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Success stories on flea eradication

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My cat has been terrorized by these little shits for the past 2 months. I've given her two rounds of Advantage II and have washed her bedding. They won't go away. How have you /an/ons destroyed them? What did you do?
Frontline. It's a Britfag brand but it worked all the time my mum used it (on the dogs and on us kids).
Wash the cat in a bathroom or something, then keep him/her in that room until you're done vacuuming the whole house. You can let him/her out now, but wear white socks around the house and pay attention to your feet for the next few days or so, and if you see a flea on you, just pinch in and throw it in the toilet or something. Repeat every other day 3-4 times. You can also sprinkle your carpet with fine grade salt, but the above steps should help.
Ask your vet for capstar. From there vacuum your entire house daily (including furniture - fabric or otherwise), flea comb many multiple times daily in quick burts and get rid of the fleas, do full litter changes and wash your litterbox in hot soapy water frequently and wash any cat furniture you have as well as toys often too. Frontline as directed (once a month I believe). Do not stop under any circumstance until at least three or four MONTHS have gone by with no sign of fleas in sight. Keep flea combing once a week to check for more fleas. I got rid of my cat's fleas like this, but remember you can't stop when you think there are no more fleas. Otherwise they won't go away because the next round of eggs will hatch.

Even once you've seen no fleas for a few months and decided to stop, flea comb your cat weekly or so for a few more months to check, then down to monthly, and then every so often. Just to be on the safe side. Look up how to flea comb most effectively.
Diatomaceous earth.
Even on your cat.
It's ok if they eat some.
Helps for internal parasites too.
OP, jic, make sure if you continue on Advantage you don't ever give her Advantix, it's only for dogs and it's commonly mistaken with Advantage. Advantix can cause tremors and can be fatal/toxic for cats.
I moved to an elevation of 11,000 feet above sea level.

fleas and heartworms don't survive here.
Besides the constant vacuuming and using a brush and flea comb on you pet, fleas don't like things like mint, you could try a per safe min wash, they even do Burts bee for pets. Plus there's other natural remedies safe to use on the floor around your pet. But may need to treat your lawn, could be really bad outside so difficult inside

This. Absolutely this. DE earth will eradicate your flea infestation. Dust your entire house with it. Especially fabrics and soft stuff. Put that shit everywhere. It is 100% non-toxic for plants and animals. Dust your cat with the stuff too.


Here is a link for you. Don't bother with flea powders or poisons or traps or any of that bullshit. Just use this and wash everything in hot water.

Also take your cat to PetCo when they do the free vet thing. Get Comfortis. It is a pill that lasts for one month. I started using after Frontline gave no results and it started working in a half hour.

Listen to my advice OP. I have fought this war and came through victorious. Fuck fleas.
Hey guys, my cat is indoors and I've been giving her Frontline but she always reacted badly to it. With Stronghold a patch of fur between her shoulders fell off. I decided to quit giving her that shit. She never had fleas so far and I'm brushing her with a flea comb every day. Is this stupid and will inevitably get my house infested? Is it okay or is it stupid to go without flea products?

You are fine. If your cat never goes outside it likely won't catch any fleas. But it isn't a big deal if it does. Seriously, look into comfortis. Goddamn miracle drug.
We used soapy water around the house to get a lot. Then a bunch of frontline and baths to get the rest but it took over a year.

They also hate eucalyptus leaves so I'd grind those up and put them by my bed occasionally.
Thanks for the answer. I have a small balcony (1st floor) and she often goes there, but I have never found a flea on her since I stopped giving her the products.
If she does get fleas I'll look into that, thanks!
Fleas can hop on a human and be carried into the home too.
Every time I've dealt with fleas on a cat, thorough bathing with dawn original fomula dish soap and vaccuming the shit out of everything regularly was enough.

If you do this, be particular about the kind of dish soap, anything stronger can irritate their skin. Bathe from taitip to head in one evenly progressing circle, making sure to get between the toes and in the creases between legs and body. Block of the path into the ears with soap and progress all the way up to the head, use a flea comb to comb out any fleas that find refuge on the face. Be absolutely thorough. Keep a cup of soapy water nearby, and drop any combed out fleas into it. Leave the soap on for several minutes, rinse, and flea comb until dry.

Wash all bedding and cloth the cat came into contact with in hot water daily, and vacuum daily. Throw out the vacuum bag every time so they don't crawl back out. Bathe again as needed and flea comb regularly to catch any adults that just hatched.

Repeat this for two weeks. If the cat shows no signs of fleas after two weeks, you're probably safe. Bathing kills adults but will not kill eggs, so you need to keep it up diligently until there are no more adults to la more eggs. The vacuuming will remove eggs that have fallen off the cat and prevent reinfestation.
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I use this for roaches and when my buddy saw it at my house he sang its praises as the ONLY thing that worked on his dog's flea infestation.

Technically it's just the boric acid but buying it like that costs an arm and a leg from special stores whereas you can just pick this up at the supermarket and drown your house in it for cheap.
>Rescued a puppy that had a flea infestation
>Gave him a flea-bath. Used tweezers to pick off the stragglers and dead flea bodies. Puppy is a small breed so this was done in under an hour.
>Fast forward 1 week and i put some weird anti flea liquid given by the vet in between his shoulders
>Fast forward 2 weeks and i give him another flea bath

I don't know if my eyes are bad, but i haven't spotted any fleas on him thus far. What're the chances that there are still fleas on him/my home?
I had a flea problem once. That earth shit didnt do much. Frontline didnt do jack either.

I went to the vet because I had no fucking idea what to do. She said try something called Revolution. Worked like a goddamn charm. They were falling off of her, dead, within 24 hours. Flea corpses EVERYWHERE
I just ordered some of this. Hopefully, that'll do the trick.
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one of my cat had fleas and ticks when I got him and had a pretty bad allergic reaction to the ticks.
Vet gave me this stuff called Revolution and it was glorious. It protects against heartworms, hookworms and a few others and it killed nearly all the fleas and ticks in no time. You only have to apply it once a month so it's not bad. Costs me $15 a month
My cats are inside cats so you really only need to use it for like 3-4 months. My parents also used it on their dog and it worked like a charm.

I really recommend Revolution. I think you can only get it from a vet though.
What is hypoxic hypoxia
My town is over run with squirells, and thes ebastards bring the fleas to my cats.

We've had to commit a genocide before.

Bombed the house, used organic shit that kills fleas, harsh chemical stuff that kills larvea and eggs, flea dips, and Revolution and Frontline, and vacuume everything with a shop vac and then immediatly dumped the shop vacs contents into the dumpster. Also, combed the cats and put any stragglers into soapy water.

This kills the fleas.

They came back this year in October, but as it gets colder outside, their numbers inside are dwindling. I think this proves they're not cat fleas, they're coming from the tree rats outside.
Sorry about my grammar and spelling - I've not had enough coffee.

Don't use any kind of poisons. They are all extremely harmful to your cat.

Throw anything your cat sleeps on in the dryer for a while and it will kill any eggs or larva. You can also use a lint roller on bedding and sheets. Vacuum frequently and be sure to clean out your vacuum every time. Diatomaceous earth is effective but massive and a pain to clean up. Get an electric flea trap. It's literally a light with a sticky pad and it will murder your flea population in two weeks. Comb your cat everyday.

The combination of these methods will rid you of fleas without exposing you or your cat to harmful chemicals.
I swear by Revolution. I was vacuuming everyday and giving my cat flea baths. It kills eggs, larvae and adult fleas. I think it was totally taken care of within a week of putting it on my cat.
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