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Guys, I think I managed to accidentally kill my betta.
So the poor bastard was originally a zoology lab test subject. We used him to study his reaction to various stressors (look, if you stick a mirror next to him, he gets really pissed!), and at the end of the lab the TA asked if anyone wanted to take one of them home. So I took him, fed him when I got home, then the next day got a tank and stuff and prepared it for him.
Problem is, I've never owned a betta before, so I took him straight from the little cup he was in straight to the warm water. It's been a few hours, and so far, he hasn't moved, doesn't respond to taps, and doesn't move when I get him out of the water. I think he finally kicked the bucket, just as he got a new home. He was moving when I put him in the new tank, so I think I just managed to finally shock him so badly he just said "fuck it."
I'm going to leave him there overnight, and hopefully when I wake up, he'll just be all "dude I was asleep thanks for the new home" but I have a feeling he's gone to the giant Mekong Basin in the sky. If so, at least he died freeish, with the right and proper flushing down the toilet for his final send-off.
RIP little buddy. I named him Wang Chung. I'll miss him and the two whole days we had together.
nice job.
you could try again but with water conditioner and the right temperature of water and maybe a cycled aquarium if you like.

read up, you'll do better next time!
I had conditioned and warmed up the water, but I didn't warm his cup water up, so I think the shock of the temperature change finally did him in.
I hadn't figure on him lasting terribly long anyway.
depends how warm the water was I suppose. They can handle small temperature changes, and the water shouldn't feel warm to your hand. The right temp feels neutral or a bit cold to most people.

but you might as well give it another try since you got him a tank and whatnot. They don't cost much, and they can live a few years usually.
Yeah, Petco will apparently have their freshwater fish for half off for Black Friday, so I'll grab another one, and not screw up this time. They're cool fish, and I like that they're pretty damn easy to take care of. Maybe I'll grab a plant for him too.
How to NOT kill a betta

> Get at least a 5 gallon tank with filtration. Do you want to live in a closet with no air vent? He doesn't want to be in a cup.
> Cycle the tank. This takes at least 2-3 Weeks
> Test the water every couple day until it's good to do
> Add a heater and a thermometer. They're cheap and important in Winter.
> Tape the beta's cup shut with duct tape (no top holes open)
> Float the cup for 20 minutes
> Carefully take off the lid and pour off as much cup water as possible. Pour through a net in case he gets any crazy ideas.
> Put the cup into the water and he'll swim out.

Fish is now likely to live.

Actually, looking at my rental policy, I just realized they don't even allow fish without a 200 dollar pet deposit. So yeah, fuck it. I'll just go get a plant or something.
Fucking apartments...
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That sucks. On the bright side a betta cup is perfect for planting a Water Hyacinth. Nice little aquatic flowers for your home.
Cycling isn't necessary if you use seachem stability properly. Done this twice in large tanks and no fish have died, and the tank is fully cycled now. Didn't need to wait for so long.
stability isn't a replacement for cycling, it's intended to speed the cycle by culturing bacteria.

it works, it speeds it up by about two days in a 1.5 month long cycle.

your fish didn't die because fish usually don't die when you cycle a tank with them in it. You just didn't realize you were cycling the tank because you can't read and you're not very smart.
Whatever old geezer.
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