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Today i quit weed after 4/5 years of smoking daily non stop.

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Today i quit weed after 4/5 years of smoking daily non stop.

Im 22 and i missed out on so much experiance and fun since i was stuck on my fucking computer smoking fucking weed every fucking day while others where doing the shit i wanted to do.

Tips and advice for a 22 year old male going back into social life and dating please!!

We don't really know enough about you to give you advice, though. Do you have a job? Go to school? Have your eye on any girls at the moment?

Sometimes when I hit a dry spell I use tinder. Probably better to meet women in real life but tinder exposes you to a wide variety of women.
high rn but

dude i don't regret smoking weed at all how could you say such a crewl thing

everytime you lit up did you not very realize it was the greaatest moment of your entire life?

Hello! I finished college and I live in Norway so getting a job or continuing my education is not a problem for me.
Infact I might have an intership job that I can return to. Im gonna contact them tomorrow and ask. I left that job 2 years because I was stupid but they said i could ask to return if i wanted too.

I do have my eyes on a girl annon, but it\s a complicated story. would you like to hear and maybe give me a tip. i would write a questionmark but the button doesnt work lol.
Sounds like you're in a pretty decent place in life, OP. How is your self-confidence?

Yes, I would absolutely like to hear about this girl.

Well here goes. Ive known this girl for years. she was my first girlfriend and my first kiss. It didnt last long when we were 14. I broke it off. After that we parted ways we only small talked to each other throughout the years.

Ive been with some girls in my teens but nobody left this impression on me. I didnt even get to know her at all. ive dreamt so many times of her and blablablabla.

Shes the only girl of the ones ive dated that leaves this impression on me. idaf about the others but this one that i got to know the least is my head often.

Shes had 2 boyfriends and are currently with one RN. I want to try. I dont fear asking her out but my brains tell me not to fuck it up because maybe its better to wait until i get my shit together. when i say get my shit together i mean get my own place get my job or education rolling and atleast I need to get bigger. im a skinny fucking dude.

id say my self confidence is okey. The only thing thats nagging me is my weight. Im skinny and small.
I think you should definitely go for it, but I would also bear in mind that this isn't the only girl you will ever have strong feelings for. First love comes quickly and is very intense. Subsequent love takes time to develop but is just as intense.

The reason I asked about your self-confidence is because I can tell you after many years of experience that confidence is, honest to god, the most important factor in female attraction. Much more important than you being skinny. You may think that women care a lot about looks because you (as a man) are very concerned with appearance, but it's not really the case. Being skinny and confident is better than being big and self-conscious. Women pick up on your psychological state very quickly.

As far as this girl goes: I would just ask her to go get coffee with you and not frame it as a date. You don't know her very well yet so your first priority should be to get to know her better. If you end up liking her, keep the attitude that you are good enough for any girl. Don't be insecure.

Thank you for the reply! I appreciate that you use your time to answer me here.

I didnt even have strong feelings for her. But everything I know about her now is just perfect for me. If God made a women for me I would guess its her. Thats the kind of feel i got towards her. may sound dumb but that is how it is.

Yea I\ve read my fair share of confidence threads and in my own experiance aswell it's very true. The coaches on my fotball team wanted me to be captain. the skinniest guy on the field, but i was fierce and not afraid of anybody no matter how big. I feel good with my confidence. girls didnt care at all if i was skinny back in my teens. I didnt care either. maybe thats why :P

thank you for the advice. I guess i'll just jump into and get myself ready and ask her to hang out.
Good luck OP! and good for you about the weed thing.
I never regretted my long bender in the fe fi fo fum fog. But I quit about 2 months ago due to financial issues, couldn't find any motivation or a job like a normal human would. Get your shit together and then you can get back to the herbs

It is not impossible I will smoke weed here and there after i truly get my shit together. Smoking every day non stop has fucking ruined me.

Not blaming the weed, I blame my self and my idiot way of smoking.
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