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I'm about to lose it, I have been looking for a job for

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I'm about to lose it, I have been looking for a job for over a YEAR now and am still working part-time making garbage money. I have a B.A in Communication and have probably applied to about 100 jobs and haven't gotten hired for anything. I've had a few interviews, but never got hired for the job. I really have no professional experience, I've never had an internship and at this point It's wearing on me. I still live at home with parents and I'm 24 years old, it's really pathetic honestly. My parents sound like they might kick me out soon because they can't stand that I can't find something that is 40 hours a week with benefits.

I have no career path at all, and I don't really want to go back to school to get a M.A. I have no passion in life and it really hurts my career path because I don't have one, I don't know how to get a career path if you don't have an interest in anything. Most people want to be dentists, lawyers, dietitians, veterinarians, bussinessmen, accountants, etc. I just majored in a field that doesn't really have a career path, and I don't have anything specific I want to do. Hell, I can't even get a garbage job because some of them think I'm over-qualified, I know that's what it is. They see I have a college degree and don't want to hire me, I guess I could try looking for jobs in different cities but other then that I don't know what to do. It really is wearing on my nerves, I'm afraid one day I'm gonna snap and just have a complete meltdown over this shit. My parents don't have much nerve left either, and for those that are wondering I can't afford to support myself so that's why I live with my parents. I work part-time, no way I could even afford an apartment. And my parents would rather me work full-time then go and get a second part-time job.

I don't know what to do at this point, I wish I had a passion for a field so I could somehow focus on a career path. I just don't know what I'm going to do, it's driving me crazy.
i too had the same problem... didnt rly know what to do with my life, had a crappy job that i hated (working with less intelligent people takes a toll on you mentally) so after a couple of years i started hating myself every morning i woke up. then one day i said fuck it and went to ask for a job in a company that works with steel and ot took some convincing but they said ok lets give it a try... and it was like a whole new world opend to me... i rly like the job and im actually really good at it... got a promotion already... and for the first time in my life i like going to work and i think i could continue this carree and in a couple of years meybe open a small company with friends that also work in this line of work. ok im babbling now... all i want to say is go out and try different jobs even if its something you arent qualified... just try what can u loose. and meybe u gonna find something u like. i mean cmon i went to a cooking school and now im working with steel :)
How about becoming an officer in the military?
Where do you live?
I have no spine, also I'm afraid of the military. I feel like you need a desire to go into the military, like people who go they go because they WANT to be in the military.

I don't want to be in the military.


I suppose, but I feel like it's unprofessional to just call companies and ask for a job over the phone, they usually want you to put in an application or go to their website.
nah no calls, no job applications... i went there personally. meybe its just my company but if someone comes in person they are more likely to get a job over a guy that wrote an email or something.
just give it a try, do something random... it feels liberating.

I called and basically harassed various companies until one of them gave me a chance.
If you have applied that much and still haven't gotten a job, you need to start doing stuff differently.
I've seen some incredibly incompetent people get high end jobs. My advice is to make sure you are asking questions in your interviews, and your resume looks professional (It's not an art project ffs, if I see a resume with a photo and paragraphs of text, it goes into the garbage.)

I got one of my first nice jobs by walking in, asking the concierge if they have any open positions, and they set most everything up for me. The next day they called and I came in for the interview.
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"Honestly, Champ: It's as easy as walking in there, speaking with the manager, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him you're the right man for the job. How hard could it be?"
This is an advice board, if you want to be cancer and shitpost then go do it on /b/, /fit/, or /r9k/.

Asshole, also that meme is so outdated and stale it isn't even funny.
Just go back to school and take some classes. I was in your situation and I went back to get an accounting ba. They wouldn't let me though, so I got an honors aa degree. Now I make like 57k or so working for the state.

Once you have a ba degree you are essentially 2 years away from most degrees, except medical or engineering which take a bit more.

You can get away with just a few classes and apply for government stuff too.
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"Champ, you could either sit there and blame your problems on other people, or you could man up and dig yourself out of this mess you've gotten yourself into. And the only way to do that is to show up, speak with the manager, and give him a firm handshake. That simple, Champ."
I heard getting government jobs are very difficult, is that easy? I didn't think they had an entry level stuff at the government level. There is a job for the city that I'm planning to apply for in a couple of days, it's just for a deputy clerk position and it doesn't pay very much but it's full-time and has benefits.

It pays like 25k which I know is peanuts, but it'd be a step up from what I'm working right now.

> Communications

Found your problem
We've been through this already, if anything I should have done an "inb4" just to get all the troll shit out of the way.

>Inb4 Communications
>Inb4 B.A
>Inb4 liberal arts degree

Yeah, we all know. This is an advice board, I didn't come here to get ridculed and told the same shit I've heard dozens of times from other trolls. Do you people literal come on /adv/ and troll people about their problems, bet it wouldn't feel good if someone did it to you? You probably wouldn't write your problems on /adv/ to begin with anyway, and if anything I'm sure you probably came from /b/, /fit/, or /r9k/ probably.
>a B.A in Communication
Want to know where you fucked up first, anon? Communication used to be where colleges stored their football players and the failure PhDs who couldn't get a job in real academia. That's why it's now a hotbed of SJWs. Communication doesn't have a career path because you aren't supposed to major in it unless you're a football player.

> I don't really want to go back to school to get a M.A
Don't. It's not worth it financially, and you sound like you'll just fuck up and get an MA in something worthless like you did with your BA.

> Hell, I can't even get a garbage job because some of them think I'm over-qualified
I promise you that nobody thinks that. They're turning you down because they know that comms majors are worthless shitheads and most are toxic SJWs who will fuck up the workplace.

> I guess I could try looking for jobs in different cities
Finally you said something less dumb than the other things that you've said.

> How about becoming an officer in the military?
This is honestly your best option. If you were actually smart (smarter than to major in communications), you could get an intel position that would guarantee you a nice salary with bonuses for languages and a swell job somewhere nice like Hawaii.

> I have no spine, also I'm afraid of the military.
You'll never amount to anything without a spine.

> I didn't think they had an entry level stuff at the government level.
The military is part of the government, and they have an entry level called boot camp. Once you're in, you can learn new skills and apply them to real-world problems in things like intelligence analysis, aviation mechanics, or nuclear engineering. Once you're out, especially if you have a security clearance, you are set for a whole range of high-paying jobs.
Why can't you just accept the fact that not everyone is cut out for the military? Or maybe not everyone wants to make the commitment to go into the military. Also say what you will about Communications, but I knew quite a few intelligent people in my classes. The professors were pretty damn smart as well, you act like they were all drooling morons which isn't the case.

We certainly didn't have football players and jocks majoring in Communication at my college I can tell you that much, a lot of them weren't even into athletics. And as for SJW's we had more men than women in the department, and not all the girls were SJW either. You're perpetuating stereotypes if I ever saw it, also you're being an asshole.

I'm familiar with the whole "Oh liberal arts degrees are garbage." If Communications is such a horrible degree then by association any liberal arts degree should be considered the same, like creative writing and English.
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Communications majors are statistically inferior, and everyone hiring knows it. They rank down there with social workers and education majors. At least creative writing and English majors can write with proper English syntax, unlike you and your drivel.

There are decent liberal arts degrees: math is one of the liberal arts and always has been since antiquity. Philosophy majors tend to get good jobs, because employers know that they're smart.

The military can give you better habits and attitude, a bit of purpose in life, and the ability to land more than the part time jobs that you're sucking your way through now.

> Or maybe not everyone wants to make the commitment to go into the military.
Wait, let me get this straight: you want a decent job, but you don't want to commit to it? You need an attitude adjustment, because your spoiled sense of entitlement is not going to cut it in the real world.
>Claims philosophy outranks communication

Are we from the same society? It was my understanding philosophy was made fun of and ridiculed because there isn't a job market for philosophy majors. You research and study it, but it has no practical applications in the job market. How can you tell me a philosophy major will find work over a communication major? What is that a philosophy major can do in the job field that is practical?

Also what I find funny is all the "low math and low verbal" majors are the most popular ones, at least at my college they were. Psychology was very popular, so was Business, and Education. And obviously STEM degrees are held in higher value then liberal arts degrees, I'm not going to disagree that a STEM degree has more value but most liberal arts degrees (according to your chart) are all ranked equally.

Also how is Communication not ranked as a high verbal skill? It's Communication, all you do is communicate and talk, that doesn't make sense to me how it scored in the low verbal section. Hell, you're telling me History, and Political Science are higher ranking? Funny. All the high ranking majors on that list are STEM degrees anyway, like math, science, engineering, chemistry, etc.

As for the military, well frankly I just feel that you shouldn't force yourself to go to the military. Most people have some desire to join the military, doesn't seem smart to just wake up one morning and decide you want to join the military. All I'm saying is that's a MAJOR commitment, not saying I can't commit to things but committing to something like the military is a big commitment. And based off what you're saying you might as well be implying that anyone who doesn't want to join the military is spoiled and has an entitlement issues, which I feel isn't true. I'm not spoiled just because I don't want to go into the military.
> doesn't make sense to me how it scored in the low verbal section.
That's because you're too dumb to read the title of the graph. It's a plot of average GRE scores for each major. Because you are an idiot and probably both too stupid and too lazy to look up what a GRE score is, I'll explain: it is a standardized test, like the SAT, generally required for admission to graduate school. The graph shows how undergrads in various majors scored on a standardized test. Communications majors rank low on verbal and math because they, including you, are stupid. So are business and education majors. Some degrees, like philosophy and classics, weed out the stupid, who end up majoring in communications or business or education.

The "high-ranking" degrees on the vertical axis are those who performed well on the math portion of the test. They tend to be smarter overall, since there is some loose correlation between math and verbal intelligence.

For the article behind the graph, see http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2012/01/classicists-are-smart/
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Thread images: 5

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