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Any overcoming depression stories that people have here? Would

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Any overcoming depression stories that people have here? Would like to get inspired and some insight from those who've had it.
Going on 10 years of chronic depression and would like to hear some uplifting stories as well...

The day I was going to kill myself a girl at work came and talked to me when I was waiting for my ride home, we ended up going out and I was happy but I fucked it up and we broke up, details aren't important. I was suicidally depressed again but I just couldn't find a reason bad enough to do it, I got bullied as a kid and just lost the most important person in my life but I know that all that hurt just makes you stronger and more cautious.

You to learn who to open up to and when to do it, don't be an exclusively private or public person, you aren't alone in this world, most of everyone has family and even without family you have friends, and if you don't, find some, put yourself out there, if you're depressed you don't have anything to lose right?

Hope this helped OP.
Hey man! I'd be willing to ramble with you. I don't really have advice for how I "did it", but I went from a time of severe depression and suicidal ideation, to feeling mostly great about life!

I've had my depression diagnosed for 7 years, but I can't really say when it started. I'm one of those types that cares a lot about people and gets excited about the happiness I do find. I suppose the former might spark from not wanting anyone else to feel the way I have. The latter is likely from the contrast of the dull grey apathy, that I throw myself into any positivity I stumble across.

My life was a bit of a shit show a handful of years ago, living with my abusive ex in his family's basement. He was kind of the summation of my desire to feel better about myself by making other people feel better about themselves. I didn't realize that he was actively tearing me down until a couple years in.

When I left him, it was a real turning point for me. I learned the value of caring about myself. I learned about setting boundaries. Everyone I met then on seemed like angels with their basic human decency, so I was endlessly vocally grateful. I continued spreading around love, kindness, and patience, and worked towards extending the same sentiments towards myself. Soon enough, I found myself surrounded by people who are reciprocating the same gratitude. It was easier to believe in my worth when I had people who would shower me in their belief of my worthiness.

I've moved now, but those people still hold a special place in my heart. I feel confident that I can find more people like them, but their words echo in my mind. I feel like my own cheerleader now.

I still have waves of depression. But they are more bearable. Now that I'm living in my own space, slowly pursuing a career I care about, being patient with myself, avoiding over burdening my daily expectations while also holding by the new reasonable standards I set for myself- I feel like I can slowly learn how to live.
Was on meds, crippling depression. Pills didn't help, excersise didn't help, and Jesus wouldn't help.
Since I was a church fag my friend said I should try porn. I ended up masturbating five times a day for about 6 years until I quit. The sadness just kinda was lifted after I realized that I was stuck in a self absorbed trance.

I love you! keep the good job
I struggled a lot with solving my depression by talking about it, because I'm a massive blabber mouth anyway. I self analyze and introspect to an intense degree. I've spent a lot of time figuring out sources for my neuroses, but didn't really understand why I wasn't feeling better.

I shifted my focus towards present time survival. What are all the things I have to do to get through my day? I have to shower, cook food, do the laundry, go to work, walk the dog, exercise, do the dishes, sweep the floor, on and on and on. It seemed overwhelming. But I made it my hobby. I've worked on creating routines and rituals and schedules. I recognize that my emotional energy is limited; that I can only ask myself to do a couple things each day. If I ask myself to do too many things, I get overwhelmed, shut down, and do nothing. Which then makes me feel like a lazy sack of shit, which reduces my emotional energy for the next couple days. And since I didn't get the first things done, I stack those on top of new things to do. But I'm already working with compensated energy, and I fail again.

So I tone it back. Today, do I grocery shop or do I do the laundry? I have to prioritize, play triage, choose one. I cut back the unnecessary things. I force myself through accomplishing my one thing. Even though it feels like pulling teeth or like walking through mud. Even though while I'm doing it, I get a massive increase in anxiety. Why does folding clothes make my heart rate rise? Why do my intrusive thoughts kick in, telling myself that I'm worthless, that I should give up, that I'll always be a burden on the people around me? I don't know why these things happen to me. I could get caught back up in the "why's", but instead I've just succumbed to the fact that I'm working with less cards in my hands, and I need to compensate for my intricacies.

The depression monster does it's damnedest to take it away, but I've found patience, compassion, and forgiveness for myself.
Haha, thank you! I love you too, Anon. I wish you the best.
Thanks for sharing your story.
Got bullied in high school, was the typical shut in suicidal teenager, was invisible to women, I remember seeing other guys and wishing with all my heart I could be them so I could be deserving of love and good things.

Had one friend who managed to create a big social circle that I got dragged into by him, started with martial arts around that time. After two years of that I started feeling better, acuired gf who was a friend of my girl best friend. Had a growth spurt that made me actually look like a male, started dressing better. Started meditating every day for an hour just because my kung fu trainer told us it would be good for mindfulnes and thus make us more balanced fighters. After a week of meditation it felt like life was actually enjoyable. I hadn't felt that way in 7 years. The constant feeling of sadness, self hatred and anxiety had just stopped. Did meditation on and off, it's always helped me tone this state of anxiety and sadness down

>acuire friends
>regular exercise, somethig that you can enjoy
>some spiritual stuff like meditation or prayer
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