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I know it's a tired question, but should I just kill myself

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Hey there, I'm a millennial, and that sucks. I already have chronic fatigue and depression, and the fact that even after college, if I can get through that, I'll probably be working 50 hours a week to eat ramen most days scares the living fuck out of me. I can't afford insurance so I can't get medicine or therapy to numb the pain. Basically unless I hit the lotto or something, there's like a 50% chance my life will be consumed by exhausting, miserable work until I die. I don't wanna live like that, it simply isn't worth it. So should I just kill myself after I have no choice but to full on enter the job market? Like, I'll try to have fun in college and some while after it and stuff, but then end it when I have to grow up. No, this isn't me being dramatic, millennials kill themselves at record numbers because of this shit. I wanna hear some opposing views as to why I shouldn't.
I'm a millennial, and am living (in the US) in a town that charges 400/month for rent, ~200/month for utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer, and internet), and am paid 46.50/hr to do my job (40 hours per week - 10 days in a row, then 4 days off).

So what's your excuse? You haven't even tried, and you're already giving up? Also, if you're gonna kill yourself, do it before you take on college debt, not after. Don't stick your parents with the debt.
I have depression and chronic fatigue, and also the thread WAS posed as a question. Like I said I haven't seriously entered the job market yet so I don't know what'll happen, I've just heard all the horror stories.
Ok, so see a therapist, start taking an antidepressant if they recommend it (won't make you happy, but it will make you numb). As for fatigue: the human body naturally desires to stay at rest. It conserves energy. You just have to deal with that. Get up, start moving, and go about your day. Then you'll start accomplishing shit, and feel better about yourself (which fights the depression, and, to a degree the fatigue).
I can't afford insurance, like I already said.
You should be covered by your parent's insurance, if you live in the states.
My parents can't afford insurance. Or at least they say they can't. My parents are absolutely crazy. They don't -want- me to get help for some reason and always have. I'm pretty sure they have insurance but I can't find out if they do, and how I would use it if I guess I did have it. I'm so confused.
How about you not go to college, instead entering the workforce and learn a trade, work out on your free time, get a girlfriend and bang every once in a while, and if you want to spice things up buy a 20 dollar book on wild edibles and make yourself dinner from nature. You're not going to win the lottery, you're not going to benefit from going to college now, and you most likely won't become rich. You'll probably be a middle class worker until the day you die not seeing a penny from retirement. Stop self pitying yourself and either accept it, trying your best to work with the system and make a happy life for yourself, or reject it and just get it over with and kill yourself.
If your parents work full time, they have insurance. They are required to by law, thanks to Obamacare. Open your mother's purse, and look for a card that looks kind of like this. Might be a different color, or have a different name than Blue Cross Blue Shield, but there should be something like this.

If there is something like that, then they have insurance. You can call the phone number on the card to figure out what is and is not covered. Then, just take the card, and keep it for yourself.
My parents are self employed and have been for about 9 years. We had blue cross, but then my mom told me they couldn't afford it anymore and went to something worse, and now they say there's nothing. It's all super fishy.
If it's fishy, then look in her wallet.

Or just go and get a full time job, and don't go to college. Which, by the way, how in the fuck are you going to college if they don't make enough to have insurance?
>how in the fuck are you going to college if they don't make enough to have insurance?
Ask my parents. Wish I knew.
I guess I'm not going right now, but I intended to start this spring.
I don't understand how you can be this fucking ignorant. Do you just never bother to ask where anything comes from? When the fridge is empty, do you tell your mother that the magic fridge is broken, or do you know that she needs to go buy groceries?

If you can't even figure out your family's finances, you have no business going to college.
Bro I ask and I don't get answers. I know this is fucking insane. My parents aren't normal people. They purposely keep me in the dark about everything.
Then tell them that you aren't ready to go to college. Let them know that if you are this in the dark on how the world works, what the value of a dollar is, etc etc, that you are not ready to go and get an education that will cost somebody, somewhere, tens of thousands of dollars, and that you obviously need to get out on your own and get some financial experience.
I'm also a millennial and have developed achilles tendinitis from standing 5-7 straight hours six days a week without even a piss break at my entry level food service job for $10/hr. The constant sitting outside of work because it hurts too much to stand/walk has given me hemorrhoids. I can't afford insurance or medical after living expenses, I've had chronic depression for the last decade, I have one friend, I have no contacts in the professional world, I "make too much" for college financial aid, and the only reason I haven't offed myself is my girlfriend's entered the "I'm not where I thought I'd be now" phase of life. Becoming an hero would haunt her forever and no amount of "it was me not you" in a letter would change that.

Regarding my slave job, it wasn't like this when I started. It's the same management, but one of the managers had a kid and the other adopted their home country's conditions while she was out. They keep everyone under 35 hours so we don't get benefits and keep under 10 employees on staff for a variety of legal reasons. Those of us over 18 always work alone, except females on closing shifts will have another female come in when the store closes to help them leave earlier. Males both open and close solo, often closing then opening less than 8 hours later. If we request off we get denied because we don't have enough workers to cover the shifts. The bosses have audio on the security cameras and are always listening. If we talk about getting another job during the brief moments of overlap with a coworker on a shift change they start scheduling us at odd and erratic hours and call us in on days off so it becomes nearly impossible to look for a job. We receive our schedules on Sunday nights at 11:45pm for the following Monday-Sunday. Opening shifts start at 6am Monday and the schedule is inconsistent so we can't prepare. There's no real positions so no promotion or advancement is possible. The only way out is quitting without another job.
Hey now you won't be eating ramen you can have frozen food because you never learned to cook or you can have chain restaurant entrees every night
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