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How does one improve himself ?

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Does anyone here have success stories ? How do I achieve normiedom ? PLEASE HELP

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I just wanna move out of my parents basement and eventually have a family of my own
1. List the things you don't like about yourself.
2. Choose one
3. Change it
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed
Stop complaining and start working.
1. Complete your studies
2. Graduate
3. find a work
4. Get a date ( get married )
5. make love sweet love
6. Rise the children for more years
7. Get divorced
8. She wins (bitch toke my children)
9. Spend the last year's of your life drinking alcohol.
10.Die watching TV

Congratulations you improved yourself in ten steps for more ask pls I will be happy to help you.
this is literally how most normies end up
cancel 7-8-9
i agree
I fix my problems and go after my goals.
I am a contempt narcissistic anxiety ridden dude . Growing up is weird . Help a anon out before ish too l8 m8
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get the fuck off 4chan and most of the internet for starters. Find a job or hobby (preferably both) that takes you outside. It doesnt have to be glamours, but once you start earning your own money you will feel better about yourself and have income. Find a hobby that also forces you to be social and or active. Hiking, the animal shelter, weight lifting, crafting, ect. See if there are local groups or clubs you could get involved with too
>b..but ill be awkward and hate it
yep, you'll probably have awkward moments, everyone does. You'll find your groove. Really you just need to force yourself out there, once I stopped spending most of my free time out doors and not hunched over a computer I got a lot better. I still spend time online (im here obviously) but I have a healthy balance now. The reality is, this is either something you will or wont do, some neets dont ever escape the life and its their own fault. The fact that youre asking 4chan about it says youre more then liekly going to read the thread, let it 404 and then do nothing anyway
Sounds like a very sad life
you forgot the point where your children start hating you and ignore your ass when they are adults
I was a depressed, drug addicted, kissless virgin NEET going no where in life with mountains of anxiety bearing down on me. Then I took a shower, cut my hear, got a little confidence and all of my problems sorted themselves out.
Why don't you have a job op?
Oh thx you reminded me
Hmmmm should add that to the next.

It's pretty straoghtforward

- get a job
- go to bed on time
- go to work with a mindset of learning and doing
- ask older collegues about life advice
- live and learn
- talk to collegues, this is not school, they don't know you
- for gods sake get a haircut and wear decent clothes
Stop saying "normie" for one
>haven't been to college
>don't have resume
>no experience
also I don't know what to major in at college
Sounds like a fast food cashier starter pack
How would I go about getting these things ?
Maybe shut the fuck up ok?
OP I changed it's easy ditch the friends who always seem to put you down (if you don't have friends find some and keep the good ones) next you can workout either lift do cardio or both now get a decent job then decent clothes and find some hobbies and do them with said friends like I am today I'm going golfing
Planning to go to college? You don't have to decide your major until you've done your core classes so you have about two years before you should pick a major. By then you'll find out what you're interested in

If you want experience do volunteer work. Look for organizations that can get your name out there and start networking. It forces you to be social which you need to be if you want to be a productive member of society.

Read self help books, not all of them are bullshit. Entrepreneurs tend to read various ones too if that gives you an idea.

Be diverse in your interests, try to be open minded to learning something new so you actually have shit to converse with new friends or just people. Talking to strangers help you learn to communicate better. And uhhh change your diet and keep a solid sleep schedule going because you'll feel better and more motivated and so forth. I used to have no friends up til a year ago and I'm 22, now I'm invited to parties, get paid, and have a solid group of friends to be my safety net. You don't have to be a loser like most of the people on 4chan.
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Normiedom is death/wageslave, hard truth is everyone's got something they've loved since childhood and adulthood is realizing how to make that passion make u money. But shit gets in the way and supposed identity crisis and listening to people's advice for careers fucks most people up. You either listen to others or yourself and yourself means transcending which I doubt most do cause there's a lot of wageslaves.
My answer is from personal experience, and probably the technically easiest way to permanently improve yourself - but it is the hardest emotionally - and most likly you will be too affraid to try it.

LOOSE EVERYTHING (stopping short of family)

Quit your job, sell all your possessions, delete social media presence, end friendships, move out of state or country etc, if you have a tenious relationship - end that too.

Allow only the truest, most pure things in your life to remain. Remove yourself from the old social network and build a new one.

It will permanently light a fire under your ass, and you will strive for perfection like you have never done before.
>get a decent job
How do I do that without any experience
Wow I guess working a dead end job makes you feel like that. So I take you're not doing much better than OP?
If you don't have friends or family to help you get a job, then start at the bottom. It will suck, but it's good to have some money. When you finally earned some money, don't fall into the endless pit of debt from consumerism.
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Thread images: 5

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