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> be me
> watching someone's cat and staying at their house while they're on vacation
> know nothing about cats so I'm nervous
> making dinner in kitchen
> cat sneaks up behind me
> trip over cat
> in panic trying not to step on cat I accidentally kick it clear across the kitchen
> cat lets out a groaning meow and runs away hissing
> cat is now terrified of me
> runs away and hides when I try to approach it

How do I reconcile the relationship with the cat? I don't want it to hate me and I definitely don't want the owners to think I abused it. I have till Sunday to fix this. I kicked it last night and it's still scared. Previous to this the cat was friendly towards me.
Offer it your anus as an apology.
There are a couple things you can try.

Try locating the cat and sitting down in the room the cat is currently in. It may take some time but the cat will generally come up to you. Just be slow until the cat realizes you won't hurt it.

If the cat likes treats, you can always try offering them some treats/tuna or even cooked chicken as a sort of peace offering. The cat should start to associate you with treats and get back to being your friend (you can also combine this with sitting on the floor so the cat doesn't feel threatened).

Hope this helps!
Try feeding it?
Tell the owners what you did and ask what kind of food it likes.
Don't try to chase it any more but getting close and fully extending your arm to let it smell you/maybe pet it a little will help.
Tell it you are sorry.
Honestly people trip over cats all the time so it has probably had this happen to it before.
Thanks I will buy it some snacks tomorrow.

Maybe because it doesn't know me and I tripped/kicked it, it is reacting differently than if one of it's family members tripped on it.

It doesn't have a collar so maybe I'll buy a collar with a bell on it so he won't sneak up on me again. That is, if we can become friends again.
Don't try and put a collar on it, cats hate stuff like that and it will take you a week of five minute periods to get it used to the collar. It will just make it more scared of you. Just seek it out and give it treats and talk softly. It will come out again to eat eventually, so just talk to it and let it see you.
Gotta kiss ass to let the cat to be okay with you.

When you accidentally hurt the cat immediately apologize and pet gently if they don't run away. Offer wet food or treats and acknowledge their presence. Might take some time but it was just a simple accident. Don't make direct eye contact for long while you are around them.

Sounds silly but I've had cats for 23 years.
If all else fails OP, give the cat some warm milk in a bowl. He will love you for sure.

this. cats don't understand the word "sorry," but i swear to god they can sense you didn't mean to as long as you express it.
milk are poison to cats, their organism can't absorb lactose like us (the milk the mother give them at their birth is really poor in lactose) if you wanna offer milk to a cat choose a special milk especially for cats (go to a vet or something) and dont give them warm milk ( they can't stand something superior to a body temp) so give them cold or just between cold and warm ( dont know the word sorry)
> about your trouble say the truth to the owner because : its the nice thing to do of course and this can cause a trauma against stranger if the cat dont know or dont see other person as his owner, so their owner need to know what got wrong if he gotta stay scary about stranger or people in general. And whathever you gonna do remember this: all cat hava a safe place, a refuge, a place where they feel safe and should never be disturbed even after doing something wrong, dont bother him if he go to his refuge ( mostly its the safest place for them and he should go to it just after something had scared him) be patient, give him food or thread that are specially for cats and do what some of the anon here say, this should work if he see you are sorry and not a danger for him
Hope it help
Most are lactose intolerant. You want shitty cat butt all over your house?
Lie down to be less threatening
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