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How do you feel about rescues with extremely strict adoption

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How do you feel about rescues with extremely strict adoption standards?

I want to adopt a kitten some time in the next few months, so I asked my vet about some local rescues. They gave me a few names, but mentioned that one of them required any cat you adopt to be strictly indoors, spayed or neutered, that it would not be declawed, etc. They described the experience as basically being as rigorous as adopting a child, and that they just did not part with their animals easily.

I understand wanting to give a pet a good home, but it just seemed extreme to me. (For the record, I do intend to keep my next cat indoors, spay/neuter it, and will not have it declawed.)
I don't give a shit. Too many stupid and/or malicious people in the world, they need to be filtered from proper pet owners. They don't do this for shits and giggles, they do it because of bad experiences in the past. On top of that, you, or I, or anyone else on the planet aren't owed a pet and don't have some kind of right to a cat or dog, the pounds/recuses/breeders requirement can have whatever requirements they want.
All this. Tbh I wish they were more strict if it'd keep more shitty people from adopting, but that ends up encouraging bybs and mills when people get fed up with the rules.
Just go to the pound if you want a cat without added rules. Do get it fixed though.
I work at a shelter and fucking all of this. if we didn't have the regulations we do, most of our dogs would end up in rehoming roulette on Craigslist, or returned if they're lucky. it's what happened before we put in stricter policies, and now it hardly ever happens.

OP, if this stuff sounds strict to you, it makes me think you're from the Deep South or something. the only thing that might be a bit more than usual is mandatory keeping the cat indoors, but I can't say it's a regulation I disagree with. they don't want the cat to get fucked up like outdoor cats do, it's perfectly understandable. I wish our shelter had the same policy, but we just can't with the ridiculously high volume of stray cats we get in

another reason why there should be stricter laws on pet ownership and breeding
I absolutely understand why they have those rules in place, but at the same time they can't actually enforce them beyond making you sign a piece of paper which is legally null anyway (as the animal becomes your property, depending on state/national law.)

I think that asking questions and enforcing your guidelines for care is fine.

Asking for bank statements, doing home/property checks, etc is WAY out of line though.
>legally null anyway
false, adoption contracts ARE legally enforceable in court, that is if the fee paid for to obtain the animal is stated as a donation which covers the animals needs while in the care of the organization

this means most non profits can actually get you in trouble over it. whether they'd actually bother to is another situation

>home visits are out of line
usually yes, but our shelter will do one for dogs with an extremely special circumstance, but that's pretty rare
I find all those rules extremely reasonable but SOME shelters are even more extreme and have gotten silly. For example a shelter I went to wanted my deceased dogs vet records (she died at 14 naturally) and wanted to do a home visit and then when they found out I own a condo (which I own and has a yard and is pet friendly and called to say so) they wouldn't allow the adoption of anything but a small dog.

No thanks I'll go save some byb piece of shit off cl before I'll give those lunatics their 350 dollar fee.
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I am against keeping cats indoor. Tried and they suffer, become mental over time. Just like people, they need more than the four walls. Pic related, Khajiit my cat in tall grass in our garden. He can take care of himself and comes home for food and shelter during day and all night. Sleeps with me frequently. Neutered for good reasons, a choice I do not regret. He wasn't mature, and so, lost nothing in the process. He is very kind to children and plays nice with the neighbor's 2 yo daughter.

Drop such shit shelters. Neuter, vaccinate and care for your cat. After the first couple months at your place, less him on a leash around for two weeks daily. Then do without, and stay close. Make sure an entry to the house is open, and make sure you show that entry during the time on leash. In case of emergency, he can just run home.

Prepare for dead lizards and birds, though. It is a sign of carrying on the cat's part.
>against indoor cats
>all your reasons are just heavy anthropomorphization
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It's over-the-top. In the end, it's just an animal, nothing more. Westerners are seen as silly and even ridiculous here for fawning so much over their pets, and one would think they value a pet more than human beings.

Here in my homeland, if an animal gets sick, you just put it down or let it go, because no one is going to waste good money on the expensive vet for an animal. Of course, one will feel sad and bad, because even if it is an animal, it is obviously suffering: but, it is just an animal, and the money could be saved for a human that does get sick.

Here, if you want a pet, just go to the shop and buy one. That's it. There are a few adoption clinics in the capital, but the general consensus is only Western ex-pats who live here go to them, and that the people staffing them are college students who will grow out of their little phase.

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