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All my wordly possessions were stolen from me. I kind of just

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I just finished my last year of college and I was living out of my car for the past 8 months. Life has not been easy on me, but this was by far one of the hardest period of my life. My '91 car broke ended up breaking down so I started leasing another car and I put all my worldly possession in the broken car. I somehow managed to graduate a month ago and I have since landed an engineering job. My first paycheck was coming and I thought things were going to turn around. I was finally going to get a place, after 8 month, and not be homeless.

This past Saturday I went to grab my stuff to move in to my new place. Window was broken, everything had been stolen. I had been periodically checking on my car for the past 6 months and it had been fine. The windows were heavily tinted because I was previously sleeping in it so I thought it was safe. My bike, my clothes, my guitar, my PC, my TV, my other electronics, pictures and cards from family and friends throughout the past 6 years. Everything gone.

They already barely pay me shit at this job. Now I barely have clothes to wear to work. It will take me two months of to even make a dent into what was taken with this job, not including what I'm not going to have to pay in rent. I just don't feel like any of this is worth it anymore.
Do a flip.
Nothing in that car is irreplacable. You can get a bike at Walmart for 100 bucks, so you can find another bike in a garage sale for even less. Replace your PC with a cheap laptop. I'm talking to you on a Vaio with 4GB of RAM and a 1st gen Intel Core i3 that I got off ebay for 80 bucks. TV can be replaced last, as a phone will cover most of what you want to do. Depending on the job, clothes are cheap. You can literally get 6 hanes v-neck t shirts for 15 bucks. Guitars can also be had for cheap.

Figure out what you NEED first (rather than WANT), then figure out what you need most, start replacing your shit, one thing at a time. At the top of your need list should be a cell phone that can replace anything you need to do on a computer. Another need should be a bed or a futon (which Walmart sells for 100 bucks - not the best quality, but it works, and you can upgrade the mattress with a memory foam one later).

The next part is where you go after the theives in your underwear, beat the shit out of them, and take your stuff back along with theirs.

Jokes aside, I know it feels rough, but technically your're in the best position you've been in your life. You have earnings potential which can get you replacements for everything, and more. It's just going to take a little time, so you have to have patience. In the meantime,
>>18600513 has excellent suggestions.

Personally, I had my brand new, representing-all-my-money vehicle stolen a few weeks after I got it, in Jan. Got made redundant within one week of that. Am $1000 in overdraft right now, and last month, my debit card details got stolen and was used to take hundredsl, which I'll likely not see again.

But I feel ok. Because I know in the end, I'll be alright -- because I'm capable. And you are, too. Finishing uni while living out of a car (engineering, no less) is badass as fuck. You got through that; you'll get through this, too.
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I could never imagine how you fell, but I wish you the best of luck OP. Let this low part in your life make you stronger. Work harder and buy back everything you had, better than before. I have faith you can do it.

Man, you have to fucking succeed. If you just end your life now then eventually you've worked for will be for NOTHING. You have an education and an engineering job, you have lost priceless possessions possibly forever, but you have the means to rise from the ashes. It shows the strength of your character to finish uni living in a car and make it big after losing everything you owned.

Good luck Anon and call the police to try and find your stuff. Even if they don't end up finding it you'll have to move on and save the money from your job to keep going up. I'd want to kill myself too, but it's cooler and more worth it to move on and succeed now that you're an engineer so I would keep at it and come out even stronger than you were before (which was pretty darn strong).
Unlucky. $40/month on a storage unit would have prevented that. Why have you not contacted the police?
I once lost everything I worked my ass of for. I felt hopeless, angry, resentful so I spent two weeks trying to overdose on heroin. But every mother fuckin time, I'd wake up to the same hopeless fucked situation. Lived homeless for awhile cuz I stopped even giving a shit. A few no the later when it was clear I'm probably not gonna die and I'm just stuck here figured I might need to quit crying and do something to build the life I want. still want to die... but lives slightly more tolerable. I sleep indoors nightly in my own apt, was able to convince the money ppl to approve my repo having evicted horrible credit history ass for a car loan. got a decent job slowly getting everything I need back. learned the value of things the world can't take from me and really stopped caring about the worldly possessions so much...
they make life more comfortable but not worthwhile. make sure what is important to you isn't anything anyone can rob you of. and you'll be fine. I promise. just go forward man
It doesn't sound like you are part of a church, but if you go to someone you know who attends, they can ask church leaders or whoever to scrap together some clothes for you from other members.

There isn't going to be any expectation that you join. My church does this all the time as a form of charity to get people on their feet.
If they know your situation and needs, they may even be able to get you a bike or old computer or whatever else you need for work.

It sucks to ask for help but there are so many people out there willing to.
Storage mein negger

Someone probably scouted you and saw that everything you own is there

Also, where do you park to sleep at night?
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It sucks but that's life, man
You just gotta keep going
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