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How do I go about letting my step brother know I wanna fuck him

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How do I go about letting my step brother know I wanna fuck him on the DL? I've wanted to for awhile now but I forgot about it because I figured it was bad idea, but now I literally can't stop thinking about it.

We don't live together or anything. We're both adults. Though another problem is, he very very recently got a girlfriend and I don't want to sound rude but...I am unquestionably more attractive. Sorry, I hope that statement doesn't make anyone feel biased toward me but I'm just being honest. I get the feeling he's just trying to get his dick wet, so how do I let him know he can with me?

I'm also afraid of him flat out rejecting me, making things awkward from there on out but I can't imagine him wanting to fuck her and not me. Again, not to sound full of myself but my face is undeniably more attractive, I'm more in shape and she has baggage that I don't have...It's a very new relationship so I know they are not in love. But I feel like I have a lot of chemistry with him. I'm not trying to be with him, I just think it would be really hot to not label anything and just dick around under our family's noses.

I feel like the worst that could happen is they expected it because they're always talking about how he and I are good looking. Besides that, him rejecting me of course. So how do I go about this or should I even act on it at all? I've ignored it in the past but it's getting to the point I think about it daily. What do?
This is obvious bait.

I wish this was bait. It's not.
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>I'm hot
>no really
>please guys believe me
>I'm hotter than this other girl
>so how do I let my step-brother know this
>because I so badly wanna get on the bait train
>because I'm hot


I know what it sounds like, but it's not like that. I'm not saying I'm some bombshell or anything. She's just...sort of...not
>His GF has baggage
>I have no baggage
>Wanna fuck my brother
Not bait.
Yeah okay. It's summer afterall

Okay, she has a kid. And rolls. I'm sorry. I didn't want to say it like that. I have my own issues as we all do. I'm not ugly and I look after my body. He's attractive. Yes, I would like to fuck him, please. Yes, a dry summer.
How long yall known e/o? Yall both adults and live outside the parents house. Did yall know e/o since MS or HS?

If it is very very recently he was introduced in your life, like within last 2 years, then it wouldn't have been as awkward as say you known each other since the age of 12.
kek, yeah he's trying to get his dick wet if he's going after that. or he's a cuck.

Why are you talking like a nigger?

We met like 3 years ago. About that...I'm actually still in the house...But he's out! We have never lived together.
How old are you?

How old is he?

Just get him drunk and fuck him if you're as hot as you say you are he'll do it.

I don't want to be too specific but we're both early 20s. Drinking age. I thought about that, but we don't even hang out. Just with other family. Like, where am I supposed to get him drunk and fuck him, his car?
Post pics if you're so hot.
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So you wanna fuck someone who doesn't live with you, has a girlfriend, and you have no real plan or course of action for getting this achieved, and we're supposed to 'help' you with no details and without knowing much about either of you.


Are you retarded?

>"Hey onii-sama lets go out for a drink desu-neeeee"
>"wow onii-sama you sure can drink a lot~ let me take you home you seem drunk he he he....."
>"Don't worry onii-sama~ you don't have to get changed, i'll take off your clothes for you and get you dressed for bed..."
>*sucky sucky disgusting anime weeb blowjob from VN sounds as you slobber all over his dick.

See I actually think you're probably some fucking hideous fat weeb girl instead of a good looking girl, because girls who have looks don't lack confidence and come to 4chan for advice from literal neckbeards.

Ask him if you can come over for a drink cause you don't wanna chill at home or you're "pissed off" about something and just need a night away. Get him to drink too much, and then try to fuck him.

Or just be a nonweeb adult and just literally ask him and live with the consequences of being rejected like a human being.
Not tryna sound mean or anything but

You sound like a cunt

That would run the risk of one if his friends noticing my picture and showing him this thread. I think I'm attractive. I KNOW I'm more attractive than her. That's my personal opinion and I believe it would be his too, considering he isn't blind.


My birthday is coming up, so I was thinking like what if I asked him to take me out for drinks. Like weeeeew let's get smacked cuz it's my birrrrrrthday??! and then I was thinking of making a move on him in his car on the way back. That's the best plan I got and it's probably shit.
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Sorry, do you want me to lie about how I feel? What would be the point of coming to /adv/ then?

I'm not going to post her or him for obvious reasons. I'm going to pray neither of them browse this board, though. I'm nothing to get wound up over, but believe me when I say I am objectively better. And I don't have a kid.

So what are my chances of flat out rejection? The one thing she has over me is that she isn't socially inept. That's why I'm afraid whatever I try will just fail because I'm awkward. So how do I test the waters?
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