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Found out my dad is cheating.

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So I was helping my dad get an amazon account, and when he went to his email to confirm it, I noticed him responding in a craigslist thread. When I checked his email later, it was deleted, but he didn't know it wasn't destroyed yet.

I went into his trash folder, and he has been responding to ads and posting his own for 3 years.

I live at home with my mom, dad, and sister. There's no abuse and we all love each other, at least I thought.

My question is whether or not I should tell my mom? Should I confront my dad?
Maybe its a consensual thing between them.

I would try not to assume the worst and mind your own business. Just because your dad is fucking other people doesnt mean that he is cheating.
Why the fuck were you rooting around his trash folder? I'm not saying what he did is right or wrong, but you most certainly were wrong.

That said, it amazes me how fucking stupid people are about their privacy in regards to the internet.
Men have urges. Monogamy for men is a social construct. That's why we got ahead. By making it more likely for non alphas to get laid, they contribute more to the group. Thus was born the tribal society. Nowadays there is no such need. It was always likely for a man to have more than one woman. A good man will put his family first in his priorities. A bad man will get confused by all this and make his side women his priority. Your father seems to have his priorities straight.
That's awful, but I don't think you should confront anyone. If anything, you should talk with your dad about it, if you absolutely have to, but I'm not sure if that will do any good.

Just because you're his son, doesn't mean you can't be faithful in your marriage, you can be a bigger man than he is.

Telling your mother will ruin the family, if keeping silent will cause less harm, then that is the burden you must bear.
oh ofcourse not, thats why its in the bin
bullshitter detected
you are a retard, refrain from posting on adv ever again, educate yourself, wipe your amerishart ass too

show the mail to your mom
>Issues gratuitous insults
>Assumes without any evidence
>Recommends education
>Doesn't provide any argument
Found the feminist.

Having a woman on the side has been the norm for millennia
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cheating bait.png
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Perfect bait material to complete this other bait, thanks anon!

Op, for your family and your own sake, do exactly nothing. Dont break something what works well.
Mind your own fucking business. Why would you snoop through other people's shit?
Not all relationships are Disney Princess stories. Most aren't. If a man provides for his family and puts his family first, why should he be blamed for adhering to his biological imperative? In an age where gender is on its way to being accepted as a social construct, something as common sense as monogamy isn't.

If the father puts his family (including his wife) first, by not disrespecting them, why should he be punished for his biology? Just because he's a man?

Truth is most women love men who cheat because of their attitude, their confidence. I've never been turned down or broken up with by a woman who knows I'm not monogamous (but with women that I'm not serious with). Yet.

And I don't agree with the picture. If the guy is looking for another family/wife he's a pussy. OP's father seems to be engaging in just sex.
go back to r9k virgin betaboy, im a man, make a thread how much you hate women or something you stupid nigger

>le sidechick
Why would you think I hate women? I treat them well. I'm honest with them, I respect them...

How was it when you were cheated on? Or did you make yourself believe that they didn't have a backup plan because "they were different"? Are you in pain anon? Are you still going to white knight them in hopes they will change? You're still going to believe that if you give them all and ask for nothing in return they will respect you? That no, they want a guy without options to make her feel just like any other girl he would get instead of making a guy with options change for her, to make her feel special?
Well, out of sight, out of mind.

If you are so skilled that you can keep cheating secret from your wife (or when she is simply looking other way and silently tolerates it), it is all good. As you told, not everybody is built for monogamy.

Still, most of the times some side of the love triangle gets buthurt and then it all goes to shit.

You should probably never marry or have children.
>the bitches thinks they will make you theirs, that is why they tolerate it,
Or you are something like walking penis for them. Works both ways.
Me too but i don't care.
I am discreet (obviously wouldn't introduce or tell about a side woman to my SO) but I'm honest. I tell them what I can offer to them. It's not cheating because I'm not looking to replace them or being dishonest. But yes, some women (and men) can't take it, not only but also due to social conditioning.

Still, most of the times some side of the love triangle gets buthurt and then it all goes to shit.

I want to "get married" and have children, give them the best life I can.

That straw man wasn't what I said. And there's a different option, that they want a man to treat them like a woman. That caters to their needs.

You should watch the Sopranos or Mad Men. You think women don't crave a man like that? Right.
It is easy to be discreet when she doesnt live with you or if your job frequents foreign country trips. Still, after some years she should notice and then your life will go out with flames.

Divorce can easily take half your shit, the person you love recieves almost fatal blow to their soul, your children get to know how men lie and cheats, she can even turn them against you.

I dont believe you can cheat for years without your partner eventually finding out. The questions
>where have you been
will get old very fast. Combine it with todays phones which can easily betray your location, messages and with right app even what you say during day and boom. Your marriage is doomed.

Think hard about what you risk by not being able to hold your penis in your pants (and we both know you arent doing this solely for casual sex, you like that thrill, the validation and you can even catch the "love" feelings if you sleep with them for too long).

Tldr please never marry.
Thanks for the advice anon. I'm not planning on getting married. Not interested in paying welfare and giving half my stuff to someone for just having had sex with her. But I do want a serious relationship. So far I haven't deemed anyone interesting for that.

I do travel for work a lot both inside and abroad. Part of the discretion means not having a woman in my city.

And a woman won't get hurt if she's aware. And I keep no secrets there. They know I may or may not have a woman on the side.
Pretty sad that there's people encouraging people to cheat on their so's.
>muh biology
Humans aren't animals.
TFW humans are vegetable or mineral?
I don't see what's the big issue here. How exactly is this of your concern OP? Why are intervening in other people's business?
>Telling your mother will ruin the family
No, cheating will ruin the family. Being told on is merely a consequence of that.
t. White knight
Go back to Falador
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 2

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