still dating her. I would have dragged my bf's ass to the curb if he acted so irresponsible with an animal's life

All shelters are euthanasia shelters. The only humane shelter does not take dogs under request or surrendered dogs, only dogs they find themselves on the streets to put up to adoption.

No, they are not within driving distance and we were facing a hard time with money at the time, we couldn't spend extra of our budget.

I didn't put a single amount of money on that dog, we used what we had available to feed her.

As I clearly stated before, Apollo was due his yearly vaccines around the time he got infected, even if he had been vaccinated the day before he got infected, he would have still contracted Distemper

But distemper vaccines last many, many years.

That is not true, there is a reason why it has to be given to a dog every 1 or 2 years depending on their history. If you only vaccinate your dog with the Five way and the following booster shots, you will not be protected for many, many years.

I don't know who told you that, and if you are doing it, I suggest you go to another clinic.
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That's according to the latest vaccination recommendations from the AAHA you dingbat.
to be fair, that said among healthy dogs

>OP in Mexico
>can barely afford vaccines
>shithole only has high kill shelters
would bet OPs dog wasn't healthy
Instead of being a fuckwad like everyone else ITT I'm just gonna say I'm sorry, OP. I hope it gets better.
In all honesty senpai, same site also states a Distemper outbreak on vaccinated dogs.

5 year protection means shit if the lab is shit.

Dog has been healthier than you are, being filled with carcinogens due MUH FAST FOOD.

This is the only viral disease he's had in 6 and a half years, other diseases have been ulcers which are common in Siberians.

But yes, being in Mexico makes it extremely hard to give the correct medical attention to a dog, but fuck you, other Mexicans would dump the dog and get a new one as a fashion object.
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Why the fuck did 4chan correct F A M to Senpai.

Thank you, anon. We found someone in Mexico distributing the NDV serum and surgeons in my state willing to perform the spinal tap in hope to see a recovery and help our state provide a better treatment to distemper cases.
Because it's a meme word that inhibits those who use it from proper speech, similar to T B H and C U C K, resulting in a lower lever of discussion. If you have a decent vocabulary, you shouldn't need those words at all.
Hey OP I hope you can find someone. I've got a husky myself. He's 8 months old next month. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him to something like Distemper.
But the pup was put down anyways
What a fucking nerd
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Thread images: 4

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