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Yo /adv/ I look for advice. I am 23 years. 10 years ago I

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Yo /adv/

I look for advice.

I am 23 years.

10 years ago I met up with a cute girl in my area and she became my GF. It didnt last long because she "cheated" so I left.
1-2 years after that she tried to get in contact with me again but i turned her down.
After that she got a boyfriend and stayed with him for like 4 or 5 years. When that ended she got a new boyfriend and they have been together for a while now. Still is.

Throughout the 10 years we have texted a lot and met up a couple of times. both of which went great. She's always been in my thoughts as "the one" for me.
I've dreamt about her consistantly and after all the other girls ive been with I realized how much I want to try with her. Her body, her voice and her personallity and all I know about her is just great.

I know i should just hit her up and go for a coffe and let her see who I am now, but there's a catch. like 3-4 years ago when we were texting a lot I couldnt hold in and I told her i can't be her friend.
I can't remember exactly what i said but I think she knows i'm into her even after all these years. I think she told me (but i am not 100%sure) that we could meet up as friends.

I really want to try because I never did. I didn't make my move when she had a boyfriend because for some reason I don't like that. I don't like flirting with girls I know have a BF. I realize now i should have continued
to hang out with her. We met up one time and it went great. I should have continued, maybe she would have developed feelings for me.

Fast forward to the present she is with her boyfriend. I want her but how do go on about this? I want to hang out with her and hope for the best but i feel lame doing so when she has a boyfriend and probably knows my intent.

thank you
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Why did you write "cheated"? What did she do? You were 13, I can't imagine what it could look like.
Just try talking to her. If you could know what her current relationship is like, that would help. Byt if you just wait for her to break up with that guy, it can never happen, and the only thing that you will get is a invitation for her wedding. Keep in mind that you can be rejected. Also don't think that women know your every intention. You turned her down, so she might think that you are over her and just really want a friend.
She has a bf so just go for fuck buddies or nothing at all. I doubt that she would leave her bf..

btw friend of mine had bf like 4years ago, their relationship lasted around 2 years I think, they split up, and now after so long they got back together because they both couldnt forget each other... and after 2 weeks they split up again... so maybe you are just idealising that girl from past (like those 2fuckers did)...

go for a talk, you wont loose much, but dont get your hopes up

She sent some love messages to another dude so i left her. Idk what to call it so i said "cheated"

I talked to her yday on snapchat and she said she was doing half good half shit.

I don't think women knows my intentions but i basically told her I can't be her friend, that was many years ago tho. years after I turned her down.

Yea waiting is not an option for me. What you say makes sense, maybe she thinks im over her. I am deffo going to try. I can't be her friend tho. I'm afraid i'll just fall for her.

We never got to know each other. When we first got together it didnt last long. Truth is I don't know the girl.

You are right I have nothing to lose. The only thing is that my brain is telling me not to fuck it up incase of a chance in the future..

I know shouldnt listen to my brain here. I only got a small hope and if it doesnt work out I just want this girl out of my head.

So basically you guys think I should hang with her and hope for the best? How to go on about this when she has a boyfriend? I've never done this. Any tips and advice appricaiated.
Yeah, go for it, just don't have high expectation.
Another thing is, you told her that you can't be friends, and while I understand what you meant, did she? You can see it two different ways:
> I can't be just friends with you
>You really hurt my feelings and I can't be friends with you anymore
Did you get your point across? When I was first reading your post, I thought of the second meaning and I think most of the people would too.

Hey and thanks for the response!

I think told her I can't just be friends with her. This is so many years ago i can barely remember what i said but i think i got my point across to her.
Thread posts: 10
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