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is GF taking proper care of her puppy?

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so I've been with this girl and I'm kind of worried she's not giving him as much time as he needs, he's about 7 months old. I could be overreacting, I just want some assurance

>she works 4 days of the week 8 hours a day
>has a room in her rental she calls the "puppy room" that she keeps him in while she's gone
>room is completely empty (no tables, lamps, drapes, etc) except for his open crate and some food puzzle toys, rope/plush toys, chews, and water
>room is about 8ft by 8ft and he's left in there when she leaves at 9am
>she comes home on her lunch hour to give him a potty break and play with him
>gives him a walk or plays fetch when she gets home at 6
>goes to bed at 10 and he sleeps on her bed most nights or sometimes in his crate
>she walks and feeds him the next morning then the cycle repeats

I just worry he's not getting enough attention or exercise. and she takes college classes online so she's studying a lot on her days off and not taking him out

am I over reacting /an/? if not, how do I get her to give him more attention?
It depends on the breed of the dog.

If it's a greyhound then they don't need shit, but if a husky they need like 3 hours of running a day.

Hard to tell unless we know the breed and the specifics of how much time she spends with the dog and what she does during said time.

From what you described it sounds like you're overreacting, though.
At seven months she's sounds like a good owner honestly. If the pup were say 3 or 4 months I would be a bit worried, but for how much she's working and still taking the time out of her day to come home at lunch and take care of that pup PLUS giving him a whole room, ah that just warms my heart. Unless the pup is misbehaving or not getting enough hard excersise, I wouldn't worry. She sounds like a great owner to me.
actually thinking about it he's more like 8 months. sorry for the fuck up

he's a husky/bulldog mutt she adopted. she took time off work until he was fully potty trained and could be left alone while she was gone at work (6 months, according to her)

she goes on a run each morning pretty early and takes him with her, little less than an hour I think. then on her break she does fetch in the yard type stuff. and when she's home it's more fetch and usually a walk. occasionally she'll take him to her parents to run around in their bigass yard with their dog or the dog park

well he can get a little mouthy sometimes and his recall isn't great, but he's pretty good otherwise. no aggression and he's good with other dogs

Yeah, he's fine. Its nice that she comes home on her breaks; a lot of people don't do that and just leave the dog in or outside.

My neighbors leave their dog outside 100% of the time and never interact with him. I've called the city a few times, but they don't give a shit.
she sounds a lot better than most pet owners.

Yes, yes she is. She's taking better care than 90% of dog owners.

Don't underestimate how much time dogs spend sleeping..Plus if she's taking him for runs in the morning, that dog is tired.

A husky will never have good recall. You're not supposed to trust them off a lead.
That dog is fine. Don't worry about it.
She sounds like a good owner to me. I think you are over reacting.

My neighbors neglect their dog. He's a very large dog that lives in a small place.

>Never see him go for walks
>Owners are never home
>Relatives are always yelling at it
>Tries to run away all the time
>Jumps over fences constantly

We live on a street where there are kids are always playing outside and he isn't friendly.
Sounds like a good schedule. Dogs also enjoy strict schedules because then they know exactly when it's playtime.

could use more training, but if it's a bulldog husky mutt, then I don't have high hopes for obedience. Weird combination though. Bulldogs are fairly lazy, huskies are on crack.

If you don't think it's enough time for the dog, you could also train or play with him in your spare time. But I think it's fine.
Hey OP how about you stop worrying about your girlfriend's shit cuz she's clearly got her shit down and start minding your own fucking business and letting your SO carry on with her business as usual without your stupid nosiness or "help".
thanks for the responses guys. lastly, is it safe that she gives him bits of sweet potato, apple, and dried liver as treats? I'm not sure nutritionally
Are...are you trolling or have you just never seen a GOOD dog owner in your life?

A Google search would have answered your questions in a couple seconds.
I'm asking because I read some stuff about Apple being not good for dogs, and liver having too much iron
All those things are fine in small amounts and much better alternatives as treats than most commercial dog treats. In fact they are often ingredients in dog food.
Fucking Christ, I hope she dumps your ass. Why the fuck are you in a relationship with someone when you don't even have the decency to trust in their decision making concerning something which you clearly know nothing about? How the fuck can she put up with you? I can only imagine you following her around undermining her every thought, like the insecure ignorant asshole you are.
Thread posts: 16
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