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My roommate has no manner and just barges into a closed bathroom

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My roommate has no manner and just barges into a closed bathroom door! He's done this twice and blames me saying I should lock the door. I was raised in a house with manner and a mother who didn't let us lock doors. I feel like it's just common sense to knock on ANY closed door, ESPECIALLY a closed bathroom door.

Am I in the wrong for not locking the door or is he in the wrong for not knocking? I feel like I'm crazy.
Manners* sorry for auto correct
Idk I think you're both weird. Yeah he should knock, but lock the fucking door, it's not hard.
I don't knock every single time the door is shut though either, if I have no reason to believe anyone's in there. Personally I also find it equally embarrassing and awkward to go "Uh, yeah I'm in here...." as it is to be barged in on.
But that's just me.

At the end of the day OP, you can only protect yourself, can't ever expect anyone else to change their habits you can only change your own. If you don't want him walking in while you're taking a dump or fapping to your waifu, then lock the door. You're an adult now, mommy isn't there to yell at you. You can make your own rules for yourself now.
If he is baring into a closed bathroom door, he is most certainly in the wrong
I opened the toilet on the train today and there was a guy sitting down on the bowl (these are big round automatic sliding doors too, people saw).

It is very extremely normal to lock a bathroom door, you should do that. People often leave them closed when they leave.
Not locking the door might not be hard, and it might be weird... but not knocking on a closed door is just bad manners
In public I do. In the privacy of my own house, with only one other person, I expect them to knock.

If you always knock, it won't matter if the door is locked or not.

If I lock the door and he comes over and raddles the handle instead of knocking, I still consider that rude.
Lock the fucking door. Yeah he should knock, but


it's not weird to lock the door. It's also not weird to not knock. Cause if someone's in there, they'd lock it if they had any sense. Right?

I'm sort of biased.
>I work housekeeping at a hospital
>I go around cleaning bathrooms as one of many tasks
>the other day I head to my next bathroom
>see 4/10 beta girl standing across the hall from bathrooms
>oh she must be waiting for someone to come out
>Mom or Dad I do not know, but I'm sure they locked it BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH COMMON SENSE DO THAT
>I open the door
>get on the floor
>See an old lady wiping her vaj

Tl;dr OP I'll start knocking if you start locking
idk about you, but I close the bathroom door when I'm not inside, so there is no notable difference to me using it or me being anywhere else on the world.
I wouldn't blame someone if they came in if I didn't lock the door then.
now knocking and banging on a locked door is something different though
It takes longer to touch the handle than it does to knock and call, especially when it's vacant.

No one cares what you consider rude really, I'm just telling you what's normal. If you care about being rude, many people would consider being banned from locking doors to be perverse.
Neither I or my roomate close the door unless its in use. He doesn't even close his bedroom door unless hes in there. Its crazy to me that it's my responsibly to defend against your shitty manners.

If I don't lock my car door... yeah thats dumb... but are you off scott free for stealing it? Which is the worse offense?
No one is banned from locking doors. I my parents had that rule when we were small children so they could keep an eye on us and in case something happened to us.
>Its crazy to me that it's my responsibly to defend against your shitty manners.
It's crazy to me that you won't accept literally the easiest solution to your problem and expect the world to cater to you.

>If I don't lock my car door... yeah thats dumb... but are you off scott free for stealing it? Which is the worse offense?
Terrible analogy aside, lots of insurance companies won't cover you for theft if your actions contributed to it.

If you don't take responsibility to look after yourself, you're the one who suffers.
Is this your first roommate? Boy you're in for a long ride.
Well, your roomie clearly doesn't care about your "manners" so lock your door if you don't want him walking in.
Or just get used to it. As said, you can only change yourself, can't change them. Lock the damn door if it's that big a deal
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>Its crazy to me that it's my responsibly to defend
Kek are you one of those people that think self defense classes are sexist because WIMIN SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES PEOPLE JUST SHOULDN'T RAPE.

Nah, you can't trust other people not to be shitty, you have to defend yourself and look out for yourself at all times.

Should I expect that I'm not gonna get murdered walking home from work? Of course. But I still make sure my mace is in my hand ready to spray regardless. Just lock the fucking door lol.
I lock doors in public. This is one person who I live with and expect to be decent. It's weird to not knock. Thats like saying as long as my bedroom door is unlocked hes free to enter and it's my fault. Theres an expectation of privacy and decency that I know I can't expect from the general public.

This isn't a public washroom. This is one guy repeatedly walking into my private bathroom without knocking while the door is closed and the light is on like that's normal.

I would bet that statistically, if a bathroom door is closed, the majority of the time it's because its occupied and not because someone just shut it for shits and giggles
Fine. In public. That's good to prepare for. But should you expect that your family that you live with won't rape you in your own house? People you know well? Yes. Are you crazy for not carrying mase around while you're eating dinner at the family table?

I can't stress this enough, we're not talking about the general public here.
Look, it's reasonable to expect someone to lock the door even in their own home, regardless of whether you're willing to accept it. It's not going to affect us if you refuse to lock the door because 'muh principles' so you can either lock the door and solve the problem, or not lock the door and keep dealing with it. It's your life, do what you want.
You leave your empty.bathrooms open.? Must stink like shit after Thanksgiving
>Most rapes are from people you know personally anon

You're not living with your family dude, you're living with a friend at best or a stranger. I'd say this isn't a family friendly place either. I can't stress it enough, locking the door takes .5 seconds and will solve your problems.
The only other options you have are to put up with it, or find a new roommate.

You literally have 3 options
>Lock the door
>Find a new roomie

Pick one idgaf, but that's all you get to choose from. Whining about your roommates lack of manners aren't going to give him any. He was raised the way he was just as you were raised the way you were. In his house, you just walk in. In yours your mom was some weird psycho control freak and didn't teach her children manners on locking doors.
You forgot the option where he kills the roomie or kills himself or both
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You're right anon, this would actually be the most effective and correct route to go actually, how could I have been so blind.

Maybe you're both a little wrong. you are insisting someone else change simply because you dont feel like locking a door. think about that.
Does yours? I was under the impression that flushing the toilet and cleaning the bowl like a normal person would do the trick
What the fuck? It takes under half a second to lock the door. How much of a lazy bastard could you possibly be? How do you even justify it?
Your roomate does absolutely nothing wrong
You knock on the door when you enter someone's personal room, like bedrooms or offices. The bathroom is a public space, and you lock it to know you're in there.
It doesn't matter if you were raised to do otherwise, you're a grown man and need to learn normal behavior. Not locking the bathroom door when you live with someone is disgusting.

What person cleans the toilet every time they shit?

And no, you fart and everything in there. It smells. I run the fan and normally shut the door when I'm done. You should just learn to lock that shit. I'm not gonna knock every time I need to go into a room. What if someone's listening to music or something and doesn't hear it?
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Thread images: 3

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