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Am I Insane?

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My girlfriend and I just moved in together about a month and a half ago. She moved across the country, from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast. After about the first week, she mentioned that she had been asking coworkers if they knew of any good hookups for weed. I immediately attempted to make clear to her that she should not be talking about things like that with A) coworkers B) practically complete strangers. Even some of the people she asked told her that she probably shouldn't be asking around about that. To compound this problem, one of the people that has stuck around and continued talking to her about it is a guy about her age. Either way, she said she would stop asking around.

Flash forward to last night when she called me on her dinner break. We're having a totally fine conversation when she gets back to work and suddenly strikes up a conversation with said guy-about-her-age - like, mid sentence she's talking to him and now I'm just sitting on my ass listening to other people talk. My jimmies were already rustled, but then she starts talking to him about how she's been texting the weed hookup he told her about, and how she's happy to help him get some etc etc. After about five minutes of sitting there listening to this, she comes back and is oblivious. Gets home later, we argue.

Basically, she seems to have no concept of:
1) Why you shouldn't text strangers/coworkers about illegal drugs
2) Why you shouldn't strike up conversations with other people while in the middle of a phone call
3) Why a younger guy might want to keep talking to her at work

And now I don't know what to do because this all lines up to make me look like the overbearing paranoid boyfriend. Is that what I'm doing?
you are about to be cucked, anon. she wants something you cannot or will not provide, and she will get it one way or another

thanks /pol/ for the perspective
Your concern for her is a good one, but really, she's got to be able to talk to the people she wants to, about the topics she wants to. It is actually 100% her decision.

If you think she's being careless looking for weed, then offer to help her out if you know of a safer way to get it. But if you can't, or if she finds someone herself, well, that's her choice.

If you don't like her people to young men, well that's... that's kinda paranoid OP. The idea that it's inappropriate for women in relationships to talk to single men is... kinda extreme.

It is rude, though, for her to keep you on the phone while she talks to someone else. It's polite in that case either to tell you she needs to call you back or to just talk to the other guy later.
im not even /pol/, anon. i just figured id shorten "she is going to cheat on you and doesnt seem to respect you" to save myself some time

When you're living with someone else, you do not get to be so selfish as to think everything you do is 100% your decision. If she decides it's her own good idea to reach out to strangers about drugs, and those strangers get busted, then there's a direct trail to my front fucking door. I refuse to get popped because of someone else's poor decision making.

Is it inappropriate for men in relationships to talk to single women? I wouldn't call that an extreme opinion, I'd call it realistic since everyone knows men and women want to fuck. Women, especially pretty ones, seem to ignore this fact and act flabbergasted when someone suggests that a man might want to be in their company because of sex, and that being friendly to them keeps them around.


I appreciate the brevity
>a direct trail to my front fucking door
When cops bust a drug dealer, they don't go through their client list and arrest everyone who bought for personal use. Cops don't give a shit about that. They want to go up the ladder, not down. You are in no danger whatsoever.

>I wouldn't call that an extreme opinion
If you're trying to keep your girlfriend away from any man who might be attracted to her, or if you think she needs to get your approval before doing social things, that is extreme. Sorry. I'm not telling you not to do it, but if she values her freedom, you'll probably drive her away.

To the first point: fair

To the second: The only reason I'm concerned about it is because it's happened multiple times in the past. Is it weird to be sketched out when your girlfriend ends up hanging out with one guy from work a lot? There are stereotypes and memes about it for a reason, it happens. I've been cheated on by other people in the past so I don't find the suspicion completely unreasonable.
That sucks that that happened to you. I'm sorry to hear that. And your past experiences will absolutely influence your comfort level & your perception of your current situation. That's totally normal and reasonable.

However, what you need to do, then, rather than try to stop your GF from making friends, is to sit her down and explain why you're uneasy about it. Hopefully between the 2 of you you can reach a compromise that makes you both happy, but if you don't trust your partner, not because of anything she's done, but because of things other people have done, that's unfair to her.
Kek is your girlfriend 15 and work at fucking McDonald's?
Thread posts: 10
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