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>dad gives me a puppy after heartbreak from losing a 14 year

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>dad gives me a puppy after heartbreak from losing a 14 year old dog to old age
>he's a Caucasian Shepherd
>feel sad about the first dog, but thank dad and talk about the puppy with him
>he tells me he'll grow very, very large and need training when he gets older, but reassures me that he's sweet and "a good one" (my dad has owned lots of dogs)
>do some Googling
>apparently, this is a very powerful, dangerous breed who is aggressive toward anyone outside the family
>read that it could even kill smaller dogs even if they're properly socialized/known them since they were puppies
>start panicking because we have a small dog
I want to trust my dad's judgment, but I'm fucking scared. Am I fucked if I keep this dog?
>getting someone a dog as a present that they didn't pick themselves
and this is why that's never a good idea
>muh alpha dog
you're a moron
I bet your dog walks all over you. Useless bitch.
Hi OP. First of all, ignore >>1997630

Second of all: Caucasian Shepherds.

They are well known to be aggressive to strangers, and they are known to get big, HOWEVER, they can be trained to be friendly and non-aggressive. If the puppy is small I would start it by socializing it with different people and animals. Reward good behavior, punish bad reactions. Teach your dog that s/he needs to be friendly and able to socialize. Make it clear that you WANT the dog to be around other people and animals; it will learn. You just have to be smart about it OP.
Well, you can teach every dog that. They may have an attitude because of breeding, but that doesn't mean you can't teach such things. It's just a lot harder and needs a lot more attention.
If you're a woman, ignore this. Women can't into looking after big dogs, unless they're small, but even then.
It's a dog. So in order to have a good relationship you need to establish trust, love, respect and make the dog social. Thing is, the dog is Caucasian so if you had an ordinary dog, difficulty on doing those things would be... Say.. Medium difficulty. With a Caucasian it becomes hard mode due to the fact they are born like this and their breed had a very strong personality. So all you got to do is tame the beast. Start googling:)
Do you think you're capable of providing strict training or do you treat your dogs like children?
You will have to train this dog to the point where you're comfortable walking without a leash even when unknown dogs are around.

>you'll have to train it when it gets older

Is your father fucking retarded? You train your dog NOW or never. Use as little negative reinforcement as possible to avoid agressive behaviors.

Watch the youtube channel kikopup.
to add to that it might sound sexist but I owned several large breeds in my lifetime and am currently around a lot of people who have giant schnauzers.

All the women have to use choke collars because they can't manage to properly train their dogs. It's fucking cruel and a direct result of their inability to provide the training the dog needs resultin in both being unhappy. It makes me fucking mad.

On the other hand I trained my GS very strictly and we literally never use a leash. I just have one with me that I put loosely around her neck when she has to wait infront of stores so people don't freak out about a dog without a leash sitting there.

"Strictly" doesn't mean punishing your dog. I used 90% positive reinforcement.
>>start panicking
you are a faggot
you should probably kill yourself
In my opinion they are only okay on rural, isolated farms/houses or for defending a herd of sheep against wolves

you need to be strong and/or fat af to hold a ranging dog with >100#
Wow u are morons. A woman can't train a big dog? Where do you fucking live in the dark ages? Training a dog is all about the tactics and learning how your dog thinks. You don't use force, you use your brain. Chokers are used by professional trainers (men and women) and they have a certain purpose that's affects the training. Dogs are intelligent animals and have weaknesses. You use that. If you think a woman can't train a dog due to the physical lack of strength, then you believe that a dog needs force and beating -Wrong- If you think women are stupid to train a dog then you know only stupid women-Too bad-. All it takes to train a dog is a human with a certain level of discipline and a general understanding and perception of dog thinking. It's not nuclear science.
heh heh this "feminist" meme is getting out of control

you sneaking on 4chan before school bad girl? make sure your phone is silenced before class starts!
*claps* and the originality award goes to.. You! Congratulations Sir, you have managed to increase the global percentage of idiots-putting-tabs-on-everything in this world, by adding yourself in it, you should be so proud.
replying to this only makes you look dumber than you already did.
>it's not nuclear science
Neither is logical thinking, and your whole damn gender is not even capable of that. Go make me a sandwich.
This is Zaha, he is well socialized and is often caught bringing animals home. Here he is at 3 years old meeting a puppy for the first time. Zaha was not introduced to starngers, if his owner don't watch him, he will straight up maul a person. Undying love for animals though.

Train the puppy throughout its life.
Socialize the puppy.
Know that you're lucky as shit because I'm still waiting for my Caucasian ovtcharka puppy.
And yes, they are massive dogs.

For clarification, Zaha brings live animals home. He in a way he leads them. Wants to keep them 100% of the time.
Is this really love for animals or some kind of herding/guarding thing?
Why do you keep this big dogs?
Just relax and realize that you'll have to actively work to make sure your dog grows up properly adjusted. This means doing normal care things for it, like taking it out and letting it experience new things in a safe environment where you can teach it out to react. Exercise is also very important.

I had an Akbash as a kid, and he was a cool dog. They are similar to the breed you have now. When we picked him up from the farm, he and his siblings were eating the carcass of a lamb that had died somehow. The mother of the puppies was chained to a fence and barking viciously at us. We were too close to her charge, the sheep. Years later, we had socialized him to the point where he would happily put up with our little yippy shih-tzu/poodle mix with no problems. He was very well-behaved and scary smart.

It's just going to take patience and work. If you don't want to do these things then just get a Golden or something, like I have now. Very pliable, very gentle, and endlessly happy.
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>women can't look after big dogs unless they're small
No such thing as an aggressive dog. They are just not socialized well enough.
>Where do you fucking live in the dark ages?
>It's *2015*

It's *2015*
Of course. Have you ever seen one of those tiny loli-sized chicks manhandle something? They seriously have the strength and sturdiness of human ants.
You fucking moron, ants are known for their incredible strength compared to their mass. Any human girl with the strength ratio of an ant would rend thy feeble nutsack in twain with barely any exertion.

Your ability to craft animal-related metaphors has been completely discredited.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 4

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