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What is the most extreme/strange case of animal abuse you've

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What is the most extreme/strange case of animal abuse you've seen /an/?

Bonus points if it happened in real life.
Mom buried my first ferret alive.
*muffled "JUST A PRANK BRO" in the distance*
Any reason specifically why she did that?
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My mother flushed my pet mouse down the toilet because I didn't get a full score on a test in fifth grade.
With all do respect, that's fucked up.
You should have reported her to Child Protection Services.
My parents owned a dive bar growing up, which obviously doesn't always attract great people.

One guy tied a dog behind his truck and took it on the freeway. When they found the dog, its paws had been worn completely down. The dog was obviously dead.

Another guy was house sitting for a girl he wanted to break up with, and he tied her dog to the inside of the garage, so when she opened the garage door she snapped its neck.
Fuck people.
When I was working at a veterinary hospital, an 8 week old kitten was brought in that was shot in the leg. We amputated it. A different kitten was hurled out of a moving car. Broken hip. We euthanized him.

Then there were bad cases of neglect. An old aggressive dog that spent 24/7 outside in a kennel came in smelling like death. He had no rabies vaccination (a requirement by state law). He was coming in because he had sores on his paws, presumably from wallowing in his filthy kennel all day every day. His fur was dirty and badly matted, and he stank like rotting fish so badly that I gagged from the next room over. The vet found his skin decaying and full of maggots under the matted fur around his neck. While he was being examined, he bit his owner, who was already considering euthanasia. Because he had no rabies vaccinations, we had to chop off his head and send it out to be tested.
Friend in the US came over to visit, she caught us making out, said I attempted to rape him. And she's also the most homophobic person I know.

It's just a prank, HAN!
My sister lived with a woman, her child and her boyfriend and they seemed to go through animals like toilet paper. Apparently the child was extremely abusive with small creatures like kittens and rodents and would slam them or swing them around, and when the parents fought they would take turns not being in house and thus never feeding the animal at the time.

The last straw for my sister was this beautiful himalayan kitten that they starved nearly to death and the child abused. She took it to our house and told them that she had taken it to the vet and the vet wasn't going to return it. They obviously didn't care
My autistic brother named her "little kitty" and she was a skitz but so beautiful and sweet.

She lived with us for several years before she just disappeared one day. I hope wherever she went, she was happy, the lil retard
that video on 4chan where some males were skinning a cat's back alive while it was tied to a tree

that or that crush fetish video where a tied up dog had its leg cut off one by one
One day I'm going to open a bar and secretly murder the scum baggiest ones like a vigilante superhero.
This thread makes me extremely sad. I hope all the people from these stories die or go to prison
>While he was being examined, he bit his owner
Serves the guy right for treating dogs like that. I hope you reported him to the police.
I was walking one day when I heard a wheezy sound. When I got closer I found an abandoned cat with a tiny kitten collar on it's neck. It could barely meow but saw me as a "friend" and was crying for help. She was skinny as a rail and probably dehydrated with almost no fur where the collar was. I carefully approached the kitty and she walked right up to me, purring and wheezing. I took off her collar and she just purred and purred even louder.

Sady, I couldn't keep her so I walked over to a nearby house that didn't seem to have any pets and knocked on the door. "I found a cat. Do you want a cat?" I asked and the owner actually took the cat in!

Two months later I'm walking by and there's a familiar cat on their porch. It's the cat I saved! She meowed joyfully at me as if saying "Thanks!" then took a nap. The owner later screened in the porch and the happy, chubby cat with glossy fur slept happily in sunlight for the rest of her life.
I work at a shelter. We got a cat in that was beaten, it's ears cut up with scissors, and dragged behind a truck in a plastic carrier after the teenagers who did it attempted to set the crate on fire and drenched the cat in alcohol

I hate teenagers and I hate halloween
Is he ok...?
she was minority disfigured but eventually made a full recovery, adopted out to an amazing family. the three pieces of shit were fully punished for it too, God I love the animal loving judges here

I'll see if I can find a pic of her on my phone. it was a couple years ago though
Vilken galen hora
Why, OP.

Why didn't you add a
>bonus points if the animal recovered
at the end?

That way, the thread could fill us with cosy feelings instead of utter rage as it does now.

00/?? - Comment to long.

I had a job as a cleaner, and worked in a mom and pop pet store.
and lived in a small town. I saw a lot of fucked up shit, but there are three stories that ring in my ears the most.

I'll go in order from worst to least worst:

Start job as a cleaner:

>This is a company, we're contracted, and bonded.
>Anything you see (ANYTHING) can not be spoken of, or reported. In such case, we cleaned up houses with grow ops, and mothers who would undoubtedly lose children if people saw in it.
>Get called to a girls house on winter.
>One particular, work at home, stay at home.
>Home owners name is Michelle.
>Michelle has 3 kids, and 4 large dogs. 3 labs, and a lab mix larger than the others. His name was Cooper. I liked Cooper.
>One of Michelle's kids has the downs, the other three are hyper active. Dogs are beat up on a lot because of it.
>Michelle decided instead of surrendering the dogs, and crating them, she'd give them a room in the house.
>Michelle asks on this specific day we clean the 'dog' room.
>Other cleaners laugh, and say 'Anon will do it.'.
>I have an instant gut feeling of this is going to be deplorable, and I'm being initiated.
>Go to 'dog' room.
>One small bedroom. Would say it would be big enough for a double bed, and a night table to fit comfortably and nothing more.
>4 dogs come running out.
>Instant smell of shit, piss, and dirty dog hits me.
>Then I see it. White walls, stained with dirt.
>Ripped up blankets and pillows covered in feces and urine.
>4 bowls in the center. Covered in pink and black film.
>Toys covered in feces and tangled hair.
>Food on the floor, in one corner, held in place with these plastic brackets.


>Everything is soaked with feces, or urine.
>I can see jump marks at the small window (piano window). Instantly feel bad as it's probably the only outside those dogs see.
>Takes me two hours to clean this room while the girls clean the rest of the house. Which is covered in just as much dog urine, human urine, feces, rotten food, maggots, and general untidiness.
>As soon as I am done cleaning (which at this point, the dogs have no more blankets, or pillows, as she asked me to toss them and the toys) she rounds the dogs back up into the room.
>Puts water and more food on the floor and says I did a good job, and I can redo it in a week when I come back.
>TFW she quit our service, and I wonder every day how those dogs are.

I'll do more stories per request.
Kind of bored of typing atm.
So sad. I'll listen if you type anon
Factory farming..
This, to be honest.
There's always next thread comrade
Anyone actually ever done anything over it or do you just come on shit boards and play pitty games as if you give a fuck?
I've been arrested multiple times busting beagle puppy farms and trying to rehome them outside of laboratory tests. Freed battery chickens for shits n gigs, I've done home invasion style force adoptions of whole litters of puppies.
Worst shit that ever ever seen tho, a neighbourhood retard style dude, smells like shitty diapers and diesel, floppy lips, missing teeth the whole nine. He has a big storage container like a plastic crate with a flimsy lid on, someone told me he's been trying to sell kittens out of it all day and they are in bad shape, I approach him, almost marching. He gets nervous and when I tell him to open the box he is nervous and doesn't want to, I threaten him and eventually be the box, I look in, there's about 15 kittens of various ages in there, I'd say three different litters probably, no space to move, all covered in flakes of tuna and tuna water where he's just been emptying tins into there. I start to check them all, two are dead and some of the others have been chewing on their faces, foul smell and larvae. When I lift them out I see they're all connected to each other In this fucking twisted wire mess, he'd wrapped up one of each of their legs in uncoated copper wire. I deal with the spaz, try and get cops unsuccessfully, take the kittens to my friends truck where I start to cut away the wire and wash the wounds in saline and put them in better crates, I have to stop half way through from rage tears and go back to find the spaz, I see him not far from where I confronted him and follow him to a park he spots how pissed I am and starts to waddle away from me trying to pull up his sweat pants, I catch up quickly and star stamping on his knees from behind, he loses his sweat pants bellow the knee and starts crumbling, I stomp his head from behind until I get nervous about it on the sidewalk, then just leave him.
I'll take "things that didn't happen" for 500.
not only did none of this happen, you have to be a retard to think doing shit like that is good
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Friend is slowly starving his 9' boa hes had for like a decade because the freeloader in his house that shares the room with it is a fatfuck that requires a window ac unit be on 24/7 set to 66 so the snake has gone off eating for like 13 months now. It had started eating when he "moved out" for 3 months after stopping for 8 months. Doesnt help he keeps his cat cooped in the same room with nothing to do but taunt the snake through the glass.

Also seen some crazy MBD in iguanas.
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There's always that one in a million chance you're a borderline sociopath doing vigilante-type good for animals. If so, you're doing gods work anon.
Gods work.
Either way, good story.
>Friend in the US came over to visit, she caught us making out
>said I attempted to rape him
>and buried the ferret alive
...what the fuck?
Yeah. I know.
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have you found out the missing cat?
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My dad knew a guy whose dad owned a junkyard. He would bury stray cats and dogs and run over their exposed heads with a lawnmower.

reported to the FBI just to be safe
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