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My cat is worrying me

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Alright so my cat is 1 1/2 year old rescue, spayed, I feed her a mix of wet food and kibble (the best diet I can afford with my budget, I went through Schesir Almo etc. and I settled on a good compromise).

She does two things that worry me.

When I play-fight with her and I'm holding a puppet in front of her and she's readying up to pounce or puffing up, she does a weird huffing sound over and over. It's not hissing, more like a sort of clearing out her throat. She doesn't do this in any other situation, only while she acts all tough and is ready to pounce on something. She never, ever did this outside of play fighting.

Another thing that really worries me is that right as I put the wet food into her bowl, she gags for a moment. She doesn't actually spit anything out, just a moment of retching and then she eats normally. She's also quite voracious and she used to throw up from eating too fast.

Because of this I brought her to the vet more than once and she always appeared healthy. I even got her an x-ray for precaution and there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

I feed her three times a day, 20g kibble at 7AM, 20g at noon, 80g can of wet food at 6PM. I have changed her diet many times in the past (did so gradually etc.), so the food wasn't the problem.

Do you guys have experience with this? This is the first time I own a cat and she means everything to me. What should I do?
What should I look for? They couldn't find anything last time

did you describe the sound you heard and the behaviors that induced it? if you did so and they said nothing was wrong with her, i would trust them
also current on shots? if you've checked all the boxes, just keep watching and observing
Do you have a phone? If so go into your camera and record her while she makes these noises. Turn any fans, tv, or background noise off in order to try and get a clear sound. Then take your phone into the vet with some headphones so they can see what she's doing and hear it clearly.

Could also get a second vets opinion or a referal to a more specialized respiratory focused vet.
The sound only happens while playing and it didn't seem to ring any bells.

What worries me the most is the retching when I feed her. She's otherwise 100% normal but she does these bizzarre things.

When I brought her a few months ago for the retching problem they gave her a stomach protector (?) as a precaution, but otherwise nothing. She used to throw up from eating too fast but with a little effort I managed to fix that. Everything else is also checked, she gets her yearly vaccinations and stuff.
>Do you have a phone? If so go into your camera and record her while she makes these noises.
Good idea, I'm going to do that. I also had her examined for the weird huffing she does and there was nothing out of the ordinary.
It never hurts to ask questions, and even if it's nothing threatening to the cat, it would probably put you at ease to understand WHY she does it.
Some cats kind of "bark" at their prey. I found a Youtube video that kind of shows it. My Manx did this to flies when she was a kitten. It scared us, but was then adorable when we learned it was harmless


As for the retching, if nothing's coming up and she's well-fed and happy and the vet can't find anything, I wouldn't worry. But that's just me.
Yeah. I was hoping for someone who experienced this kind of stuff in the first place to tell me something about it. I'll pay the vet a visit tomorrow.
Cat sounds fine.

Mine wont go near wet food ever but shes 100% healthy.

Try giving cat ground beef. She might be eating it too quick, might be a tard. Who knows just try store bought ground beef for a day or two.

Ground beef fixes dogs, it fixes cats, its magical stuff to animals.
She does the chirping as well but this is a different thing entirely, and I've only ever seen the weird huffing as she got ready to pounce on a puppet and bunny kick the shit out of it. She's super active and I don't really understand if it's just part of her vocalizations.
dont worry about the huffing noise, my cat has done that all her life in exactly the same situations. just amping herself up for a pounce. as for the retching thing, maybe your cat is so used to puking upon eating that it's habit? pavlovian? weird. as long as the vet isn't worried it's probably just a weird habit.
don't do this. ground beef is more likely to have a high bacteria count due to it's extra processing. it is meant to be cooked.
Oh thank goodness, that's a relief.

As for the food she just has the dry heaves for a second and then eats normally.

I forgot to say: I actually tried pouring the food in her bowl with the door closed and she doesn't seem to gag if the food is already there. She only does it WHILE I'm pouring the food in her bowl.
Their stomachs naturally fight it.

this isn't wholly true. i used to think similarly, and had always assumed that many animals were naturally better predisposed to eat raw meat, but the fact is that animals in the wild very commonly get sick and die from eating bad meat. your cat or dog can most definitely become very ill from eating raw meat, especially low-quality raw meat like the ground beef you find at a supermarket.
Not that guy, but that's really weird. Maybe it's just an excitement thing for her.

Anyway, the huffing at least is nothing to worry about. I've known many cats that huffed/puffed when irritated or just super in play mode.
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